15 Times Kat Dennings Was Hotter Than Beth Behrs

Right off the hop, we want to make it abundantly clear that we don’t want to play into the way that society often tries to degrade one person by comparing him or her to another. That may seem hard to swallow on the face of things with this article but this isn’t an attempt to say that Beth Behrs is unattractive in any way or that Kat Dennings’ looks somehow diminish hers. In fact, we could easily put together a list like this with the roles switched around. Instead, we decided to put this list together for a completely different reason.

Anyone who pays even a small amount of attention to the acting landscape will have picked up on the fact that there is a certain body type that is most advantageous when trying to get major roles. When it comes to the lead actresses from the show 2 Broke Girls, one of them, Beth, seems to have the type of body that the industry prefers while the other, Kat, doesn’t. That is why we think it is a good thing to show why various body types can be every bit as beautiful as one another, and in certain circumstances, can even win out. In order to do that, we decided to put together this list of fifteen times, Kat Dennings was hotter than Beth Behrs.

For this article, we set out to find photographs of Kat Dennings that show just how hot she actually is. Therefore, you will only find images that feature her looking great here, although it is perfectly fine if there are other people in the photograph too as the looks of these two actresses is all we care about. If you were expecting us to feature photos of Beth looking particularly bad, then you’ve come to the wrong place as our intention here is to celebrate how attractive both women actually are. Finally, we would like to point out that beauty is in the eye of the beholder so you may not agree with our assertion by the time this article is through. Our only hope is that at the very least, you will understand our point of view by the time you finish reading this article.

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15 Thor Premiere Dress

Via Pinterest.com

Movie premieres are supposed to be all about promoting the upcoming release of the film in question. But over the years, they’ve also become gathering spots for celebrities as well. Since famous folks rely on their notoriety to get work, it makes perfect sense for them to show up at any event with loads of photographers dressed to impress. Clearly, Kat got that memo when she prepared to attend the premiere of the first Thor movie as she looks simply splendid here. Dressed in a white dress that seems designed specifically for a body like hers, the glorious view of the cleavage it provides makes us love her and it. As attractive as Beth clearly is, this outfit fitted to her body still wouldn’t work nearly as well.

14 French Maid Outfit

Via Pinterest.com

The logical side of our brain finds the French maid fetish to be an interesting thing. Like another that we will be tackling next, it doesn’t make too much sense, as cleaning a home is actually difficult work that is likely to get you dirty and not in the way you may be thinking of. Still, there is the more animalistic side of us that have to rejoice at the sight of the classical sexy French maid outfit. Typically showing off a lot of someone’s legs, that isn’t present here but what we do get to see in the cleavage department is more than enough to make up for it. Clearly, we aren’t the only ones that feel this way either, as it is clear that this moment from 2 Broke Girls was meant to draw attention to it. Judging by the look on Beth’s face, she certainly appears to know she wouldn’t look anything like that too.

13 Summer TCA Party 2012

Via taringa.net

We’re just going to come out and say it. We have absolutely no idea what this event that was put on as a group effort by the channels CBS, Showtime, and The CW is. Even after putting “what is the Sumer TCA Party” into Google, we still didn’t come out really knowing much but there is one thing that is clear, famous television actors attend it each year. As a result, this photo of Kat Dennings in a blue dress exists and we have to say that we find it awfully bedeviling. Maybe this is the type of thing the song “Devil in a Blue Dress” was meant to be about. Either way, this photo is proof positive of what makes this actress hot as hell in a way Beth Behrs could never match.

12 Car Wash Photo Shoot

Via barnorama.com

It’s a funny thing that car washes have been used as the grounds of sexy women in movies and on television a lot over the years, due to the supposed existence of the so-called bikini car wash. Something that is very hot for clear reasons (after all, who wouldn’t enjoy seeing beautiful women in swimwear?), they’ve become something of a trope. However, if you are anything like us, you’ve probably never come across one in real life and have always seen car washes as dirty locations filled with soap scum, grime, and people who want to get on with their day. A different take on the sexy car wash, in this picture of Kat, we see her standing in front of a car in extremely tight and sexy clothing. Showing off a curvy body that really gets our motor running, this is almost enough to make us believe in the reality of the fantasy again.

11 On Extra Set

via Hawt Celebs

Actors seem to have a pretty cushy life, but it isn’t exactly as it seems every single time. There is the incredibly tedious time spent waiting hours and hours for lighting to be perfected. But another aspect of the job that seems to suck to a certain degree is the need for publicity. Asked the same questions over and over again, many actors have mentioned how arduous it can be and while we can’t feel too bad for them, we can imagine it being bothersome. That said, either Kat and Beth enjoy the opportunity to go on shows like Extra, which is what they were doing while this picture was taken. They must be quite good at their jobs. Beaming with generous smiles that say they are enjoying themselves, both of these ladies look great. That said, of the two, Ms. Dennings manages to still look quite desirable while Beth seems more like someone we’d love to hang out with here.

10 Sheer Top

Via taringa.net

If you’ve been paying attention to this list or followed the career of Kat Dennings over the years, it is highly likely that you’ll have noticed that she has no problem in showing off a little cleavage. We truly love that about her but it is awesome to get the opportunity to see her legendary chest in another way, which is why this picture grabbed our attention from the moment we came across it. Showing her in a sheer top, it gives us the opportunity to see Kat in a bra and all we can say is whoever gets to see this in real life, should thank their lucky stars. Sure, in all reality, we are actually seeing less of her here than she oftentimes shows off but mentally, this really does it for us. We doubt we’d feel the same way if her co-star was dressed in this instead.

9 Pre-Grammys Gala 2016

Via zimbio.com

On the face of things, Kat Dennings doesn’t seem to have much of anything to do with the music world aside from the fact that her shows and movies feature soundtracks. Yet, she has attended the Grammy Awards on more than one occasion. That fact makes a lot more sense, however, since she has been involved with Josh Groban and it would just be cool to attend. Seen here at a Pre-Grammys Gala in 2016, she clearly didn’t want to fade into the background among the other stars present. Wearing a black dress that is cut low enough to show a lot of her chest off and a knowing smirk, there are very few stars that could turn heads quite like this.

8 Side View

Via taringa.net

An actress that has been around for a long time now, Kat Dennings has taken part in a lot of photo shoots and has had her picture taken on red carpets several times over the years. Despite that, when you Google her, the vast majority of the photos you’ll see feature her shot from the front. We can’t say we blame them as her chest is definitely one of her sexiest attributes, but we love the opportunity to see more. Fortunately, this image of her exists and gives us some idea of what she is working with in the derriere department and we’re loving it. Blessed with an ample caboose that looks every bit as round as her more fawned-over bits, she looks great from the side in our opinion. On top of that, we have to say that her eyeglasses here do wonders for her too. There is no doubt in our minds that the average actress doesn’t have it going on like this.

7 People’s Choice Red Carpet Dress 2014

Via Pinterest.com

Debuting in the year 1975, The People’s Choice Awards are pretty much exactly what they sound like. Unlike the Oscars, Golden Globes, Emmys, or Grammys, to name but a few, the winners at this annual event are not decided by a group of artists. Instead, the results rely on the votes of everyday fans. Seen here at the 2014 iteration of the event, Kat can be seen in a black dress with a vibrant design on it that is quite eye-catching. Showing off the smallest hint of cleavage which we find quite tantalizing, that isn’t actually our favorite part of this photo. Instead, we really love how sweet she looks here even though we can’t quite put on our fingers on it. Able to simultaneously look quite sexy and cute is something that very few people could pull off and we applaud Kat for her ability to do just that. As attractive as Beth Behrs is, we’ve seen great photos of her but they fall under one of the categories only.

6 2 Broke Girls Super Bowl Ad

Via foxnews.com

A show that was recently canceled, it is somewhat surprising to realize that at one time not too long ago, 2 Broke Girls was successful enough to get a commercial during the Super Bowl. The most watched sporting event of the year, it has been well-known for years that ads during the game are extremely expensive so they usually aren't wasted on brands that aren’t believed to be worth it. Once they decided the show was worthy of the cost, it makes perfect sense to us that they decided to put together something that would be pretty hard to forget. If you ask us, they succeeded as evidenced by a screenshot like this. Showing the two stars of the show in revealing outfits interacting with a stripper pole, it was a stroke of marketing genius. However, in this moment, Beth is getting the short end of the stick as Kat looks very appealing while gazing at the camera.

5 Writers Guild Awards

Via taringa.net

The movie and television industries are made possible by a number of people that oftentimes fly under the radar. On-set jobs like cinematographers, grips, best boys, and much more are filled by people you’ve probably never heard of but help make the creation of art possible. Then, you have a job like the writers that is discussed a great deal, but it too is relatively invisible as very few of those in the profession in tinsel town are known entities. That is why we love the idea of the Writers Guild Awards, as it gives them a night in the spotlight. Then, Kat Dennings shows up in a tight cocktail dress that we can only describe as awe-inspiring and practically forces us to stand in recognition of an incredible body. Need we say more?

4 Thor: The Dark World Premiere

Via jackontheweb.cbslocal.com

The third Thor movie is set to be released later this summer at the time this article was written. And from everything we can tell, it seems as though Kat’s character from the other two movies will not appear. It makes sense as her role was as the friend and co-worker of Natalie Portman’s character, Jane Foster, who is also absent, but we don’t have to be happy about that. Adding some comedic breaks to the series, more effectively in the first film than the second, she added something fresh to the franchise. Being honest, though, we’re really upset that she probably won’t attend the new movie’s premiere as she clearly looked wonderful at the two previous events. Beth has proven herself capable of dressing up like this in the past too but looking at this photo, it is hard to even remember what she looks like.

3 People’s Choice Awards 2012

Via formulatv.com

Here is another example of Kat having her photo taken at the People’s Choice Awards in 2012. However, this time around, she isn’t alone. Pictured alongside her partner in crime, the two of them clearly have an award in tow and appear to be very pleased to be sharing the accolade. Opting to kiss the glass sculpture together, we’re going to admit that the fact that it is a decidedly phallic object, definitely plays a part in our enjoyment of this picture. A moment in which comparing the two women is excessively easy, as they are together, if you ask us, it looks as though Beth is being a tad more silly while the closed-eyes-lips-puckered look of Kat is far more alluring.

2 Emmy Awards

Via celebslam.com

For those involved in the creation of the television shows that most of us watch each week, there is no award show that is more prestigious than the Emmy Awards. In fact, it is such an important event that even getting the opportunity to attend is an impressive feat. As such, if you make the cut and are allowed to show up, it makes perfect sense that you would get yourself all gussied up and clearly, Kat did just that here. Wearing a red dress that shows off her cleavage extensively but still looks quite classy, we really couldn’t find a single piece of clothing on her we liked more. Also given an almost angelic energy despite the flesh on display, we want to thank the designer of this gown in a much more passionate manner than any of those behind anything Beth has ever worn.

1 40th Annual People's Choice Awards

Via bustle.com

From the first moment we came across this picture, it seemed clear to us that it is the best example of what we were going for with this list. Yet again, at the People’s Choice Awards, this time around, Kat has a friend on her arm and both of them look totally stunning. Seemingly glowing in their enthusiasm for the event and spending time together, there is no doubt that anyone fortunate enough to be involved with either of them should thank their lucky stars. Still, we’d be lying if we didn’t mention that Kat is the more exquisite looking of the two here, and while we celebrate both of these women, we love that Ms. Dennings is so beautiful.

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