15Robin's Man Is Better Than Penny's

Let's be real, if Barney Stinson and Leonard from The Big Bang Theory were to get in a fight, Barney Stinson would win every time. Sure, Leonard is intelligent and I loved him on Rosanne, but Barney Stinson is Doogie Howser, the greatest awards show host of all time, and

just all around legen– wait for it– dary. Barney Stinson has invented countless ways to get into the pants of random girls at bars and into the hearts of everyone who's ever watched How I Met Your Mother. Also, no big deal or anything, but he concocted the greatest proposal seen on a sitcom of all time. Try and name a proposal that was more amazing than The Robin that wasn't an attempt to go viral, and I can promise you that you will not succeed. This isn't even considering the fact that when we were watching Barney, we were watching a character on a journey. No matter how we feel about how the show ended (and I have some strong feelings about where Barney ended up still), you can't deny that it was one crazy awesome ride.

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