15 Times Kylie Jenner Looked Older Than Kris

Kylie Kristen Jenner, youngest daughter of Kris and Caitlyn Jenner, and by default the youngest of the whole Kardashian Klan. Born in 1997, Kylie is a whopping 18 years younger than the eldest of the Calabasas crew, Kourtney Kardashian, making her the envy of all her age obsessed sisters. However, it seems she's really not, with Kendall Jenner, the first child of Kris and Caitlyn, way more popular. Now a star in her own right, Kendall Jenner is one of the world's most famous supermodels, hanging with the likes of Gigi Hadid, Taylor Swift, and Cara Delevingne on a regular basis. Leaving old Kylie in the lurch.

As the youngest of the bunch, Kylie seems to lead her own life, wisely removing herself from the craziness of her own family. However, succumbing to the world of plastic surgery, (I mean, what else are you going to do in Los Angeles?) Kylie is most definitely not the girl she used to be. Once thought of as the ugly duckling of the famed sisters, Kylie soon found that money can just about solve most things, going on an endless run of cosmetic surgery; though she continues to deny it. Looking at least double her age, Kylie can sometimes be mistaken for her sister's hot new step-mom, as well as often looking older than her own mother, Kris.

So, to celebrate the crazy decisions of the youth today, here are 15 times Kylie Jenner looked older than her mother.

15 When She Looked Like Her Mother's Best Friend

Pictured looking of similar age to that of her sixty-one-year-old mother, Kylie Jenner was born in 1997, with Kris brought into this world in 1955. Raised in and around the glorious wonder world of Tinseltown, California, Kylie is part of one of the biggest blended families in Hollywood, counting a whopping nine siblings, all older than her. Going to high school for a short amount of time, Kylie suddenly decided that homeschooling would be a much better fit, probably after realizing that she looked double the age of her fellow classmates. Graduating in 2015, Jenner is now a full time TV personality– whatever that is– being snapped in a variety of photographs with either her sister or her boyfriend, both of whom look half her age.

14 When She Looked Like She Was Babysitting 

Snapped looking as if she had kindly taken out a friend's daughter for the day, Kylie is known for her generosity. That's right, setting up an eBay account in which she auctioned off old clothing to raise money for the Children's Hospital Los Angeles, Kylie is also known for joining her family in their annual yard sale, with the proceeds going to a number of charities in and around Los Angeles. Plus, as well as taking part in a variety of games such as bowling and kickball to raise money, Kylie also recently donated to the LGBT community. And, if that's not enough, Kylie also launched a new special edition lip kit, collaborating with brand Smile Train and donating the proceeds made all to charity. She may look like a ninety-year-old but she's still exceptionally generous.

13 When She Looked Like Kim's Step-Mom

Photographed in a family photo in which she appears to be the step-mother of elder sister Kim Kardashian, as well as looking slightly older than her own mother Kris, Kylie is obviously way beyond her years. Achieving a great deal in her life already, Kylie first shot to fame in 2007, when family project Keeping up with the Kardashians was released. Now, putting her name to a number of endorsements, Kylie has two nail lacquers, a shared line with elder sister Kendall, The Kendall & Kylie Collection, a jewelry line, a shoe and handbag line, a hair extension line, a skin care line, a swimsuit line, a lipstick line, a personalized mobile app, and just about any other line you could think of, well apart from a drug related line that is.

12 When Kourtney Looked Like Her Teenage Daughter

Snapped with mother Kris looking like her best friend from high school, as well as elder sister Kourtney Kardashian in the role of teenage daughter, Kylie is a ridiculous caricature of her former self. Obviously stunningly beautiful, the youngest of the Kardashian klan also had a short stint as a model, working for the Sears line, "Crush Your Style" campaign. However, leaving the modelling world to supermodel sister Kendall, Kylie has often expressed her hope to pursue to the world of acting, claiming, "right now I love designing and I want to pursue that career once I turn 18, but acting is something I would regret not giving a chance when I'm older, so I would love to try it and see if I like it, I used to do plays in school and then in my community. I would participate in all of them 'til I was 13". Poor Kylie was no longer cast in the school plays due to being home schooled from then on – that and the fact that she had already started to look like a twenty-two-year old college student.

11 When Kris Realized She Looked Younger Than Her Youngest Child

Photographed at the exact moment Kris Jenner realized that she's still got it, Kylie is still seemingly oblivious to the fact that she looks like her mother's best friend, rather than her youngest daughter. Enjoying a nice mother-daughter outing, it can be difficult to understand which one is which. However, still managing to pull in magazine covers left, right and center, Kylie has been featured on the front of a number of high profile magazines. That's right, selected as a "style ambassador" for Seventeen magazine, Kylie is hot news for all things teen related, despite the fact that almost no teenagers anywhere in the entire world look like her. From Cosmopolitan, Teen Vogue, Marie Claire and Girlfriend, Kyle was recently featured in Galore Magazine for an article on her eighteenth birthday. EIGHTEEN?!

10 When She Looks Like Kris' Elderly Hairdresser

Pictured looking as if she had just cut her mother's hair for free due to their long term friendship of ten years, it is shocking how well beyond her years Kylie really looks. A denier of all things surgical, Kylie has often vehemently contested any use of cosmetic enhancement. However, after going from someone with no lips altogether, to a gigantic plump rubber ring across her mouth, Kylie was forced to admit a slight enhancement in the lip area via lip injections, after pretending it had just been a bit of lip liner the whole time. As a result, the internet exploded with what was called the "Kylie Jenner Challenge", in which a number of girls suctioned their lips into a small glass, hoping to make their lips appear just like Kylie's. Responding to the madness, Kylie claimed, "I'm not here to try & encourage people/young girls to look like me or to think this is the way they should look."

9 When Kris Looked Younger Than Both Her Children

Seriously, what does Kris do to look so young? From being married twice, to having six children, Kris Jenner only seems to be getting younger, displaying a fresh new face each year. Admitting to the use of some plastic surgery in her fifty five years, Jenner claimed that she had her breasts enhanced twice, as well the occasional use of botox. Yeah right. Taking things that bit further, Jenner underwent a face lift in 2011, treating herself to a new look before the wedding of her daughter Kim to basketball player Kris Humphries.

Allowing the preparations for surgery and the recovery to be recorded for everyone to see worldwide, Kris claimed, "I needed a little freshening up for the wedding. Just doing what a girl's gotta do!" However, with the wedding only lasting a mere seventy two days, Kris' face lift is still going strong, managing to look younger than all her six children.

8 When She Looked Like She Was Teaching Kris How To Drive

Pictured on her eighteenth birthday after being gifted a Ferrari– I mean, what else do you give the girl that's got everything apart from youth– Kylie is not your average eighteen-year-old. Thrown a party real eighteen-year-old girls could only dream of, Kylie was given a car, a Birkin bag, a beautiful cake, a Zayn Malik (who attended), a costume change, and a blonde new hairdo.

However, still managing to look older than everybody who attended, the eighteen-year-old Kylie still managed to celebrate in style. Then, just a year later, which is fifteen in Kylie years, she did it all over again, celebrating her 19th in just the same fashion. Partying with the likes of Hailey Baldwin, Bella Hadid, and big Sis Kendall, the birthday celebrations were just as outlandish, including yachts, braids and expensive cars. Wouldn't have expected anything less, to be fair.

7 When She Looked Like She Was About To Sell Kris A House

Seen here looking as if she had just acquired the signature on a house she'd been trying to get rid of for some time, Kylie proves once again just how incredibly mature she looks. With mature being another word for old, Kylie's appearance has sometimes worried a number of fans, with some claiming it's due to her obsessive use of surgery. From twitter comments such as, "I'm confused, is Kylie Jenner supposed to look 30? Is that a thing with 18 year olds now? Does this mean I can get away with saying I'm 19?" to, "I find it weird that Kylie Jenner is only a year and a half older than me but looks like she's 30", it seems the regular use of lip filters has kicked off an unhealthy addiction.

6 When She Looked Like The Matriarch 

Seen dressed as the typical femme fatale, donned in white, with a new flaxen hairdo, Kylie surely plays the part as the matriarch of the Kardashian family, easily outdoing the actual matriarch and self-professed "momager", Kris Jenner. Looking older than her actual mother, as well as her three older siblings, Kylie is seemingly unaware of her outlandish maturity. However, seen on Snapchat fooling around with her big sis Kendall, Kylie poked fun of her ageing face by applying the old age filter onto her already old age image. Usually a fan of flawless selfies and exceptional lighting, Kylie went all out photographing herself in the filter, as well as joking, "everyone thinks you're prettier than me," pointing at her world famous supermodel sister, Kendall Jenner.

5 When She Looked Like Kanye's New Girlfriend

Flanked by Kendall, Kris, and Kylie, Kanye West seems certainly in his element, especially with Kylie looking near enough the same age as the thirty-nine-year-old rapper. Going from a nerdy homeschooler with a normal sized mouth to looking like the girlfriend of her sister's husband, Kylie is virtually unrecognizable from when she was just a child.

Basically a different person, Kylie has changed everything from her hair color, to the size of her lips. Altering her image dramatically, it has been suggested that Kylie wanted to look more and more like elder sister, Kim, undergoing the same treatment. However, reaching her goal, Kylie now looks double the age of her more famous sister, with Kim somehow managing to keep a hold on the abuse of cosmetic surgery.

4 When She Looked Like She'd Taken Her Daughter To A Theme Park

Pictured looking as if she had just taken her eldest daughter on a much needed day out, Kylie's Instagram and Snapchat pages are full of pictures just like this one. Overdoing it with the cosmetic surgery, Kylie is quick to deny such accusations, but has admitted she is partial to the odd lip filler. However, with it suggested that she's also had her nose and breasts done, it seems the youngest of the Kardashian bunch is following in her mother's footsteps, despite being thirty-six years younger than her. Called out for giving the wrong impression to her young and impressionable fans, Kylie hit back, claiming, "whoever thinks I have breast implants, there’s a whole lot of tape in here." We'll let you decide.

3 When She Looked Like Kris' Mother At Christmas

Ah Christmas, a time for celebrations, lots of food, and dressing up in the same clothes as your mother. Pictured wearing dresses at Christmas, Kylie and Kris look more like best friends than mother and daughter, with Kylie looking way beyond her 19 years. Also preferring a much older man, Kylie and boyfriend Tyga have been dating since 2014, having first met a few years earlier when Kylie was a mere fourteen years old. That's thirty-five in Kylie years. Dismissing the rumors for a long time, due to Kylie's age, as well as Tyga's famous ex and mother of his son Blac Chyna (yes that one), brother in law Kanye West added fuel to the fire by claiming that Tyga was "smart for getting in early on Kylie." Now perfectly happy, Tyga was recently spotted with a tattoo bearing Kylie's name, as well as often professing his love for the reality star on social media.

2 When She Looked Like She Went On A Double Date 

Appearing as if she and her best friend had decided to go on a double date with their respective significant others, Kylie and Tyga look almost the same age as matriarch Kris Jenner and her boy-toy Corey Gamble. At thirty-six years old, Gamble has been dating Kris for nearly three years, with the couple said to be severely loved up. Obviously welcomed into the family, well enough to go on double dates with her children, Gamble met the family through mutual friend and Kardashian pimp, Justin Bieber. Plus, with constant rumors that the pair will marry, Kris was forced to comment on the matter, claiming, "you know, I've done that twice and it didn't work out so well, so I don't know. You never know." She's got a point.

1 When Kris And Kim Looked Like Her Step-Kids

Looking as if she had married into wealth and acquired two step-children in the process, Kylie embodies the glitz and glamour of the typical Hollywood wife. That's right, even trying to trademark her own name, Kylie is the ultimate reality TV queen, filing an application for the term "Kylie" in 2014. However, seemingly forgetting that Aussie pop queen and all round goddess Kylie Minogue had the same name, representatives for the gay icon immediately filed suit, pointing out that the miniature Australian superstar is way more famous, and quintessentially way more talented. Slamming the youngest of the Kardashian klan for even attempting this, Minogue's team also claimed that Jenner was a "secondary reality television personality", as well as a "supporting character" to her elder siblings. OUCH.

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