15 Times Jen Selter Gave Us More Than We Could Handle

Ah, Jen Selter. This is an exciting and inviting topic to dive into head first. How does someone who is just 23-years-old (currently) get so much attention so early on in life without appearing in any sort of television series as a child star? That's the million-dollar question that is Jen Selter. Selter is a New Yorker who stormed the Internet with her bodacious figure that has garnered her a ton of media and attention. It shouldn’t be a big surprise that an attractive woman is getting some online play. But it isn’t easy to build a strong following online unless you have something to build off of it. For instance, Kim Kardashian had a sex tape that helped propel her to fame. Others have dated celebrities that initially drew attention to them. But not young and beautiful Jen Selter. She didn’t have the Paris Hilton silver spoon to get things going. She became “online famous” for entirely different reasons altogether.

Some will say that Jen Selter is just popular because of her body and the fact that she's half-naked in a lot of her photos. Okay, that makes sense. But you don’t get millions of followers just because you're some party girl that shows off your boobs. Selter is a workout queen. She, at a very young age, has emerged as a very interesting online figure. She's been able to display her figure while doing it in such a way that it categorizes her as a “professional” and not as a desperate wannabe seeking attention. It certainly doesn’t mean that Jen Selter isn’t just an attention-seeker. What it means is that the perception of what she does is in line with solidifying a brand. She sells herself as a fitness guru while at the same time blowing up the Internet with each one of her amazing photos.

15 The Origin

Before we dive into Jen Selter’s amazing career as a fitness model/guru, let's take a look at her beginnings. She started out in New York, where she was raised by her mother on the Upper West Side. Like many other young teens, Selter wasn’t born with a p--n-star-like figure. She was an awkward nerdy girl who saw herself more in the vein of being a self-proclaimed computer nerd. Selter didn’t know what she wanted to do with her life and saw college as an unnecessary speed bump, something that was a waste of time. She was looking for a path in life and stumbled upon cosmetology school. She took the cosmetology classes while she worked at a plastic surgeon’s office. Cosmetology school generally boasts some of the most beautiful women around and you double-down with a plastic surgeon’s office. That was where Jen Selter got a message; she discovered her calling.

14 Jen Gets Noticed

Jen Selter was shocked and surprised. She had no idea what would happen when she jumped into Instagram. Of course, you hope people will care about your journey. You want them to give a crap about who you are and what you're about. But Selter was a nobody. She didn’t have a family name to lean on. She didn’t date a football or basketball stud. She wasn’t a sl--ty dancer in a hip hop video or a stripper. She wasn’t much of anything on the world’s radar. She was just a girl trying to get things going. She got red hot online, and reactions to her workouts and her showcasing of her body transformation were overwhelmingly positive. Selter described herself as a “social media freak.” Her ability to communicate and promote herself online has worked heavily in the favor of this former-nobody who has amassed quite the following.

13 The Body

Much of the attention Jen gets is about her body. She herself admits that if people paid more attention to her fun-loving and kind personality, she would garner a lot more attention. It's her physique that brings home the bacon for Selter. Now, her 32B chest is nothing to write home about. But with little fat on her body, one can understand why she has a sleek upper body. But breaking out her measurements, 32-23-36, you can immediately see the number that sticks out. That 36. Jen Selter has been a massive online sensation, in large part, because baby definitely got back. And this isn’t the kind of situation where she just has a big butt because she’s got flab back there. Selter’s rear end is as chiseled and cut as the rest of her body, which is why she's such a sensation. The physical definition of her body makes her curvaceous and sexy.

12 Hello, Instagram

Instagram is a big-time application, its value difficult to digest. Launched just 6+ years ago back in October of 2010, its advent has made photos the premium way to display daily events. Twitter limits people and what they can throw online. But Instagram wanted to open things up. The mobile photo-sharing application has since grown into an absolute monster in popularity. By December of 2016, the service had over 600 million users worldwide. And many women learned of Instagram’s value very quickly. Celebrities used it to keep their fans informed and engaged while also promoting themselves. It was clear that Instagram provided opportunities of sorts for those who wanted to use the application beyond simply sharing photos with their friends. Jen Selter saw value and jumped into Instagram in March of 2012, relatively early on in the application’s advent.

11 Home Gym

Jen Selter got so much attention for her workouts that she could barely go anywhere without getting noticed. She was truly emerging as an Internet celebrity. Her biggest audience happened to be men (shocking). Selter’s figure was a homerun with her male counterparts, and if she walked into a gym with her tight workout clothing on, people would stare. Men would leer at her as she worked out, and it started to get to be too much. Selter started to feel uncomfortable at the gym, so she had to make a big change to her workout regimen. She started to do her gym time at home. She has grown to be far more comfortable in the public eye beyond her Instagram posts these days. But showcasing your body online is very different from interacting with people in person. It’s a whole other ballgame.

10 The Workouts Begin

While working amongst beautiful women getting surgery to further enhance their beauty and seeing the long line of gorgeous queens hoping to make it in that line of business, Jen Selter saw a different view of herself. She didn’t want to be the computer nerd anymore and started to exercise. The more she exercised, the more she recognized positive changes with her figure. She was emerging as a different person than she previously saw herself as. Selter’s body thinned out, and she started to see curves in places she didn’t know she had. She started to eat right, and the changes became even more pronounced. Jen Selter, the future Internet workout queen, was beginning to shine through, overcoming her more conservative teen self.

9 Jen Becomes an Internet Sensation

We spoke about Jen Selter’s Instagram account. For all the hooplah surrounding Kim Kardashian's figure, she doesn’t have much on Jen Selter’s rise to fame. Jen Selter’s body is hard and is real. Let’s dive into the amazing numbers that Jen Selter’s attracts. Her fans and her appreciative audience come to the party for her. Let’s start with Twitter. She has 1 million followers on Twitter. On Instagram, Selter has amassed an incredible 11.1 million followers. Now, keep in mind, Selter didn't appear in a television series as a child. There wasn’t a sex tape circulated on purpose so she could get extra attention. Nope, just raw interest in this workout sensation. On Facebook, Selter has nearly 9 million likes on her page. The gist is that Jen Selter draws a massive crowd wherever she goes.

8 The Model

Jen Selter, like any beautiful woman who draws a following and crowd as she has online, has naturally matured into the modeling business. With the kinds of followings that some of these online sensations have, it makes perfect sense that advertisers line up to sign them to modeling contracts. And when you begin to stare at pictures of Jen Selter, you immediately understand how well she does. Selter has graced the pages of Muscle & Fitness, which should come as no surprise. Her incredibly fit body is made for the fitness magazine. But with Selter’s popularity, FHM, Vanity Fair, Maxim, and Elle all lined up to be in the Jen Selter business, and business was good. Her photos in the magazines only furthered her legend.

7 Spokeswoman

Hey, if you're getting pictures taken of you, then having opportunities to open your mouth may not be too far behind. See, the thing about Jen Selter is that she isn’t just a hot piece of ass. She is far more, and as she has said it in the past, she has a tremendous personality. But she knows as well as anyone that people aren’t staring at her personality. Selter started her own fitness program for everyone to follow. She graduated to spokesperson. She landed a gig with Game Plan. Game Plan is an online nutritional supplements company. The company sells the supplements exclusively through a network of personal trainers. In addition to selling herself as a fitness guru, Selter managed a spokesperson deal in the process.

6 Jen Selter: The Butt Guru

People always look for that ONE thing that makes them special. Obviously, saying that someone’s rear-end is what makes them special could be very demeaning for some. Jen Selter has been criticized time and time again for posting pictures that are focused just on her butt. You literally cannot see her face. And Selter will be the first to admit that she knows her audience. She understands that they want to stare at her body and could give a crap about her face. She has publicly acknowledged that. And her butt goes a long way. Selter has launched fitness programs and apps geared toward tightening buns and your body as a whole. She is literally selling her body, but not in the naughty way. And unlike other online personalities, Selter's butt is used for business, not just for "likes."

5 Personal Life

Jen Selter has admitted that athletes, far and wide, have gone out of their way to message her and communicate with her about her now famous rear-end. Jen says it makes her feel special that the athletes across the world love to comment on her butt. There have been a few different famous men that Selter has found her way in public with. First off, there's Big Time Rush singer James Maslow. There was a picture captured of the two on April 3, 2017… so we're talking super-current. The two were down in Tulum, Mexico for a weekend vacay. Just two weeks later, on April 17, 2017, Selter was linked with NBA player, Chandler Parsons. Parsons was at Selter’s house in a bathing suit and was captured on Instagram posing next to a statue in her house. There was a hashtag for Selter in the Instagram picture as well. There was an additional photo with Selter staring at the statue. She's not married and doesn't have kids and looks to be one of the hottest women on the market, and she's definitely playing the field.

4 Jen’s Diet

In order to remain fit, Jen Selter sticks to a strict diet. Once Selter aged into her late teenage years, she made a fitness and health promise to herself. She began to workout. She began to eat right. The definition and curves on her body pushed her to double-down and continue to push herself. She absolutely loved the results. First off, Selter believes strongly in buying and making her own food. She's a big fan of controlling what she puts in her body. If she's in a restaurant, she likes to order the healthiest foods on the menu to stay away from large doses of carbs and fat. Selter believes you should also indulge once in a while. She doesn't believe in dieting; she believes in eating right, and that means having some chocolate and pizza every now and again. Protein bars, almonds, trail mix, protein shakes, Greek yogurt, kale chips, apples, and bananas are all parts of Selter’s diet.

3 Jen’s Fortune

So, what's really impressive is how someone who just wanted to be fit and share her progress with the world turned out monetizing her journey into a business and a very impressive career. Selter, like many other Internet stars, has hit a homerun online, convincing her audience and fans to not only follow her, but to buy into her approach to whatever she's selling. Amassing millions of followers enables Jen Selter to become a brand. And with that brand, you can sell advertising. That's first and foremost. Then there's substance. Selter has converted her fitness plan for the public. She's done so well with her fitness business, and with the various modeling ads that she has, has an estimated value of over $5 million. And remember, she's only 23 and just a few years ago started posting photos of herself on Instagram. Now that’s a big return!

2 Jen’s Workout Routine

Obviously, a lot of people would wonder about what Jen Selter does to get her body in such good shape. When you look at Jen Selter, the definition she sports around her abdominal region, as well as nearly every part of her body, is quite impressive. Her bodacious butt is applauded not just because it's just big and round, but also because it's literally as toned and fit as any rear-end around, and the curves associated with her rear are incredible. Her workout routines can be found online as well as by using an app Selter promotes. Selter promotes an impressive workout routine. Unlike a lot of other celebrity fitness folks, Selter posts her workout programs online for people to freely use. The programs are complete with abs, crunches, push-ups, planks, etc…. It’s not unlike anything you've seen, but it's broken down into numbers, so you can dive right in and see if you can flow her “core challenge,” as well as numerous other routines. The gist is, like with everything, Selter invites everyone into her workouts for free. She basically says, “Come watch me, follow me, and you can do it, too.” This kind of welcoming approach has brought fans, both men and women, by the droves, and helped make Selter one of the most popular online figures around.

1 Future

Currently, Jen Selter seems to be enjoying her pseudo-celebrity lifestyle. Really, when you think about, her rise is extraordinary. And when you listen to Selter talk, you kind of get it. In her words off her website: “People think I have sugar daddies and whatnot. No. I’m just like anyone else. Anyone who works out hard could be where I am. You can inspire other just as easily as me by working out hard.” This is her brilliance. She really has worked very hard to get where she is. Her fitness and her body and her career and brand, unlike many other Instagram wannabes who just want to look sexy and get attention but have been unable to maximize their financial potential and build a brand for themselves. Selter’s career will depend on her ability to continue to remain relevant and put forth workout, fitness, and diet plans. And now that Selter is starting to enjoy the “Hollywood” lifestyle and has a massive amount of attention, how will she balance her worlds? She's already engaging with athletes and big-time entertainers in the United States and beyond. One thing is for certain, we have not seen the last of Jen Selter, and her success will continue to grow with the lure of her body.

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