15 Times Mariah Carey Was Crazy AF

Whether she’s expressing her diva attitude with a high note or lounging around her mansion in lingerie and stilettos for a scene in her E! reality series Mariah’s World, songstress Mariah Carey never disappoints when it comes to entertaining us with epic moments. She has proven time and time again that she is completely okay with her divalicious behavior being a topic of conversation, and she could be justified with that mindset. After all, she has 18 songs that have hit number one during her nearly 30 year career. Let’s just say that’s enough for her to make an entire album called Number Ones that included nostalgic hits like "Hero," "Fantasy," "Honey," and "Emotions."

So who cares what people think? And now that we get to see her regularly on her reality series, it’s almost unanimous that Mariah Carey is an even bigger diva than we thought. In fact, it’s probably okay to assume that she’ll go down as one of the most known divas in history. It’s pretty difficult to find a singer that is as particular as the one and only Mariah. So of course we had to take a look at the moments that made Mariah, well… Mariah.

From the throwback highlights to her epic actions that date as close as the clock striking 12 in 2017, we didn’t quite realize just how many bizarre moments Mariah has had. What’s even funnier is that she seems to be proud of them. Take a look at some of the top crazy moments that have put her on top.


15 Bringing In The New Year With MC Was Super Interesting

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We couldn’t help but start the list with one of Carey’s most recent moments, because quite frankly it’s something we can’t forget. Millions tuned in as she rocked the stage for New Year’s Eve Rockin' with Ryan Seacrest. But we were all in shock from the minute things started to take a left turn when she belted out a few interesting words. It wasn’t an introduction to a song but rather instructions for her dancers. “Just walk me down,” she said as they seemed to try to figure out if they should pick up the singer. It just went downhill from there as she said she didn’t have a soundcheck before she lip-synched to "Emotions."  It didn’t take long for her to respond on Instagram. There is also speculation that she believed the production company set her up to fail.

14 Excuse Me While I Get This Angle Right

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Mariah Carey’s list of crazy moments wouldn’t be complete if we didn’t consider the time she put all of her American Idol co-judges on hold so she could find the right angle. Nicki Minaj, Randy Jackson, and Carey along with host Ryan Seacrest were doing an interview for the new season, but Carey stole the show when she kept shifting while she held on to Jackson’s shoulder, clearly trying to settle into her good side. She was just fine when it came to speaking on the competitors being inspired by all of the judges’ artistry. Still, she went right back into her diva mode a few moments later. What’s even funnier is that Jackson didn’t acknowledge it at all. Maybe he’s used to Carey’s crazy moments.

13 When She Secretly Married Nick Cannon

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She surprised us all when she and Nick Cannon secretly tied the knot. Besides not having a lavish ceremony, fans were shocked by the fact that she married Cannon of all people. Cannon revealed the news in a photo that also showed off Carey’s name in a tattoo on his back. And while they’re not together anymore, they are definitely amicable in their split and were going strong long enough to bring two adorable twins, Moroccan and Monroe, into the world. Cannon is actually Carey’s biggest defender and often has no problem speaking up for her when Internet trolls are having way too much fun with her mishaps. This might not be one of Carey’s most diva-like moments, but it’s surely one of her craziest.

12 She Literally Strolls Around A Hotel Lobby

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Carey reminded us just how big of a diva she was when she refused to walk through a Las Vegas hotel lobby. Thankfully it was all caught on camera. In the footage, Carey sat in a chair as one of her assistants rolled her through a lobby. Her makeup team was right by her side ready to add some highlight and contour as needed. You could hear how excited fans were about seeing the star so up close and personal. If her ego needed any more of a boost, one onlooker helped her out and yelled, “You’re so hot Mariah!” As for Carey, she stayed completely silent the whole time. It might be safe to say this is a part of her regular routine when getting ready for a show.

11 When She Let Fans Know She’s Still Got It

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Carey's fans, or as she calls them “Dahlins” and “Lambs,” can’t help but admit that she hasn’t been very strong vocally when it comes to live performances the last couple of years. But she tried to prove she still had the gift when she posted an awkward video on Instagram amid a series of video clips that didn’t necessarily show off her best vocals. In the video she shared back in late 2015, she claimed she was simply doing voice exercises while she cleaned her home. In true Carey form, she sported a robe and a pair of sunglasses. All you can hear is a high pitched squeal as Carey walks around carrying some sort of blue object. Interestingly enough, it didn’t look like Carey was cleaning at all.

10 She Proves She’s The Real Diva

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Carey wouldn’t be a diva if she didn’t feud with other ladies, like Jennifer Lopez, Demi Lovato, and even one who was said to be her protégé, Ariana Grande. Fans might not know but Carey’s feud with Lopez kicked off back in the early 2000s during an interview. Carey was asked about Beyonce who she called “nice” and a “good writer.” But when it came to Lopez, Carey said, “I don’t know her.” It appears the two have been going back and forth ever since. As for Lovato, she got into the mix when she dissed Carey to defend Grande after a fan compared the two women. Carey was clearly unbothered and revived her epic line. She told Andy Cohen on Watch What Happens Live “I don’t know her either…” She shared similar thoughts about Grande.

9 She Showed Us Her Home Like Only Mariah Can

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Carey’s crazy moments date all the way back to the days when Cribs was a hit on MTV. The episode when Carey showed off her home was one of the most iconic in the show’s history. From her good friend Da Brat refusing to go into one of Carey’s fancy rooms, to Carey revealing that she actually had Marilyn Monroe’s piano in her home, there wasn’t a dull moment in the clip. There was also that time when Jermaine Dupri said she paid $600,000 for the piano. Interestingly enough, both Dupri and Da Brat thought it was hilarious when Carey hinted that she did laundry. But what she did do is put her dog in the dryer for whatever reason. Gotta love it.


8 No One Was Good Enough To Sing At Her Wedding

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If the everyday version of Carey is known to be a little crazy, it can only be assumed that she would take it up a notch as a bride. She gave us all a little taste when she confirmed that no one was good enough to be the wedding singer at her ceremony to billionaire James Packer.

When Carey was asked who would be the entertainment for her big day, she made it clear, “Nobody! Bye!” She also set the record straight that she wouldn’t be taking the mic herself either. While she and Packer have since called it quits, in case you were wondering, Carey isn’t cheap if you want her to sing for your own wedding. She and Elton John made $4.2 million when they sang at the wedding of a billionaire’s daughter recently.

7 She Was Two Hours Late For A Concert & You Won’t Believe Why

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Carey’s reality special, Mariah’s World, really gives fans an inside look at Carey’s life, including her crazy moments. In a recent episode, she showed up two hours late for a show overseas. But if you ask her, it wasn’t her fault at all. Apparently she and her tour entourage mixed up the time zone they had switched to and thought they were right on time. When they found out they weren’t, it was too late. In Carey’s defense, when she did arrive she greeted the unruly, annoyed crowd from backstage and told them she would return after she changed into something more amazing. She ended up coming out and giving them a show to remember, but the fact that it happened is what put that moment on the list of her most bizarre actions.

6 Even Andy Cohen Can’t Escape Her Crazy Moments

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Andy Cohen might be an executive for the hugely successful Bravo network, but even he can’t hold a candle to Carey. She made an appearance on Bravo’s Watch What Happens Live recently and the two were getting ready to countdown some of her shadiest moments. Interestingly enough, she had one while sitting across from Cohen. She made him sit in the guest chair while she sat in his host seat and pointed out that side reflected a better angle for her. Cohen obliged but Carey didn’t help matters when she explained her reason why. Apparently a record label executive told her to never let anyone photograph her bad side when she was 19. Cohen understood but made it clear he wasn’t here for a mean executive switching up his seating arrangement. Oh, Mariah.

5 Let’s Not Forget Her “Evil” Alter Ego, Bianca

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Carey isn’t the only one who has a few crazy moments in her life. Her alter ego Bianca has had her own for the books. We first met Bianca in the video for Carey’s 1999 hit "Heartbreaker" featuring Jay Z. It came out that Bianca, which is Carey in a long black wig, was the one Carey’s man was creeping with. And just when we thought she had disappeared for good, Bianca returned on Mariah’s World. It will be interesting to see her cameos and what Carey cooks up for her in front of the cameras. And while Carey is already outspoken, we might see Bianca, who Carey has dubbed her “evil” twin, say a few things that Carey never would. This could be fun.

4 She Brings Her Own Lighting

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If trying to get her bad side out of the picture wasn’t enough, remember when Carey brought her own lighting to a radio interview? Angela Yee, Charlemagne, and DJ Envy, the co-hosts of Power 105.1’s The Breakfast Club, were in for a surprise when her lighting crew was in tow as she stopped by the studio to speak about her new project. Even though it was on the radio, it looks like Carey wanted to guarantee that she wouldn’t have any bad moments for the interview that would also be posted on the Internet. She went on instruct the Power 105.1 crew to cut the lights that actually belong in the studio, even if that meant no one could see the co-hosts

3 We’re Still Talking About Her Home Shopping Network Disaster

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When making a list of Carey’s craziest times, we would be remiss not to mention her Home Shopping Network disaster. As stated above, Carey doesn’t play around when it comes to how she appears on television. Still, her outburst for the lifestyle channel did come as a bit of a surprise. She was there to promote her jewelry and perfume, but viewers ended up leaving with a very different type of takeaway. From yelling at the camera crew to complaining about her pregnancy, Carey definitely gave fans something to talk about during her 70 minute appearance. At one point, she refused to have the camera on her but continued to direct the models from the stage. She pointed out, “There’s always drama. It’s following me.” At least she’s not in denial

2 Mariah Carey vs. Nicki Minaj

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Carey’s feud with Nicki Minaj needed a bullet point of its own. It kicked off when the women were caught on an American Idol camera yelling at one another. Their alleged issues ended up seeping their way into the show as they went back and forth after contestants’ live performances. And of course they threw a bit of shade at one another in interviews. While it definitely made headlines, as people loved seeing the two divas at each other’s throats, Carey later claimed that it was all fake thanks to the show’s producers. Apparently they pinned the women against one another for better ratings. It’s not clear if it worked. But even if the feud wasn’t real, Carey said being a part of the show was “the worst experience” of her life.

1 Only Mariah Has A Sling For Every Occasion

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Mariah Carey wouldn’t be a diva if she let a broken arm stop her from being fabulous. Fans might remember when she got pretty hurt on the set of the video for the "#Beautiful" remix, but she kept the diva meter in full swing. Rhinestones, fur, and plenty of blingage are what made Carey’s slings unforgettable. This might have been the highlight of Carey’s healing process considering she also injured her ribs and even suffered nerve damage. Still, she had a sling for every outfit, whether it was black, white, or even leather. But let’s be honest here: would we expect anything less from Mariah Carey? We can’t even picture her wearing a regular sling. Still, we can only imagine what she said or did to make this happen.



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