15 Times LeeAnna Vamp Was Hot AF Cosplaying As A Male Character

Like all female cosplayers, LeeAnna looks great whether she is cosplaying as a male or a female character.

When you combine the words costume and play, you get cosplay, which is the act of dressing up in a costume based on a character from a television show, movie, comic book, video game, or anime. Cosplay used to be considered as something that only nerds would do, but over the years, with the explosion of nerd culture and Cons, more and more people have gotten into cosplay either through actually dressing up or by supporting those who do. Some people are incredibly talented when it comes to creating cosplays; in fact, so talented that some actually make a living through it, thanks to fans who want autographed pictures and companies who hire cosplayers for marketing campaigns or as professional judges.

Many of the most successful cosplayers in the world are in fact women, and there are two main reasons for that—because they are all genuinely attractive individuals and because they generally produce incredibly well-crafted costumes. Those who know the cosplay community, know that Jessica Nigri and Yaya Han are probably the most popular female cosplayers in the world, who are known for making detailed costumes that accentuate their voluptuous figures. But there are other well-known female cosplayers besides them, such as LeeAnna Vamp. LeeAnna may not be as blessed in the chest as Nigri or Yaya, but she makes cosplays that accentuate her body as well. And like all female cosplayers, she looks great whether she is cosplaying as a male or a female character. Yes, female cosplayers cosplay as male characters from time to time, including LeeAnna. The purpose of this article is to show you 15 of her male-inspired cosplays which will leave you with your jaw on the floor.

15 Jason

The original Halloween, Psycho, and Texas Chainsaw Massacre may have started the slasher horror movie genre, but it was not until the 1980's when that genre really became popular. It was also during that time that some of the most iconic movie characters were created. The Friday the 13th series may have started without him, but Jason Voorhees is the star of the franchise, known for being an undead mass murderer who stalks his victims while wearing a hockey mask and carrying a large machete. For more than three decades, Jason has instilled fear in the hearts and minds of children who are somehow allowed to watch his movies. But although the character is meant to be scary, it is hard to be afraid of a character when he is cosplayed by someone like LeeAnna Vamp. With this cosplay, LeeAnna uses the iconic mask and machete, but she also manages to turn the lumbering and somewhat bulky killer into a character who you would not mind getting chased by while visiting Camp Crystal Lake.      

14 Mad Max

The Mad Max series revolves around a character named Max (made famous by Mel Gibson), who after losing his family, basically goes insane and tries to survive in a world coming off of a nuclear war where petroleum is in incredibly short supply and where dangerous gangs roam around with all sorts of different vehicles at their disposal. Max himself is considered to be a popular cult classic character, and when you combine that with the fact that his appearance changes in every movie, you can see why he is a popular cosplay choice at conventions. The most popular Mad Max cosplays focus on the character's appearance in The Road Warrior which is an outfit made entirely of tough leather with an armored plate attached to the right shoulder. That is the appearance that LeeAnna Vamp uses for her cosplay of the character and she looks great wearing it while holding Max's signature sawed-off shotgun.

13 Pee Wee Herman

Paul Reubens is an actor and comedian who has appeared in many movies and television shows since 1979. But despite all the different roles he has had, he will likely always be remembered for bringing the Pee-Wee Herman character to life. The actual character is known for being rather childlike and was originally developed for a stage act (an act which HBO apparently liked), which is why they gave him his own special which eventually led to TV movies and the Emmy award-winning Pee-Wee's Playhouse show on CBS. Pee-Wee is known for being an impatient fun-loving child who uses effeminate mannerisms and odd facial expressions and primarily wears the same outfit consisting of a grey coat and pants with a white shirt and red bow tie. Upon seeing Pee-Wee, the first thought in your head is not going to be that the character is an attractive individual, but LeeAnna changes that with her cosplay of the character, in which she swaps the grey pants for a nice skirt.

12 Ash Williams

The 1980's produced many cult classics, one of which being the horror film, The Evil Dead (1981), which spawned two sequels, both of which are also cult classics—a 2013 reboot and the Ash VS Evil Dead TV show currently airing on Starz. Aside from the failed reboot, the series focuses on Ash Williams played by Bruce Campbell, who must battle demons who were brought into our world by reading passages from an evil book. In the movies, Ash is known for usually wearing a blue shirt and brown pants. And when he battles demons, he does so by traditionally using his trusty shotgun or chainsaw which he attaches to his right arm after being forced to cut off his own hand. Ash is actually a very beloved character and LeeAnna nails the character's look with her cosplay interpretation. In doing so, she proves that a woman can still look great even if she has a chainsaw for a hand.

11 Negan

The Walking Dead has managed to become an incredibly successful comic book and television series. And despite last season's ratings going down, season 7 made for good TV, primarily because of Negan. Now whether you love or hate the Negan character on the show, he is the exact same character from the comics, be it with a lot less swearing. Actor Jeffrey Dean Morgan has done a spectacular job in his portrayal of the character, a performance that has given some much needed new life to the show. Negan is known for being intimidating, for carrying out brutal punishments, and for having a twisted sense of humor. In terms of appearance, he almost always wears a leather jacket with a red scarf/ascot. In her Negan cosplay, LeeAnna Vamp portrays the comic book version of the character and no one can say that she does not look great while holding Lucille in her hand.

10 Mario

People have been playing video games for more than 40 years now. Whether you are a gamer who plays on console, PC, or both, everyone can agree that Nintendo has produced many of the greatest games in history, as well as some of the industry's most iconic characters. Nintendo's most popular character is without a doubt, Mario, the famous Italian plumber who first appeared in 1981's Donkey Kong and who now spends most of his days saving Princess Peach from the evil Bowzer. Even if you do not play video games, almost everyone knows who Mario is, as his simple yet iconic red and blue outfit is easily recognizable. It is because of how simple the outfit is that a lot of people chose to cosplay as him. When it comes to LeeAnna Vamp, her Mario cosplay is a bit different, as she wears a dress of the same design and color instead of the traditional red shirt and blue overalls But considering how good she looks, it is doubtful that anyone will criticize the changes she made.

9 Rick Grimes

A big reason behind the success of The Walking Dead is the fact that both the comics and the show focus on one core group of people who have to learn how to survive in a world filled with zombies and other rival groups. In both the comics and the show, our main group is led by Rick Grimes, the former deputy sheriff of a small town who comes out of a coma and sets out to find his wife and young son. Rick is considered to be an “every man” character who emphasizes on values and a moral code. Although he is now seen wearing clothing that an ordinary man would wear, he was originally known for wearing his deputy's outfit. While cosplaying as Rick, LeeAnna Vamp uses his original sheriff appearance, which she pulls off so well that you would not mind taking orders from her during the zombie apocalypse.

8 Freddy Kreuger

The Friday The 13th series may have given the world Jason Voorhees, but the 80's also saw the birth of another horror franchise with its own iconic killer. That series is known as A Nightmare on Elm Street. The killer in question is known as Freddy Kreuger, a man who was burned to death by a group of parents after he was accused of kidnapping and murdering several local kids. To get revenge against those parents, he returned as an evil spirit who would kill teenagers in their dreams. Now, Freddy is known for having an extremely disfigured face and for wearing a red-and-green striped sweater, a brown fedora, and his signature metal-clawed brown leather glove. Although Freddy gets cosplayed quite a bit, very few people are willing to actually go the full disfigured face route. LeeAnna does not do it either. And although her cosplay also does not include the traditional sweater, we can all agree that we would much rather dream of this version of Freddy.

7 Beetlejuice

In 1988, Warner Bros. released the comedy-fantasy film Beetlejuice, which followed a recently deceased couple who are trying to haunt a family out of their old home. After several failed attempts, they enlist the help of another spirit by the name of Beetlejuice. As a character, Beetlejuice is a vulgar and perverted individual who invades people's personal space, and either does disgusting things or performs rude gestures to people. Aside from the pale skin, white hair, and yellowish eyes and teeth, he is known for wearing a black-and-white striped coat and pants. With LeeAnna Vamp, her Beetlejuice cosplay is based more on the character's appearance in the animated TV series, which sees Beetlejuice add a fuchsia colored shirt to his ensemble. Although she chooses to not change her skin tone or hair color to better resemble the character, she still manages to become quite the ravishing ghost.

6 Daryl Dixon

With this entry, we will be visiting The Walking Dead universe for a third and final time because not only is the series very popular, but because it also happens to be one of LeeAnna's favorite shows. We have already seen LeeAnna cosplay as both Negan and Rick. But as popular as those characters may be, their popularity pales in comparison to that of Daryl Dixon, a character who does not even exist in the comics, and who was created specifically for the show. Daryl may not look like it at times, but he is a very sensitive individual with incredible survival instincts, and aside from looking rather dirty at times onscreen, he is known for wearing rather ordinary-looking clothing with a motorcycle vest. Wherever he goes, his trusted crossbow is never far behind. When LeeAnna cosplays as Daryl, she looks just like him, minus the shorter hair and facial hair. In fact, she looks so great that no one would mind running away from zombies while she is around.

5 Han Solo

Over the decades, Hollywood has given us many different film franchises from every kind of genre imaginable, but very few of those franchises have had the long-lasting popularity and impact that Star Wars has. The franchise started in 1977, and over the course of seven movies, the series has introduced several beloved and iconic characters, with the most beloved being Han Solo, who was brought to life by actor Harrison Ford. Han Solo is a smuggler who went on to become one of the most important heroes in the galaxy. Every Star Wars fan teared up a bit when they saw the character die in The Force Awakens. Han usually goes around wearing a white shirt and black vest with either brown or bluish pants. He always carries his trusty blaster, and seeing as LeeAnna Vamp is a big Star Wars fan, it makes sense that she would cosplay as Han. And her interpretation of the character is a real head-turner.

4 Puss In Boots

In 2001, DreamWorks released Shrek, a computer-animated fantasy-comedy film which focused on an ogre who goes on to become a hero in a kingdom filled entirely with characters from well-known fairy tales. The movie spawned several sequels and some spin-offs. In Shrek 2, the studio brought Puss in Boots, a lesser known fairytale character, to life. Puss turned out to be a very funny and charismatic talking cat. In the movies, Puss possesses bright orange fur, a pair of black boots, a black musketeer hat with a yellow feather in it, and also carries around a rapier as his weapon of choice. LeeAnna provides us with a literally jaw-dropping Puss in Boots cosplay, and whether or not you liked the Shrek movies, we can all agree that DreamWorks deserves a big thank you because if it weren't for them putting the character into their movies, we may have never gotten this gorgeous cosplay.

3  Green Lantern

As of right now, Hollywood is releasing at least three or four superhero movies a year, which is a smart business move because these types of movies generally make boat loads of money at the box office. All current superhero movies tell the story of comic book characters from either Marvel or DC. Although DC is still viewed as the inferior product, they have given the world some of the most powerful and memorable heroes in history. One of those characters is Green Lantern, who first appeared in 1940, and who uses a magic ring to defend the Earth by using his willpower to create beams and/or objects made out of energy. Like the name suggests, Green Lantern wears a suit that is nearly completely green in color, with some black portions as well. The character also wears a green mask to complete his look. LeeAnna has cosplayed as a Green Lantern, a cosplay that is stunning because of the fact that the costume is basically a green bikini with a mask, power ring, and a belt with the Green Lantern symbol.

2 Chewbacca

Han Solo may have not been the main character of the Star Wars franchise, but that did not stop fans from loving him. However, it is because of him that we were also introduced to other characters, such as his best friend, Chewbacca. Chewie is what's known as a Wookie, essentially an alien version of Sasquatch, except Wookies have a lot more fur and are smart enough to operate energy-based weapons and advanced vehicles and spaceships. Members of Chewie's race are literally covered from head to toe in long, soft fur, and in Chewie's case, his fur is nearly completely brown with some black patches. But unlike most Wookies, he walks around with a large belt that he wears from his left shoulder down to his right hip. LeeAnna is actually one of a few well-known cosplayers to actually cosplay as both Chewie and Han. And although Han is more popular, her Chewie cosplay is a lot more jaw-dropping for obvious reasons.

1 Boba Fett

As popular as the heroes in Star Wars are, the franchise has also produced a somewhat lengthy list of memorable villains, the most iconic of which is Darth Vader. But Boba Fett has a really special place in the hearts of fans as well. Boba Fett is a bounty hunter, who gets hired to hunt down Han and the rest of the movie's heroes, which he kind of succeeds at doing until they all escape, leading to him getting eaten by a carnivorous pit monster. Fans have always loved Boba mainly because of how cool he looks in his primarily green and silver battle armor. LeeAnna also liked the character enough to cosplay as him, and she did a superb job with the costume and its fabrication. The helmet is spot on, and although she changed the body armor to fit her figure better, the end result is a well-crafted cosplay that makes the infamous bounty hunter look like a knockout.

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15 Times LeeAnna Vamp Was Hot AF Cosplaying As A Male Character