15 Times Jennifer Lawrence Gave Us More Than We Could Handle

She's not even 30 and has taken the world by storm. She's definitely special and we can't take it!

In a mere six years, Jennifer Lawrence seems to have taken the world by storm, blazing through Hollywood and making it look easy at the same time. It’s not often that we see an actress soaring so high so quickly, and this bombshell shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon. It’s hard to believe that a few short years ago, she was just another obscure actress and now she’s one of the highest paid actresses in the world. According to Jennifer, she knew even as a child that she would one day be famous – proof that dreams really can come true if you work at it!

Jennifer seems to have it all – an incredible body, masses of sex appeal, more movie offers than she knows what to do with, tons of talent, a killer wardrobe, and, of course, legions of fans like us. She counts people like Emma Stone among her friends and it seems that all the directors want to work with her because they know that having her in their films almost guarantees their success. But there have been times when his smoking hot girl has given us more than we could handle and today we’re checking those out…

15 When She Confessed Her Most Embarrassing Moment On Jimmy Fallon

14 The Struggle For Privacy

13 Effortless Beauty

Jennifer is such an enigma that she has even found her way into popular culture and has been referenced in both South Park and The Simpsons.

12 When We Discovered She Was Hesitant To Accept The Role Of Katniss

Jennifer is an outspoken advocate for gender equality and feminism and is the founder of the Jennifer Lawrence Foundation, through which she contributes to charitable organizations.

11 When We Discovered She Got The Role For Silver Linings Via A Skype Call

Jennifer first met Russel when she auditioned for the role of a young depressed widow named Tiffany Maxwell in the romance movie Silver Linings Playbook. Initially, he didn’t want to hire her because he thought she was too young for the role, but she convinced him to give her the role via a Skype call. When asked about the movie later said she was a little challenged by the director’s spontaneous approach, but added that making the film was the best experience of her life.

10 When We Saw Her As Mystique

9 Meeting Up With Quentin Tarantino For Lunch

8 When We Discovered What She Did To Prepare For Her Role In Winter's Bone

7 Her Numerous Wardrobe Malfunctions

6 That Time She Posed With A Snake

5 When She Admitted She Found Paris Fashion Week Intimidating

4 When She Said She Gets Too Much Media Attention

3 Looking Like This In A One Piece Swimsuit

2 Bursting Onto The Silver Screen

1 When The Photo Leak Happened

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15 Times Jennifer Lawrence Gave Us More Than We Could Handle