15 Times Kirby Photoshopped Himself Into A Kendall Jenner Picture

Kirby Jenner. Ever heard of him? Of Course, you've heard of the Kardashians. Kim, Kourtney, Khloe, and, to a lesser extent Rob? They are featured all over the internet and in the television series Keeping up with the Kardashians. They are intertwined with the famous Jenners. As in Bruce/Kaitlin Jenner, Kris Jenner, and their 2 daughters Kylie and Kendall. The Jenner girls are quite famous in their own rights although they still don't have the same profile as their half-sister Kardashians do. They're close though.

Well, Kirby is the self-declared fraternal twin of Kendall Jenner. Unlike her television star and fashion model sister, Kirby keeps a much lower profile. You probably won't catch him trying to solve wars or riots by giving someone a Pepsi. Kirby generally steers clear of controversy although he has been known to be involved in the occasional embarrassing situation. He is also thought to have a little bit of a problem when it comes to over-indulging in sugary beverages.

Kirby loves to display his escapades with his beloved sister, Kendall, and often takes to Instagram to share his experiences with his 645,000 followers. The thing is, Kirby isn't really Kendall Jenner's fraternal twin. He is, however, a genius with Photoshop and he has used his talent to convince the world that he is a part of the famous Kendall's inner circle. In fact, he'd have you believe that he is her right-hand man. Here are 15 times Kirby Photoshopped himself into Kendall Jenner pics.


15 Static Electricity Is Crazy

Kendall is resting her eyes as she lays back on the comfortable carpet. In this peaceful moment, she reflects on yet another busy day in the public eye. Of course, Kirby is there right beside her making sure nobody disturbs her or her hair which has been playfully shaped into hearts. Kirby shows us that his hair can be just as attractive. Kendall's fraternal twin brother is generally quite reclusive but he doesn't mind posing for the occasional picture with his 21-year-old sibling. Kirby posted this picture to his Instagram account in the summer of 2015 and it has garnered nearly 25,000 likes and quite a few comments. This photo displays the special bond that Kirby feels towards his famous sister as they enjoy a peaceful moment with each other.

14 Stylish Scooter Sessions


Kendall appears to be in deep thought as she walks along the sidewalk in her impeccably coordinated wardrobe. Kirby takes advantage of the moment to show off his ability to look awesome in his new coat. Kirby told his Instagram followers that he was having a hard time finding the right coat for his scooter sessions. It looks like he finally found one and he got to show it off in this picture that was posted on his page in April 2016. Not only does Kirby like the jacket, over 40,000 of his followers do too. One comment refers to Kirby as the "most talented person on Instagram". Quite an accolade for a guy that has to compete with the massive talent that already exists within the Kardashian/Jenner clan. It takes a lot of talent and a sharp eye for fashion to be able to find a matching coat for a Morris the Cat t-shirt and white briefs.

13 Fun With Donuts

Kirby gave a shout out to the waiter, Eric, when he posted this dope retro pic to his Instagram page in February of 2016. He commented that this pic could be their new band photo but laments that they don't actually have a band. Nonetheless, Kirby and his two siblings are truly living the moment as they casually show off their hidden talents. Kendall is showing her calculated coordination by drinking coffee without spilling a drop. It appears that Kim is about to pull off her infamous spoon-on-the-nose trick and Kirby improvises with a couple of glazed donuts to show everyone how he can be just like the girls. While his sisters wear pasties every once in a while, Kirby shows all the men out there how to properly wear pastries. He's quite ecstatic abut it too.

12 Stealing The Show


The biggest hindrance to Kirby's modelling aspirations is his inability to navigate a runway without tripping at the end of it. Maybe it's the sharp turn? Maybe he's just no good in heels? Either way, this shortcoming has prevented him from joining the likes of Kate Moss, Tyra Banks, and, of course, his sister Kendall. Famous designer Marc Jacobs gave Kirby a chance to redeem himself during this 2016 fashion show. When he put this photo on his Instagram page, Kirby commented that Marc allowed Kirby to wear his "comfy boots" so that he could hopefully remain upright. Kirby was nailing it until he got to the end of the runway and tripped anyway. According to Kirby's post, Jacobs was pretty mad. Kirby still looked fabulous before he took his tumble.

11 Tickle-Me-Kirby

In this photo, which was posted in May of 2016, Kendall and Kirby are in the final stages of preparation before hitting the runway. Despite Kendall's insistence that Kirby not post the picture to his Instagram page, Kirby did it anyway. He commented that he and Kendall had been roped into an Elmo-themed fashion show. They were able to choose their own hairstyles and music. Kendall hit the runway to the sounds of Beyonce's "Lemonade" while Kirby opted to strut his stuff to "The Coolio". Kirby never revealed whether he tripped and fell but the audience met him with approval. The 36,000 likes he got is proof that his Instagram followers also approve. This single photo is believed to be responsible for the sudden rise in sales of space-themed undergarments. It is unknown if the sales of fuzzy red clothing were impacted.

10 Wall Flower


This photo shows a couple things of interest. Firstly, even without heels, Kirby is definitely the shorter of the two fraternal twins. Secondly, if Kendall had a moustache, she and Kirby would be very hard to tell apart. Thirdly, Kirby looks awesome in sandals! Unfortunately, Kirby has a bit of the "bimbo gene" in him. According to Kirby's comment that accompanied this photo on his Instagram page, little sister Kylie dared him to eat one of the juicy looking flowers. Unbeknownst to Kirby, the flowers were fake and the paper got stuck in Kirby's throat. Because they had only booked the photographer for an hour, Kirby has to suck it up and pretend that he wasn't choking. He seems to have pulled off his acting job with professional precision.

9 Spooked

This retro-style picture was posted to Kirby's Instagram in April 2016. While it looks like a blatant attempt at product placement for the new Kirby-themed t-shirts line, the three are just innocently swapping some stories. Kirby explained his having a shocked appearance and his sister's fist in his mouth by telling his followers that Kylie was telling a zombie story which frightened Kirby terribly as can be seen by the sheer look of terror on his face. He then went on to praise his sister's story telling abilities. The denim-clad trio certainly appears to be very close but they may have had a few unpleasant words after Kylie refused to don a cowboy hat. There's always some kind of drama boiling under the surface with this family. It's all part of their mystique and global appeal.


8 Kir-sploosh!!


Check out the look of total panic on Kirby's face as he unexpectedly falls off the railing of the family yacht. It isn't clear where this photo was taken but it was uploaded to Kirby's Instagram page in late 2015. While Kirby, Khloe, and Kendall were chilling and trying to catch some rays on the bow, Kendall's fraternal twin lost his balance and fell overboard. He commented that he felt like Leonardo DiCaprio in Titanic. Not the "I'm the king of the world" part, but the part where he drowned. Fortunately for Kirby, he was brought back aboard and, after he regained his composure, the three had a "pretty chill day at the beach".Sadly, Kirby lost his Gilligan hat in the ordeal. It's a small price to pay when we consider what could have been lost.

7 Beef Backfire!!

In one of the less-flattering photos that Kirby has appeared in, a camera caught Kirby tossing his cookies all over the sidewalk. He also made quite a mess of Kendall's jeans and new boots. After the embarrassing pic was uploaded to his Instagram page, Kirby explained that he had gone for a bite to eat when Gigi Hadid dared him to eat an entire tray of beef stroganoff. His tummy immediately began to hurt and he was forced to blow a few chunks on the sidewalk as Gigi and Kendall were seeing which of the two has the longer tongue. It was lucky for Gigi that she was far enough away from the little mishap and she suffered no collateral damage except for probably being a little grossed out. Despite the incident, Kirby shook it off and had a blast with the squad.

6 After A Good Meal


Kirby appears to be getting another one of his infamous sugar buzzes on as he goes to work on another magnum of cranberry juice. Although we can't confirm that the juice actually contained sugar, the look on Kirby's face says it all. This photo was posted to Instagram in 2015. In it, Kirby sits poolside with his sister and Justin Bieber who seems to be getting quite friendly with Kirby's sister. Kirby let it go. As he explained, Mark Wahlberg had just cooked them an awesome meal and they were waiting the recommended 30 minutes before going for a swim. Biebs and Kirby look groovy as ever in their denim while Kendall's white two-piece wouldn't look better on anyone else. He didn't elaborate on the wild time they had when they finally went swimming so we can assume they had a lot of fun.

5 What A Ham-burger!!

This photo was quick to rack up over 30,000 likes and nearly 2,000 comments when Kirby posted it in early 2016. As Kendall was posing for a pic with her delicious and huge hamburger, Kirby decided to play a well-timed prank on his sister by adding a little ketchup as the picture was being taken. Kirby commented when he posted the photo that the "condiments should go on top of the sammy because that's where your mouth hits first". That's some excellent reasoning!! It was just too bad for Kendall that she was left without any ketchup for her french fries. The one saving grace for Kendall was that the messy sauce didn't spill all over the crotch of her new white pants. We're sure that Kirby would have felt horrible if that happened.

4 Courtside Consumption


Just looking at this pic, which was uploaded in 2016, makes one wonder if Kirby learned anything from the beef stroganoff experience. Kirby commented on his Instagram that the accidentally pocket dialed a radio station and won free courtside tickets to a Los Angeles Lakers preseason game. He gave a special shout out to D'Angelo Russell for "making a lot of points" and to Jordan Clarkson for helping Kirby park his car. What he failed to address was the party-sized submarine sandwich that the denim-covered Kirby was about to dig into. He must have had one heck of a case of the munchies!! He appears to have already gone through the family-sized tub of popcorn that sits between him and his sister. Is that an empty plate of nachos between his feet? The guy can really toss back the food!!

3 Kirby Cracks Us Up

Kirby gets a little wild in this photo that was uploaded to his Instagram page in the spring of 2016. We are used seeing this type of pose from his older sisters but it is something out of the ordinary to see this side of Kirby. It's easy to tell that Kendall was in a state of shock. Kirby explained that he had to moon Justin Bieber's boat because it was beating them in the Lake Tahoe Spring Invitational. He also admits that he clearly had way too much sugar which brought out his rarely-seen wild side. Kirby might want to consider going a bit easier on the Capri-Sun next time and stick to the AquaDeco mineral water. Lamar Odom allegedly started drinking too much sugary fruit juice and look what happened to him.

2 Pit Stop


One of Kirby's unofficial duties is to ensure that his sister is always fully fuelled. In this pic from 2016, Kirby says that Kendall never misses snack time. Whether she's in a hurry to go from a yoga session or a fashion shoot to doing an important fundraiser for Congress, it is important to keep her energized and positive. This pic got over 42,000 likes so his followers agree. He is seen offering some juice to Kendall so that she can wash down her bowl of ice cream. He might also be trying to give her a bit of a sugar rush so that she has the aforementioned energy to tackle her next stressful task. We hope Kendall realizes how lucky she is to have a caring brother like Kirby.

1 The Cover Guy

Kirby posted this provocative pic in 2015 after taking part in a GQ Magazine cover photo shoot. Kendall sure looks great as she covers her chest with her arms. The brunette starlet's thong is tastefully peeking out over her waistline. Kirby shows that he is no stranger to posing as he focuses his eyes on the camera and mimics Kendall.

Life can deliver its share of cruel blows as Kirby found out when he was cut from the final cover but he told his followers that it was all good. There will plenty more chances for Kirby to make a magazine cover in the future. He may not ever eclipse Kendall's star but he will continue to be an inspiration to his many fans.

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