15 Times Game Developers Lied To Everyone

For years gamers have participated in a war with themselves in an issue of whether or not a new video game is worth getting. Every time a new trailer is dropped or a new title is announced, players can’t help but get all riled up about how promising the said title is. Then again, some truths are better looking under a few lies here and there.

The gaming industry lives through the devoted millions who are willing to spend their hard earned money on new consoles and video games. The medium isn’t just a form of entertainment as it’s definitely a business that many are getting into. With money being a key part in the success of a game developer, players are often duped into believing a few horrible lies.

There have been a ton of documented cases of game developers blatantly lying to gamers. The reason behind the lies is often because the developer is keen on urging the player into getting a specific title. As a gamer, it’s best to not bite into any bait from developers especially now that lies from the game creators are more common than in the previous years. Here are 15 lies told by developers to gamers.

15 Mass Effect Trilogy’s Not So Stellar Conclusion

Bioware’s prized child is the original Mass Effect trilogy. The games tell the epic sci-fi story of Commander Shepard and his ragtag crew of mixed alien races. The first two titles were received well and with the end drawing near, players expected an epic finale heading into the third game.

One of the touted features of the series was that choices matter. They matter so much, that each one would impact how players get along the second game. When the third game launched, Bioware promised a great set of endings for the game but the promise was left unfulfilled. The ending of the trilogy was so controversial that players petitioned to get a better ending from Bioware but the request fell on deaf ears. Bioware did decide to release an epilogue chapter expanding the ending but it still wasn’t enough.

14 The Order 1886 Is A Waste Of Money

When new consoles are launching, tech giants like Sony and Microsoft are intent on releasing amazing console launch exclusives to get players into buying their respective devices. For Sony and the PlayStation 4, that game was The Order 1886. When it was revealed, Sony teased epic battles in The Order 1886. The game was set in an era where werewolves roam and simply put, the game was hyped up to great extent.

While the visuals of The Order 1886 was nothing short of impressive, the game was just very horrible. After a 6-hour campaign, there was literally nothing else to do in the game. Even worse, players barely got the chance to face off against werewolves. Most of the battles were against humans! The short gameplay and the lack of werewolves really disappointed fans who got the game and it’s considered as one the worst PlayStation 4 titles to date.

13 Watchdogs Is The Next Gen Of Games

Every once in a while, either Sony or Microsoft spearheads the next generation of gaming by showcasing new and more powerful consoles. Those consoles also come with a few games to boast as well. That’s not the case with Watchdogs though as the game was revealed even before the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One was showcased.

When it was revealed, Watchdogs was obviously intended for the next gen of consoles. The stunning visuals and mechanics wowed the E3 2012 audience and every other gamer worldwide. The game was set as one of the launch titles for the new gen of consoles but was delayed until 6 months after the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One were launched.

What players got by then was a clearly downgraded version from what was revealed during E3. The visuals weren’t impressive and the gameplay was dull. Watchdogs turned out to be just another unsuccessful Grand Theft Auto wannabe.

12 Spore’s Overselling

There comes a time in a developer’s game cycle where we see a very unique and interesting game that could redefine the media in general. One of these games is the creature creator simulation title, Spore. When it was being advertised, Spore was touted to be a genre defining title. Players get to control the life cycle of a creature; starting from a small micro-organism, up until it evolves into an intelligent race on its own.

While the game did allow us to do these things at launch, the game was far from what the developer advertised it to be. Spore was basically a very simple game with 5 mini games bundled into it. Players could have fun with the game for an hour or so but after that, there’s not much to get to. Players bit the bait of course and many bought Spore. At the end of the day, the game was just a big lie.

11 Dead Island’s Overhyped Trailer

Gamers are always on the lookout for a good zombie game or two. When the trailer for Dead Island was revealed, zombie aficionados and gamers alike were very excited with the title and many believed it to be a new pinnacle in zombie games. That’s because the developers created an all too dramatic trailer.

When the game launched, what players got wasn’t a cinematic experience. Instead, what everyone got was a pretty standard zombie shooter with a few RPG elements thrown in the mix. All the drama and emotion seen in the trailer wasn’t available in the game in any form as the story of Dead Island was very dull. The gamers are partly at fault for getting too overhyped about Dead Island but if the developer didn’t make the trailer too dramatic and cinematic, then there wouldn’t be a problem in the first place.

10 That’s Not Snake, That’s Raiden!

Hideo Kojima’s biggest work is with the acclaimed Metal Gear series. The title follows the very intricate storyline of political issues and espionage circling a man named Snake. Fans are always eager to see the next main entry and how much Snake has changed but in one occasion, fans were duped into thinking that our favorite war hero would be back for more stealth kills.

When promoting Metal Gear Solid 2 Sons of Liberty, Konami made it look like it’s once again Snake that’s at the helm of the game. This shouldn’t be a surprise though as he has always been the lead in the games. When Metal Gear Solid 2 finally launched though, fans were outraged to see that Snake was only playable in the intro mission. The rest of the game stars a new clumsy character named Raiden.

9 That’s Not How A Kinect Works

Ever since Nintendo introduced motion controls with the Wii, other gaming brands have started to develop their own take on the new tech. Sony had PlayStation Move and Microsoft had the Kinect. The Kinect was a promising device as it didn’t require any controllers. However, Microsoft didn’t do a good job of selling it back at E3 2011.

Microsoft introduced a new Star Wars game that made use of the motion controls of the Kinect. That’s a winning formula already. The game was shown off with one of Microsoft’s own demoing the game at work and believe us, it doesn’t take a genius to tell that the presentation was pre-rendered.

The guy “controlling” the main character of the Star Wars Kinect game wasn’t moving at the same time as the characters on screen. It was just a video and the guy was trying hard to follow the action. Hard to believe that Microsoft is willing to lie in front of a live audience like that.

8 Hello Games Lies About No Man’s Sky’s Features

For years, gamers have anticipated No Man’s Sky. What is it and why are gamers so ecstatic to get their hands on it back then? Well, the game puts players in the shoes of an explorer traveling in a galaxy. Players can explore countless planets and discover plant and animal life within the planets. This is the only part that Hello Games didn’t lie about though.

Hello Games’ Sean Murray wasn’t too shy about revealing what players can expect in No Man’s Sky. He promised multiplayer, a diverse collection of creatures, factions, faction wars and so much more. It didn’t take players long before noticing that most of the promised features for the game were all big lies.

Hello Games is taking steps to make the game better but to this date, they still haven’t added all of the missing features. This remains as the biggest gaming controversy of 2016.

7 Destiny Was All Hype

Bungie’s Destiny was one of the pioneer gaming titles for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The developers and publishers did a great deal of advertising for the MMORPG and the game easily stole the show on more than one occasion at E3. Sadly, the game was all hype as Destiny turned out to be a standard shooter filled with endless grinding.

Both Bungie and Activision didn’t actually tell a lie about what’s in Destiny but with the way that it was advertised, players expected so much more from the game. For starters, players expected a riveting storyline of space warfare and more but instead, what players got was a pretty boring story expanded by lore found outside the game. The game did get better in its second year but it wasn’t enough to bring back the players who left because they were lied to.

6 EA And A ‘Free Game’

Behind the media that is video gaming, we can all agree that it’s still a business. People behind developing games spend money hoping to get more in return. That’s why developers and publishers will do all they can to raise awareness for their new projects. For EA, they offered a free game to try and raise hype.

As a part of EA’s ploy to get gamers to buy Battlefield 3, the company offered a free game; Battlefield 1943, to come along with the PlayStation 3 version of the game. To the surprise of those who bit the trap, Battlefield 1943 wasn’t given to them for free. EA didn’t even announce anything beforehand. A few weeks after, EA responded to the controversy by saying that instead of getting Battlefield 1943 for free, PlayStation 3 players have the chance to buy the game’s DLC a week earlier than other platforms which was a right they already had. After a lawsuit, EA gave in and allowed the free title to actually become free for download.

5 Action 52’s Unbeatable Promo

Gamers weren’t safe from lies even during the early days of gaming. In fact, developers even had the most blatant and unfair lies back in the days. Active Enterprises released a 52 game bundle called Action 52 which sold for the price of 52 games and was pretty expensive back then and even with today’s standards. How did Active Enterprises sell the game?

Active Enterprises held a little contest to get gamers to buy the game. If players can beat the 5th level of Ooze, they’d have a chance to win $104,000! Now, this sounds like a good deal right? The problem with Ooze was that it’s made to be basically unbeatable. Clunky controls and bugs are part of what makes gamers frustrated. There are a lot of gamers who managed to advance a bit, but upon reaching a certain part of level 2, the game would crash every time. It was basically impossible to beat it because Active Enterprises made sure it can’t be beaten.

4 Aliens Colonial Marines Was A Big Sham

The Aliens film franchise terrified fans with the sci-fi theme and claustrophobic setting. While watching the movies, moviegoers were tense as the Xenomorph could appear at any time to brutally take the lives of our favorite heroes. It was a perfect set up for a horror game and it was something that developer Gearbox had a hand in making.

When it was advertised, Aliens: Colonial Marines was promised to have beautiful graphics, dynamic lighting effects, realistic AI, and intense gameplay. When it launched though, the game was the exact opposite. The downgraded visuals can be ignored but the main problem was the AI. The Xenomorphs weren’t scary at all and they’re as easy to kill as any basic baddy. To top it all off, most of the game was spent with the player in gun fights against other AI-controlled humans and not the Xenomorphs themselves.

3 Fable Creator Peter Molyneux Can’t Stop Lying

When it was first revealed, Fable was the dream of any fantasy nut. The game had amazing graphics and gameplay that would keep players glued to their controllers for hours upon hours. The game itself wasn’t exactly bad but the game’s creator Peter Molyneux just can’t seem to keep his mouth shut to avoid spilling some of the biggest lies in gaming ever.

The infamous gaming community liar’s biggest lie stems from Fable. One of the promised features of the game was that players can live out the entire lifespan of their character. They could go from clumsy kid to awkward teen to a very tired adult in the game. Anyone who knows Peter won’t believe this though. Players were met with a pretty standard adventure game when Fable launched and there are no groundbreaking features, to say the least.

2 Ubisoft Can’t Help But Release A Broken Assassin’s Creed

Ubisoft’s most popular franchises to date is without a doubt, Assassin’s Creed. The series has seen several entries already but we can all agree that the series has lost the luster it once had. As compared to the earlier entries, the new entries in the acclaimed series aren’t that good anymore and it remains a wonder why Ubisoft kept releasing new titles.

Back in 2013, Ubisoft said they may delay the release of future Assassin’s Creed games if they find bugs in it and it doesn't meet their standards. Yet in 2014, they released Assassin’s Creed Unity which had several issues and was one of the worst games in 2014.

1 Almost Every E3 “In-Game Engine” Footage

Every year developers have the chance to show off their upcoming titles at the Electronic Entertainment Expo, better known as E3. It’s a mecca for gamers and fans are always eager to see what the future of gaming the developer has in store for them. Sadly though, most E3 presentations are filled with lies and deceit.

Developers love to show off their shiny new titles at E3 and the best way to do that is by showcasing an in-game engine footage. This means what the players see on the screen are what they’re getting at launch. At least that’s what the developer wants gamers to believe.

There have been a lot of cases where the in-game engine footage was nowhere near what the full game actually looked like. Case in point, Ubisoft’s The Division looked amazing at E3. When the game launched though, the visuals were far from groundbreaking.

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