15 Times Heidi Klum Won Halloween

Is Halloween your favorite holiday? According to The Harris Poll, Halloween has had the number three spot on lock for quite a while in regards to Americans ranking their favorite holidays year after year. But that all could change soon as, among millennials, seventeen percent call Halloween their second favorite holiday (after Christmas, of course) over Thanksgiving, which gets thirteen percent of votes for the second spot. But if you happen to have Klum blood in your veins, it wouldn't even be a question as to what holiday gets the number one place.

"In our house, it's Halloween all year round," Heidi Klum once said in an interview when discussing her love for the spooky holiday. She wasn't lying. Since she was 27 years old, the former model has hosted blowout Halloween parties and now, 17 years later, she's still at it, upping herself each year with the help of a super crew of make-up artists and costume designers on speed dial. We only had so much space to list Heidi's top contenders, so here are some costumes that at the very least deserve honorable mentions considering all of the work that Hollywood's Queen of Halloween put into them. What didn't make our list is her costume as a gothic doll, a vampire with a bleeding heart, and a cat with fangs and realistic whiskers. She always puts her heart and soul into celebrating All Hallow's Eve and we tip our costume hats to Heidi for her efforts.


15 2002 - Heidi Boop

Boop oop a doop! Betty Boop isn't a terribly unique Halloween costume idea but in true Heidi fashion, she went all out, more so than the average bear. Her wig is spot-on with perfect curls framing her face and her fake eyelashes made the look instantly recognizable as the beloved flapper cartoon. Although a lot of work went into Heidi's Betty Boop costume, this is one of her more easygoing numbers. No major prosthetics, full body paint or colored contact lenses needed. Still, Heidi made Betty her own and fully committed to the character as she always does on Halloween. Heidi was coquettish and flirty the entire night, strutting around and greeting every guest with a coy smile and delicate finger wave, doing justice for the famous flapper. Heidi also had two little pointy secrets... fangs on her teeth that she hid under her best Betty smile until the time was right to show them off. What can we say... this girl can't resist adding some spooky to even the sweetest of costumes.

14 2003 - Golden Futuristic Warrior Woman


Heidi had us scratching our heads in 2003... what her costume was supposed to be exactly, we are not sure. Some people say alien, some say robot. Who knows? But whatever she was supposed to be, she looked great. As usual, Heidi gave a big thumbs-up to her make-up and costume crew to proceed with full steam ahead and by all appearances, they pulled out all the stops giving this Halloween lover a dusting of sparkly gold body glitter and gold caps for teeth to match her gold suit and impressive helmet headpiece. Heidi is known for choosing "the wow factor" over comfort when it comes to her costumes, and this costume probably wasn't any different... it looks like her head weighed a ton that night! But that's Heidi... sacrificing coziness in order to get into the Halloween spirit as much as possible.

13 2004 - Red Witch With A Bony Hitchhiker

What's so special about a witch, you might ask? Everyone and their mother has, at some point, dressed up as a witch for Halloween. But for Miss Klum, no ordinary black pointed hat and tube of green face paint will do. Heidi chose a vibrant and fiery red color in 2004 for her witch and added a special friend - a skeleton hitching a piggyback ride onto her elaborate costume. This may not be one of her heaviest hitters when it comes to her collection of wild costumes that have gotten people talking, but you've got to take time to appreciate the beautiful red hat, the long train of her dress, her knee-high red boots, and matching long wig. She still put a lot of work into this piece and it shows. She certainly seems proud of her spooky look. She also tried to "fly" in on a harness as her grand entrance, but the harness malfunctioned. You gotta give this girl credit for her commitment to Halloween!

12 2005 - Lady Godiva


Lady Godiva, the old legend goes, was so upset by the heavy taxes her husband, the Earl, had imposed on the village people that she repeatedly requested that he lower the fees. He finally agreed, but only if she rode through the center of town nude on horseback. She did, and luckily her hair was long enough to provide some cover. In 2005, Lady Klum thought she could take a stab at recreating the noble woman's look. With a long blonde wig that fell down to her ankles, a sheer bodysuit adorned with jewels and a headpiece, Heidi had the right stuff for this unique costume and had a great time at her party that night unlike the poor horse who looks terrified and miserable having being roped in as Lady Godiva's "big entrance" accessory.

11 2006 - Heidi's Original Sin

Half juicy tempting red apple and half green slithery serpent, Heidi's creative costume created a buzz in 2006. What's more is that she was able to get then-husband Seal to play the role of Eve with a curly blonde wig and leafy green dress with body enhancements hidden underneath. Many people admire Heidi for her desire to seek out the gutsier costumes rather than taking the easy way out and dressing up in a sexy costume like some women. Instead of being the obvious Eve, the already blonde Heidi gave the girly role to her hubby and took on the task of jumping into a shapeless apple costume. Even though it looks like she completely got into character and had a great time, she later revealed that the costume was poorly planned out. "The problem with that was that I was so big, I couldn't fit into a car, so I had to get a convertible at the last minute just so I could get to the party," Heidi said, explaining the disadvantages of her get-up. "I couldn't drink water because my arms didn't reach my face. I couldn't even sit. That wasn't so much fun."

10 2008 - Hindu Goddess Kali


Heidi gives credit for this costume idea to her assistant... which may or may not be the same as throwing the poor assistant under the bus. Heidi and then-husband Seal had recently gotten back from a trip to India and Heidi's assistant, probably with the best of intentions said, "Why don't you do an Indian goddess?" Then, remembering the love her boss has for all things spooky added, "Like a scary Indian goddess?" Heidi said okay and they planned an incredibly detailed costume to resemble Kali, also known as Kalika, a goddess who liberates souls. Kali and her legacy are worshipped by Hindus throughout India and other parts of the world as well. But some Hindu-American leaders were offended by Heidi's portrayal of Kali for Halloween and called her costume "denigrating".

9 2009 - Something To Crow About

After all of the time and effort poured into their matching crow costumes, Heidi and Seal only had complaints to crow about. "It was bad," Heidi said. "My husband was driving and he could hardly see anything. When you have a beak on, you can't talk to anyone, you can't really drink. It's not a good costume." Too bad considering they both looked so great as crows! We love the extra touches on Seal's crow costume, with a sunflower pin and yellow gloves. We're also not quite sure how Heidi didn't think that with her head inside of a giant fake beak she wouldn't be able to drink or talk to people... how could she even hear properly? Ah well, live and learn. Heidi and Seal both get an A for effort even if they didn't enjoy themselves as much as they thought they would.


8 2010 - Robotic Superhero Heidi Blinded Us With Science


Whoa! This purple and red stunner is a major showstopper. Her costume team went the extra mile to add about a foot to her height with stilt-type devices. Heidi revealed in an interview that she starts planning her costumes in the summer and with one glance at this costume, it's easy to see why. “It takes a long time to build things, especially when I have a ton of, you know, plastic pieces to put on my face to change my face, they have to be built,” Heidi said. “Or if I have contact lenses, weird colors, they have to be made. Or teeth have to be made. Like I go really into the details. You know, sometimes I change the shape of my ears.” Her former husband and Halloween partner in crime also got in on the concept and dressed up as her silver robotic superhero counterpart, but, as usual, it was Heidi who shined the brightest and wowed the crowd.

7 2011 - Autopsy On The Red Carpet

Surprising everyone, a hospital bed made its way down the red carpet of Heidi's annual Halloween party in 2011 pushed by two men dressed as doctors with bloodied lab coats. When they lifted a blood-spattered sheet to reveal a skinless cadaver lying underneath, the curious crowd gasped. But of course, it was just Heidi in yet another outrageous costume. What was almost as weird about this second costume for Halloween 2011 for Heidi was her explanation for it. "It's kind of like a dead body with the first layer of skin ripped off," Heidi said of her creepy costume. "It's basically like me naked." That's one way of putting it, we suppose. Heidi calls this creation "The Visible Woman" and we're not completely sold on the name. But then again, while "Skinless Dead Body Woman" might be more accurate, it doesn't have a nice ring to it.

6 2011 - Great Apes


Sometimes costumes are more fun when you've got a partner to get it on the idea with you. In 2011, it seems that Heidi felt she left then-husband Seal out of the fun with her first costume so she had a second one planned to include him. With her first Halloween party of the year in Las Vegas over with, Heidi went an entirely different route with a much more complicated costume for the party in New York City. She and Seal had to sit in make-up chairs for around six hours to complete this ape-mazing effect. These monkeys posed for photos beautifully with sometimes stoic, sometimes silly faces. They looked like such a happy pair of primates and come on - what guy is going to sit for six hours of make-up for any other reason but true love? But their separation was announced only a few months after Heidi's Halloween party, shocking the public even more than their Halloween costumes did.

5 2012 - Cleopatra, Egyptian Queen

Heidi loves to be a tease when it comes to Halloween and she did just that in 2012 with a photo of herself in a gold Cleopatra costume for her regularly planned upcoming Halloween party. But Hurricane Sandy ended up hitting just before the date of the party and Heidi decided it was necessary to move the party to December out of respect for the affected victims of the hurricane. Costume-wise, this postponement also gave Heidi and her team two whole extra months to jazz up her Cleopatra piece because the Heidipatra that was seen at the party was very different from the rather plain costume that Heidi had posted pictures of in October. Hollywood's Queen of Halloween dazzled her guests with her bejewelled face and stunning dress, cape and headpiece that were truly fit for a queen.

4 2013 - Great-Granny Klum


“When I was 95 years old, everything, every knuckle, like all my legs, everything..." Heidi said of her ninety-five-year-old lady costume. "Everything that is visual, that is skin of ninety-five would be older, so they have to make all these pieces for it.” Indeed, Heidi's costume was so incredibly detailed down to the thick blue varicose veins and yellowed teeth that she had trouble getting into her own party! She stated that her make-up and special effects were so realistic that she had to convince security staff and her guests that it was really her under all of that heavy make-up. If this seems like an odd costume choice for Ms. Klum, think again. It has all of the hallmarks of things that Heidi loves. Heavy make-up special effects and prosthetics? Check. Interesting opportunity for a unique entrance? Check. And most importantly, shock factor which we all know is what Heidi loves the most about her wild costumes. Triple check.

3 2014 - Anatomically Correct Butterfly

Lots of women dress up as butterflies for Halloween. It's a cute, fun, and flirty costume that typically involves a colorful tulle tutu, leggings, a shimmery top, headband with pipe cleaner antennae and a lightweight pair of wings worn like a backpack. But for Halloween-lover Heidi Klum, none of that would do. Once again, she gave up the perfect opportunity to wear the usual sexy Halloween costume in favor of going as realistic as possible and the result, as always, was a breathtaking butterfly like we have never seen before. Looking at Heidi's face, and especially her eyes, is almost like what you imagine you'd see if you zoomed in on a real butterfly. And those wings? Flutter-get about it! Amazing! This is another huge win for Heidi and her Halloween all-star team of make-up and costume professionals. Heidi's butterfly could have also been more than just a costume but a representation of a metamorphosis for a new chapter in her life as her divorce from Seal was finalized on October 14, 2014, just a couple of weeks before her party.

2 2015 - Realistic Jessica Rabbit


She's not bad, she's just drawn that way. Jessica Rabbit is a favorite costume among women and has been done oodles of times. But this is the most realistic Jessica Rabbit costume we have ever seen. In fact, Heidi broke her own Halloween special effects make-up record by sitting for over ten hours in the make-up room as prosthetics to her face, chest and rear were expertly applied. The exaggerated chest and rear prosthetics made Heidi so voluptuous that she was unable to fit in the car that she had planned to arrive in. The prosthetic face that was fitted over Heidi's included extra-large eyelids that make-up artists painted a perfect shade of purple to complete the look. When the ten or so hours were up, gone were any traces of Heidi Klum and out stepped a real-life Jessica Rabbit.

1 2016 - Heidi Klum: Six For One

When Heidi and the Klumettes hit the red carpet at her Halloween party last year, they blew everyone away. Heidi didn't just get five models who looked similar to her... each Heidi clone was actually wearing the former supermodel's face. Heidi's team of special effect superstars cast molds of Heidi's face and then took to the task of painstakingly affixing the prosthetic faces to the hired models.

While Heidi enjoyed her 2016 Halloween costume concept, she said that she's going an entirely different route this year. “It’s going to be a scary one," Heidi said. "Because last year, you know, I didn’t dress up at all. I just had five clones that’d be like me, which was very hard to do. And so this time, I was like ‘I’m going to have to do something crazy for me again. For me, [last year] was so easy. I loved it! I just got my own makeup done, put my own outfit on, fantastic! And that never happens. Usually I sit in hair and makeup for like ten hours. It takes a long time.” But it's all worth it when you're dedicated to Halloween as much as Heidi is.


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