15 Times Netflix Screwed Up And Nobody Noticed

This isn’t a list meant to ridicule or bash Netflix. We love them.

For many of us out there, we're still in the honeymoon stage with Netflix's original content. They seem to have an endless amount of resources, and they appear to want to take the necessary risks to keep their content fresh and...well...original. This bodes well for the industry and also bodes well for fans of quality film and television. For that reason (and more), many people believe that Netflix can do no wrong. Some might even turn a blind eye to major lapses in judgement or be a little more patient with content that might be slipping in quality. Well, this isn’t a list meant to ridicule or bash Netflix. We love them. We're honestly gigantic fans. But, we just want to highlight the fact that Netflix makes mistakes. It's human. Or, you get what we mean. The shows and films in Netflix's repertoire make mistakes like every other show and film. We laugh at everyone equally.

Mistakes like the ones we're about to talk about never ruin the film nor the television show. They simply show the imperfections in the production team. Sometimes, they might even improve upon the show. Yeah, some of the worst offenses are pretty cringe-worthy, but they shouldn't change your opinion about the piece overall. We've gone through and selected all the best mistakes we have seen in a Netflix original film or television show. If you thought Netflix was perfect before this, well, they aren’t; which means that you're wrong, and this list is proof of that. Here are 15 Times Netflix Screwed Up and Nobody Noticed.

15 The House Of Cards Typos

Amidst all the sheer brilliance that is House of Cards, we've noticed that this show has one weakness—typos. In a number of scenes, glaring types have been present. There have been a couple in the newspapers, but they take a real can-do attitude and a frame by frame analysis to spot. The one that many of us caught came when Kevin Spacey grabs out his typewriter to draft out a letter for the President. Now, perhaps this typo was intentional, but we strongly doubt it. As he types, Spacey narrates, so we know his intentions. He thinks the line "stared at your desk" but types the line "started at your desk." What an idiot. There was also a news broadcast in season five that had a headline with Virginia misspelled as "Virgina."

14 Hitler And The Nazis Are Gay

There's a good chance that you've experienced a Netflix glitch of your own, but they don't always match up as well or as poorly as this one did. Sure, regurgitating this mistake as a joke is one of the most offensive things we could think of, but it's almost ridiculous enough to be funny. For whatever reason, the sorting mechanism on Netflix gets confused from time to time and movies like No Country for Old Men are shown as family films, just as V for Vendetta has shown up as a sports movie before. It doesn't happen as often, but sometimes, as in the example here, descriptions from one movie are displayed under another's title. So, no, Hitler and the Nazis is not actually about the foundation of the LGBT community, but it was on one strange day. There's an entire site dedicated to mistakes like these, so we decided we would focus more on Netflix content than programming.

13 Jessica Jones And Stark Tower

There have been several references throughout the various Defenders shows on Netflix–Jessica Jones, Daredevil, Luke Cage, and that other one–that have connected this world to that of the Avengers and the MCU. These moments are like crack for Marvel fans. They've talked about the destruction left behind from the Avengers' battles and made specific references to Avengers characters, and they all take place within the same environment, or do they? In one scene in Jessica Jones, the titular hero climbs to the top of the Manhattan Bridge to take in some of the landscape. In this shot, we see the MetLife building, which should be just underneath Stark Tower, but Iron Man's place of business is nowhere to be seen. Was this an oversight or was the building destroyed when we weren't paying attention?

12 Ridiculous 6 And History

It probably won't surprise many that the Ridiculous 6 had plenty of errors, most coming in their loose grasp on history. We won't go through each in detail but we will list a few historical mistakes that don't quite fit the 1875 setting. In one mistake, General Custer and Mark Twain talk about the author's upcoming sequel, Huckleberry Finn, but that book wasn't written until 10 years after this movie took place and nine years after Custer died. In fact, Tom Sawyer wasn't even published until the year after this movie took place (1876). We also see Little Pete eating an ice cream cone in one scene. This treat wasn't invented until about 30 years later at the 1904 World's Fair in Saint Louis, Missouri. Other foods that weren't invented yet are discussed as well, such as hard-shell tacos, which didn't come until the 1940's, and peanut butter.

11 Daredevil And The Walkie Talkies

Anyone who's ever used a walkie talkie understands the simple principle. Users have a choice. They can either use the speaking code of saying "over" or something similar to indicate that they've finished speaking, sounding like a nerd or a bada*s depending on how you look at it, or they risk just speaking over the person on the other end. You see, you have to press down a button to speak. If you're holding down that button, the other person's voice can't come through. It's a simple process once you get the hang of it and most kids can grasp it by about the age of six. Apparently, however, neither Matt Murdock nor Wilson Fisk in Daredevil have ever learned how to use a walkie talkie. Magically, it doesn't look like they need to know how. In their discussion using these gadgets, they just happen to know exactly when the other is finished speaking. They never say over and they never speak over the other. It's either impossibly fluid or stupidly unrealistic.

10 Stranger Things And The Demogorgon

In our eyes, Stranger Things is a masterpiece. But even masterpieces have little oversights. Now, we warn you, this is nitpicking at its most extreme, but it's a mistake and it's a huge show. You remember the Demogorgon, right? Not the real monster, the little figurine used by the kids in their Dungeons & Dragons quest. Well, that little guy was part of the Fantasy Lords series produced by Grenadier Miniatures. The tiny mistake here is that the Demogorgon miniature wasn't created until 1984. Stranger Things season one takes place in 1983.

9 OITNB And The Bathroom Spring

We all know from the years of watching television shows and movies that take place in prison that anything that can be used as a weapon is kept away from the prisoners. Well, that rule is taken pretty lightly in Orange is the New Black. These prisoners have access to more shank-ready objects than free people do. Still, they aren't usually obvious about it. So why, when Blanca goes crazy and starts breaking down a bathroom stall, do we see a massive metal spring duct taped to the inside of the stall? There's no way they would want us to see this, so we can assume it was only there to protect the set. Pull your act together, OITNB.

8 Barney: Let's Make Music In Prison

In another great example of Netflix's system crapping out, we see the confused Netflix system create a Frankenstein monster of a film that works brilliantly. Pitting the title Barney: Let's Make Music alongside the description for Deadman Wonderland, a theme park prison film, almost makes sense for a movie. It works even better when you consider Barney and the show's music were torturous. It's unclear whether one of the titles or the description were being displayed for every film and someone just scrolled through to intentionally create this near-perfect blend or if things just happened to work out as well as they did. Today, we'll be positivists. Due to a lack of proof for either side, we'll accept the more fun explanation and say it was all a beautiful coincidence.

7 Narcos And The Printer from The Future

A solid period piece has the ability to transport the viewer into another time. For the most part, Narcos showcases its '70s and '80s setting beautifully, hiding all the modern elements from our eyes. There are a few slip-ups, though, and these can be jarring. Several of the lapses include new age technology, like cellphones and computers, showing up, but the worst, by far, is this printer. In order to scan a DEA's passport, we see a guy open up a brand new photocopier. Like this thing could be from the last few years. The shot is pretty quick and for good reason. Still, there's no way to hide this monstrous beast of modern tech. They taped a piece of paper over the touchscreen to try and fool us, but you've got to get up pretty early in the morning to trick us.

6 Hemlock Grove Uses Rogers

It might surprise some to learn that everyone's favorite Netflix show, Hemlock Grove, is not perfect. Truthfully, for such a strange and, at most times, ridiculous show, Hemlock Grove didn't have a whole lot of technical mistakes. They did have one, though, and any self-respecting Canadian would have picked it up immediately. First, the show is set in Pennsylvania. In one scene in a doctor's office, we get a closeup look at Roman's cellphone when it rings. It's there that we see his cellphone service provider—Rogers. Some Canadians might have overlooked this because we see the Canadian company all the time, but in a show set in the United States, this doesn't make a whole lot of sense unless the guy is okay with huge roaming charges.

5 Bloodline And The Glitch In The Matrix

Bloodline started off really strong. It appeared as if this show was going to be a winner, but, after a couple of seasons, it slowed down almost to a halt. Recently, it got the axe, so we won't be too hard on it. We will point out a couple of glaring mistakes, though. In the early goings of the show, we see Kyle Chandler's character, John, waiting for his brother, Danny, to arrive by bus. When the bus that Danny was supposed to be on arrives and unloads its passengers, we see that Danny is nowhere to be found. John waits around for the next bus to arrive. When it does, this one too unloads, and again, Danny is not one of the passengers. But there was something interesting about these buses. If you paid attention to the passengers exiting, you would have realized that they were the same on both buses. The director decided to save some time and only film one set of passengers and use them for both buses.

4 OITNB And The Fish Tattoo

Orange is the New Black has plenty of mistakes. It's a great show, don't get me wrong. But when you have a shoestring budget, you're bound to cut some corners. Apparently, one of the first corners cut was the fake tattoo budget or the budget spent on hiring capable people to apply the fake tattoos. As you'll see, the crew on OITNB have had an incredibly difficult time remembering where the character's tattoos are and if they had them in the first place. If only they had a way of documenting or recording the early episodes so they could use them as a template. These aren't the obscure characters or tattoos either. Even Piper, the show's main character, has had tattoo changes since the beginning and she only had one. In the first season, Piper had a tattoo of a fish on the back of her neck. She talks about it and shows it off. It's a real thing. By season two, however, the fish is completely gone. Either they have a tattoo removal shop in prison or everyone on set, including Taylor Schilling, the actress who plays Piper and had lines about the fish tattoo, forgot about the fish tattoo.

3 Daredevil And The Fake Sugar

Daredevil does a lot of great things. In the show's run, there haven't been really any glaring errors, but there have been some minor, albeit funny, mistakes. Take the case of the prop sugar for example. When Matt Murdock and his priest sit down to enjoy a latte, the priest grabs a sugar dispenser on the table. We can see that it's half full, but when he turns it upside down over his drink, not one single grain comes out. He gives it a couple of shakes and makes a facial expression that says damn, I look like a fool, and then puts the prop sugar back. In truth, the priest was probably thinking, lucky this guy is blind or that could have been embarrassing, not knowing he's on one of the year's most popular shows, and we all just saw that. It doesn't hurt the show or even the scene, but it's a great victory for people who love watching others fail.

2 OITNB And The Salt Shaker Tattoo

That's right. We're back talking about tattoos in Orange is the New Black. Honestly, something like this has to be a gag or an Easter egg of sorts. The people who do the tattoos can't really be this incompetent, can they? Well, it isn't just Piper who had some misplaced tattoos. Alex (Laura Prepon) also felt the wrath of the confused tattoo person on set. In one scene, we see the salt shaker tattoo on Laura's shoulder facing sideways, almost perfectly horizontal. Later, the tattoo is set on an angle with the top facing upwards. Listen, fake tattoo person. Just look at a picture. If you don't want to make a mistake, stop eyeing it up from memory. Get a Netflix account. Watch an earlier episode.

1 Bloodline And The Rubber Gun

We realize that pretty much every single gun used in television and film is a prop, especially the ones that are held up against an actor's head. We don't expect Bloodline to be any different, but they should have been more careful about how they used the props. In one scene, we see a prop gun held to a guy's head in what was supposed to be an intense scene. Admittedly, it was tough to take it seriously when we see the gun's barrel bending and twisting with the force. Maybe use a plastic prop gun or metal next time, guys; or try to keep the rubber under a little less force.

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15 Times Netflix Screwed Up And Nobody Noticed