15 Times Nikki Bella Revealed TOO Much

With over 5.5 million followers on Instagram, 2.8 million followers on Twitter and 305K subscribers on YouTube, it’s safe to say Nikki is quite popular nowadays on social media.

We poke a little bit of fun at Nikki in this article for her revealing outfits over the years, but truthfully, her accomplishments are no laughing matter. Along with her in-ring accolades as a two-time Divas Champion, along with being the longest reigning champion ever (at 301 days), Nikki has created an extraordinary brand outside of the ring. The WWE stocks are flying because of the company’s prowess outside of the ring with reality television. Total Divas continues to soar, so much so that the company decided to give Bella her very own spin-off, Total Bellas. The WWE is highly invested in Nikki, and she deserves every bit of that. Even if the rumors are true about Nikki retiring soon due to injury, you can expect the company to keep her in other roles outside of the squared circle.

Now to the article, since the uprising of Nikki’s YouTube channel, she’s made headlines several times for some revealing outfits. Even a couple of days ago, social media was a buzz for Nikki’s brief wardrobe malfunction which took place in Daniel Bryan and sister, Brie’s home. In this article, we’ll document 15 instances that Nikki showed us a little too much, whether it was by accident in the ring or purposely with a revealing outfit. Sit back, relax and enjoy these fantastic pics of Nikki showing us too much. Like always, share the link with a friend and let us know your thoughts on the pictures.

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15 Throwing It Back

Before the days of gathering a following of 5.5 million people, Nikki started off on humble beginnings. Although, a common theme we’ve gotten to see throughout the years is Nikki’s reveal of a little too much, and that began even before she entered the WWE.

Aspiring to make it in the entertainment business, both Brie and Nikki made the bold decision to move out to LA in search of stardom. They worked as waitresses for a little while as they searched for a talent agent. It seems like one gig their agent got them was a sort of low budget photoshoot, as many pictures have made it online with the girls dressed in minimal clothing for a company called So Cal Beaches. The pics of the twins are aplenty, with most of them taking place on the beautiful LA beaches. Both twins still looked stunning back in the day, although Nikki’s puppies were quite tame in comparison to today following the enhancement surgery.

14 The Recent Slip

This article was inspired by this very photo, which sees Nikki slip out of her dress while she plays with dog Winston. Once again, the footage was taped for Bella’s YouTube channel and boy, did it ever garner more attention than it should have.

While at casa di Daniel Bryan, Nikki hunches over to grab the innocent dog, it is at that point that her breast merely pops out, although she manages to hide the slip very well by placing poor little Winston on the exposed area. Well played Nikki, well played.

Even without the slip, Nikki was exposing a little too much going pretty much braless in a loose shirt. Since her enhancement surgery Nikki hasn’t been afraid to show off the “puppies”, we can even call her, absolutely fearless (we’re going to use that word every chance we get). For a couple of seconds there, a lot of us wish we were that darn Winston who got a close-up of the goods.

13 Braless Shake

Perhaps nobody could have predicted the profound impact Nikki Bella and her sister Brie, would have on the WWE. Their in-ring contributions have been decent, but it’s all the accolades and fame outside of the ring that is truly something to behold. The WWE loves social media attention and the twins continue to gather that, whether it be on social media through apps like Instagram or even going with the trend of today and making a YouTube account; the twins are just thriving at the moment.

The GIF picture you see above comes from Nikki’s YouTube celebration for reaching 200K subscribers. Fans certainly took note of the celebration video as it has gathered close to 300K views thus far. The video features what appears to be a braless Nikki Bella. The kicker of the video is the booty shake she gives to her fans for reaching the milestone. Judging by the content in the video, we can safely assume some teenage boys replayed the footage more than once.

12 Rocking The Nurse Outfit For John

Truthfully, if nurses looked like that, many of us would be breaking our ligaments on the daily. Thankfully, that’s not the case. This was taken on an episode of Total Divas as things heat up between Cena and Nikki. John has also played a role on the show given his relationship outside of the squared circle with the Bella twin. The two are together today and it remains to be seen if and when the two will ever tie the knot. Nikki and John’s marriage status has been a big plot to the show and it’ll be interesting to see where it goes.

For those wondering why John’s hesitant to tie the knot, there’s a couple of reasons. For one, he’s an insanely busy man. Secondly, Cena had a prior failed marriage, so being hesitant about the ordeal is quite normal. Truthfully though, several fans are yelling at Cena for not locking her up, especially when she rocks such outfits. Most of the male population would have purchased a ring within seconds of seeing the outfit...

11 "Cheek" Tattoo

E!'s Total Divas has blessed us with several revealing moments featuring Nikki. In this particular episode, Brie and Nicole headed to the tattoo parlor to remove Brie’s butt tattoo. With the aspirations of being a mom, Brie felt like it was time to remove the tat which was a fairy on her backside. Brie also has a tattoo of two bear claws in her lower area which she has decided to keep because of symbolic reasons.

Nikki however, wasn’t willing to part ways with her tattoo despite the fact that sister Brie mocked it. Nikki responded by making the claim that John loved the fiery hart tattoo and that she wasn’t getting it removed. Nikki then bashed her sister for the fairy tattoo, which she claimed was an entirely different story. Whatever the case might be, we’re glad Nikki’s keeping the tattoo, and we're even happier that she gave us the full frontal exposure of it as she lowered her pants for the Total Divas camera.

10 What Neck Brace?

Nikki dropping her championship after a record long 301 days was bittersweet for several reasons. Wrestling in pain for quite some time, losing the belt finally meant that Nikki could have taken some time off in order to rehab her serious injury. She did exactly that following her defeat.

Aside from a couple of brief cameos, Nikki was away from the WWE for a really long time. After ten months of recovery from the career threatening injury, Bella was finally allowed to return to the ring as she showed up at SummerSlam. She’s been back ever since, although it remains to be seen for how long as the injury keeps nagging at Bella, leading to speculation that she might leave the business for good due to the injury.

It quite frankly sucks to have to leave the business for something beyond your control (just ask Daniel Bryan), but at least Nikki can say she still looks like a ten while rocking a neck brace. Looking at the picture above, most fans probably didn’t even notice the darn brace. Nikki posted the picture on her Instagram account but admitted that she went back upstairs to change as the outfit was a little too revealing.

9 Bella Twinning In The Tub

During their initial WWE stint, the Bellas struggled with their identities. They weren’t the greatest inside the squared circle, lacking experience, and were basically used as eye candy once they got the call up from FCW.

This particular moment only furthers that point as the two were rocking some smoking hot bikinis while they flaunted inside the tub. A couple of years ago, the WWE made the peculiar decision to once again involve those in the Hollywood realm, using them as weekly guest General Managers. On this episode, Bob Barker was the GM and he played a little Price is Right with Santino Marella. The Italian was bidding on the tub and salivated at the sight of the Bellas. He would ask Bob if the tub came with the Divas, because if it did, he was all in. Barker responded with an 'absolutely not', which received some thunderous boos from the crowd on hand.

8 The Puppy Malfunction

This one isn’t necessarily Nikki’s fault, as the wardrobe malfunction showed us a little too much. Of course, if you follow the WWE or any pro wrestling promotion for that matter, you’ve probably seen a malfunction at one point in time. With both male and females lathered up in tight spandex, along with some fine muscle tone, the likelihood of a wardrobe malfunction occurring is quite high.

On this night, Nikki unfortunately suffered the malfunction. As she lay outside of the ring, it appeared that one of her puppies had gently popped out of her gear. The cameraman quickly zoomed out as he probably noticed the malfunction at that point. Even poor sister Brie, wasn’t so lucky either as her puppy also popped out during a live in-ring segment. As Brie sat there listing to Miz ramble on and on, her breast just happened to pop out of her loose shirt. It made for quite the spectacle and one that wrestling fans did not let slide.

7 Brie’s Revealing Gift

Props go to sister Brie for the outfit we see in the picture above. Brie found it fitting to give Nikki such an outfit, although it wasn’t meant for the public’s eye but for John’s only (according to Brie). Well, in true Nikki like fashion, she made us all enjoy the incredible outfit (to a degree) as she rocked it on her social media account poking fun at the fact that she got such an outfit from sister Brie. As you can imagine, the image received lots of Likes and fans are hoping that sister Brie purchases more clothing for Nikki in the future.

Truth be told, only John got to see the outfit one-on-one. We can only imagine Cena “submitted” rather quickly to the ensemble which is quite flattering in a specific area. Judging by the picture, it seems like Nikki is getting in her chest exercises on the regular...

6 On The Beach With Brie

Not sure there’s anything better than watching the Bellas rock a bikini top as they lay on the beach. The twins have numerous jaw-dropping pics from the setting, but these particular candid shots make the heart race a little quicker. In this picture, both Bellas are bent over and it’s not hard to distinguish them. Of course, Nikki is the curvier of the two as she embraces those very curves, rocking the black bikini. While sister Brie is no slouch either with a magnificently toned look as she sports the green-blue head bandanna.

Their different physiques are certainly a testament to their training and eating habits. Brie is all about the green foods while she uses yoga as her primary source for living a fit life. Nikki instead, embraces the John Cena approach, hitting heavy squats while maintaining a bodybuilding approach for the rest of her workout. In terms of food, Nikki Bella is high on protein dense nutrients.

5 John Talks Chinese To The Bellas

The Bellas YouTube channel continues to grow and although the content is quite entertaining, many subscribers stay for the outfits. Once again, Nikki isn’t shying away from showing the goods as she rocks a stunning black dress which reveals her fantastic puppies. In less than a week, the video received close to 300K views along with a mere 114 dislikes and over 8K Likes. It seems like fans of the Bellas like the video for a couple of reasons...

The content itself is quite hilarious, as Cena tries to teach the twins some Chinese words. He asks the twins what one word means, to which Brie responds, “Let’s go for a walk”, while Nikki states it means “take me to the movies”. Cena would reveal the hilarious response to the meaning of the word which actually was something as simple as “twins”. With such responses, it seems pretty obvious that the Bellas' Chinese needs some work.

4 Another Malfunction

Wearing revealing outfits as the Divas Champion, Nikki used her stunning looks to generate heat with the WWE Universe during her Divas Championship run. On this night, it seems like her outfit was a little too revealing as the camera got a nice up-skirt shot. In case you were wondering, Nikki is spraying WWE Superstar Paige as she was mocking the wrestler for her white skin tone. Yes, that is the WWE folks, the same company that preaches anti-bullying techniques.

Bella actually enjoyed a fine run with the championship and it seemed like her in-ring work was night and day in comparison to what it used to be. Before her first departure, it seemed like the twins were just hanging around with minimal improvements. However, when they returned, that all changed with Nikki having drastically improved inside the squared circle. Even the likes of Bret Hart have praised Nikki for her in-ring work. Now that’s some high level praise.

3 Post Hot Yoga

A reoccurring theme throughout most of these pictures if Nikki’s puppies being exposed. Let’s face reality here folks, Nikki is proud of her enhancements and give her some props for not being afraid to flaunt them.

In this picture, it’s not that she’s looking too revealing, however, a theme we see in some other pictures is the fact that her nipples seem to be popping just a little bit too much. In the photo we see here, Nikki just came out of hot yoga and posted the picture on her social media. As you can probably imagine, when in hot yoga, the heat causes you to sweat a heck of a lot and that shows even more when you’re wearing a white shirt. In addition, going from hot to cold, it’s likely that some body parts will get cold quickly and in this case, it seems to be Nikki’s chesticles which are popping out. Bella had no problem with this however, as she proudly posted the picture nonetheless.

2 Deep V and John

It seems like John has no problems with Nikki flaunting her goods. This is another example as Bella rocks a fantastic black dress which is a treat to the eyes in a specific area.

Nowadays, the two have the luxury of travelling together as they're both on the same brand, SmackDown Live. However, it doesn’t seem like that will last much longer. According to the rumor mill, Cena is set to depart following WrestleMania 33 to shoot a film, while Nikki is also scheduled to leave the company with a nagging neck injury still at the forefront. Some believe Nikki might compete in her last match with the company at the event and retire from the WWE due to the injury. With so many projects outside of the WWE, we truly won’t be too surprised if that goes down.

On a positive note, the two are set to tag alongside one another at this year’s WrestleMania for the first time ever. If it is Nikki’s last match, it would be a fantastic send off sharing the ring with her man.

1 Selfie Game Strong

We end the article with a classic selfie, the picture type which has made Nikki a huge celebrity on social media. This picture is arguably one her best, as she rocks the natural selfie while revealing her large and sturdy puppies.

All puppy jokes aside, Nikki has been an incredible asset for the WWE, one that not even Vince himself could have imagined. Outside of the ring, Nikki continues to thrive with huge followings on both Instagram and YouTube. On-screen, she’s not doing too shabby either powering Total Divas to massive success. So much so that the WWE decided to do a spin-off on just the Bellas with the unveiling of Total Bellas, which can be found on both the E! Network and the WWE Network. Whether fans want to admit it or not, the twins are trailblazers in the business opening up a new door for the company to expand in the world of entertainment. Even if Nikki’s in-ring career is done with, you can expect her to remain on board with the WWE in some capacity for a long time.

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