15 Times Megan Fox Showed Off More Than We Could Handle

Megan Fox is considered to be one of the hottest women in Hollywood. She’s been part of the celebrity world since she was a kid but never had her breakout role until the Transformers entered her life.

Megan Fox is considered to be one of the hottest women in Hollywood. She’s been part of the celebrity world since she was a kid but never had her breakout role until the Transformers entered her life. She’s most known for her roles in the Transformers movies as well as the most recent remake of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. She was kicked off of the Transformers franchise after she had a disagreement with Michael Bay. He has since forgiven her however since she made her way into one of his newest projects with the beloved turtles franchise.

She's well-known for awkward comments during interviews; she has a problem with classically oversharing which is weird for someone in the celebrity world. She has no problem making her opinion known as well as shedding her clothes at the drop of a hat. Currently, she is married to 90210 alum Brian Austin Green, with whom she has a couple of children with as well as a step-child. They have had their ups and downs but seem genuinely in love by Hollywood standards. Megan Fox has always been a beautiful woman but she just seems to get better with age. As she gets older she doesn’t appear to worry about posing nude or dropping clothing during filming. There are many times Megan Fox showed off a little more than she should have, check out the list below.

15 Catholic Schoolgirl

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She may not look like a believer in these pictures but don’t let that fool you. Megan Fox was raised a Catholic and her parents actually insisted that she had to get her diploma even though she had the Hollywood itch. She did it, however, and then was allowed to move to Hollywood to pursue her dream of acting, and it all worked out. She still says that her Christian faith is something that she holds close to her heart. Shockingly enough, while Fox attended school she was not popular at all. In fact, she didn’t have anyone that she would consider to be a true girlfriend. She often had to eat her lunch in the bathroom by herself. It’s a common story for some celebs who never fit in at school, which is probably why they headed to Hollywood in the first place.

14 Rumored $60,000 Plastic Surgery

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It’s pretty obvious that over the years Megan Fox has succumbed to the pressure of the knife. She certainly wouldn’t be the first celebrity to do so. She started off as a fresh-faced teenager and morphed into a glamorized vixen. I’ve always found it unfortunate however, because she was beautiful right from the beginning. She has the face of someone who knows she’s untouchable. At first it appeared as if she transformed mainly due to weight loss but over the years rumors have spread, citing a bodily changes. It hasn’t stopped either. You can’t really blame anyone in Hollywood for going under the knife, after all; their jobs are solely based off of their looks. Unless you are Kate Winslet, it’s hard to beat the Hollywood image without staying young forever.

13 Vacation Time


Vacation is the time to relax and be free from the stress of work. When celebrities vacation, however, they really never truly escape, not in the way us regular people do. They always have people watching them and following them around. All celebrities get the opportunity to go on vacation, even during their busy Hollywood careers. It always amazes me however that they feel free enough to shed their clothes while on vacation and then act surprised when they see it on the front page of the papers. This picture shows Megan Fox on vacation with her family in a cabin-like area where she is obviously enjoying the lake. She’s topless in most of her vacation photos, and although she seems to be oblivious to the fact that there are cameras around, she has been photographed the entire time. It makes you wonder if they do things like this just for the sake of publicity, because there really never is bad publicity. As long as someone is writing about you, then you stay relevant.

12 Always In The Buff

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Megan Fox has been seen on the cover of hundreds of magazines, especially those of Cosmopolitan and Maxim. Men love her because she’s the kind of girl that fills your fantasies. This girl is the one you want to fall asleep thinking about. Those piercing blue eyes and pouty lips, how can you not love Megan Fox? Many people believe that Megan Fox probably has guys all over her on a regular basis but for the most part, she’s been in love with Brian Austin Green for most of her life. In fact, during one of her candid interviews Fox claimed that she has only been with two men in her life. She believes that intimacy is something that you don’t just share with anyone. She chooses her partners carefully and the fact that she has been in an on again off again relationship with Green most of her life, she might be telling the truth.

11 An Active Child

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In most magazine spreads Megan Fox looks flawless. The girl has beauty shots down to a tee. She is a stunning example of how one can rise to fame off of looks alone. Although she’s a stunning girl, this lady grew up as a tomboy. There were many times where she chose sports over “girly” things. Even from the young age of five she was into dance and studying drama. Maybe she knew even at that age that she was going to be a star. As a young child she performed well in swimming, she was considered to be a talented and strong swimmer, maybe even a professional hopeful. She often broke records at the local recreation center for the eight and under medley. Maybe if her career as an actress didn’t work out she could have gone for the swim team. Now we will never know.

10 Movie Roles

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Although she’s a big star, Megan Fox has been chosen for many of her roles based off of the way that she looks, rather than her acting ability. The girl is a smoke show so there’s no denying that she can bring in an audience. Her roles in franchises such as the Transformers and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are good examples of how she can affect the box office scores. In movies such as This is 40 and Jennifer’s Body she was cast in these roles as the girl with the hot body. In This is 40, she was portrayed as the young vixen who the main character, who was 40, could no longer relate to. The 40-year-old main character pokes at Fox’s breasts in awe and envy for the life that she wished she still had. It’s unlikely that Megan Fox will ever get an Academy Award for one of her roles but that doesn’t mean that she doesn’t have a strong Hollywood career.

9 No Dating Allowed


Megan Fox has always been a free spirit; she doesn’t shy away from nudity nor does she have a problem promoting her sexuality. She has an incredible body with a face that’s to die for so when it comes to magazine covers she rarely has any clothes on. No one's complaining however but there’s no denying that she oozes sexuality. What is surprising is that she wasn’t allowed to date as long as she lived at home with her parents. Maybe that’s why she fled to Hollywood. She had a strict upbringing which isn’t surprising due to her Catholic parents. She wasn’t allowed to date because her parents believed that a teenager was too young to be involved in dating. Her parents believed that she didn’t start dating until she moved out and headed to Hollywood. That wasn’t the case however, just like most teenagers, Fox snuck out of her house often to meet up with guys she knew.

8 She Weighed 107lbs During Ninja Turtles Filming

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Megan Fox has a rocking body; she’s always been someone that takes very good care of her figure because of her Hollywood career. During the filming of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows, she was surrounded by men with a ton of muscles. It must have been a dream come true. She used to joke around that her co-stars seemed to be always in a “macho contest” while she was around. Fox stands at 5’4” and must have seemed like a waif to them as at the time of filming she only weighed 107lbs, which for her would be considered underweight. She was literally half the size of the men that she was acting alongside in the film. In an interview she mentioned her co-star Stephen Amell: "The guy that plays Raphael is like a big hulky muscled dude too, so I was waiting for the two of them to meet each other."

7 Shia Claimed They Hooked Up

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Megan Fox has always claimed that her relationship to Shia LaBeouf was always a professional one during the filming of the Transformers. That would be likely especially since she was with Brian Austin Green off and on again during the making of the film. The two of them certainly had some chemistry during the film but Fox is sticking to her story. Shia LaBeouf however seems to be spilling the beans. He claims they slept together and had no idea if she was with her husband at the time that it happened. During an interview with Details Magazine, LaBeouf stated, "Look, you're on the set for six months, with someone who's rooting to be attracted to you, and you're rooting to be attracted to them. I never understood the separation of work and life in that situation. But the time I spent with Megan was our own thing, and I think you can see the chemistry onscreen."

6 She Was Bullied


It’s surprising to think that someone so beautiful could be bullied in high school. You would think that she would be the most popular girl in school. That wasn’t the case however, she was bullied extensively in high school to the point that she didn’t want to go to school. She often ate alone in the bathroom because her classmates would throw ketchup packets at her. It may have had a lot to do with her own personality because Fox was, as she stated herself, "abrasive" and "obnoxious." All the bullying that she experienced caused her to act out at times. She was once banned from Wal-Mart because she went into the store and shoplifted some makeup. It’s not anything that most teenagers haven’t experienced at some point in their lives. At the time she claimed that she did not steal that it was just “an accident,” however she was charged and as part of her sentences she was required to do community service.

5 This Babe Surfs

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Megan Fox isn’t your average Hollywood actress, this girl has sports in her genes and she’s not afraid to use those talents. Surfing is a fun recreational sport that a lot of celebrities enjoy but many don’t have the experience that she does. Fox apparently grew up learning how to surf and actually spends a lot of time on the water honing those skills. Don’t fret however, she’s not about to give up her acting career to don a surfboard but she truly does enjoy the sport. On one occasion that Fox was out surfing she actually came across a Great White shark. As terrifying as that situation would be for anyone, Fox handled it calmly and the shark swam away without incident. I’m not sure how I would react under the same circumstances but Fox handled things with grace and thankfully nothing bad happened to her.

4 She Dated a Pole Dancer


Many of us ladies have all certainly thought about dating a girl after a bad breakup, especially if we were hurt badly by the guy we loved. It happens, we get sick of men and all that we dealt with in our relationship. Some of us bounce back; others don’t. Megan Fox actually did it; she spent some time dating a woman, even though she doesn’t believe she is gay. In an interview with GQ, she mentioned how she dated a girl once before. When she first moved to L.A. to go after the acting career she so desired, she met a female stripper, and they started dating. She mentioned that it was something that happened after a prior relationship ended. "Well, that year my boyfriend broke up with me...and I went out of my way to create a relationship with this girl, a stripper named Nikita." That relationship didn’t last very long, and she eventually met and married her now husband Brian Austin Green.

3 Michael Bay Thinks She’s Skinny

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Michael Bay and Megan Fox didn’t have the best relationship while she was part of the Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen franchise. In fact, their relationship deteriorated so badly that she got kicked off the movies after the second one. Two more Transformers movies were made without Megan Fox being a part of it. Many fans disliked the change in characters, but Fox never returned. Rumors circled that the reason for her dismissal was because of comments she made about James Cameron. Michael Bay thought that maybe she got too big for her britches. It wasn’t the only opinion he had of her either. During the making of the Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen movie, Michael Bay asked Megan Fox to gain ten pounds because he felt that she looked too skinny. Many people thought her body, although quite lean was fairly incredible.

2 Some People Don’t Like How Famous She Is

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When a celebrity rises to fame, they get a whole world of fans, but not just fans but haters as well. Not everyone enjoys the rise of a person from nothing to celebrity status. When Megan Fox started to become uber-famous in 2009, she grew some haters in the process as well. Some people felt she was too pretty, or had no talent, or had somehow slept her way into fame and fortune. Fox was so famous that there were male online sites who wouldn’t even post information or pictures about her. You would think that her fame would have the opposite effect since she’s so hot but that wasn’t the case at all. There was even a day known as “A Day with No Megan Fox,” on August 4, 2009, where certain sites refused to post about her. among many other sites have exclusively stated that they will not feature her at all on their sites.

1 Strange Facts

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Many people suffer from Obsessive Compulsive Disorder; it’s an inability to free your mind of thoughts of unwanted images, obsessions or thoughts. People who suffer from it can experience anxiety because of these obsessions. They try to reduce this anxiety by repetitive actions such as washing their hands multiple times. Megan Fox is one of many celebrities that suffer from OCD. Due to her anxiety with OCD she has said that she is unable to use cutlery in public places as well as the inability to use public washrooms. These acts among many other make her severely uncomfortable. She also has a weird phobia of hearing people breathe; it drives her nuts. These weird facts just make her a little more normal, like the rest of us. Many people believe that celebrities don’t suffer from the same anxieties that we do, but they are human just like the rest of us.

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