14She Loves Dogs

Robin Scherbatsky is a dog person. We see this in both her first and last appearances on the show. She evidently collects them from exes, and they're the only thing she's kept from a relationship, according to one of the earlier episodes. She loves dogs so much, she had a

short-lived ex that literally was a dog. (It makes sense in context, I promise.) This doesn't just go to show Robin's love of dogs, it goes to show that by the end of the series, she'd come a very long way dating wise. She'd gone from the woman who knowingly fell for the Naked Man play to the woman who made an honest man out of Barney Stinson. She's also the woman who dominated the narrative of Ted Mosby's life, even though I have some very strong feelings about that. Regardless, Robin loves dogs, so if you're a dog person, you'll probably like her over Penny.

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