15 Times Jessica Simpson's Behaviour Was Bizarre AF

Jessica Simpson's high-profile career has spanned nearly two decades. Debuting as a pop star in 1999, she was just a notch below Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera, though she did have major success with the release of her first album Sweet Kisses.

She married fellow pop star Nick Lachey in 2002, and their very public relationship would become the basis for a hit MTV show, Newlyweds: Nick and Jessica. The show capitalized on the fact that Jessica was of below-average intelligence, earning her a reputation as being slightly air-headed and not too bright.

In 2005, she took a break from music and launched a fashion line, aptly called, The Jessica Simpson Collection. Focusing on affordable and fun clothing for women, the line exploded into mass success and has, to this day, earned over $1 billion in revenue.

Jessica is now married to football player Eric Johnson, with whom she has two children. Though she has spent the last few years generally out of the spotlight, her occasional brushes with the media have been speckled in strangeness. Her odd behavior has been talked about on Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook. Fans and foes alike can't seem to agree on whether Jessica is just acting like her usual ditzy self, or perhaps, there's more going on below the surface. Speculations of alcohol and prescription pill addiction have been widely circulated. It's not easy to make a firm conclusion. Let's look at the 15 Times Jessica Simpson's Behaviour Was Super Bizarre:


15 Her Bizarre AF HSN Appearance

Perhaps one of the most awkward appearances Jessica has made in recent times was her segment on HSN, a popular American shopping channel that promotes different products on live TV. She appeared on the show as a guest, alongside her mother, Tina, to promote items from her clothing line. The September 2015 broadcast reflected a strange side of Jessica. Slurring her speech, acting generally confused and saying strange things were all part of the live appearance. The host, Colleen Lopez, was a great sport, as she improvised conversation topics that were not anticipated with a seemingly inebriated Jessica. Oddly enough, her super concerning behavior wasn't detrimental to the show's success. Quite the opposite happened: the show was a total hit, and HSN sold out on all items up for sale before the end of the 2-hour marathon.

14 Her Super Weight Loss Pills


When Jessica first came onto the scene in the late '90s, she was a petite, fit blonde with an enviable figure. Over the years, she went back and forth with weight gain and loss, endured the changes that two pregnancies afforded her body, and ultimately became the face for weight-loss program Weight Watchers. While she succeeded in dropping over 60 pounds after her second pregnancy, her family are concerned that she's given up healthy eating and exercise in favor of taking weight loss pills. Prescription drugs, like Adderall, are often taken to supplement a diet plan and accelerate weight loss. The problem? These drugs are powerful, addictive, and can easily be misused and abused. Perhaps this can explain why she's been showing such strange behavior. Mixing these pills with alcohol can make for even more undesirable effects, like confusion, dizziness, and slurring. Hmmm... sounds familiar.

13 When She Dated John Mayer

Anyone who dates or has dated John Mayer automatically raises red flags. His promiscuity and infidelity have garnered him the reputation of Hollywood sleazebag. Mayer has dated A-listers across the spectrum of talents, from Jennifer Aniston to Taylor Swift. He and Jessica were a couple from 2006 to 2007. Their relationship was tumultuous; several break-ups and reconciliations transpired during their time as a couple. John Mayer famously dished about his physical relationship with Jessica, revealing intimate details about their private life in an interview with Rolling Stone magazine. He even referred to her as "a drug" and "like napalm." Jessica reacted to this breach of trust by appearing teary-eyed on an episode of The Oprah Winfrey Show. At least, in hindsight, she was able to see that dating him was a totally bad decision. Good thing she's moved on to bigger and better romantic conquests!

12 When She Was Way Too Open About Losing Her V-Card


Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey were an iconic couple at the end of the '90s and early 2000s. After four years of dating, the pair wed in 2002. Jessica, daughter of minister Joe Simpson, has famously been very open about her religious beliefs. Due to her faith, she decided that she would wait until marriage to be intimate. Fair enough, but Jessica decided that the entire world needed to know the private details of her personal life. Her virginity was a big topic of her MTV show Newlyweds: Nick and Jessica. She even wrote a song about it in 2003. Sweetest Sin goes into pretty dirty details about Jessica's desire for her hubby and how she couldn't wait to finally be with him intimately. Whoa, Jessica! A little too much information, if you ask me. This whole v-card story gained Jessica quite a lot of attention in Hollywood and with her faithful fans.

11 When She Put Her Daughter In A Bikini

It seems as if Jessica can't escape the wave of criticism that has hit her in recent times. From her questionable demeanor in interviews to her strange way of talking about her children, Jessica has been in the line of fire this year. Most recently, there has been uproar surrounding photos of her 5-year-old daughter, Maxwell. Jessica uploaded several photos of her little girl posing in a bikini while playing on her scooter. The critiques revolved around the fact that a girl of that age should not be photographed wearing a bikini in provocative poses. Much of the hate came from feminist mommy groups. Jessica's fans quickly came to her defense, pointing out that it was unfair to assume that Jessica was attempting to push her daughter into suggestive poses and that Maxwell was simply a child playing and having fun. It seems that Hollywood parents are even more susceptible to Internet trolling and exaggerated criticism. Comes with the territory!

10 All The Weird Things She's Said About Her Kids


One of the oddest parts of any Jessica Simpson interview is the point when the interviewer asks her about her family. She and hubby, Eric Johnson, are parents to 5-year-old daughter Maxwell, and 3-year-old son Ace. Among the odd things she's said about her kids? During that fateful and awkward interview with Extra, Jessica was asked if her daughter was as into fashion as she was. In a strange fumble, she attempted to explain that her daughter liked to wear her husband's shirts, which reminded her of how she used to wear her boyfriends' shirts. Instead of explaining this link coherently, she blurted out, "Her dad is her boyfriend!" On the Ellen segment, she also went into too much detail when Ellen asked her if she and her husband planned to have a third child. Exposing her birth control methods on live TV? Just a little bit bizarre, to say the least! Jessica, a simple "no" would have sufficed!

9 The Time She Feuded With Carrie Underwood Over Tony Romo

Well, there's no doubt about it: the girl likes her football players! Jessica dated footballer Romo for almost 2 years, starting in 2007. She hooked up with him only months after he had split from fellow blonde singer Carrie Underwood. The sudden girlfriend swap led to the two beauties entering a somewhat public feud over whom Tony was really in love with. Carrie claimed that Romo continued to call her and tried to pursue a relationship with her even after he got with Jessica. Jessica's side was totally different; she defended her man by claiming that Carrie was jealous and making things up to try to cause a rift between the new and happy couple. Whatever the antics, Jessica and Romo did end up staying together for quite a while until Romo moved on to another blonde, former Miss Missouri Candice Crawford. She would eventually become his wife.


8 The Time She Feuded With Nicole Richie


Fellow fashionista and design tycoon Nicole Richie has known Jessica Simpson for many years. The two served as judges on the reality fashion TV show, Fashion Star. Running for two seasons beginning in 2012, the show followed the startup careers of aspiring designers, with celebrity judges offering guidance and advice on fashion styles. During the show, the two fiery gals took jabs at each other's fashion senses and even critiqued each other's bodies at times. Ouch! Despite the apparent criticism broadcast live on TV, Nicole dismissed allegations of a deep-rooted feud between the two. Perhaps, her condescending tone was just put on for the sake of entertainment. It wouldn't be the first time we saw Ms. Richie in a reality role where she was less than nice with her besties. Remember The Simple Life with her good 'ol buddy Paris Hilton?

7 The "Chicken of the Sea" Fiasco

The first shocking moment in Jessica Simpson's career was broadcast for the world to see on an episode of her MTV show Newlyweds: Nick and Jessica. During the scene, Jessica and Nick were sitting in their living while munching on some tuna salad. Out of nowhere, Jessica asked, "Is this chicken what I have or is this fish?" The ridiculous question was met by a completely dumbfounded husband, who struggled for a few moments to figure out if she was serious. Being the airhead that she was, Jessica tried to save face by blaming the confusion on the tuna brand name, Chicken of the Sea. The fiasco led fans to question just exactly how many brain cells she had. However, she tried to make the best of the situation and posed for photos with baskets filled with Chicken of the Sea products. This situation would be the first of many bizarre moments in Jessica's career.

6 Strange Faces During Extra Interview


In early 2015, Jessica was filmed during a brief interview hosted by Extra at a Teen Vogue Fashion University event in New York City. In the interview, she was filmed discussing her busy life and how she managed to "fit everything in." Her speech and body language were super strange, to say the least. Answering questions with extremely odd answers, jerking her body around awkwardly, and slurring her speech resulted in yet another Internet uproar. Was Jessica drinking? Had she taken some sort of prescription or non-prescription drug? Her jumpiness seemed to have been caused by some outside source. Although she's always been ditzy and airheaded, this crossed a new line of oddity. Long-time supporters and fans took to Jessica's defense and speculated that she might have been suffering from some sort of social anxiety or was simply over-exhausted as a result of her busy life.

5 Her Appearance on Ellen

Jessica Simpson appeared on The Ellen Show at the end of May 2017. The interview showcased a seemingly buzzed out Jessica, answering basic questions with complicated, drawn-out replies. She struggled to remember dates, timelines, and basic mathematical calculations. Was this just reflective of her airheaded self, or was she perhaps on something? She sparked raised eyebrows from Ellen herself when she commented that her relationship with her husband was the longest she had been in, not counting those she had had with women. She covered up by saying, "With my besties!" Although she probably was referring to platonic relationships, her delivery came out otherwise. This interview is definitely worth a watch if you want to see Jessica in her full-blown bizarre behavior. Ellen is a great sport and pokes fun at Jessica throughout, making it that much more amusing to watch.

4 When She Had To Deal With A Weird Father


Jessica is not the only Simpson to exhibit strange and bizarre behavior. Her father, Joe Simpson, has had quite a few odd moments in the past couple of decades. Among the strange exhibits, Joe had a particularly weird moment at the BOY London fashion show in Los Angeles in 2015. He allegedly made strange grimaces and stuck out his tongue at photographers as he was walking to his seat before the show got underway. Furthermore, he reportedly fell asleep in his seat during the fashion show, leading to speculations that he was under the influence of alcohol or drugs. His outfit was badly wrinkled, and he looked unkempt; guests noticed. During the show, he continued to make strange faces and puff on an e-cigarette. Clearly, odd behavior runs in the family! Jessica's younger sister, Ashlee, has also had quite a few strange moments in the past. It must be something in the water at the Simpson household.

3 When She Drunkenly Called Out The Paparazzi

In 2014, Jessica was leaving a nightclub in LA, visibly intoxicated. Having to lean on her hubby, Eric Johnson, and an assistant for help, she was quickly surrounded by paparazzi. While she walked to her car, the paps shouted out comments about her recent weight loss, saying "Weight Watchers seems to have really worked for you," and commenting on her vast fortune and wealth. A tipsy Jessica muttered under her breath "a-hole" as she was stepping into the car. Although this isn't that unheard of (many celebrities have had run-ins with the paparazzi!), Jessica is maybe partying a little too hard if she needs to be escorted to her car to avoid falling on her face. Her husband allegedly threatened to take her kids away if she didn't seek help by checking into a rehab program, so it seems that her consumption is creating some major problems in her marriage and family life.

2 When She Thought She Could Be A Therapist


Not to shame Jessica's intelligence, but it's pretty clear that she's not the brainiest of the bunch. She's clearly got a number of amazing talents -- her singing, her ability to market herself and her clothing line, her sense of humor. Academic (and let's face it, basic) intelligence is just not her forte! That's OK! So when Jessica told an interviewer that she had dreams of becoming a therapist had she not pursued a pop star career, we had to chuckle just a tiny bit. Of course, she very well could be great at giving advice. She seems to have a heart of gold and would probably be a great friend. But when it comes to professional therapy, we think it would be a wiser choice to consult an accredited doctor with reputable credentials. She makes a great pop star, but therapy might be a stretch for this starlet.

1 Endless Family Drama

Jessica Simpson and her family have long been seen as a somewhat dramatic family in Hollywood. Patriarch Joe Simpson, Dad manager to both Jessica and Ashlee, has been painted as a loving father with some pretty serious control issues. It's always seemed that he wanted to be in complete control of his daughters' careers, no matter the cost. Fighting amongst the girls and their dad was a regular event during the sisters' singing years. In fact, both have now taken a pretty long break from being in the spotlight as musical performers -- I wonder why? Ashlee has suffered from a tainted reputation as well; hard partying, really low self esteem, and controlling behaviour have been reported by her ex-husband, rocker Pete Wentz. In fact, it's been assumed that her first marriage fell apart precisely because she had way too much family baggage, and it was dragging the couple down.


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