15 Times Michelle Lewin Gave Us More Than We Could Handle

Drop-dead beautiful fitness model, Michelle Lewin, has taken the modeling, Instagram, and social media fitness worlds by storm with her incredible body and inspiring workout routines. This beauty from Venezuela has over 12 million followers on Instagram, obtains about 20,000 new social media followers per day, and has graced the cover of dozens of magazines. There is no doubt she is quickly becoming Miss Worldwide.

Her measurements are pretty incredible. At 5'4" and 125 pounds, she has a 36-inch bust, 25-inch waist and 36-inch hips. This is in spite of the fact that every Sunday, she gets a hold of as much pizza and pasta as she can handle.

Fitness enthusiasts around the world not only eat, sleep, and breathe every word she says (in the hopes that they might look like her), but they flock to her photos just to catch a glimpse at one of the most downloadable bodies on the planet. Some of her photos are awesome displays of the hard work she puts into her diet and exercise. Others are enough to make you melt. In fact, some of the photos we considered including here were so racy that we couldn't add them without a bit of social media kickback. Instead, what we found were 15 photos that were almost too much to handle, but enough to keep things tasteful.

Take a look at the 15 photos we deemed some of Michelle Lewin's top-rated moments that are almost more than most of us can take. It's enough to make you want to go for a run, head to the gym, put down your sandwich, or rethink your entire existence.

15 The Panoramic View

Lewin has decided to give every one of her fans a few different perspectives of this outfit. The hot pink yoga pants with the tight black tank top is even better-looking when you can see all sides. One has to imagine that this is the typical outfit Lewin would wear while working out. Yep, that would be distracting.

It doesn't hurt that her cellphone is rockin' the patriotism. It looks like she's got a bit of Venezuelan and American going on there, and that's a huge plus for her fans. They love that she's got that international vibe going on, but they also love that she's supporting the U.S. in this selfie. It's a true understanding of her target audience, and it's a subtle thing that makes her quite savvy when it comes to gaining fans.

14 Out Of The Pool Totally Dry

via youtube.com

I'm sure that if fans had their choice, they'd prefer to see Michelle Lewin coming out of the pool soaking wet. But it doesn't mean that her coming out dry is any less appealing. It's harder to tell which feature to focus in more closely on. Is it her pink bikini or her ripped biceps, chiseled abs, or...well...her rack?

It appears to be a beautiful day to go for a swim, but Lewin is perhaps more prone to just sticking her feet in the water, changing her mind, and getting a snapshot to share with the world. Who exactly is she looking at in this photo? Whoever it is, she just made that person's day, I bet. If she's simply looking away from the camera, I'm sure there were plenty of people around the pool happy enough to just imagine she was looking at them.

Not a bad way to start our list of the top 15 photos. A nice sunny day in a pink bikini.

13 That Smile

In many of the photos you'll see on this list, Lewin is looking away from the camera in a more candid-style shot. Every once in a while, it's a nice change to see her looking right at the camera as if she's smiling at the world. That smile is enough to make you melt.

Lewin could look half as good as she does in most of these pics, and with a smile like that, she'd have the world eating out of the palm of her hands. It could be what has made her rise so rapidly. She's not just a hot body (there are plenty of those), but she's a pretty face with likable qualities too. The hot body doesn't hurt her image, though. She's a double-dose of good lookin'.

12 Black And White

via youtube.com

Sometimes, you just have to go old-school and see a photo in black and white to appreciate it's true beauty. And, I don't mean black and white as in old-style photography. I mean black as in the weights and the gym equipment that give her that look everyone loves and the white outfit, which is almost irresistible. There is nothing sexier than white and tight on a beautiful female. It mixes the simple with the new and gives a bit of a classic look to this photo shoot.

A little hard work never hurt anyone and that you can see Lewin working up a bit of a sweat is even more attractive. How would anyone else in the gym ever expect to get anything done if this image was working out beside you?

11 Other End Of That Computer

via pinterest.com

Who's on the other end of that computer? I demand to know. Whoever it is, he (or she?) is one lucky person. Was Lewin turning off her webcam? Or was she giving someone special a more private session that she's choosing not to share on social media?

Lewin is going for the mix of secretive, playful, and nerdy kind of sexy and smart in this photo, and it works. Most fitness models likely don't get much of a reputation for having smarts. But clearly, Lewin knows what she's doing. She's risen so fast and has become such a star that we have to assume this intellectual look isn't just a facade. Sometimes, leaving things to the imagination is a lot more fun. This photo proves just that. Maybe, there's no one on the other end of the laptop. Maybe she's just planning out her next few photo shoots.

10 Catching Some Sun

via pinterest.com

Even Michelle Lewin takes a break from all the hard work in the gym to relax and catch some of the rays. In this shot of her, she's wearing some sort of a classic bikini, but it still works in all sorts of ways. The pool doesn't necessarily look the cleanest, but perhaps I'm the only person on the face of the planet who would notice such a thing when presented with this photo. Either way, Lewin looks relaxed. She looks like she just went for a dip in the pool. And again, she looks like all the work she does in the gym is paying off big time.

This is one of the tamer photos included on this list, but it doesn't make it any less attractive. Sometimes, the simple look is just as effective.

9 Session By The Pool

Lucky photographer! It must be a difficult job to be the only person in a beautiful location with no one else at the pool, taking pictures of the backside of a gorgeous female fitness model. Unlike our first photo, it appears as though Lewin actually went for a swim.

Did she get a couple extra laps in before they started shooting photos? Someone so big on fitness might have wanted a bit of a warm-up. Not only am I jealous of the photographer, but I have to say that I can't remember the last time I went to a nice resort with a beautiful pool and was able to get a seat beside it. It looks like this photographer can pick any seat he wants. That's a good day.

8 Bedroom Selfie

Sure, it makes sense that someone would just lay in the bedroom in a blue striped bikini and take a selfie, while another photographer shoots that person taking her own selfie. Such is the life of Michelle Lewin who makes a fortune of people seeing photos just like this one. Heaven forbid fans think that she's not like everyone else and takes selfies of themselves nonstop.

Here are a couple of questions that boggle my mind. Is this her bedroom? Is this the photographer's bedroom? How much did that tile flooring cost? Is it cold laying on the floor like that? I know that when I've had a bit too much to drink I like to lay on the tile floor, but I'm pretty sure I wouldn't want anyone taking a picture at that exact moment. Since she doesn't look like she's had one too many, why isn't she using the bed?

7 Not Much Bikini

We included a couple of photos where simple bikinis are in, but this photo gives fans a lot less reason to use their imagination. There isn't much to this bikini, and its purpose is probably two-fold—drive fans nuts (which I'm sure it does) and ensure that those tan lines aren't an issue for the next set of photos.

Why is it that everywhere Lewin chooses to shoot photos, there's no one else around? The pool and, in this case, the beach. I mean, I get that as a photographer, you want everyone else out of the shot. But if Lewin was in the same general area as a group of people, you'd think one or two would sneak into the background of a shot somewhere.

Those freckles sure do stand out. And, if you do like freckles, then this photo is for you.

6 Tees And Trophies

via youtube.com

So, this picture emphasizes a few things. First, Michelle Lewin is looking crazy awesome in a t-shirt and tight pink bottoms. It's a simple look, but it does the trick in more ways than one. Second, we clearly know she's good at what she does, which is competing as a fitness model. Look at all those trophies in the background. She's a winner on a number of levels.

Of course, it's a bit deceiving because the mirror makes it look like there are more than there actually are, but that's not really the point. So too, Lewin must be a fan of handbags and purses because she has a pretty massive collection hanging off the stand in the background? You think those are real? The purses and handbags, I mean.

5 Light Reading At the Beach

Check those than lines and get a little light reading done at the same time. It appears that that's the look Lewin is going for in this photo. Rockin' a hot pink bikini, she's actually at a beach that has other people at it!

She's reading People magazine and amazingly, it's a magazine she's not on the cover of. That's rare. I wonder what she's reading out? "10 Ways to Impress Your Man?" That seems highly unlikely considering that Lewin probably has to do next to nothing to get a lineup of guys to do whatever she could possibly ask. Maybe she's reading about a celebrity scandal. That's always fun to do while tanning at the beach. Ah, who cares what she's reading? That's not what we're looking at in this photo anyway.

4 What It's All About

via youtube.com

The reason why Michelle Lewin works so hard is seen in this photo right here. Sure, now she may choose to stay in this kind of shape because it's good for her social media and online presence (which I'm sure is making her a boat load of money now), but it started here.

She's sporting the yellow bikini for a competition, and while we don't know how she fared, we do know that the other contestants probably had to look really good to outdo her. She's got a major tan going on here too. This is often typical for competitions, but if you're not a huge fan of her not having her freckles, you can tell, the darker she is, the harder they are to see.

3 The Nerd In All Of Us

via plus.google.com

Tell me that if you were a comic book fan or a fan of Superman that you wouldn't have this picture posted somewhere near you at all times. This would be pretty much every nerd's kryptonite. With the blue short-cut tank top and the matching blue sneakers, this picture is all about Lewin being a superhero with superhero-type abs.

She's working hard in this photo too, which is always hot, and she must have just finished a workout. I know Superman has actual superpowers, but if I had to choose, I'm not sure who I'd rather have save me if I was in real trouble. One has to make a case that even if it meant not actually being saved, having Michelle Lewin try to rescue you might be worth it.

2 Is She Studying?

via CatSpot

Yep, this is what every attractive woman looks like when she's studying for something. The gray lingerie with the ponytail hair, cute glasses, and a look that makes you realize that if you were studying beside her, you'd get absolutely nothing accomplished. In fact, I don't know how she gets anything accomplished. I would imagine it would be easy to get lost just looking at yourself in the mirror when dressing in something like this.

There's really nothing fancy about this underwear. But, you'd never know it looking at Lewin while she's got it on. Lewin probably wouldn't make the best underwear model. As much as I said that every woman looks like this, we all know it isn't true and other women might feel bad trying to buy this product if their comparison is this photo.

1 Not Dressed Up

via youtube.com

This is probably what Michelle Lewin looks like when no one else is around. Even then, it's remarkable. 90 percent of what fans see is a photo that's staged and looking exactly the way Lewin and her photographer want it to look. While this is clearly a shot taken by a photographer, they went with a more classic, laid-back sort of look. It works, and it's a nice change.

This is the look you can imagine Lewin has if a couple of ladies are going to work out together. Maybe this is what she looks like when she's going for a run or about to stretch and warm up. We saw this as a good way to bring the list to an end. Something a bit more realistic. Lewin makes even the most non-dressed-up photo look pretty good.

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