15 Times Jessica Nigri Proved She Doesn't Need Cosplay To Look Perfect

If there's a topic that has people doing cosplay for it, then there is probably a version of that cosplay done by Jessica Nigri. She is possibly the hottest and most famous of all cosplayers around the world. But trust me, it doesn't take a cosplay to make her hot. She's there with or without the skimpy clothing.

She's got a damn-near perfect body. And yes, it's true, she did have to pay for some of it. There's no hiding the evidence of that. But I don't think you guys really mind, do you? After all, I don't think I've ever known an article with Jessica Nigri in it to go unnoticed. She's a sure thing, even when she's wearing more clothing than you're used to.

So check her out while she's hanging out at home, greeting people at an expo, posing for some geeky shoots, getting coffee, or whatever else she might be doing. Even just hanging down at the beach. Why not? She's Jessica Nigri! Cosplay or not, everyone knows that she's pretty damn hot!

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15 I Love Yo Face!

Jessica Nigri is one of the biggest cuties I've ever seen. And I have to say that I love her face. Very much so. Especially with a grin like hers. She has amazing pearly whites, and such a devilish little grin when she flashes them. I'm sure now you're thinking about how much you wished she was flashing something else, but this piece is about how hot Nigri is when she's clothed, and not in a cosplay outfit. I have to say she's definitely still smokin'. I think there's no denying that whatsoever, and I think it's more than just being hot. She really is cute as well. Her personality, at least by what we can see in her photos, is very bubbly and positive. And I have to say that I would love to have someone so seemingly wonderful around me.

14 Out For A Hike

Ok, I'm a big fan of getting outdoors and going for hikes and other adventures. I would love to go with Jessica Nigri for a hike. Imagine what you could get up to out in the middle of nowhere! Exploring and discovering new things. Now, all I can say is that I hope wherever she is there are no bugs. Otherwise, her legs are going to be mighty bitten up. But at least those awesome boots will protect her from poison ivy! Now, of course, she's not actually out for a hike. She's just out for a photo shoot, and there's probably a car not far behind her, just out of frame. But it's the idea that gives me a little hope. If she likes taking photos there, maybe she actually does enjoy the great outdoors. One can always dream!

13 Conventional Woman

You get the joke, right? She's at a convention. So, she's a conventional woman? It doesn't matter. Anyway, even in just plain clothing, Jessica Nigri has got everything working for her. It helps that she's got fairly tight clothing all around. But even without showing off a huge amount of cleavage like she usually does, she's got an amazing look to her. If her skin and hair weren't so perfect, I'd say she looks just like a fairly normal woman. But, of course, she's a bit more than that. Those pearly whites must have cost a fortune. But it's not like she goes without. I'm sure she makes a ton of money from sponsors and patrons.

12 A Little Eccentric

What I love the most about Jessica Nigri is that she's not afraid to get a little dirty, or to go really far out there and look a bit bizarre or eccentric. She's really got a knack for dressing in strange outfits and getting away with it. Of course, given that her career essentially means that she has to dress up in weird outfits every day, it's no real shock that when she's wearing "normal" clothes, she still looks a little out there. Either way, I like the sort of punk look that she can pull off with those ridiculous blue streaks (I hope that was meant to be a Transformers reference) and the unmatched outfit. I don't know how she works everything so well, but she's certainly got it going on. Be honest. Would you deny her if she came up to you with that look and that outfit? I didn't think so.

11 Nintendo Needs Nigri

Alright, so this is just a fact, for sure. Nintendo definitely needs Jessica Nigri. I think she might be the only way they can fully save their business. If they hired her to be their spokesperson there's no way they wouldn't turn a huge profit. They could still turn out bad games and faulty systems, but they would still be doing great because everyone would buy just to see more of Jessica Nigri. I mean...if she advertised every Nintendo system with this sort of outfit, I think they would even be making enough to bring back Nintendo Power! And that's saying a lot, because that magazine has been out of print for a while. But imagine having Jessica Nigri on the cover of every issue with some new Nintendo cosplay!

10 Comfy And Cozy

Ok, so...wow. She is just gorgeous. No matter how you slice it. And looking so incredibly comfy just makes her even more inviting as a person! Who wouldn't want to join Jessica on that cozy little carpet with her comfy little sweater? She certainly knows how to use those eyes to get what she wants. Just that simple little glare is more than enough to melt my heart. It seems pretty clear that even out of her cosplay universe, Jessica Nigri is unbelievably desirable, and I'm sure she knows it. I don't think you can pose for a photo like this without knowing.

9 Product Placement?

It's pretty amazing to see Nigri in her natural habitat. It's all so nerdy. She's got all of her Star Wars stuff, some anime features, and prop weapons. She's got to have the coolest place, full of all sorts of amazing costumes, geeky memorabilia, and all manner of designs for what she's got coming next. And I have to say, her comfy look is great. Nothing like some frayed jean shorts and a sporty shirt. Of course, you'll likely never find a shot of her where she isn't posing, knowing that she's showing off. But given that you'll probably never meet her, you may as well enjoy the pictures. I know I do. And there is every reason that you should as well.

8 Fine With The Fans


I bet these guys just couldn't believe their luck, coming across Jessica Nigri at this convention. I'm not sure I'd know what to say. Especially if she was just hanging out there wearing some tight jeans and a tank top. I would be over the moon to find just a regular Jessica Nigri wandering around a convention. There's something about her enjoying her time out of cosplay that makes me more into her. You expect to find her in some over-the-top outfit that is incredibly revealing. I mean, sure, she might still have a low-cut top, but it's nothing too extravagant. She's just there as a regular chick. And that's hot. Just knowing that she doesn't overplay the superstar career that she definitely has.

7 Those Eyes

Alright, so it's pretty clear that Jessica Nigri isn't exactly the most normal woman in the world. And it's also pretty clear that she's not exactly the most natural woman in the world either. She's added a couple of things. And it's not just the obvious that she's added either. She's drawn on her eyebrows, changed her hair, and painted her face with a decent amount of makeup. That being said, I don't doubt for a second that she would still be gorgeous if she didn't waste her time dolling herself up. She does clearly feel the need to work hard on her appearance. But I guess if your business revolves around how hot you are, then there's every reason why you might want to boost your body a little.

6 Praises To The Convention Gods

I love seeing Jessica Nigri done up in a leather jacket that has nothing to do with a cosplay. I think it's pretty hot. She's just out having a great time. To be fair, she's probably there to sign autographs or to give a speech and have a little Q&A segment. But that's just all the more reason to praise the convention gods. I'd love to be at FanEx in Toronto one year and see Jessica Nigri wandering around in her street clothes. In spite of all the work she's had done, she's proud of her body and what she's spent money on. It allows her to keep her business going. It gets her new followers. She lands views no matter where she is or what she's doing. She could be working as a plumber, and people would still love to watch.

5 Beach Day

There is definitely nothing wrong with Jessica Nigri taking a day off to head down to the beach. Of course, if she's posing for a shot like this, it's not like she's actually taking a day off. She's just taking a day off from throwing on cosplay. What I love about this shot though is that she's not pushing the whole bikini bod thing. She's dressed fairly conservatively, considering she's at a beach in California, and you'd typically expect her to be showing off her...assets. But not here. She's content just showing off her legs, and striking an elegant pose. Her photos don't always have to be about showing off how top heavy she is. Sometimes it's nice to get something a little different.

4 Coffee Time

So it seems that Jessica Nigri is a Starbucks fan. I happen to prefer Tim Hortons, but I'm not sure how many of those are set up down in California. Either way, that hardly matters. What matters more is that it seems like she's sitting behind the cash of a comic shop. And I have to say that I would love to go nerd out at a comic shop, walk up to the cash, and have Jessica Nigri check me out. I would love that in more ways than one. And now I know that she likes iced coffee, so I'll know what to bring her the next time I happen by the shop...which would probably be fairly often if I knew she was going to be there. But I don't want to be suspected of stalking. I'd just really like to hang out with Nigri when she's bumming around in her street clothes.

3 Strike A Pose

This photo might be one of the shots with the least amount of makeup on Nigri's face. And I have to say that I kind of like that. For sure! I feel like the pose she's striking here has got to be really annoying, though. I can only hope that she didn't have to hold it for too long before they got that final shot. I can't imagine that it was very comfortable. It's an interesting photo, but I'm not sure she enjoyed posing for it. Even the look on her face kind of says it all. Usually, she's all smiles, or at least a little, devilish smirk. But not in this one. I hope she made some decent change from the shot, but either way, I just don't think anyone can argue that Jessica Nigri, in street clothes, isn't hot. Because she clearly is.

2 Sharing The Love

Jessica Nigri typically does have some interesting outfits, and I think this one is no exception. Again, not a cosplay. But that doesn't make her any less attractive. Especially since her leaning over helps show off her body. I also think it's pretty awesome that Nigri takes photos with other convention goers without having people wait in line, pay, and get two seconds of time. She genuinely seems like a really nice person; a really nice person whom I would love to get to know. And I'm pretty sure that I'm not the only one who feels that way. I'm sure that if you had the chance to meet Jessica Nigri, you'd absolutely go for it, and hope that you got to see her more than once.

1 She Makes Me Want To Play Pokemon

I've never liked Pokemon. I've heard so much about the games, I've watched them being played, I've seen the card game, I've read about kids beating up and knifing other kids for their cards, and Pokemon GO has resulted in several accidents and muggings. And in spite of all of that, I was never interested until now. I now have at least a small interest in Pokemon thanks to Jessica Nigri. Her cosplays alone are breathtaking. But then just add a comfy, cozy shot of her wearing tight jeans and a Pokemon shirt and I'm sold. Especially with her adorable smile. She makes me melt just a little bit. I can't tell if it's her or the fire Pokemon on her shirt, but either way, I've suddenly got a hankering for playing some Pokemon. She just really knows how to catch 'em.

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