15 Times Justin Theroux Outdid Jennifer Aniston With His Fashion Style

Justin Theroux is a man’s man. He’s all about hanging out with the guys, going on look rides on his motorcycle and of course, looking like he could be every woman’s dream guy. (The guy has the whole "hot everyman" look down pat, and he definitely looks like he is a jack of all trades.) For the most part, Jen's fans embraced Justin with open arms because he not only seems like a great guy, but he also looks great standing next to her.

Of course, people only started to pay attention to Justin Theroux after he started dating Jennifer Aniston in 2011. There’s no denying that she was and will always be the bigger star. But, Justin has managed to make a name for himself both on and off screen. He received plenty of critical acclaim for his role in the HBO drama series The Leftovers. Off screen, he gets attention for his wardrobe. As a matter of fact, Justin is often regarded as one of the sharpest – and if not best – dressed men in the entertainment industry. But it’s not because he wears the latest styles and trends. Instead, it’s because he knows how to pull off some of the simplest looks – like a basic white t-shirt and a pair of ripped jeans – and make it look like a million dollars.

With that being said, here are 15 times Justin Theroux blew his wife Jennifer Aniston away with his style. The guy clearly knows what he is doing when it comes to fashion.

15 He Gets The Red Carpet Couture Look Right

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Whenever Jennifer Aniston hits the red carpet, she almost always makes the Best Dressed list. Not only does she have a rockin’ body, but she’s got great couture taste and it shows. Plus, the woman loves life and she radiates in every way possible. She makes pretty much anything look good, but she also has an eye for choosing things that suit her perfectly.

But if you look closely, it’s Justin Theroux who manages to steal his wife’s thunder each and every time they hit the red carpet together. It’s like he’s her perfect arm candy or better yet, man accessory. But it wasn’t always that way. Off the red carpet, Justin has simple but classic everyday style. He once said, “I wear boots. I wear jeans and usually just sort of a beat-up T-shirt and a leather jacket. If I bring more leather jackets home, my wife will kill me.”

14 His 1980s Tapered Jeans Are On Point

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You couldn’t find a lot of men wearing cut off or tapered jeans and actually make it look good at the same time. Actually, that goes for ripped and skinny jeans, too. But when it comes to Justin Theroux, there hasn’t been a pair of jeans that he hasn’t liked. The man was born to wear jeans, even if some of the styles he wears are several decades old. But it’s not like we have noticed. The guy can wear the exact same outfit that James Dean wore in the 1950s but still manage to make it look hip, modern and stylish.

As a matter of fact, the actor has been wearing the same jeans for years now. Justin has said in the past, “I've always been pretty happy with my style. I've been wearing tapered jeans since 1980 something.” He has a classic look that is updated with accessories or a few modern details.

13 He’s A Fashion Risk Taker

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A lot of men probably wouldn’t admit to this, but Justin Theroux is one guy who loves to take risks with fashion. He’ll wear something or try out a style first before it catches on with the rest of Hollywood. He isn't scared of people noticing him. Being with Jennifer Aniston throws him into the spotlight every day, so why not take some fashion risks?

Justin also knows that if he doesn’t do it, there’s a slim chance that someone else will. That’s because he’s a born leader. He once put it this way: “I didn't really because I know myself well enough to know that if I actually sit down and think about sort of I can spook myself out like anyone, you know? It's sort of like you've got to sort of jump out of the airplane when you're skydiving. If you spend 20 minutes sitting on the lip you probably won't do it.”

12 But He’s Not Trying Too Hard In This Amazing Green Bomber Jacket

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One of the reasons why Justin Theroux manages to look so good everyday (and even put his own wife’s fashion choices to shame) is because unlike other celebrities, he doesn’t have to try very hard. Plus, he knows that there’s more power to having just one accessory than combining so many fads at once. He’s a minimalist, plain and simple. Also, Justin knows that the harder you try, the more you look desperate or downright silly. And that’s something image-conscious Justin Theroux tries to avoid at all costs.

Justin also applies to same rules and concept to how he deals with his celebrity status and his fame, too. He’s said in the past, “Fame is something I think happens as a result of trying to do good work. If you're trying to be famous, your work usually suffers.” Because he prioritizes his work, his fashion becomes a fun thing for him to explore as a pastime.

11 He’s Not Into Labels But Cares About Quality 

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Justin knows first hand that goof style doesn’t have to come with a high price. As a matter of fact, it all comes down to your personal self-confidence and the way you present yourself to the world. It’s not about wearing every single designer label in your closet, either. He knows that what looks good doesn't necessarily come from Chanel.

According to Justin, he was never the kind of person who would flash his wealth in front of people or try too hard to look like he belongs in the VIP box of every event he goes to. In fact, he says he’s quite the opposite. He’s said, “I didn't have a lot of ambition, which I think was a good thing. I mean, I was ambitious about quality, but I wasn't ambitious in the 'I've got to get a pilot!' way. I never went out to L.A. for pilot season.”

10 He Masters East Coast Style In These White Jeans 

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For fashionistas and style observers out there, it’s kind of hard to categorize Justin Theroux – at least, geographically. He doesn’t look like your typical West Coast California guy but at the same time he’s not a total North-Eastern style kind of guy either. But now that he’s spending time on both coasts, Justin admits that his habits and his lifestyle have changed. He appreciates where he is in his life right now.

He said, “I love New York. It's kind of perfect. I'm in New York part of the time and in L.A. part of the time. That's always been a goal, to be bicoastal in a real way. You can get stuff done in New York that you can't in Los Angeles. If you wanted to get some milk and get your shoes repaired and drop something off at the dry cleaner, that's an all-day adventure in Los Angeles. In New York, you can bang that out in half an hour.”

9 He's Got That Tough Guy Look That's Still Classy 

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And while we can spend the entire day debating whether Justin Theroux is an East Coast man or a West Coast man, there’s one thing that we do know: he definitely belongs somewhere in the Southwest! He’s the kind of guy that you see headed in no particular direction on Route 60, with the top down and loving every second of his life. His look is a little rough around the edges, which is what gives it flair. The guy isn't scared of looking like a modern maverick when it comes to his look.

Instead of looking perfectly clean-cut in boring outfits, Justin embraces vintage jeans, grunge-inspired t-shirts, classic leather jackets, fresh sneakers, aviator frames, and hip jackets. His looks might seem simple, but they have a subtle edge to them that makes him one of the most stylish men in Hollywood.

8 He Doesn’t Take Fashion Too Seriously

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For someone who has managed to make such a huge mark on the fashion world, Justin Theroux says he doesn’t take his status as a style icon very seriously. In fact, there aren’t many things that he does take seriously in his life. We bet that one of the reasons why Jennifer Aniston fell so deeply in love with Justin is because he has a healthy attitude about his career and about life in general. He doesn’t have the time to get offended or worried about what other people say or do.

Justin said last year, “When was the last time you were super offended? I might be like, 'That's the dumbest thing I've ever heard!' Or, 'It's not my thing,' or, 'It was a stupid joke.' But there's such a sensitivity now. Political correctness has become really insidious.”

7 He Loves A Little Bit Of Frivolous Fashion

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A lot of people would agree that Justin has two great looks: when he dresses way down, and when he is super dressed up. Here, Justin is rocking a casual look that is still just as sharp as his three-piece designer suits he dons to celebrity events. He injects a little bit of fun into every outfit, and it is clear that he enjoys playing with fashion.

Plus, Justin knows that fashion can sometimes be frivolous, for a lack of a better word. He explained it like this: “In a weird way, fashion, which is frivolous to the core, shouldn't be taken seriously, but thank God people do: it makes for great people-watching.” In other words, he knows we are watching him, and he is having fun with it.

6 He Is Inspired By The Punk Scene

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If there’s one fashion era that has defined Justin Theroux, it’s the punk scene era. Back then he was in his element. The great thing about Justin’s punk style is that it makes him look ageless. We don’t know a lot of guys out there that can pull off some of the looks he has at his age. In fact, others look downright silly trying to look punk rock in their late 40s and 50s, if you know what we mean.

Justin recalled, “When I was 13, I kind of got into the punk scene. I realized it was easier to wear a pair of combat boots and jeans and a beat-up T-shirt. I think of it as a uniform. You know, if you're a Maytag man, you put on your bow tie. I still have T-shirts from when I was that age.” The look certainly suits him, even to this day!

5 His Style Reflects His Laid-Back Attitude

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We already know that Justin Theroux doesn’t take a lot of things seriously in his life. As a matter of fact, he’s said plenty of times in the past that he has a rather laid-back attitude towards his life, and in both his personal and professional worlds, too. When it’s time to work, it’s time to work. And when it’s time to have fun, it’s time to have fun. Justin knows better than to try and mix the two worlds together. This is the same concept that he applies to his wardrobe, too. The less you have to deal with, the better off you are.

The actor takes his time off very seriously. Justin said, “Though there is something cruel about being in Hawaii and you have a computer in front of you the whole time.” When Justin is off-duty, he wants his style to reflect his relaxed approach to life.

4 He Loved His Zoolander Fashion Experience

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It’s not surprising that a stylish man like Justin Theroux was hand-picked to be in one of the best comedies about the fashion world: Zoolander 2. Justin played the part of a villainous DJ and apparently, he had the best time ever on set. And why wouldn’t he? The film had an all-star cast of funny and fashionable people like Ben Stiller, Penelope Cruz, Owen Wilson, and even Justin Bieber. Derek and Hansel took their shenanigans all the way to Rome for this film.

Justin once recalled, “There was a time when doing Zoolander 2 that I was literally flying between the Zoolander shoot and The Leftovers in Texas and at that point, I was getting comedy whiplash. It was a relief, though, to get to Rome and be like, 'Oh my God, I get to laugh on set.'" Only a guy like Justin would have fun with all the wild high-fashion costumes.

3 His Style Wins When Compared To Other Male Celebs 

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Now, we didn’t want to initially go in this direction (but we totally will) but you can’t help but compare Justin Theroux’s style to that of other Hollywood stars. And when you think of someone like Jennifer Aniston, you can’t help but think of her ex-husband, Brad Pitt. But you knew that we were going to mention his name at least one time on this list, right?

Honestly, when it comes to Justin Theroux’s style and Brad Pitt’s style, there really is no comparing one to the other. Justin hits the ball out the park. He has more memorable, iconic styles in the last few months than Brad has had in the last three decades of his career. Simply put, Justin blows everyone out of the water when it comes to his masculinity and fashion sense. It’s no wonder Jennifer Aniston looks so damn happy whenever she’s with him. The woman knows what she’s got and she’s not letting go!

2 Jen Likes To Find Fashion Inspiration From Justin 

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Of course, we can spend the entire day and night trying to dissect Justin Theroux’s best and worst looks (not that there are many bad looks out there). Obviously, Justin really doesn’t spend much time thinking about what his critics have to say about his work, his appearance, or the way he conducts his life for that matter. Because there’s only one opinion that really matters to him: that of his wife, Jennifer Aniston.

Clearly, Jennifer is a huge fan of Justin Theroux’s style. Otherwise, she would have made some major adjustments to it right now. Instead, she’s adapted to some of his looks and even borrows his hats and his accessories from time to time. While there’s no doubt that she loves him, it has to be hard keeping up with such a stylish man like Justin.

1 Will He Be Remembered More For His Style Than His Work?

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It’s without a doubt that a lot of actors in Justin Theroux’s position are probably worried that they will be remembered more for their celebrity status than their on screen work. Or in Justin’s case, people will remember him for his punk scene fashion than for his movies. And for someone like Justin, that’s bad news. Because if there’s anything he wants to be remembered by, it’s his talent, his acting, and his writing.

But then again, this is the same guy that a lot of people like to call Mr. Jennifer Aniston. His fame to claim is marrying the one and only Rachel Green. Justin might not like it, but if it weren’t for Jennifer, we probably wouldn’t be talking about him right now. Sorry, bud. Take those leather jackets and ripped jeans and run with it!

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