15 Times Nicki Minaj Broke The Internet

Nicki is the queen of the world, point finale.

Ah, Nicki Minaj. To think that once upon a time, we didn’t even know she existed. Then she burst onto the scene in such a way that could not be ignored… and would never be ignored again. Whether you love her or hate her, it’s plain to see that Nicki is pretty good at getting her name trending on social media.

It doesn’t hurt that she has an army of fans around the world all too happy to help spread the hashtags. But that isn’t the only reason that people are talking about her. Unlike many young stars, she actually does things to warrant the attention. As anyone who followers her will attest, she isn’t shy about attention. She doesn’t mind hearing your thoughts and comments about her appearance. She definitely doesn’t mind letting you take a good look at her body. She won’t stop wearing her heart on her sleeve and showing off about her man. And she is never shy about speaking her mind either.

Whether through causing controversy or by invoking admiration, Nicki has barely spent a moment out of the spotlight since we first heard her music. On more than a few occasions, that spotlight has grown to the point where we could talk about nothing else on the Internet. Here are 15 examples of times when Nicki Minaj went ahead and broke the Internet. Again. And again. And again – and we’re pretty sure that she will be doing it again in the near future too.

15 That DJ Khaled Proposal

14 The Other Woman


13 Posing in Her Underwear

Babe thanks but I think I need a bigger size 🤔🕵😩😜

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12 Looking Natural In Fader


11 Presents For Meek Mill


10 Flawless With Beyoncé


These days, with the cynical world of social media, there isn’t much that we can be surprised by. We all know who the secret stars are at Glastonbury long before they actually show up on stage for example. All you have to do is follow them on Snapchat and watch them arriving at the festival for the game to be given away. Then there’s the obvious collaborations. When a superstar is headlining and they happen to have a recent hit single with another star who also happens to be in the area, you can guess they will team up. That’s why this moment in Paris in 2014 was so amazing. During a remixed performance of Flawless at a Beyoncé performance, Nicki came out on stage to join her. It was the kind of once-in-a-lifetime experience that you just had to be lucky enough to be there for. It was total magic and will never be repeated again.

9 Bang Bang At The VMAs

8 The Minaj/Swift Beef


7 4th July Snaps


6 Do You Mind Challenge


5 "Miley, What’s Good?"


4 Roman Holiday

3 Anaconda’s Artwork


Anaconda was a huge hit on the air waves, but we’ll get on to that a little bit more in a moment. If there were still people on planet earth who hadn’t heard of Nicki before that song dropped, there weren’t after. No matter your thoughts on the song itself, the cover image was the thing that stopped everyone in their tracks. Featuring an outfit from the video, it shows Nicki looking back over her shoulder at us, displaying quite perfectly her most famous asset in nothing more than a skimpy string thong. It’s no wonder it was so popular. Not only that, but it spawned a whole host of memes. These included superimposing Drake’s face onto her body, as well as using her to form the two ‘o’s in Google, much like the common Google Doodles do. It also prompted some controversy, with Minaj claiming double standards in the reactions that criticised her pose.

2 Drake & That VEVO Record


1 The Questionable Cushioning

via VidShaker

There’s one thing that has always had us talking about Nicki Minaj more than anything else. That thing is this is of course whether or not all that junk in her trunk really is there. Some say she wears padded cushioning as drag queens do to give themselves a curvier silhouette. This idea seemed to be backed up by a shot taken of her performing live in which there seems to be a certain amount of squishing as she puts her weight on a chair. Others have pointed to images from her youth in which she was rather more flat in shape in her rear end. Whatever the truth may be, this photograph drove the Internet wild. It broke the Internet back before we were even using the phrase “break the Internet.” Whether Nicki likes it or not, it’s going to be sticking around for as long as she does. At least until the world is able to determine whether her backside is fake.

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15 Times Nicki Minaj Broke The Internet