15 Times Mandy Moore Was Too Much To Handle

Very few young performers are able to truly see the opportunities that they are given in the entertainment industry, and the ones that do are able to catapult themselves to success. When you reach lofty heights at a young age, maintaining a successful career that spans multiple decades can be a daunting task, and most people aren't cut out for that type of lifestyle. Mandy Moore was only 15 years old when her debut single, “Candy,” was released, effectively kicking off what has since become a very successful career in the business. Though her contemporaries like Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera handily outsold her, Mandy Moore was able to keep her career going, thanks in large part to her acting abilities. Seemingly wholesome in nature, Mandy Moore has been the ideal role model for young women to look up to for years, choosing to live a modest life away from the party scene unlike most of her contemporaries. Whether you have appreciated her since her debut in 1999 or have become a recent fan, there is no denying that Mandy Moore is one of the most beautiful and most talented women working in Hollywood.

Having spent the last 18 years of her life in the spotlight, Mandy Moore has given the media plenty of memorable moments and pictures to sink their teeth into. We went ahead and compiled 15 of these photos for your viewing pleasure. Whether it's a picture showing off her natural beauty, a childhood photo, or even a social media post, the photos that we have today are sure to please Mandy Moore fans everywhere.

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15 Sweet As Candy

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Since we all know that you're interested in seeing red-hot photos of Mandy Moore, we decided to kick off our list by showing you one of the most beautiful snapshots that has ever been taken of the star. Mandy Moore has never been a performer that is known for being overly provocative or wearing outfits that are too revealing, and fans everywhere simply couldn't get enough when this photo first debuted. Mandy Moore has mixed up her hairstyles and hair color over the years, each one giving her a distinct and unique look at the time. Although we feel she looks great as a blonde, there is no denying that she is still just as gorgeous with brunette hair.

If you think that this picture of Mandy Moore is already so hot, just wait until you see what we have in store for you. Sure, we made sure to include a variety of different types of pictures on our list, but the photos we have showing off Mandy Moore's beauty are guaranteed to keep you sticking around.

14 The Hazards Of Home

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Normally seeing a woman sporting a black eye that requires stitches is an immediate red flag, but Mandy Moore took to social media to poke a little fun at herself and bring some light to the situation. Moore would require several stitches from a plastic surgeon after running into a shower door handle, giving fans a scare and a laugh in the process. Unlike most accidents that seem to take place on the sets of action films, this beat down the door handle received by Mandy Moore happened at her home. Her co-stars would also take the social media posting pictures of themselves sporting black eyes with a message of solidarity. Moore truly appreciated the gesture, and it just goes to show you how tight-knit the crew on This Is Us has become since the show became a huge success.

This photo of Mandy Moore sporting a black eye was an easy choice for this list. While seeing a professional fighter sporting a black eye is nothing new, seeing a popular actress with one raises quite a number of concerns, but the truth of what happened makes the story hilarious.

13 Bombshell Of A Blonde

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Let's go ahead and leave behind the photos of Mandy Moore with the black eye to bring you one of our personal favorite pictures of her. As we stated earlier, we really love the way that Mandy looks with blond hair, so it was only fair to include a picture with her sporting the look. Her hair was a bit lighter in the photo from the premiere of the film Saved!, but this hairstyle right here is not only shoulder length, but is also blond and looks incredible on her. Because Mandy Moore has spent so much time in the spotlight, there are plenty of professional photoshoots from magazines that Moore has taken part in, and whittling the list of photos down to just a few for our list was a difficult task. Nevertheless, we persevered, and this was one of the few photos that made the cut.

While she is wearing plenty of clothing in the picture, Mandy Moore shows off just enough to get your imagination running wild. Pair that with the seductive look that she is flashing in this photo, and you have yourself one of the hottest photos of Mandy Moore that you will ever see.

12 Once Upon A Time

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Talk about a blast from the past. While Mandy Moore was just a young teenager who transferred from her public school in order to record her album when she first rose to prominence, nearly a decade earlier, she was just a little kid running around her hometown and taking adorable snapshots of her and her cat. For us, average-looking people, seeing old childhood photos are a quick reminder of the awkward times we had while growing up, and they usually serve as a form of embarrassment from our parents who love showing them off to our new partners. It just so happens that Mandy Moore was cute as a button when she was a kid, and we cannot imagine her ever being embarrassed at this photo. But don't worry, there will be plenty of awkward photos on this list.

Who would have thought that this little kid would go on to become one of the most successful performers in Hollywood?

11 Meeting Princess Ariel

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Because Mandy Moore was born in 1984, she got to spend a good chunk of her childhood swept up in the hype that was the Disney Renaissance. The company had gone through a rough go of things before finally righting the ship with the release of the film of The Little Mermaid. This helped catapult Disney back to the top of the entertainment industry, and they would release a string of films that would help redefine animated pictures. Even though Mandy Moore would end up becoming a Disney princess herself later on in life, she couldn't contain herself when she had the opportunity to snap a picture with Jodi Benson.

Jodi Benson was the actress responsible for lending her voice to the character Ariel in The Little Mermaid, and her work on that legendary picture is still beloved by fans several decades after its release. It's not every day that a person gets a chance to meet a Disney princess, so we fully understand why Mandy Moore seized this golden opportunity.

10 Stunning At A Premiere

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We have been having some fun showing off some candid snapshots of Mandy Moore growing up and one with one of her idols. Now, we're going to go ahead and crank up the heat once again and show you all a picture of Mandy Moore looking insanely gorgeous while attending the premiere. Back in 2004, Mandy Moore starred in a movie called Saved! which was released in May of that year. Moore was still a popular singer who was looking to establish a name for herself in the movie business. Upon its release, the film received some positive reviews from film critics, and it was a minor success at the box office.

Judging by the outfit that she was wearing at the film's premiere, Mandy Moore had to been feeling pretty good about herself that day because she looked amazing. Then again, when doesn't she look like a jaw-dropping beauty? The film may not have turned into a huge blockbuster hit, but Mandy Moore turned heads with her performance in the film and with her appearance on the red carpet.

9 Plaster Caster

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We as fans are spoiled with the final product of months and sometimes, years worth of grueling labor. Movies and television shows require an incredible amount of behind-the-scenes work, and we are grateful that we don't ever have to get our hands dirty and can simply enjoy a film from the comforts of our living room. Thanks to stars taking to social media to post behind-the-scenes pictures, fans are slowly getting a better appreciation for what it takes to produce a high-quality film or television show. Even though you can't see Mandy Moore's face in this photo, we decided to include this picture on our list because of how hilarious and eye-opening it is.

It's not always easy being an actor, and the sacrifices that these people have to make often go unnoticed. Fortunately, should you make a name for yourself, the juice is fully worth the squeeze. Mandy Moore may have spent 30 minutes with all that plaster on her face, but we are sure that it was totally worth it.

8 Meeting Rapunzel

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It's one thing to meet a Disney princess and have your picture taken with them, but the opportunity to meet the Disney princess that you provided the voice for is something entirely different. Mandy Moore lent her voice to the character Rapunzel in the Disney film Tangled, and the movie would go on to be a massive success at the box office, quickly becoming a fan favorite. Released in 2010, Tangled would go on to generate $591 million at the box office, and it is a huge reason why Disney has seen a massive resurgence in their animated films. Unlike the Disney Renaissance of the early 1990's, Disney was in a bit of a slump before their recent box office domination.

Could you imagine having been this young girl playing Rapunzel and meeting Mandy Moore? Sure, you get to portray the character in a Disney park, but you're legitimately meeting the voice behind the character that you get to play. From the looks of this picture, it would appear that both women were excited to meet each other.

7 Getting Into Character, Part One

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Even though Mandy Moore's face isn't covered in a ridiculous amount of plaster in this photo, we had to include it on her list because of the amazing job that she has been doing on the series This Is Us. The process of getting this type of makeup put on must be a lot better than dealing with 30 minutes of plaster on your face, and she seems much happier to be in the dressing room here than she was in the last photo. For those of you who haven't seen the show, Mandy Moore's character is shown as a young woman and as a much older woman, requiring her drastic change in appearance. The show quickly caught on with fans, and it was renewed for two additional seasons after the massive success of the first season.

Of course, we couldn't just show you a behind-the-scenes photo without giving you a glimpse at the fruits of her labor. You better get ready because the next photo on this list is going to show you just what Mandy Moore looks like as a much older woman. Spoiler alert: she's still good-looking.

6 Getting Into Character, Part Two

via celebuzz.com

Plenty of scenes are shown of Mandy Moore looking as she does today, but the series This Is Us also spends a great deal of time showing what Mandy Moore is going to look like a few decades down the line. Her soon-to-be husband should consider himself a very lucky man because despite the fact that she is several decades older, she still looks great. Given that Mandy Moore is one of the most beautiful women in Hollywood, it should come as no surprise that she will end up aging as gracefully as any woman who has made a name for herself in the industry.

If you haven't begun watching This Is Us already, we highly recommend that you get caught up on the show. It has been a refreshing addition to other hit shows on television, and it has helped make Mandy Moore as popular as she has ever been. After all, who couldn't use a little more Mandy Moore in their lives? Outside of the series This Is Us, Mandy Moore is also reprising her role as Rapunzel on the animated series Tangled: The Series.

5 Getting Personal On Twitter

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If you ever feel like watching an incredibly depressing movie that is sure to put a damper on your day, go ahead and spend your afternoon watching a film called A Walk to Remember. Released in 2002, A Walk to Remember helped put people on notice that Mandy Moore was just as talented acting as she was singing, and her performance in the film is incredible. She and her onscreen love interest played by Shane West were dynamite together. A Walk to Remember would go on to generate $60 million at the box office, although the film received some pretty harsh reviews from critics.

After a fan had asked a question about Moore's former co-star on Twitter, the star gave a pretty candid response. Shane West is a really good-looking dude, so it makes sense that there was a level of attractiveness between the two of them, and they appear to still be friends 15 years after the release of their film.

4 Pint-Sized Mandy

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As we mentioned earlier, we were going to show you a couple more pictures of Mandy Moore growing up, and while this one isn't as awkward as the last one that we will show you on our list, we decided to include it because it's too adorable to ignore. How many times did you have to take silly pictures at the mall or at a studio growing up? Those experiences caused us all a great deal of grief, and if there wasn’t ice cream waiting for us at the end, our day was pretty much ruined. We can almost guarantee that each and every one of us has been subjected to being humiliated for our mother's enjoyment, and little Mandy Moore in this picture seems to be doing her best to put on a smiling face.

She was a cute kid who was a good sport about taking ridiculous pictures for her parents. As she got older, Moore became a breakout star, spending a lifetime in front of the camera.

3 Beautiful Inside And Out

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Not only is Mandy Moore one of the most beautiful and most talented women walking the planet at the moment, but she also happens to be someone who is highly involved in philanthropic endeavors, and she has worked diligently over the years to help make this world a better place. Some of her best-known charitable work has been with the organization Population's Services International and has worked with other foundations as well. She has served as the honorary chairperson of the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, and learning that Mandy Moore is a genuinely great person makes her all the more attractive.

Unlike most celebrities, he seemed to take part in charity to help bolster their name in the public eye. Mandy Moore genuinely seems to be a person who wants to make an impact in our world. As if Mandy Moore wasn’t amazing enough, learning about her beliefs and philanthropy further adds to the fact that she is a role model that people should look up to.

2 Brace Face

via yahoo.com

You knew it was coming. There was no possible way that we could only include adorable pictures of a young Mandy Moore, so we made sure to find one that was guaranteed to show you that while they were growing up. After all, celebrities were just kids with high hopes. Mandy Moore may have been an absolutely adorable kid, but even she isn't immune to taking hilariously awkward photos. And when we found this photo of a brace-faced Mandy Moore, we had no choice but to include it on our list for you. Not only is Moore sporting braces in this photo, but her hairstyle is something that we do not envy. Then again, I had to sport flat top and a rat tail while growing up which did mean no favors in school.

Even with the braces and the hilarious retro hairstyle in the photo, Mandy Moore is still a cute kid. I, on the other hand, was a goofy-looking kid with a horrible hairstyle that was paired with a ridiculous fashion trend. Instead of looking like one of the guys from New Kids on the Block, I just looked like a total jerk.

1 Red-Hot Mandy

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Since we went ahead and poked some fun at Mandy Moore's braces and hairstyle, we figured we would end this list with quite possibly the hottest photo that Mandy Moore has ever taken. The other hot photos on this list that preceded this one are incredible in their own right, but this picture just might take the cake. Since it is virtually impossible to find a picture where Mandy Moore doesn't look amazing, save for her awkward childhood photo, judging her pictures based on style and preference is really up to each person. But, because we are the ones responsible for producing this list, we went ahead and selected the picture that we felt was the hottest of the bunch.

Regardless of which picture you think should be at the top of this list, there is no denying that Mandy Moore is gorgeous, talented, and is someone to admire. With the success of This Is Us and Tangled: The Series, you better believe that Mandy Moore will be in the public spotlight for years to come.

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