15 Times Megan Fox Was Hotter Than Your Girlfriend

For every person out there in a monogamous relationship, your partner is the most beautiful person in the world. They are able to fulfill you in ways that other people cannot. The longer you are with

For every person out there in a monogamous relationship, your partner is the most beautiful person in the world. They are able to fulfill you in ways that other people cannot. The longer you are with them, the more time you wish you had. They become the only thing that matters to you, and your life is forever blessed because of their presence in it. Their beauty is unparalleled, and no one holds a candle to them. Well, I'm here to let you all know that you're completely wrong. While I'm sure that your significant other is beautiful, I'm going to go ahead and let you know that they don't compare to Megan Fox. Currently one of the biggest sex symbols on the planet, Megan Fox is hotter than your partner, and we have the proof.

Thumbing through her career in both film and modeling, it was incredibly easy to find examples of just how gorgeous she truly is. She has the ability to command attention with a single glance, and is able to make almost any person drop what they're doing and focus on her. Very few women on the planet can be mentioned in the same breath as the actress, and your girlfriend just doesn't quite make the list. While I'm sure that your girlfriend is a great gal and is attractive in her own right, you can rest assured that she's no Megan Fox. Never fear, my friends. While you sit there and curse at your computer screen, we'll go ahead and let you have a look for yourself.

15 Allure Magazine (June 2010)


Overall, 2010 was a pretty busy year for Megan Fox, and the actress would go on to perform in several films over the course of the year. While none of those films were able to match the financial success of some of her biggest films, Fox was still enjoying success, and her acting was seen by millions of viewers around the world. Of the films she appeared in that year, Jonah Hex was her most successful.

Perhaps Fox's best work in 2010 came by way of her modeling career. Throughout this shoot, the barely-clothed beauty left very little to reader's imaginations, and people everywhere wanted more. After turns in modeling and film, Fox would also make a dent in the music world. To help round out a solid 2010 campaign, Megan Fox would also appear in the music video for the song "Love the Way You Lie", which was a huge hit on the Billboard charts.

14 Eagle Eye Premiere (September 2008)


Prior to its release in 2008, the movie Eagle Eye was highly anticipated, as it starred some red hot performers who had been enjoying some tremendous success. I for one was incredibly excited to see the film, and patiently waited for initial reviews to start flooding the internet. As it were, the film was poorly received by a number of critics, though that did very little to hinder the film's box office performance. Eagle Eye would wind up raking in 178 million dollars during its theatrical run.

Before the film had its wide release, a number of high-profile celebrities attended the film's premiere. Among those in attendance, Megan Fox, fresh off of becoming a household name for her role in Transformers, wowed onlookers, and had every news outlet on the planet snapping photos of her. Fox attended the premiere to support her Transformers co-star Shia LaBeouf who starred in the film.

13 Passion Play (2010)


In an era in which a number of movies end up crossing the 1 billion dollar mark at the box office, it seems incredibly rare that a film would receive a theatrical release and manage to make less than 5 thousand dollars. Unfortunately, that is exactly what happened back in 2010 with the release of the ill-fated Passion Play. While the film's cast boasts some serious talent, the movie was ripped the shreds by nearly every critic, and made virtually nothing at the box office.

One of the few bright spots in the film is Megan Fox, and she is as beautiful as ever in her role as Lily Luster. While I'm sure that most people would like to forget that Passion Play ever existed, I'm sure that a number of you will give it a watch just to feast your eyes on Megan Fox, and I can't really blame you.

12 Elle Magazine (June 2009)


During 2009, many people were ecstatic for the release of Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, and who could blame them. The prequel was surprisingly good, and it made a fortune at the box office. Thanks to her becoming a bona fide star, there were also plenty of people who were excited for the release of the film Jennifer's Body, which saw Megan Fox taking a stab at starring in a horror film.

Overall, the film's garnered less than stellar reviews, but still found a way to make a pretty good chunk of change while at the box office. However, if you really want to see where Fox really shined that year, take a good look at her modeling work in this incredible shoot. The actress put together one of her sexiest shoots to date, and had viewers ignoring their girlfriends for quite some time. Don't worry; I'm sure she believed you when you told her you were just reading the articles.

11 Harper's Bazaar Magazine (April 2015)


Fresh off of a 2014 that saw Megan Fox take the entertainment industry by storm with her performance in the hit Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, the actress enjoyed a relatively quiet 2015 in which she appeared in no films for the first time since 2013. To be honest, I can't really blame her. She has had an abundance of hit movies during her career, and I'm sure she wanted to enjoy plenty of family time. While I'm sure that most people were disappointed with her low output that year, fans were in store for a treat in 2016.

Thankfully, Megan Fox's modeling career was still plowing ahead in 2015, and she added this impressive shoot to her resume. Leaving no doubt that she's one of Hollywood's most attractive celebrities, Fox, adorned in a chic white dress, did a spectacular job in leaving readers speechless. If you're looking to mix things up and view some of the more elegant photos of Fox, then look no further than this issue.

10 Jonah Hex (2010)


Despite the overall success of the genre in recent years, there are still some comic book adaptations that are downright terrible once they finally hit theaters. Unfortunately, Jonah Hex holds that very distinction, as it was universally panned by critics. While the character himself isn't a known commodity, the studio executives decided to take a chance, and this one would not pay off.

Disney's ability to take much smaller characters and turn them into box office success stories is well noted, but Warner Brothers would end up waist-deep in a box office dud. As if the reviews weren't bad enough, Jonah Hex wound up making a paltry 10 million dollars. Given that the budget of the film was 47 million dollars, I'd have to chalk this one up as a colossal failure. Though the film had very little to like about it, Megan Fox was a piece of the movie that wasn't outright hated. While she is talented in her own right, seeing her in costume for this film is a pretty good indicator of why most people actually went and saw the film.

9 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2014)


Growing up, I was a huge fan of the Ninja Turtles, and was an avid viewer of both the cartoons and movies. Raphael was always my favorite, though Mikey was a close second. Over the years, there have been several attempts at restarting the film franchise, and I had seen each adaptation. In 2014, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles was set to be released, and I was thrilled at the casting of Fox as April O'Neil. I always had a crush on the original actress, and couldn't wait to see this newer version of the franchise and character.

While this film didn't exactly leave me feeling overly nostalgic, I did enjoy the movie, and thought that Fox did an exceptional job in her role. The film didn't exactly receive the best reviews, but audiences still showed up in droves, and the movie would make 493 million dollars at the box office, and paved the way for a sequel.

8 Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen Premiere (June 2009)


When the first Transformers movie was released on DVD, I was still an employee at Blockbuster Video, and was less than thrilled to see it. After hearing some solid reviews and seeing that the film put up huge numbers at the box office, I gave it a try, and actually enjoyed it. However, when I learned of a sequel being done, I had no interest in it. The first movie was fun, but it didn't make me thrilled to see another installment. Little did I know that the franchise would still be cranking out follow-up films to this day.

Reprising her role as Mikaela Banes, Fox and her co-stars would experience a box office smash unlike most others. Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen would haul in a staggering 836 million dollars, making it one of the most successful movies of all-time. Though these movies tend to get panned by critics, legions of loyal fans still flood theaters with each new installment, ensuring that this franchise isn't going anywhere.

7 This Is 40 Premiere (December 2012)


Each and every person has performers that they genuinely love watching. For me, Paul Rudd is one of my favorite actors, and I will find myself catching his movies in theaters more often than not. This Is 40 was no exception, and I hit the theaters with some friends to enjoy some Paul Rudd comedy. I was also excited that the characters in this film were the same from the movie Knocked Up, which is a pretty funny movie. While I didn't exactly love this movie, I did enjoy Rudd's performance, and seeing Fox in the same movie was quite the treat.

Though Fox didn't play a major role in the film, I still enjoyed her performance, and she looks absolutely stunning in each shot that she's in. Overall, This Is 40 was a modest success, making 88 million dollars at the box office. While I didn't love it, it's certainly worth a watch.

6 Jennifer's Body (2009)


As I mentioned earlier in this article, 2009 was a mixed bag of sorts for Megan Fox. On one hand, she starred in Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, which made unfathomable amounts of money at the box office. On the other hand, she also starred in the film Jennifer's Body, which failed to come anywhere near the success of her other film. While neither movie received incredible reviews, at least one of them was able to haul in a huge amount of money.

Despite being somewhat lackluster, Jennifer's Body features Megan Fox delivering one of her hottest performances to date.  The only reason that I saw this film was because of Fox, and her time on camera here is great. The movie may lack quality, but believe me when I saw that Fox makes this one watchable. I mean, who doesn't want to see Megan Fox portray a cheerleader? It's about as hot as it sounds.

5 Cosmopolitan Magazine (August 2014)


Though Megan Fox only appeared in the film Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles in 2014, the movie was a gigantic success, and paved the way for a sequel. Despite her lack of a prolific output, Fox remained as popular as ever, and her modeling really shined through that year. She appeared in several different magazines in 2014, and this shoot here was her best of the year. One thing that really stands out is her modeling in front of a bright yellow background. What really makes that interesting is that her character April O'Neil wore an abundance of yellow in the cartoons.

Regardless of style or tone, Megan Fox has shown an incredible ability to adapt in her modeling career, and this shoot illustrates that perfectly. While some of her more notable work may consist of her in a bikini, Fox absolutely kills it here. Not too many women can boast such a diverse portfolio, but that's what makes Fox one of Hollywood's biggest stars.

4 How to Lose Friends & Alienate People (2008)


Prior to a 2008 campaign in which Megan Fox appeared in a couple of films, the actress had a 2007 that saw her become a household name. That year, she had her breakthrough role in the film Transformers, and the actress has kept her foot down on the pedal ever since. The following year, Fox would appear in a couple of low-budget films that would fail to elicit the same numbers at the box office. Of the films that she appeared in, How to Lose Friends & Alienate People was her most successful.

Though the film's relatively small budget kept the film from sinking even before it was released, it was no help at all once it actually hit theaters. The film grossed only 19 million dollars during its time in theaters, failing to achieve the 28 million dollars that were spent on production costs. Nevertheless, Fox would keep moving ahead, and would find success in her future releases.

3 Friends with Kids Premiere (September 2011)


2011 was a rather slow year for Megan Fox, as the actually only appeared in a single film that entire year. Coming off of a 2010 that saw the actress perform in duds like Jonah Hex and Passion Play, Fox's lone appearance in 2011 would be in the low-budget film Friends with Kids. The cast was littered with hilarious performers, and the film received some pretty good reviews.

The film had a budget of less than 10 million dollars, which all but assured that it would be a financial success. By the end of its run, Friends with Kids would make 13 million dollars. While this number isn't huge, it's still an impressive haul, considering the film's production budget. Fox played the character Mary Jane, and did an exceptional job in the role. The film features some truly beautiful actresses, and Megan Fox is able to standout among her peers.

2 Glamour Magazine (June 2016)


In recent years, Megan Fox's career has slowed down a bit, and for good reason. She's a wife and a mother, and at the end of the day, family time is far more important that acting in films or modeling. After making no film appearances in 2015, Fox was back in a big way the following year, as she would appear in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows which was the sequel to her highly successful 2014 film.

Much like its predecessor, the film didn't receive overly positive reviews. The difference is that this time around, those reviews would hinder the film's box office haul. While the prequel made 493 million dollars, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows only made 245 million at the box office. Though that is still an impressive box office haul, it is a good indicator of the fate of the franchise.

1 Transformers (2007)


This film right here is the one that put Megan Fox on the map, and was the film responsible for kick-starting one of the most financially successful film franchises of all-time. Growing up, I had no interest in the cartoons, and quite frankly couldn't have cared less about the film. After reading reviews, I finally decided to give it a watch, and I was pretty impressed. While I enjoyed the film itself, Megan Fox absolutely stole the show, and many men's hearts in the process.

Prior to Transformers, I had never seen or heard of Megan Fox. That completely changed after seeing the film, and she's been one of Hollywood's hottest stars ever since. As it stands, Megan Fox has one film set for release this year, and you better believe that I'll be there to see it. In the meantime, I'll just go ahead and give Jennifer's Body another try.

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15 Times Megan Fox Was Hotter Than Your Girlfriend