15 Times Lois Lane Was A Super B

Lois Lane is probably one of the most hated "love interests" out of all the superhero comics and movies. Why? Because she has a habit of acting

Lois Lane is probably one of the most hated "love interests" out of all the superhero comics and movies. Why? Because she has a habit of acting totally self-entitled and cold, especially to Clark Kent and Superman, who she's supposed to be in love with. This has led a lot of fans of the Superman comics to view her with disdain. You can't blame them. Some of the moments in Superman and Lois Lane's relationship have been downright baffling. How could she be so mean? She's definitely not the kind of girl to act all nice and sensitive, that's for sure. She speaks her mind, and isn't afraid to do things that other people hate her for.

Maybe that's part of the appeal. After all, a "mean girl" can be pretty hot. There's something about a woman who treats everyone like garbage that is inexplicably sexy, and Lois Lane definitely fits that bill. You know what they say, opposites attract, and Clark Kent is pretty much a polar opposite of those mean, cold attributes that Lois Lane displays.

Maybe her mean side comes from the fact that she's a reporter. After all, reporters can't afford to have feelings, they need to get their story without letting their emotions get in the way. The snarky reporter type is a stereotype that Lois Lane fits perfectly sometimes. Still, it's a little strange how much of a meanie Lois Lane is, and sometimes she really crosses the line in this regard. Here are 15 moments when she was at her most cruel.

15 She Told Everyone Superman's True Identity


We all know that Superman relies heavily on his secret identity. His alter-ego as Clark Kent is the only thing that protects him against his enemies. In fact, it's probably more of a protection to him than his bullet-proof skin, his super strength, or his super speed. For someone to expose Clark Kent as Superman would be unthinkable - it would be like putting a giant bulls-eye on Clark Kent's forehead. And yet that's exactly what Lois Lane did.

During the "Truth" storyline arc in the comics, Lois Lane made the inexplicable decision to broadcast images of Clark Kent taking off his clothes, revealing the Superman outfit underneath. Sure, she did it to save the world, but even Superman told her that he probably could have saved the world himself without Lois Lane's help. Nice one, Lois... This was probably one the most insensitive, thoughtless, and cruel things Lois Lane could have done to Superman.

14 She Called Clark Kent A Coward


The so-called "Golden Age" of comics were a fine time for Superman. This was all the way back in the late 30s and early 40s, and Superman was taking the world by storm. DC's issues of Superman were selling like hotcakes, and someone else who was making their first appearance was Lois Lane. It was in these issues that we saw the real Lois Lane: a snarky, cruel, and downright mean lady who wanted nothing to do with Clark Kent. Clark Kent was the ultimate nice guy back in these issues, much like he is today. But Lois Lane was even meaner back then. She often took to calling Clark Kent many names, but the moment she called him a coward will go down as perhaps the most shocking and mean. Of course, she didn't know that he was actually Superman, but still... You don't go calling nice guys cowards for basically no reason...

13 She Went Back In Time And Abused Superman


Okay, so maybe this wasn't a moment when Lois Lane was being mean per se. But it was still pretty weird, and it really shows you how messed up this woman is. This was a little after we had first been introduced to Lois Lane, and by this time reader knew all too well how crazy this woman could be. Somehow, Lois Lane got her hands on a time machine. And you know what the first thing she did was? She went back in time with one mission: Find Superman as a child and sexually abuse him. And she did just that. Nothing could stop her as she pulled up to the house of young Superman, hopped out, and ran straight for him as he was playing in the yard. She grabbed him, and started making out with him. He was clearly not consenting, and he wanted to be put down. Can you imagine the trauma this must have caused Superman once he got older?

12 Brutally Rejecting Clark Kent


You have to feel sorry for Clark Kent. He's the ultimate nice guy, as previously mentioned, and he tries time and time again to get with Lois Lane. But Lois Lane has eyes for someone else: Superman. That doesn't demoralize good 'ol Clark Kent though, and he keeps trying to get a date with the woman he loves. But the way she rejects him is just brutal. She's almost taunting him in the way she plainly makes it obvious that she wouldn't want to be with him if he was the last man on Earth. She shoots him down quite routinely in the Golden Age of comics, but one moment really stands out. Clark Kent, bless his soul, says, "How about having lunch today with me, Lois?" An innocent request, right? I mean it's just lunch for crying out loud. LUNCH. But Lois does not hold back and brutally rejects him. Her exact words are, "For once and all, will you please let it register in that thick dome of yours that I dislike you heartily! Understand?" Brutal.

11 Dating Clark Kent Out Of Pity, Not Love


There is actually one time that Clark Kent manages to get a date with Lois Lane. This is probably the high point of this guy's life, but she acts completely disinterested the whole time. She's obviously bored, and Clark is just not good enough for this stuck up wench. He makes a huge effort for her, buys her dinner, and takes her out dancing. But it soon becomes obvious that she's only dating him out of pity, not any kind of love or actual interest. Basically she's only going out with him because he's been asking non stop, and she kind of feels obliged to "give him a chance." Midway through the evening, Clark Kent tries to get Lois to open up to him, and she yet again brutally shoots him down. He asks, "Why is it that you always avoid me at the office?" To which she replies coldly, "Please Clark! I've been scribbling sob stories all day long. Don't ask me to dish out another." Now that's just cold.

10 The Time She Married Bruce Wayne 


Of all the things a girl can do to a guy who loves them, marrying their best friend has got to be pretty high up on the list of "meanest things a girl can do to a guy." There's just this boundary that should never be crossed when it comes to dating a guy's best friend. This is for many reasons, but most of all it means that the guy loses not only a friend, but also the girl of his dreams, and he ends up feeling totally betrayed and frustrated. Okay, so before I go any further, I'd like to point out that technically, Lois Lane never actually married Bruce Wayne. It was one of those comic books issues where "everything turned out to be a dream" or some nonsense. This actually happens quite a lot in the comic book universe, what with alternate universes popping up every five minutes. But in this issue, Superman has go and save the day again, leaving Lois Lane alone with Bruce Wayne. One thing leads to another, and Lois and Bruce end up tying the knot. Superman is totally frustrated, and throws a huge temper tantrum when he's alone. And to top it all off, Superman got roped into the humiliating task of being best man for their wedding. Ouch.

9 The Time She Got Clark Arrested


In 1948, a series of movies about Superman were made. These were quite a hit, and they featured mild-mannered Clark Kent secretly working for The Daily Planet alongside Lois Lane as a reporter, all the while secretly assuming the role of Superman and saving the world from certain peril at every opportunity. Lois Lane had already established her identity in the comic books prior to the creation of these movies, so the character of Lois Lane as a snarky, cunning, and deceiving young woman was already established. The character in these films was no different. A majority these of these movies was the competition and intense rivalry Lois Lane felt towards Clark Kent. She would go out of her way to sabotage his attempts to get work and assignments. The best example of this was the time when she got Clark Kent arrested. She called in her own car stolen, and then gave Clark Kent the keys while she ran off to steal his story. What a mean lady.

8 Her Running Affair With Jeb Friedman


Lois Lane is not known for her integrity. She's the kind of gal that will do anything to get a story. She has sometimes been known to lie and cheat in order to get what she wants. That's all well and good if she does it in her professional career, but what about when she does the same things in her love life? Let's start from the beginning. At one point in the so-called "Iron Age" of comics, Superman seemingly dies. Lois Lane is supposed to be in love with him, but it takes her only a couple of days to start dating some other random guy called Jeb Friedman! This gives the impression that she never even cared about Superman that much in the first place. Superman of course gets resurrected, and she immediately runs back to him, but here's the kicker: It was heavily implied in the comics that she continued to have an affair with Jeb Friedman even after she got back together with Superman. This rumor was all but confirmed by the lead artists and writers behind this comic book series.

7 When She Was Insanely Jealous Of Wonder Woman


A long-standing theme in the Superman comics is a strange pseudo-love triangle between Superman, Wonder Woman, and Lois Lane. But the crazy thing is, Wonder Woman and Superman never become intimate at all. They spend a lot of time together, as they often work in tandem to save the planet. Lois Lane hates this. She's extremely suspicious and jealous of Wonder Woman, and often goes into furious rages at the two super heroes, even though it's pretty obvious that nothing is going on. Her lack of trust and respect for Superman is a pretty unlikable trait, to be honest. Superman is one of the most honest, "by-the-book" superheroes out there, and she should know this. If she really knew Superman, she would know that he would never cheat on her. While it's true that Wonder Woman has hit on Superman in the past, he never once gave in. He was rewarded with fierce jealousy and screaming from his "lovely" wife Lois Lane.

6 Getting Mad At Superman For Not Saving Her Dad


It doesn't take much to make Louis Lane angry and emotional. But one thing that happened to her that understandably made her miserable was the death of her father. But instead of grieving like a normal person would, she looked for someone to be her scapegoat. And who was the lucky guy? You guessed it, she placed the blame for her father's death squarely on the rock-hard shoulders of the man of steel, Superman. She claimed that Superman could have saved her father, but chose not to. While this was partly true, there was a very good reason Superman didn't manage to save her dad. He was saving an entire world FULL of people. He clearly made the right choice by sacrificing one life to save thousands, even millions of people, but Lois Lane didn't see it this way, and she basically never forgave him. The reason she was so ticked off tied in with her aforementioned jealousy of Wonder Woman, because it was Wonder Woman's entire home world that Superman chose to save instead of the life of Lois Lane's father.

5 She Called Clark Kent A Wimp

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Lois Lane really has it in for Clark Kent. Many times, the more extreme and cold words she directs towards Clark Kent are reserved for the comic books, but they do manage to make their way onto the big screen. In Superman II, one of the main themes is Lois Lane's growing suspicion that Clark Kent is actually Superman. She devises many ways to test Clark Kent to see if he is the man of steel, including extremely drastic decisions like throwing herself out of a building in the hope that Clark Kent will rescue her. Kent, through sheer wit and determination, manages to make it through all of Lois Lane's "trials" without revealing that he in fact Superman. At the moment he convinces her that he's not actually Superman, Lois Lane drops one of the most humiliating and brutal insults of all time. She says, "I should have known a wimp like you could never be Superman." Once again, Clark Kent is utterly destroyed by the cold, heartless Lois Lane.

4 She Put Her (And Superman's) Son's Life In Danger 


As time went on, Lois Lane's meanness was toned down a little, especially with the release of the 2006 film Superman Returns. But there were still moments where her actions were completely thoughtless towards Superman, if not obviously mean and cold. First of all, one of the big developments in this film was that her son was actually Superman's. Superman had no idea about this, and Lois Lane made no effort to tell him. That in itself is an incredibly cruel thing to do, as Superman would no doubt be thrilled with the news that he had a son. But she takes things one step further when she willingly and carelessly risks the life of this boy in order to get more scoops on her precious story. The person she's investigating is the incredibly dangerous Lex Luthor, and she actually starts venturing around on his yacht looking for clues. I mean, she couldn't have dropped the kid off at daycare or something? Obviously, Lex Luthor captures her and takes her away, and Superman has to come to the rescue, yet again, all because of Lois Lane's stupidity and willingness to risk her own son's life (who was actually Superman's child).

3 She Humiliated Perry White


One of the things you're probably realizing by now is that Lois Lane will do anything for a story. She's already proven she's more than willing to put her own son's life in danger, sabotage Clark Kent, and even get poor Clark falsely arrested. But she went way too far when she exposed the Editor-In-Chief's son as a criminal. Yes, she wrote a story about her boss's son, saying he was a criminal. The Editor-In-Chief was of course Perry White, the person who had trusted Lois Lane and basically helped her get the career she was famous for. Many people approached Lois Lane, urging her not to do this, but she refused. She went ahead and printed the story, exposing Terry White's son, Jerry White, as having links with the known criminal group Intergang. As it turned out, Jerry White had no idea that he was running packages for Intergang, but that didn't matter. This publicly humiliated Terry White, and revealed just how cold and heartless she can be.

2 She Shot Clark Kent 


We've already talked about Superman II, and how the central theme of the movie was Lois Lane's growing suspicions that Clark Kent was actually Superman. As previously mentioned, she did everything she could to try to expose Clark. At one point, she even shoots him with a loaded revolver. Keep in mind, this is her husband and lover. And she shoots him square in the chest, just to see whether or not he's Superman. She had no way of knowing he would survive. She was prepared to just "take a chance" and hope he actually had bulletproof skin. Someone who loves a guy doesn't risk their life like that. Her curiosity obviously outweighed her feelings towards Clark Kent, and luckily for her, she was right and he was Superman. But it's almost as if she didn't care about Clark Kent, and if he died then it would be no big deal, as the only person she really cared about was Superman.

1 She Admits She's "Too Selfish" To Be With Superman

This one requires no interpretation, as it comes right out of the horse's mouth. In the final scene of Superman II, Clark Kent approaches Lois Lane, knowing that she now knows his secret. He obviously wants desperately to be with her, and he appears ready to spend the rest of his life with her. Lois has other ideas. She loudly complains that she was worrying about Superman, and she doesn't want to have a relationship where she's constantly fretting about her husband's safety. While this at first seems sweet, she's basically saying her own feelings are more important than Superman's, who desperately wants to be with her more than anything else in the world. She even says herself, "I guess I'm just too selfish." Yes Lois, that's exactly what you are. A selfish, mean, arrogant woman who doesn't care about anyone except for herself. You hit the nail on the head.


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15 Times Lois Lane Was A Super B