15 Times Major Celebrities Were Racist AF

Unfortunately, in this sometimes sick and sad little world, racism is still extremely rife. Yep, from the far corners of the globe, to right in the middle of your home town, you'll find it, seeping through the cracks. Lingering like a bad smell that just won't go away, racism can become even worse when our supposed 'role models' also get in on the act. There to inspire rather than deject, celebrities are often scrutinized over their every move, from what they wear in the morning, to what comes out of their mouths.

That's right, celebrities can just about say anything to their beloved fans, with each superstar having such a large platform to speak from. Able to influence by only a few choice words, it can be disheartening to hear your idol making comments that you don't necessarily agree with. From subtle remarks, to outright disgusting rants, it is also quite common to hear celebrities 'accidentally' offending certain communities.

Whatever the case, racism should have no place in show businesses, especially with so many fans hanging on the every move of their favorite star. Plus, in some cases the celebrity is so powerful that they are able to just say what they want, applauded for their behavior rather than called out for being wrong.

So, to shame those who have done wrong, here are 15 times major celebrities were extremely racist.

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15 Giuliana Rancic - Zendaya Probably Smells Like Pot

The one-time face of the popular celebrity E! network, Giuliana Rancic, was at one point one of the most famous anchors on television. Up there with good old Ryan Seacrest, Rancic was often seen hosting a number of red carpet events, as well as co-hosting the brutal but hilarious, Fashion Police.

In fact, Rancic became so popular that in 2014, she wont the Daytime Emmy Award for Fan Favorite. However, things went downhill for the one-time queen of the television airwaves, when she was seen making controversial remarks with regards to the hair of actress Zendaya Coleman. That's right, coming under fire for her comments on the star's dreadlocks, Rancic said, "I feel like she smells like patchouli oil… or maybe weed." Immediately regretting her choice of words, Rancic swiftly apologized. Not taking her comments lightly, co-host and close pal Kelly Osbourne was also shocked, calling her out for her actions via a series of tweets. However, clearly cut from the same cloth, Osbourne made her own racist gaff with regards to the Latino community only months later...

14 Kelly Osbourne - The Latin Community Is Meant For Cleaning Toilets

After criticizing co-host Giuliana Rancic over her racist remarks to pal and actress Zendaya Coleman, Kelly Osbourne somehow managed to make the same mistake. That's right, putting her foot right in it, Osbourne was seen making racist comments towards the Latino community on popular TV show, The View. Embroiled in a heated discussion with regards to then Presidential candidate Donald Trump and his treatment towards Mexicans, Osbourne then spluttered out, "if you kick every Latino out of this country, then who is going to be cleaning your toilet, Donald Trump?" Realizing what she had said, Osbourne massively tried to backtrack, but instead looked like every other idiot on television who commonly makes such remarks over and over again, while calling out others who do the same.

13 Paula Deen - Wants To "Dress Black Waiters As Slaves"

Never far from controversy, Paula Deen took things that much further when she was caught on camera using a number of racial slurs. The video, which was acquired by the National Enquirer, shows Deen openly admitting to using the N-word, as well as making several anti-Semitic jokes. And, if that wasn't enough, Deen was then quoted as saying how she prefers to hire black waiters at weddings so she can dress them as "slaves". Yep, apparently getting the idea from a restaurant she had visited, Deen sickeningly stated, "the whole entire waiter staff was middle-aged black men, and they had on beautiful white jackets with a black bow tie. I mean, it was really impressive. That restaurant represented a certain era in America…after the Civil War, during the Civil War, before the Civil War…It was not only black men, it was black women…I would say they were slaves." Seriously.

12 Charlie Sheen - Twitter Slur Towards Obama

Well of course this guy was gonna show up at one point or another. Known for his controversial comments and unique outlook on life, Charlie Sheen notched it up a little when discussing then President Barack Obama's birth country. Using Twitter as his own personal weapon, Sheen referred to Obama as "Barry Satera Kenya", writing "Barry Satera Kenya u won’t attend a soldier’s funeral uhkros da street that u kild yet u hav time 4 brackets? s a d". Often openly venting his erratic thoughts, Sheen is also a known drug user, having once suffered a stroke due to overdosing on cocaine. And, if that wasn't enough, in 2010, Sheen was removed from his suite at the Plaza Hotel for causing nearly $7,000 in damage. But, that's not all, only last year Sheen was investigated by the LAPD for threatening to kill his former fiancée, as well as refusing to pay the correct child support for his children.

11 Shaquille O’ Neal - "Ching Chong, Yang..."

In 2002, NBA superstar Shaquille O'Neal caused an uproar when referring to another NBA player using racial slurs. Seen saying "Ching chong yang, wah, ah soh" during an interview on Fox Sports, O'Neal was immediately called out. Claiming that he was only using "locker-room" humor, whatever that is, and that the player in question wouldn't take offense, O'Neal seemed shocked at the commotion. However, after pressure from the public, O'Neal finally issued what looked to be an apology, stating, "I mean, if I was the first one to do it, and the only one to do it, I could see what they're talking about. But If I offended anybody I apologize." With his apology still not deemed good enough, O'Neal only made it worse, arguing, "to say I'm a racist against Asians is crazy, I'm an idiot prankster. I said a joke. It was a 70-30 joke. Seventy percent of the people thought it was funny. Thirty didn't." Yeah, hilarious...

10 Justin Bieber - His "Chainsaw" Joke

Probably taking the prize for number one douchebag of all time, Justin Bieber has proved to be worthy of such a title on a number of occasions. Filmed making a racist joke when he was just seventeen years old, Bieber can be seen repeatedly using the N-word. Sat among a group of people, Bieber asked, "why are black people afraid of chainsaws?" Waiting for a response, Bieber than finishes by saying, "run n––, n––, n––, n––, n––" to several laughs. Somehow managing to get away with it, a habit of his, Bieber attempted to make an apology, stating, "thanks to friends and family I learned from my mistakes and grew up and apologized for those wrongs. Now that these mistakes from the past have become public I need to apologize again to all those I have offended. I’m very sorry. I take my friendships with people of all cultures very seriously and I apologize for offending or hurting anyone with my childish and inexcusable mistake." Until next time.

9 Gigi Hadid - The Squinty Eyed Cookie

Not the smartest tool in the tool box, supermodel Gigi Hadid has proven herself a bit of an idiot over the last couple of years. Famed for being part of Taylor Swift's "girl squad," as well as having a reality TV star as a mother, Hadid is also dating ex One Direction and pro brooder, Zayn Malik. Showing just how dumb she really is, Hadid was seen squinting her eyes and mimicking the face of a Buddha on a video uploaded by her sister. Posing with the Buddha shaped cookie, the model then proceeded to act out the facial features while laughing at her own ridiculous joke. Called out for her actions, the video was immediately taken down, with twitter followers all over the world asking if she had fully understood her own actions. Curious to what boyfriend Zayn Malik would think, who is of Pakistani descent, the pop star candidly responded, "trust me.. she likes Asians ;)"

8 Azealia Banks - Her Racial Twitter Attack On Zayn

Gosh where do we start. Known more for her hateful and controversial comments rather than her music, Azealia Banks usually prefers the route of homophobia, often using homophobic slurs towards a number of people on social media. However, in 2016 Banks launched a disgusting attack on former boy band member Zayn Malik, referring to him as a "sand N****." Accusing him of stealing her ideas, Banks tweeted a number of insults towards the ex One Directioner, branding him a, "curry scented b***h" as well as writing, "Imma start calling you punjab you dirty b**h". Finishing the long list of abuse with a homophobic slur, Banks then included a picture of Malik and herself, captioning, "this is the face he made when capital fm held auditions at the refugee camp for refugees best talent!" Charming lady.

7 Hulk Hogan - No Ordinary N***** For His Daughter

Known for his controversial statements, world famous wrestler Hulk Hogan was heard making a number of racist slurs towards his daughter's African-American boyfriend. Captured during a phone call, Hogan was recorded as shouting, "I mean, I’d rather if she was going to f–k some n—-r, I’d rather have her marry an 8-foot-tall n—-r worth a hundred million dollars! Like a basketball player! I guess we’re all a little racist. F–king n—-r." A whopping three and half hours long, the tirade is pleated with hateful slurs, racial insults and homophobia, with Hogan seemingly unaware of his own actions. Referring to the tape some time after, Hogan attempted to apologize, claiming, "it's probably the stupidest thing I ever said, the people who know me know I’m not a racist." Hmmm.

6 Alec Baldwin - Racist Rant On Photographer

Yeah you might think he's a good guy, but deep down, Alec Baldwin is just as bad as the rest of them. That's right, famed for being the better looking, the most talented, and the best Baldwin brother, Alec is basically the best of a bad bunch. Known for his bigoted views and venomous tongue, Baldwin has attacked every one from the gay community to the deceased. Declaring himself to be a hardcore leftist, Baldwin hardly holds the qualities that you would expect in most liberals, often heard referring to homosexual men as "faggots". Yep, not the nicest guy in the world, Baldwin was also seen launching a racist rant towards a black photographer in New York City. Referring to the man as a "coon," a "crackhead," and a "drug dealer," Baldwin then turned to twitter to announce the same insults one more time. Classy guy.

5 Chevy Chase - Drama On Community

Known for being a bit of douche, comedian and world renowned actor Chevy Chase has landed himself in hot water on more than one occasion. Angry at the direction of the show, Chase had made it clear a number of times that he wanted to leave the successful and popular TV series, Community. Doing his best to piss everybody off, Chase began objecting to how his character was routinely portrayed as a racist. Proceeding to then ask if his character would use the N-word, the rant escalated, shocking all those who were on set at the time. Challenged with regards to his use of vocabulary, Chase was then alleged to have said, "Richard Pryor said it was OK that I called him that." Of course he did Chevy, of course he did.

4 Michael Richards - Racist Rant At Comedy Show

Star of Seinfeld and all 'round racist, Michael Richards was filmed unleashing a number of racist comments towards hecklers at one of his shows. Filmed shouting, "fifty years ago we'd have you upside down with a f--king fork up your ass," Richards can then be heard continuously shouting the N-word, as well pacing back and forth aggressively on the stage. Shocked, the audience quickly left, leaving Richards to deal with the consequences. Immediately going viral, the video was seen all over the world, with Richards' career most certainly finished. Issuing an apology three days later, Richards announced he was, "deeply, deeply sorry," and also claimed that he wasn't a racist at all, stating, "I'm not a racist, that's what so insane about this, and yet it's said, it comes through, it fires out of me and even now in the passion that's here as I confront myself." That's what they all say.

3 Mel Gibson - Director, Misogynist, Actor, Homophobe, Racist... 

No surprise here then? Massive misogynist, humongous homophobe, and extreme racist, Mel Gibson, has offended a number of people on more than one occasion. Preferring to pick on the Jewish community the most, Gibson has been recorded several times making a number of anti-Semitic remarks.

Pulled over for driving under the influence in 2006, Gibson first referred to the female police officer as "sugar t*ts". Blurting out a tirade of anti-Semitic slurs soon after, Gibson was heard shouting, "the Jews are responsible for all the wars in the world!"

With the Jewish community seemingly not enough, Gibson was then heard using the N- word during a recorded phone message to his ex-girlfriend. Heard shouting, "you look like a fucking pig in heat, and if you get raped by a pack of n*****s, it will be your fault." Managing to get away with it over and over again, Gibson is still celebrated throughout Hollywood.

2 Donald Sterling - Doesn't Want To Be Associated With "Black People"

Richer than rich American businessman Donald Sterling was also an established attorney. Dipping his toe into the wonderful world of basketball, Sterling owned the Los Angeles Clippers from 1981 to 2014. However, life turned sour for the wealthy tycoon when he was banned from the NBA for life and fined a whopping $2.5 million for making a number of racist comments. That's right, recorded speaking to his mistress Vanessa Perez with regards to a photo she had published on Instagram, Sterling was heard saying, "It bothers me a lot that you want to broadcast that you're associating with black people, and that you can sleep with black people. You can bring them in, you can do whatever you want, but the little I ask you is ... not to bring them to my games." Causing a gigantic uproar, Sterling was ousted, not before making a mint on the sale of the team though.

1 Donald Trump - So. Much. Racism.

Anyone who claims Donald Trump isn't racist is delusional. Whatever political direction you lean towards, whether it be right or left, there is still no denying that Trump is 100% racist. That's right, claiming to have "a great relationship with the blacks," (even that comment itself is racist) Trump has basically offended every monitory in the world. From hiring openly anti-Semitic racist Steve Bannon to choosing anti-Muslim Mike Flynn as his national security adviser, Trump not only spurts out hatred on a daily basis, but surrounds himself with a team who does the same. Yep, from calling all Mexicans rapists, to initiating a Muslim ban, Trump also refused to condemn the white supremacists who often advocated for him during the U.S. election in 2016. Here's to the next four years...

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