15 Times Jennifer Aniston Left Us Begging For More

With all due respect to the other women in Hollywood, most of you just aren't in the same stratosphere as Jennifer Aniston. Mind you, this opinion goes beyond what we see on the surface. Yes, she happens to be insanely beautiful. And yes, her looks (especially her hair) have been heavily covered since she broke out on the show Friends. But, despite dealing with constant media pressure and coverage for her looks, she has blazed a career that has spanned two decades and has been a consummate professional each step of the way. She has delivered stellar performances in movies and on television, and has graced the cover of most every major publication on the planet. She is also heavily involved in philanthropic endeavors, making this star one of Hollywood's best and most charitable in recent memory. Either way you look at it, she is simply incredible.

As Aniston inches closer to 50, she remains one of the most beautiful women in the industry. People have been enamored with her for years now, and I can't say that I blame them. From her film debut in Leprechaun to her most recent magazine shoot, Aniston has been able to capture each viewers attention effortlessly. In 2018, the actress is set to appear in the film Dumplin' which is based off the novel of the same name. While we patiently wait for one of our favorites to hit the big screen, let us look back at all the times this beauty was too hot to handle.

15 Vanity Vixen

via vanityfair.com

The glitz and glamour of Hollywood calls out to those looking to leave their mark in the entertainment industry, and this photo captures Jennifer Aniston relishing in the moment. As she is sprawled across the front of this classic truck, the actress is draped in a beautiful dress that perfectly accentuates her body. The dress itself is more than enough to capture our attention, and the jewelry that she wears is subtle enough to not distract you from the true centerpiece of the photo.

Though the sun appears to be setting ever so slowly in the photo, Aniston herself hasn't slowed down a bit over the years. While her short hair caught the world's attention throughout the 1990s, Aniston is rocking longer, luscious locks, giving us a nice contrast from the style that put her on the map. If you're looking for an excellent photo shoot that features Aniston, then look no further than these Vanity Fair photos.

14 Out To Sea

via marieclaire.com

Looking Glass may have sung that a woman's eyes could steal a sailor from the sea, but what happens when that beautiful woman is the sailor? Marie Claire magazine decided to do something a little bit different with this photo shoot, and elected to feature the timeless beauty aboard a sail boat. While it doesn't look like Aniston's hands have moored any ships recently, we would still have no problem having her as our captain. One aspect of the photo that I truly appreciate is the color palette that was used. It's chalked full of lighter colors, making it both aesthetically pleasing and easy on the eyes.

The beautiful photos captured in this shoot were released last November, just one month before the release of her film Office Christmas Party. It would go on to gross over 114 million dollars during its theatrical run, and would be Aniston's third and final film that year.

13 All White Everything

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Aniston is most well-known for her acting abilities, but her underrated modeling prowess seems to slip under the radar. Yes, she is incredibly beautiful and is heavily featured in magazines, but modeling isn't as easy as it looks. There is a reason that Aniston has not had a let up all these years after her big break. She has a natural feel for the camera, and seems to improve with each shoot that she is part of. This photo here, while simple, is a shining example of what I am talking about.

There is nothing fancy about this photo. There are no elaborate sets, outfits, or gimmicks. It is a simple white jacket and white background, forcing Aniston to do the heavy lifting here. She was put in a position to thrive, seized the moment, and slayed this photo shoot as she has done so many times in the past.

12 A Little Lace

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A beautiful lace dress, a darker background, and a beautiful model are all that were necessary to make this picture nothing short of perfection. The dress flows ever so softly down to the upward facing legs of Aniston, giving her body plenty of space to breathe, and giving the picture a very delicate touch. The youthful vibe of the photo was captured brilliantly, and Aniston's body of work got a little more impressive after this photoshoot was finished.

The 2000s were kind to the actress, and not just in the world of acting and modeling. Did you know that aside from the hardware she has received as an actress, Aniston also has a Grammy win on her resume? Way back in 2006, the talented performer won a Grammy for Best Spoken Word Album for Children for her work on Marlo Thomas and Friends: Thanks & Giving All Year Long.

11 Little Black Dress

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Age has never been a factor for Jennifer Aniston, but, to be fair, this list has already featured photos of an older, more mature Aniston. So, in the spirit of diversity, we went ahead and included a few stunning photos from her younger years. Taking a quick look at this photo will show you that father time must also be a huge fan, because she is arguably better looking now than she has ever been. Black dresses have been a staple in the modeling world for years, and Aniston went ahead and took the look and raised it to another level.

Her tenure on Friends may have been an unstoppable force in the 1990s, but her modeling and film career were just as impressive. She had done modeling work before her big break, but her ascension to the top rung of Hollywood gave her many opportunities to sharpen her skills. The end of the decade also saw the actress star in the film Office Space, which has since become a cult classic.

10 The World's Most Beautiful Woman

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Each year, People Magazine sets out to find 50 of the most beautiful people. The annual list has grown incredibly popular over the years, and has featured virtually every attractive and important celebrity on the planet. Last year, to the surprise of none, Jennifer Aniston found herself firmly planted atop the list. That's right, in 2016, Jennifer Aniston was selected as the most beautiful woman in the world! Gorgeous photo aside, Aniston gave the magazine a really great interview as well.

While this wasn't the performer's first rodeo, her photo for her feature is simply breathtaking. Given its similarity to our 12th entry, I would have to say that Jennifer Aniston in lace is a surefire way to please fans. Then again, is there anything she can do to not please her fans? Although she didn't crack the list in 2017, I have a feeling that this isn't the last time we'll see her there.

9 Cute As A Button

via fashion-celebrite-news.blogspot.com

In this youthful photo, a younger Aniston, with longer hair, embodies every man's dream woman. Her makeup is done, but it isn't excessive, and her hair is well-kept and fits her perfectly. A soft smile and beautiful eyes are the first things that catch your eye in the photo, and they leave you staring and speechless. Not unlike some other modeling shoots that she's done, Aniston only has on a single necklace, choosing to let her looks grab your attention instead of her accessories.

Shortly after the start of the new millennium, while continuing to perfect her modeling skills, Aniston started an otherwise underappreciated foray into voice acting. Her fist animated film was The Iron Giant, which is one of the most heart-wrenching movies of all-time. Just last year, Aniston was feathered in the film Storks which was the first time that she did voice acting for an animated film in quite some time.

8 Black And White Beauty

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Much like her acting and voice work, Aniston has one weapon in her arsenal that remains nearly unparalleled by her peers: her smile. A simple stripped-down look and bare bones background leave Aniston and her smile to be the center of attention here. Having the photo in black and white was an excellent touch by the photographer, and Aniston's pearly whites really stand out against the darker tones in the photo. Simple, elegant, and beautiful. This is a case where the photo truly fits the model.

Like most of her pictures, Aniston's hair is absolutely gorgeous in this photo, and really helps bring it all together. Even though the 1990s are long gone, Aniston's hair game still remains among the best in the business. It helped her breakout in Friends, and it has kept her thriving after all this time. While many have tried, I don't see any star in Hollywood taking the mantle of best hair in the business from her anytime soon.

7 Alone In Bed

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This photo has Aniston adorned in something from the bridesmaid's collection, but that doesn't stop her from making it her own. The majority of the photos on the list have Aniston wearing very soft colors that are easy on the eyes. There are a few that act as exceptions to the rule, but I much prefer Aniston's beauty to do all the talking. The simple jewelry and the roses on the bed do a really great job of adding a nice touch of class in this stunning photo.

In all actuality, the star has been married to her husband Justin Theroux (who is recognized as the luckiest man on the planet) since 2015, and the couple seems as happy as ever. True love is hard to come by in general, but Hollywood appears to be a nearly impossible place for it. Each year is filled with new marriages and fresh divorces which keeps the revolving door of relationships spinning. It's great to see that these two have found something beautiful and unique with each other.

6 Beauty And The Beach

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In life, certain things tend to go hand in hand. Peanut butter and jelly, Ross and Rachel, and beautiful women and the beach come to mind. Each summer brings with it the promise that droves of beautiful women will undoubtedly be flocking to the beach to have fun and maintain their tan while they can. I'm hoping that the area was cleared out before this photoshoot, because as soon as Aniston arrived, all other women were a total nonfactor that day.

This is easily the raciest photo that is included on this list, and it was too stunning to ignore. Aniston has a nice tan in the photo, her hair is perfect, and the setting helps leave us all entranced with the beauty. With summer currently in full swing, this picture will have people everywhere rushing to their nearest beach in hopes of catching a tan and possibly seeing someone as beautiful as Aniston taking a leisurely stroll down the boardwalk.

5 Premiere Night

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In 2016, Jennifer Aniston was featured in three separate films, including the aforementioned voice acting in Storks. While bringing her year to a close, the actress attended the premiere of her film Office Christmas Party in early December at the Regency Village Theater. Aniston chose to wear a dress that brought a lot of life and character into these photos. It was a bold choice and it paid off in a massive way as she roped in photographers who couldn't take their cameras off the actress.

Office Christmas Party was a hilarious film that featured an ensemble cast. In situations like that, some performers, despite their star power, can sometimes be an afterthought. This film did a good job in allowing the performers to make the most out of their camera time. It is one of the many reasons that it would make 114 million dollars while in theaters, making it a bonafide comedic hit.

4 Nerdy Girl

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How sweet it is to be Jennifer Aniston. At Cinema Prive in November 2014, the actress hosted a screening of her latest film Cake, which was set for release the following month. Now, Aniston isn't normally featured in photos in which she is wearing glasses, but that should probably change. The dialed back look works wonder for her, and it allows her natural beauty to capture your attention.

Cake featured some other talented performers, but the lack of marketing for the film and its rather pedestrian critical reception did it no favors. It made less than 3 million dollars during its release. Compare that to a budget that was estimated to triple its haul, and you have yourself a low-budget flop. For Aniston, this would be her third and final film of 2014, and, aside from Horrible Bosses 2, her acting resume for that year leaves a much to be desired.

3 Red Carpet Magic

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Back in August of 2014, Jennifer Aniston hit the red cart in Los Angeles for the premiere of her crime comedy Life of Crime and had the attention of the media from the moment she arrived. The ageless beauty stunned in a cute silver dress and black blazer ensemble, and was clearly the belle of the ball that evening. A year prior to this, Aniston had appeared in the hit film We're the Millers, which helped the actress garner several award nominations for her role as Sarah O'Reilly.

As for the film's box office performance, well, it left a lot to be desired. Life of Crime was a low-budget film that featured an incredibly talented cast. Despite this, the film only managed to rake in 1.5 million dollars during its theatrical release. Fortunately for Aniston, she was also featured in Horrible Bosses 2 that same year, and that raked in just over 107 million dollars.

2 A Ravishing Stare

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Currently in her 3rd decade of fame, Jennifer Aniston remains a timeless beauty. Looking through photos of her over the years almost feels like the rest of the world is the only thing that has changed since 1995. Whether she is with her peers or just heading out to get some coffee, Aniston's lack of aging is extraordinary to witness. This photo, for instance, is a great example. It is nearly impossible to pin down which era of her career this was taken in, and that is really saying something.

Aniston has had an amazing career so far, and seeing the diversity of her roles has been impressive. Whether she is playing a cheating wife, a terrible boss, or a free spirit, she has made each role her own, and has helped make the leading man opposite of her in the film look just a little bit better. Her portrayal of Polly Prince in Along Came Polly is one of my personal favorites. Aniston and Ben Stiller were dynamite together, and the film remains a guilty pleasure of mine.

1 Creme De La Creme

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And finally, to cap off our list, I give you my personal favorite picture of Jennifer Aniston. Much like some of the other entries on this list, there's not a whole lot to this photo, and that is one of the biggest reason why it's so great. It is an opportunity for Aniston to utilize her talents effectively, roping in viewers, and leaving us all speechless. The utilization of black and white truly enhances the photo. When you are one of the most beautiful women in the world, it's kind of hard to have a bad modeling gig.

Despite what has come her way over the years, Jennifer Aniston has remained on top in an industry that thrives on a steady influx of fresh talent and fierce competition. But, a quick look through the photos on this list and the accolades that she has achieved over the years, and it is quite apparent that she's a talent unlike most any other.

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