15 Times Fiona From Shameless Made Fashion On A Budget Look Stylish

The funny thing about television and film is that they seem to be obsessed with beautiful men and women, especially in the US and especially when it comes to women. This leaves producers feeling confused when they have to cast a project that calls for people who are seemingly trashy since it means they have to make someone beautiful look trashy or ugly. This can be hard work, and a lot of the time, they somehow manage to straddle the line between trashy and stylish. Fiona from Shameless is a perfect example of this.

Shameless is a show that revels in the trashy and ugly nature of the characters in so many ways. The creators of the show have to be sure that their female characters look rather grim and grimy, but also appealing enough because at the end of the day, their cast still has to look steamy to bring in viewers. There is no better example of this than Fiona, so we wanted to throw together a list that shows exactly how trashy, yet beautiful this woman can be.

So, ready to take a look at how Fiona from Shameless manages to make trashy look beautiful and stylish? We know we are, so let's just dive right in!

15 Fiona Knows How To Dress Like An Adult When She Has To

The thing about growing up in a trashy or grimy family is that it's not like you don't know how to look a little classier for the right occasion. That's why, even the likes of Fiona can make herself look gorgeous if she wants to. She is able to turn her trashy nature on its head, throw on a great dress, apply some makeup, and make her hair look fantastic. Even if Fiona got this little number at a thrift store, doesn't mean it doesn't look great on her.

14 Beautiful The Morning After

Fiona is no stranger to the party lifestyle. From the Gallagher house parties to the night clubs, Fiona never passes up the chance to drink to the wee hours of the morning. Especially when she needs a break from taking care of her wild family. And yet, no matter what time she stumbles back home the next morning, Fiona looks pretty damn good. We know that she looks better than most people even though she is also wearing a thin layer of grime that shows off the true beauty that is shining through her makeup from the night before. There aren't many of us that can wake up with a hangover looking this great.

13 Revamped Wedding Dress

Fiona grabbed her mom's old and ugly wedding dress and turned it into something quite beautiful and flattering. It's not exactly the most glamorous dress and it does have a little bit of a white-trash look to it, but Fiona pulls it off nonetheless. Fiona always like to keep it simple, and this wedding dress reflects just that.

12 Just Because She Lives In The South Side Doesn't Mean She Can't Dress Up

There aren't many times when Fiona actually puts on a dress and glams up for a night out, but when she does, she kills it. There's no doubt Fiona is beautiful, but it's hard to notice when she looks like a total wreck. However, every now and then, she throws on a pair of heels, a little black dress, and puts on eyeliner and lipstick, and voila — she's a whole new woman. No wonder why she attracts a ton of men!

11 White Trash Or Music-Fest Style?

While people often don't put glam and trashy together, they'd be wrong to think that the two can be mutually exclusive. What we're trying to say is, if you're trying too hard to put your most important attributes on display, you can end up looking pretty desperate and trashy instead, although, even we have to say that we're impressed with what Fiona is wearing here. Her denim shorts might have a little white-trash appeal to them, but floral crop top adds a nice feminine touch. She could totally rock this at Coachella.

10 Sometimes, Keeping It Simple Is Best

Sure, there are some people out there who would consider this trashy — the garbage bag doesn't help — but she still looks adorable. She's not looking glamorous, but that doesn't mean she's looking trashy, either. Her look is totally casual and perfect for running errands. Why would you bother throwing on a load of makeup and stuff when you're running and working? Plus, she doesn't need to give herself that much of a touch up to look pretty anyway. If there's one think Fiona knows how to do, it's how to rock a pair of gardening gloves.

9 This Rocker Chic Means Business

We're not completely sure, but we imagine it's fairly accurate to assume that this woman is heading out to some sort of costume or sports party. We doubt that this is how she throws herself together before a normal night out. If it is, then we imagine she'll be grabbing quite a few looks while she walks around. She might not have dolled-up her face, but she sure is rocking the leather jacket.

8 Things To Do, People To See

As we all know, Fiona is the sort of woman who would do anything to look after others, making her incredibly resilient, meaning she needs to make sure that she’s keeping her outfits practical. This image is a perfect example of how her trashy fashion will often allow her to move and be the strong rock of the family. Her footwear might not be the most fashionable, but those boots are practical and have a cool, grungy look to them. Fiona doesn't have the easiest life, so it's no wonder she suits up in construction boots in case she finds herself in a mess (literally and emotionally) or needs to kick someone in the behind. Fiona knows that she can’t worry too much about fashion if it means she has to wear something impractical or uncomfortable. Life is too short and she has things to take care of and people to look after.

7 Who Knew That You Could Make Prison Look Good?

Who would have thought that a prison uniform could look this cool? Sure, there's nothing glamorous about it, but it does have a grungy appeal to it. It takes some serious beauty to take the trashiness of prison scrubs and turn them into something that looks genuinely hot. You might disagree, but we think Fiona is rocking this look. Plus, the tuque is a Fiona staple and it helps keep her wild hair under control.

6 City Girl In The Country 

While she might be more level-headed than her father and has an understanding of what maturity really is, that doesn't mean she doesn't have parts of her father in her genes. She's a Gallagher, so she obviously never passes up an opportunity to drink and party, even if that means chilling in nature. Again, this plays into her ability to be practical at all times, but we think it’s also showing how Fiona comes from a trashy background, meaning she’ll never be able to escape the sort of low-end practical clothes that come with being born into this sort of family and environment. The puffy vest over the plaid shirt is a great combination that others might underestimate, but we can see how Fiona manages to make it work while also being ready for a long night out in the cold.

5 Trashy, But Cute

Fiona is a chameleon — whether she's working at the diner, breaking walls in her house, or dancing it up at the club, Fiona always owns her look. She jumps from one relationship to another, and no matter how she looks, she always turns heads and she owes it to her confidence. She doesn't pretend to be someone that she's not and owns the fact that she grew up in the South Side. She doesn't dress to impress, but that doesn't mean she doesn't.

4 Fiona Is Evolving And So Is Her Look

People have been managing to make frayed denim work for them and Fiona is no different. Tucking in her blouse, as opposed to leaving it out hanging over her skirt, gives her a more put-together look while staying on a budget. Not only does this look give her the ability to go about her day knowing she looks good, it also allows her to move pretty freely as well. Compared to past looks, this one is quite feminine and suggests Fiona's character is evolving and she's finally starting to take care of herself.

3 Fiona's Signature Outfit

Fiona is always on a mission. Whether she's helping out one of her siblings, fixing her house, or dealing with her father, Frank, Fiona never has a moment to herself. Since she's running around Chicago trying to get shit done while making sure the bills are paid and there's food in the fridge, Fiona doesn't have time to really think about her outfit of the day. Fiona's laid-back look is her signature style. She rocks the tank top, skinny jeans, and Converse like no other gal in the South Side.

2 Dressing For Every Season

Chicago has four extreme seasons. While you can find Fiona in booty shorts and a crop top in the summer, you can expect nothing less than a flannel shirt or knit sweater on her in the winter. Without an expensive coat, it can be difficult to make winter look anything other than played out and trashy, no matter how much money you have. However, Fiona is a master with this sort of stuff and has managed to pull it off yet again.

1 You Can Never Go Wrong In Black 

When it comes to colour, Fiona usually doesn't venture beyond neutral tones. And why should she? She always looks best in black, especially when it's something a little fancier than usual. For once, Fiona is actually wearing a something that's quite trendy with the cut-out shoulders and lace-up shirt. Good on Fiona for dressing her age and finally taking the time to put in a little more effort on her outfit.

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