15 Times Nancy Botwin Was Just Too Hot To Hate On Weeds

Weeds gave us 8 seasons of a sexy suburban pot dealing mom, Nancy Botwin, whom flourishes to vile extents as consequences for her bad attitude and rotten decisions, but still convincing the viewers to watch another episode each time the one before it concludes. Weeds certainly is a show that deserves all the credit and praise it receives. When it premiered in 2005, Nancy Botwin easily started to become everyone's favorite suburban mom, and dealer, as well as the hottest. Nancy Botwin, the drug dealing widow. The majority of widowers don't exactly turn to illegal drugs to begin making ends meet, but that's what Nancy Botwin did. To sell recreational drugs is not a traditional reaction to losing a loved one, but with that I think its easy to say Nancy Botwin isn't exactly normal.

It didn't take long after her husband's death for Nancy to leave her life of "normalcy" and return to her old ways. Once season one had ended, Nancy's true intentions become more clear to the viewers. She was no longer the aiding suburban widow, selling weed to support her family. As the show went on we caught onto the slow reveal that Nancy was always a self-absorbed danger junkie.

Aside from the drug trafficking, rival dealers, and mysterious snipers, the main conflict is far more universal and it's Nancy's desires and greedy ambitions. But of course, we could never hate this hot housewife. Here are 15 times Nancy Botwin was just too hot to hate.

15 Burning The Agrestic House Down

Now, we can't forget Agrestic. The place where it all started, where Nancy had first begun raising Silas and Shane, the place Judah spent his last years and Nancy's hammering ache to get back to her wild ways got fired up again. Nancy runs into a much bigger threat when she finds that Silas has been beaten by her rivals in the growing field. She turns to Guillermo for protection and he torches the bikers' marijuana field and dry temperatures and high winds do the rest by causing a huge fire that spreads throughout all of Agrestic. While all of the other citizens are settling into a safe house on the other side of town which resembles much of a super-dome, Nancy sets fire to her own demons.

Going back to Silas and Shane's childhood home, she begins to pour gasoline on the furniture and countertops and before setting the match to spread across the floor, Nancy is reminded of Judah and how Shane was having conversations with his dead father and how he insisted he had really been there, she has an honest moment as if she is talking to her late husband's ghost: "Judah. If you're still here, I tried." Nancy ensures herself that she and her family are ready to move on, leaving no evidence of their drug activities. The flames began to rise and our sexy suburban mom rides off into the sunset on a stolen Segway.

14 Marrying Peter

Once Peter Scottson tells Nancy he knows she's a drug dealer, the two marry so neither can testify against one another for illegal activity. Nancy takes advantage of Peter's status as DEA and has him hold a raid against the Armenians to keep Nancy on top. Marrying Peter gives Nancy many problems throughout the second season; Peter pushes her to stop dealing, wiretaps her phone to listen in to conversations with Conrad, and their marriage begins to fall apart, the last straw being when Peter comes over for dinner and "man handles" Silas. Nancy finally kicks their relationship to the curb, wanting to be with Conrad anyway. On the finale of season two, Nancy is stuck with no pot and no money in a Mexican stand off with both gangsters and mobsters pointing guns at her. She quickly finds that Peter has been killed.

13 Picking Up Both Shane And Silas From The Police Station

Silas is finding out more and more about Nancy's job and really screwed her when he takes all her supply to hold onto until she decides to allow him to be a part of the "family business." Meanwhile, Nancy is being held up at gun point for the entire batch, Andy is on the road searching for lost Shane, Shane is trying to make his way to Pittsburg in a van that Kat has left behind for him, and Silas has stolen all of Celia's "Drug Free" signs. Celia catches Silas on camera and has him taken to the station and Shane is caught underage driving, who also gets escorted to the police station. Andy shows up to rescue Shane and finds the rest of the Botwin brew waiting in the big house.

12 Spending Peters Life Insurance On "Supply"

Supply. Supply. Supply. Nancy becomes a stalker, stalking and staring at Peter's ex-wife and his son Tim, she drives around peering at them from her car window. Nancy and Valerie quickly move to being friends and having play dates with the boys until Peter's life insurance comes through. We knew exactly what Nancy was going to do with it: spend it on supply. I can't really hate Nancy for this one too much because I thought Val was a bitch anyway, and I suppose she got what was coming for her... god bless crazy Tim and his sniper.

11 Leaving Andy At The Border

Classic Nancy. After climbing over Andy and pretending to be his wife when the border police show up, we learn that they're the ones bringing over the supply. The two of them stuff huge duffel bags of pot into Nancy's tampon sized Prius and find there's no room for Andy. She leaves him at the border between Mexico and California. Neglecting him with a cooler to sit on, a gun, and a juice box. Obviously, Nancy neglects to pick Andy up and he walks the rest of the journey with illegal immigrants. This then leads to the idea that leads Andy into the coyote business.

10 Having Andy Sign Stevie's Birth Certificate

First off, I would've rooted for Andy to sign the line "Father" on Stevie's birth certificate anyway. Although Esteban had a nice body and, hell, we all knew the guy was packin', I knew that the Mexican gangster/mayor/not father material would end up dead sometime in the near future and we had a feeling Andy was going to raise this kid just like the last two. Esteban tells Nancy he cannot sign because of his career, Nancy seeks out Andy who agrees to sign Stevie's birth certificate in hopes to pry Nancy away from Esteban's grip and free her.

9 Allowing Silas To Deal

It definitely wasn't Nancy's best maternal instinct to allow Silas to sell drugs for her. I think it was inevitable that Silas would eventually sell and we know this because once he worked with Conrad, he really become passionate about growing, however I'm not sure it was appropriate for Nancy to allow him to sell for her. I suppose you could argue that maybe she's keeping an eye out for him or doesn't want him to begin selling with the competitors, but I don't think these were Nancy's true intentions. I think she was okay with Silas selling because with him, she would target a new group of buyers and bring in more money. At the end of the day, we always find its about whats best for Nancy.

8 Nancy Getting Out Of Prison

Manslaughter with parole. Nancy moves to a halfway house and convinces herself that she will contact her family once she gets her sh*t together and protect them when the time comes, when in reality she's still trying to make contact with Stevie. This backfires when Jill calls to tell Andy and the boys that their mother is out of prison and has disregarded their feelings completely by not telling them, by not telling the only people in her life who care for her. Nancy doesn't even hesitate to try and call Andy, who would lie and protect her in a heart beat.

7 Leaving The Kids To Go To Denmark With Andy

Arguably the most selfish or most selfless act, not ever, but up there. Taking a hit and going to prison for her son's crime was incredibly selfless and perhaps one of the first true moments Nancy steps up to bat for her son, but not telling them the plan and leaving them to get on the airplane alone, that was a bit rough. Her runaway act had certainly caught up to her, but having the police waiting outside was pure genius. She was fully aware that it was federal prison, or death. She did however, allow her kids to get on an airplane with Andy and flee the country while Stevie was to rest with his aunt Jill. However, the whole thing was still pretty selfish because even though Nancy had convinced herself that it's better to leave without saying goodbye and for the kids to not know she wasn't coming, the real truth is that Nancy can't face the music and puts all the weight of the issues on the one person she knows will take it from her and that's Andy. And he does. Sure she takes the hit, but that doesn't erase the past.

6 Maternity Tunnel To Mexico

Guillermo hands over the keys for "Maternity World" to Nancy so she can run the store, neglecting to point out the huge hole that sits in the back room, which leads to Mexico. Nancy becomes more aware of her role in the maternity store and grows bored of her new job. She requests to sell again and once declined by Guillermo she goes through the tunnel to ask for approval from the big boss, who later becomes her lover, her husband, and her baby daddy. The tunnel raises issues with Nancy as women are coming through the tunnel, as well harder drugs, and weapons.... Nancy gets in contact with the DEA to discuss the tunnel, inevitably Esteban finds out, sliding over picture of Nancy accompanied by her friend, Nancy returns the favor by sliding back a picture of an ultra sound.

5 Lars Being Silas' Dad

Lars is a total idiot. To be completely honest, I felt really bad for Silas on this one. The DNA test of "who is my biological father" reveals itself through a for sale car and the old teacher they lived with that Nancy used to bang in high school. I don't think Nancy is a bad mom for having Silas with Lars and neither of them knowing, I don't think she's a bad mom for being a drug dealer and learning how to survive, I think she's selfish because her kids, Silas, is looking for a reliable role model, someone in his life who he can count on and connect with and feel a part of something like a family. Nancy is too busy to be these things, to give them to him.

4 Buying Silas A Car

The celebratory "my girlfriend just got an abortion" gift: a new car! Seems legit, especially after we find out the selfish reasons why Silas pokes a hole through the condom. Silas inherited much of his mom's wicked selfishness here because he knows that he faces the threat of an unfinished relationship once Megan leaves for Princeton, but proceeds to try and get her pregnant to stay. Well, unlucky for him, Megan's parents force her to get an abortion and their relationship comes to a close once Megan's dad gets into a violent confrontation with Silas. Nancy finds him on their front porch sobbing and bleeding. I wanted so badly for Nancy to serve it to those parents, but instead she yells from a distance, collects Silas and tries to cure his broken heart with a new set of wheels. Mom of the year.

3 Shane Gets Shot

An assassin who is hellbent on shooting and killing Nancy (no surprise), misses and shoots Shane in his left shoulder. Cesar later admits to Nancy about working for Pilar, who ordered the hit. The execution however was not complete because Cesar could not bring himself to kill Nancy, so she keeps this betrayal from Esteban by agreeing to shoot Cesar in the arm to avenge Shane and Shane later avenges himself and his mother by knocking Pilar into a sound sleep into Esteban's pool.

2 Sullivan Groff

Once Nancy occupies a real job for her boss Sullivan, she was working with him develop the new city of Majestic. When watching Weeds you quickly catch on to Nancy's "f**k me" phases, the ones where she is filled with eternal gratitude, for herself, and some man nearby whom she has no interest in is going to help her celebrate. In this circumstance, her boss was the best choice considering his sexual comments and desires for Nancy. Sullivan Groff also happens to be in a romantic relationship with Celia at the same time; Nancy decides to dismiss the mess on the table by throwing it off to the side and demanding the attention of the only male in the room. Celia walks in on the two of them wearing a nice red dress (that was originally meant for Nancy who didn't want it, so Sullivan re-gifted it to Celia) with a plate full of cupcakes and ready to make up with Sullivan, instead him and Nancy are occupying the conference table. All the while, Celia stays put in the background heartbroken and filled with resentment. The screen goes black, the episode ends.

1 Andy Botwin

We have to include the most malicious thing Nancy probably did throughout the entire run of the show: the way she strung Andy along countless times and completely knew how to manipulate him because she knew he’d always pick her. In all honesty, I think this is the worst thing Nancy did. For the most part, her kids had no choice, but Andy. She did it over and over again and the thing about Andy is that he would always pick her because he loved her, but he also loved the kids, endlessly. You see how Andy feels like he has an obligation to these kids once his brother has passed and he’s managed to begin understanding the circumstances of their family, but he’s always counting on the moment Nancy decides she loves him too.

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