15 Times Kim Kardashian Made It Too Easy To Hate Her

For some, Kim Kardashian is a hard name to swallow. Even though she may have millions of fans out in the world, she has millions more lining up to hate the woman. While we certainly don’t hate her, we are sort of pissed she has been able to make so much money off of anything she puts her hands on.

She’s made millions off her stupid mobile app game, and she’s even made a pool floatie of her famous derriere and sold it for almost $100 a piece! She’s also proven that she lacks tact and class since she was scolded for taking selfies while the Kardashian clan carted Khloe off to serve some time in jail, and that’s just one incident. In a world that revolves around Kim, it’s pretty easy to see how and why she became so spoiled, bratty, and self-centered.

In the end, it really doesn’t matter if you love or hate her, Kim is going to continue on being Kim. She hasn’t let anything take her down yet and that is something that can be admired. You might not want to admire her for the things that she has done, or hasn’t done, since a lot of folks think she lacks any talent, but she’s making money off of it one way or another, so in the end, who’s really the loser here? We might all love to hate her and here are the reasons showing how she made it so easy to do so.

15 She’s Made Over $100 Mil Off Her Mobile App

For Kim Kardashian you either love her or you hate her, there really isn’t anyone in between. For those who hate her, here’s one more reason to, her mobile app. It was once an app game called Stardom Hollywood which was completely rebranded with Kim and her image, family included. Like most mobile games, Kim’s game is free to download and play and it is packed with extra content and material for sale. Since she has those small purchase options available, and everyone wants a piece of Kim K’s life, she has made a record killing in profits. She may only get a portion of the profits made, but that’s still more money than most of us earn in six years.

14 She Has Her Less Than Classy Moments

When you ask someone of a time where they thought that Kim was less than classy, people would probably first jump to her infamous adult film. However, she has a few others as well. She has had times where she ugly cried over things that weren’t really important, but the real kicker was showing her support for her sister, who was being taken into police custody. Khloe Kardashian had gotten a DUI and had to serve time in jail because of the incident. When her family piled together in the car to take her to the police station, Kim was just sitting in the backseat taking one selfie after another. Even Kris, their mother screamed at Kim for being so inconsiderate.

13 People Say She Has No Talent

There are a lot of people out in the Kardashian hating world that believe this lady has no talent. They think that she got famous off of having sex and recording it, and then throwing her name on anything that comes her way. Even though she models for a ton of different agencies and brands, she doesn’t sing, dance, or act. She doesn’t hold a job besides being an influencer or promoter and to a lot of folks, that’s nothing worth mentioning. Some people might think that she doesn’t have any talent, but that “no talent” is certainly making a lot more money than most people could dream of. So, who’s the real winner here? Money talks and Kim has a ton of money, so haters are gonna hate no matter what.

12 She Makes Money Off Of Anything

When people say that Kim will make money off of everything, they are actually right, in a sense. While we don’t think that she just signs up for any ole advertisement, it seems like anything she does put her name on gets sold. We won’t say what she touches turns to gold, but this is the woman that convinced a bunch of people to buy a pool floatie of her famous butt, for a whopping $98. We don’t know what kind of person, besides a perv, would spend that much on a pool floatie, but it sold nonetheless. Would you buy a blow-up Kim butt to rest your head on while at the pool this summer? It would certainly be a conversation starter.

11 She Has Allegedly “Stolen” From Other People

There have been a number of people from other stars to famous YouTubers to fashion designers who have come forward claiming that Kim has “stolen” something from them. Usually, it’s just something along the lines of Kim stole an idea, a picture, a name, or a specific scent from someone else, rebranded it, and then sold it under the ever-growing Kardashian brand. It has happened many times over the past few years, some of the cases are in favor of Kim and others are not, causing her to change things like the name of the Kardashian beauty line. Due to the nature of the business world and the nature of Kim herself, we’ll probably continue to hear of allegations like these for some time to come.

10 People Say She’s Spoiled And Bratty

Some of the people that have met and worked with Kim Kardashian say that she’s an enormous brat. She is used to getting everything she wants and she expects things to be done right the first time around. While it would be sad if she was spoiled and rotten, most kids who grow up in the spotlight and with more than a little money often turn out to expect a different lifestyle than others not born into such privilege. Members of the Kardashian family did work hard, their family did come from Armenian immigrants, after all, but most people think that Kim is not one of the hard workers. Although we find the hard worker part debatable, we think she probably is spoiled and sometimes bratty.

9 Her Booty Is Larger Than Life

Whether you hate it or love it, Kim’s big booty is here to stay. The reason most people don’t like her butt is because they swear that it is fake and they’re mad that she’s made so much money off of what they call implants. However, because of all of the accusations surrounding her derriere, Kim actually addressed the authenticity of her bottom on an episode of their family show, Keeping Up With The Kardashians. In the episode, she goes over how many people think her butt is fake and she and her sisters come up with a way to prove to the world that it is real, an x-ray. They had the whole procedure filmed for the show and the x-rays showed that her butt was just composed of fat and not of silicone. Though people still question the authenticity of her giant butt, is that really a reason to hate her?

8 People Do Not Like Her Kids’ Names

For whatever reason, famous people like to name their kids’ weird names. You have things like Blue and Apple, so it’s really not surprising that some directions were thrown in there for good measure as well. What really made people mad, though, wasn’t just the name of their daughter, but rather the name altogether. The name North might be more manageable flying solo, but when your last name is West, your name forever becomes North West, which is a direction. People hate the name and they hate Kim for making her baby go through the torture of having a horrible name. They say it’s cruel. The name Saint is slightly better, but not by much. Celebrity baby names are always going to cause a debate.

7 She Gets Paid Thousands Of Dollars For A Selfie

Most of us have taken a picture or two of ourselves, but Kim has taken millions. Why would someone waste their life away taking picture after picture of themselves? Money is a good reason, and it turns out that money is the reason here too. Yes, Kim would almost certainly continue to take thousands of selfies even if she wasn’t getting paid for them, but she is, so she takes even more. You might take a thousand selfies just to get that perfect picture to upload to Instagram or the like, but Kim just needs one picture of herself to rake in thousands from brands. Their theory is that they pay Kim a few thousand to wear a dress and then everyone seeing her wear the dress in the post will want the dress too. Sadly, even though we know it’s happening, it works and the dress gets sold.

6 People Believe Most Of Her “Stunts” Are For Publicity

The main example we have for this one is the time she married a famous athlete and then only stayed married for 72 days, a record even in the world of Hollywood. When Kim got together with Kris Humphries and the two soon after announced their engagement, a lot of people saw red flags. Even still, a glamorous wedding was planned and the pair wed. It was one of the most watched moments of the entire year, giving Kim plenty of publicity. She was shoved back under the spotlight again when news came forward of the two splitting up. Since the pair only stayed together a smidge of time, everyone called foul on the whole thing. They thought she only did the stunt to become a bigger name.

5 Men Want To Be With Her

It’s a pretty obvious statement to say that men want to be with her. In a lot of men’s eyes, she is the total package. She’s beautiful, she has a very curvy body with all the curves in the right places and she is very, very rich. Of course, Kim isn’t on the market anymore and hasn’t been ever since she married Kanye West. Although there have been divorce rumors circling around the two, they are still currently together and going strong. If they did break up, however, you’d have to be one hell of a catch to make her even notice you. It seems strange that one person’s body could be talked about and replicated all over the world, but for a woman like Kim, it’s just another day living the Kardashian lifestyle.

4 Women Want To Be Her

As there are thousands of men lining up for a chance to even see Kim Kardashian, there are an equal number of women who are lining up to be just like her. Since the “Barbie body” took the female world by storm, ladies from all over the world were lining up to get surgery so they would look just like their plastic idol. Now, Barbie is still just as popular as before, but there is another body style option that women seem to be choosing. Now, ladies opt to have a body just like Kim Kardashian. If you don’t believe us, just take a look at some of the women on Instagram, they look a lot like her. It’s almost like they had a copy machine printing out bodies like pieces of paper; they just have different faces.

3 She’s Supposedly Extremely Self-Centered

In today’s world, it can be difficult to even find someone who isn’t self-centered. Between “likes” on social media and taking three thousand selfies just to find that right angle, we do more today to feed into our ego than our parents did or our grandparents before them. So, it really isn’t surprising that Kim would be extremely self-centered, she takes half a million selfies a day. It ties back with what we were saying in #10 with her being spoiled and bratty. Since she started her family’s empire, she’s sort of been the center of attention for a really long time. Since that’s the case, it’s easy to see how someone like Kim could be self-centered. If we were in her shoes, we would be self-centered too, probably.

2 She Married Kanye West

When Kim Kardashian married rap mogul Kanye West, people split themselves into four groups. One was the group that have never even heard of the pair, another group doesn’t care about their story. The third group hated it because they despised Kanye or they were a part of the fourth group which was just mad that Kim was, once again, off the market. Regardless of which group you fell into, she got married and she is still with the guy today. Love it or hate it, it happened and it looks like he is here to stay. Some say that his ego and her vanity were made for each other; we’ll just have to wait to see if they are a power couple that is going to be together forever or not. At least this marriage has lasted longer than her marriage to Kris Humphries.

1 She Got Famous From An Adult Film

When you wake up early and go to work at a job you hate for next to no money, it can be really frustrating to see someone get so much money off of having sex and taping it for the world to see. When we talk about taping ourselves during the act, it’s a risqué adventure that we have no intention of releasing to the world. Even though Kim says she never wanted the tape leaked and that it hurt her badly, most people believe that she did know about it and planned the whole thing as a start to her quick rise to fame. Regardless of whatever actually happened, Kim did, in fact, get famous off of an adult film of herself and her ex. It worked for Paris Hilton before her, and it will surely work for another socialite in the future.

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