15 Times Hot AF Models Were Hit By Scandals

Don’t be fooled by a supermodel’s exceedingly great looks. Just because a person has perfectly proportioned facial features, blindingly shiny hair, an enviable physique, and graces the pages of popular fashion magazines, it does not mean their behaviors are quite as glamorous.

Just like the average Joe or Jane, or at least other well-known troublemakers in the public eye, a number of famous models have been involved in some sort of salacious scandal that has caused a stir louder than the sound of a Ralph Lauren ingénue falling flat on her face during her first Fashion Week catwalk appearance. Damn high heels!

With the fame, fortune, and A-list status that comes along with being an adored model, not to mention how above average looks allow people to get away with lots of BS, it is not a complete shock that these 15 gorgeous models got themselves involved in some funny business, or something far worse.

You may recall reading about or seeing some of these eye-popping incidents on the TV news, while others may come as a total surprise. But when it comes to the world of celebrity, nothing is off the table. The weirder and wackier the situation seems, the more likely the public wants to hear about it. And in the world of social media, it doesn’t take long for news to spread.

Read on for 15 supermodel scandal stories that will captivate you more than seeing Kate Upton in a skimpy two-piece.

15 Bar Refaeli - Money Mismanagement with Mama

Supermodel Bar Refaeli set the bar pretty low when she was arrested for tax evasion in 2015 in her country, Israel. With all the mounds of moolah the model must make, it is a surprise that she got herself into such a situation, but even supermodels – as perfect as they are - slip up every once in a while. Allegedly, Refaeli and her mother were lying about their place of residence so they could get out of paying taxes on the money they made while abroad. It seems like the model got her good looks and her knack for “cooking the books” from her mama. This beauty should hire an accountant and make sure she handles her money matters lawfully, even though looks like hers ought to be a crime!

14 Simone Farrow Smuggling Scandal

Simone Farrow may have crossed herself over the border, as she is from Australia, but she was smuggling drugs illegally, too. Not only did Farrow get in hot water for blaming others for the crime, but she also claimed that she was set up. Eventually, Farrow admitted she was involved in the drug smuggling and also opened up about her attempts to take her own life. Oh, and her mom told her it would be a fine idea to become a sex worker. With a parent like that, it’s no wonder Farrow turned to a life of drugs. At least she has made a name for herself as a model for Ed Hardy, but the brand may want to use a less controversial gal in next year’s ad campaign.

13 Heidi Klum’s Rich Baby Daddy

While supermodel Heidi Klum was pregnant with the child of Flavio Briatore, she dumped him after finding out he was cheating on her with a 19-year-old model! When you cheat on a lady like Klum, you’ve got issues. That’s when Klum met the singer Seal and they started dating… while she was pregnant with another fella’s baby. Since Briatore was the biological dad, there was a fight as to where she’d give birth. As we know, Seal and Klum eventually married and had kids of their own together, but they wound up going their separate ways as well. If the players in this paternity love triangle weren’t so rich and famous, this would make great entertainment for an episode of Maury!

12 Christie Brinkley’s Teen-Loving Hubby

Supermodel and forever “Uptown Girl,” Christie Brinkley was married to Peter Cook and had two kids with him, but even a glorious goddess like Brinkley was not enough for the adulterous louse. Not only was he accused of having an expensive online p--n habit, but the cold-hearted cheater was caught having an affair with his 18-year-old assistant. The good-looking pair got divorced in 2008 and a major child custody battle for their kids ensued. After the Cook catastrophe, Brinkley probably wished she and the “Piano Man,” Billy Joel made it until the “as long as we both shall live” portion of their marriage. With a name like Cook, that schmuck surely got burnt. Goes to show you that even supermodels can get into the wrong relationships.

11 Cara Delevingne’s Coke Conundrum

Model Cara Delevingne may be known best for her bold and bushy signature eyebrows, but back in 2013, cocaine was the standout descriptor when anyone Googled the beauty. She apparently dropped a suspicious looking bag of “white powder” outside her front door when the paparazzi started snapping pics of her, but it was never made clear what the bag actually contained. Perhaps it was some refined sugar so she and her celeb pals could bake cookies together. Or maybe it was baby powder… you know how those high heels can start to chafe after a few trips down the catwalk. Hopefully the model wasn’t planning to snort a few lines of coke and this incident taught her to pack her belongings more securely.

10 Yasmine Bleeth’s Drug and DUI Drama

Model and actress, Yasmine Bleeth was quite a hot number in her prime, especially when she flaunted her enviable goods in a teeny red high-cut swimsuit on the sandy beaches on the hit TV show, Baywatch. But the brunette beauty made even more head-turning headlines when she was busted for DUI as well as possession of cocaine. Why these famous folks don’t hire someone to drive them is something to wonder about, but while under the influence, they cannot be expected to make meaningful decisions. Of course, the busty beauty made it through the dark dilemma, but she was surely embarrassed and not too proud of herself. Even the most attractive ladies look pretty bad when they are caught driving while intoxicated.

9 Elizabeth Hurley and the H--ker

This tale of the A-list actor, his hot model wife, and the not-so-hot prostitute from 1995 is one for the books, considering the actor – Hugh Grant, and the prostitute - “Divine Brown,” both got booked for their illegal nookie transaction. While Grant was supposedly happily married to the breathtaking hottie, Hurley, he got caught soliciting sexual “healing” from an L.A. “woman of the streets.” Of course, Hurley did nothing wrong, but her name was dragged through the media ringer and will forever be associated with this hot mess of a scandal. Eventually Grant and Hurley split – 5 years later - but she should have kicked him to the curb (preferably the one where he picked up Ms. Brown) immediately after this story broke.

8 Janice Dickinson’s Druggie Past

Janice Dickinson claims to be the world’s first supermodel, but her behavior and drug abuse may also make her the world’s first heavily-addicted one as well. The supermodel has been an open book about her alcohol and drug issues and was even on Celebrity Rehab airing her dirty laundry for the entire world to see. Not only has the model ‘fessed up about her rampant drug use, but she’s been open about her plastic surgery procedures as well. Perhaps all the drug abuse caused added wear and tear on her body and a few nips, snips, and tucks were the only way to restore her good looks. Hopefully she is clean now and never goes back to the dreadful world of drugs.

7 Naomi Campbell’s Mobile Mania

She may be pretty, but Naomi Campbell’s behavior certainly is not reflective of her fabulous looks. While mobile phones are great for lots of things, leave it to the supermodel to find yet another use for them – throwing at assistants when she’s frustrated. One incident of such violence is bad enough, but Campbell allegedly abused 3 employees by hurling her phone at them in a fit of rage. Leaving a nasty voicemail is the usual way one tries to intimidate someone, but chucking a phone isn’t only dangerous, but stupid… those things crack easily. Kinda like Campbell who seems to crack under pressure. Fame is fun, but being Campbell’s right hand lady seems like a horrible way to experience it.

6 Linda Evangelista’s Baby Daddy is Salma Hayek’s Too

While billionaire, Francois-Henri Pinault was linked to his now-wife, actress Salma Hayek, it was revealed that supermodel Linda Evangelista was preggers with his love child! When Evangelista first got pregnant, she was reluctant to name who the baby daddy was, but it came out that the rich fella was, indeed, her kid’s “Daddy Warbucks.” When the father of your child is loaded to the likes of Pinault, it is only a matter of time before you seek some hefty child support payments, and that is precisely what the savvy supermodel did. She asked for tens of thousands before the two came to an agreement. Apparently this didn’t stop Hayek from moving forward with her man. Hey, forgive and forget… unless she’s just a really good actress.

5 Anna Nicole Smith’s Drug Dilemma

The over-the-top model and wild woman, Anna Nicole Smith, was never one to shy away from the spotlight, so that is why so many of us saw the sad spiral downward the mom and model took in the final years of her adventurous life. Smith passed away in 2007 from a drug overdose not long after the birth of her daughter and the tragic death of her son. Even after her untimely death, more scandal continued surrounding the paternity of her baby daughter, Dannielynn. Smith was outrageous while living, with attention-getting relationships, odd behavior in public, and of course, the abuse of drugs. May she rest in peace and know that her daughter is now being well-cared for by her real father.

4 Jaime King’s King-Sized Addiction

From age 14-19, the beautiful model/actress, Jaime King, was supposedly heavily hooked on heroin. Sure, we have heard of models doing all sorts of drugs time and time again, but to have begun at the tender age of 14 and continue to use for five years is a real shocker. King quit her horrible habit when her then-boyfriend passed away and she got herself clean and sober. Thankfully she made that choice because she now looks natural and fresh and continues to model and act with lots of success. Heroin is no hero when it comes to relying on the stuff to get by. Models need to look their very best, and no drug is going to help advance their career.

3 Stephanie Seymour’s DUI Detention

It is one thing to sashay down the catwalk with sheer abandon, but quite another to get behind the wheel and drive like a raving lunatic. That's what supermodel Stephanie Seymour was up to when she was pulled over for driving erratically and arrested for driving under the influence. But like in many other areas in life, the stunning supermodel got a free pass from the presiding judge and was not charged as long as she went to some meetings and apologized for her wrongdoings, publicly. Hopefully Seymour learned her lesson and takes an Uber the next time she wines (or vodkas) and dines. With money like hers, the pretty lady can afford to have someone chauffer her around town.

2 Lauren Hutton’s Biking Blunder

Model Lauren Hutton has been around for decades as a fixture in the industry. She’s never been in much trouble despite her years amidst the mix of A-listers, money, and travel, except for her motorcycle mishap back in 2000 when at the age of 57, she nearly killed herself. She joined a biker group and was speeding at over 100 mph when she got in a horrific crash. Thankfully, Hutton made it through and is as gorgeous as ever. Just because you live the fast life doesn’t mean you have to drive that way. Hopefully Hutton has been more careful on the road since her scary incident and has taken things a little slower. Heck, she’s no spring chicken despite her sexy appearance.

1 Jennifer Gimenez’s Drug-Charged Childhood

Model Jennifer Gimenez headed down the dark and bleak road of heavy drinking and drugs and started on that poisonous path at the tender age of just 12-years-old. Despite her heavy drug abuse, the brunette bombshell landed modeling gigs with major name brands including Calvin Klein, Prada, Chanel, and more. The Argentinian-born beauty moved to the United States and due to the loneliness she felt being away from home, partaking in drinking and drugging was her solution to her constant sadness and isolation. From booze to coke, this model did it all, and it was not something that would end well if she continued. Just because the final picture comes out pretty, what goes into it could be horribly ugly.

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