15 Times Farrah Abraham Stunned Us With Her Outfits (But Not In A Good Way)

Farrah Abraham is a 26-year-old woman who got her start on the MTV show, 16 and Pregnant, which later turned into Teen Mom OG. Since then, she has appeared on Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars Family Edition and has been the center of a lot of controversies due to her poor life choices. Farrah took it upon herself, while still appearing on Teen Mom OG, to start participating in the adult entertainment industry and even has her very own line of toys, and she recently began hosting live online shows. This and the way that she treated the crew members of the show ultimately led to her being fired from the MTV show. She is now embracing her life in the adult industry as well as running a couple of businesses.

Farrah has been known to stun people with her appearance. This is mainly due to the ridiculous amount of cosmetic enhancements that she has gone through in her short life as an adult, but also because her outfits go a bit overboard. Actually, her outfits often go way overboard. Her style on and off the red carpet have sparked controversy, and she often wears this clothing around her own daughter. Farrah has managed to earn herself the title as one of the most hated reality TV stars out there, and she never fails to get people talking about her. Let's take a look at 15 pictures of Farrah that stunned us with her bizarre outfits.

15 Wonder Woman

via: mtv.com

Farrah Abraham never fails to draw loads of attention to herself when it comes to the outfits that she wears to various awards shows. In this photo, she is seen posing for the MTV Music Video Awards in 2016 dressed as Wonder Woman. People everywhere criticized her by pointing out how ridiculous she looked when she was the only one in costume. Farrah responded to her haters by stating, “Business takes over my life, honestly I get kind of bored with dressing in business attire, so I wanted to dress it up a bit.” She certainly did dress it up, and maybe a little too much. Farrah mentioned that she really wanted to channel her inner self and look like the superhero that she really felt that she was, although anyone who has seen Teen Mom knows that Farrah is far from a superhero.

14 Princess

via: gettyimages.com

Here we can see Farrah, once again, dressing in costume for another MTV awards show. Only this time, her costume sparked a lot of controversy among people everywhere. She wore the Bollywood-inspired costume to the MTV Music and TV Awards in 2017 and the costume was even complete with henna on her hands and a bindi on her forehead. People instantly went on Twitter to write things like, “Why is Farrah trashing such a beautiful culture?” Another user wrote, “Imagine wearing something that is a part of someone else’s culture just for attention. She looks so bad and so desperate.” Farrah responded to all the backlash that she was receiving by saying, “I just wanted to bring a little culture to the red carpet, I thought that it would inspire others.” Besides the fact that she looked like a fool on the red carpet, she got a lot of attention and whether that attention was positive or negative, it was just what she was looking for.

13 Santa

via: hollywoodlife.com

This picture was taken when Farrah was hosting a party at the Crazy Horse Gentlemen's Club, so it no surprise that she is dressed so inappropriately. We all know that Farrah is far from shy when it comes to showing off a little skin, and let’s just say she definitely would not be warm if she were in the North Pole. For this photo, we chose a profile shot because, let’s be honest, no one wants to see that amount of skin on the Teen Mom OG star. The photo was also taken just a couple of months after she was fired from MTV, which is why you can see her dropping what is supposed to be coal into an MTV stocking. It was outfits and events like this one that are the ultimate reason that she was fired in the first place. Judging by this Santa outfit, it is fair to say that Farrah might as well hold on to that coal because she is more than likely on Santa’s naughty list this year.

12 Modelling

via: radaronline.com

It would seem that Farrah has tried her hand at getting into modelling, which is probably easy to get into when you have enhanced almost every inch of your body (even parts we don't care to know about). Obviously, most people in fashion shows look a little weird and are always wearing things that you could never wear, but Farrah seems to look not so fantastic here. We’re not sure if it is the makeup that was put on her, that poodle-like hairdo, or just how different her face looks, but she definitely does not look normal. As for the outfit, the bottom should probably come down a little lower and if she were to turn around, her entire behind would be visible, but again Farrah is not shy when it comes to showing off.

11 Leopard Print

via: instagram.com

Honestly, this picture proves that Farrah has legs that most women would kill to have; they truly do look perfect, but beyond those legs everything seems to be one giant fail. Obviously the print works for certain people, but Farrah is definitely not one of those people. Sure, the fur looks super comfortable and warm, but it does not go with the top of the dress at all and her bright red hair just seems to throw everything off. Of course, she does look more normal here than she usually does, but you can still tell how fake she really is. There are not a whole lot of negative things to say here, as opposed to most of her other outfits, so let’s get to the next one.

10 All White

via: intouchweekly.com

This entire outfit just screams tacky; all white is never a good idea, especially when you are wearing a shirt and pantsuit. Should we even mention those awful gold boots? What was she thinking when she got dressed that morning? The tight, high ponytail works for some people, like Ariana Grande, who is known for it, but it just elongates Farrah's face and makes her look totally weird. We’re not sure what exactly she was trying to pull off here – maybe an early 2000s Britney look from the music video for "Oops!... I Did It Again," but it is definitely something that went out of style a long time ago. Honestly there isn't a single good thing about this look, except for maybe how well it shows off her curves, but we have certainly seen Farrah in better outfits than this in the past.

9 Black Velvet

via: dailymail.com

First of all, didn't velvet clothing go out of style back in the '90s? Sure, it’s soft, but it looks awful. Maybe we are just so used to Farrah showing off as much as possible, so seeing her with a turtleneck is just plain weird. This is one of those pictures that you can compare with an old photo of Farrah and realize just how much work she has had done over the years. Let’s be honest, no one’s face changes that drastically over a short period of time naturally. She readily admits it and she has shared that information publicly. All the work that she has had done really makes her look older than she really is. She certainly doesn't look like she is in her 20s. She looks more like someone in her late 30s or early 40s, which is a really sad thing. Why does she think that she needs to change her face so much that she ends up unrecognizable?

8 Champagne Dress

via: chron.com

Farrah is slightly younger here, but still obviously over the age of 18, once again posing in front of the Crazy Horse Gentlemen's club sign. The reason we say that she is obviously slightly younger here is that you can tell from looking at her that she has not yet had all the work done to her face that she had in some previous photos that we have talked about. The dress she is wearing is not totally horrible but it looks sort of like a prom dress or like something a 16-year-old would be wearing to their sweet 16 party. Although maybe that is the look that she was going for since her first film used the words “teen mom” in its title, which, if you think about it, is kind of disturbing. Of course, this dress would not be meant for Farrah if did not show off as much as possible.

7 Insensitive Attire

via: instagram.com

This next picture was found on Farrah’s Instagram account with the caption, “Just picked out my silk velvet outfit from salaishop dotcom” followed by a bunch of hashtags. Obviously, this is something that she was paid to promote because this is clearly not something that Farrah would actually wear, unless of course she cut the chest portion out of it and made the pants into short shorts, then maybe it would be more Farrah appropriate. The site that she was advertising in that post is a site for Muslim men, women, and children to purchase high-priced style clothing online. It's obviously not something that Farrah has any business wearing, and they definitely could have chosen someone better for the job. If you were to read through the comments on this post, you would find a lot of people who are once again upset about cultural appropriation.

6 Fur Coat

via: wetpaint.com

Farrah’s face just seems to keep looking weirder and weirder, but then again that is what a bunch of enhancements will do to a person. The shiny silk dress is not the right style or color for her at all and it once again looks like something that a teenager would wear to a school dance. Not to mention that awful fur coat, which we’re pretty sure went out of style a long time ago. Yet she is wearing one and thinks it looks good on her when it actually looks like she just made a coat out of some of Sophia’s stuffed animals. Once again, her hair totally offsets the entire ensemble and everything is just one giant fail. Does she even look in the mirror before she goes out, or does she just assume that she looks fabulous?

5 Whatever

via: instagram.com

Outfit aside, Farrah’s lips are beginning to look like huge. This is another photo that was found on the Teen Mom OG star’s Instagram with nothing but an emoji in the caption. The comment section seems to be where things started to heat up, where people were saying things about how different she seems to be looking lately. It seems as though her followers definitely do not go easy on her and with outfits like these, why would they? There is nothing about this outfit that screams successful mother of a young child. It’s more like an adult film star with no responsibilities fighting for the attention of everyone in the world, and it’s kind of sad. The only thing that looks remotely good here are her eyes; everything else is sad.

4 Christmas Vacation

via: instagram.com

Here we are looking at another photo that was taken from Farrah’s Instagram with the caption, “loving Christmas right now.” What was lacking from her Instagram post was photos of her daughter Sophia. Sophia was not pictured in any of these Christmas vacation photos and it certainly calls her parenting abilities into question. There seems to be nothing Christmassy about this outfit anyways. The top looks more like something from an inappropriate jester costume and the bottoms just look like a pair of shorts. This is probably another sad attempt at getting some attention, but once again the comments on this picture were filled with angry remarks about her looks, attitude, and lifestyle. How anyone could enjoy spending Christmas without having their child by their side throughout the entire holiday is beyond us, but it certainly did not seem to bother Farrah one bit.

3 Headquarters

via: dailymail.com

In this photo, it is almost impossible to tell that this is Farrah – maybe it was the angle that it was taken at or maybe it was just the fact that her hair is straight when she normally has it wavy. This seems like a dress that is sure to turn the heads of men everywhere for obvious reasons, as it shows off her curves, but it appears that she is wearing another velvet dress and, as we already discussed, that went out of style a long time ago. We should also mention that she certainly does not look good with straight hair by any means because it just accentuates the fact that her entire face has been changed. However, if we had to pick a least hated outfit on this list, then this one would probably be it.

2 Fab Fit Fun

via: instagram.com

This is yet again another photo taken from Farrah’s Instagram where she is opening a box that she got from Fab Fit Fun. This is something that she was once again paid to review since she has so many followers. As mentioned before, animal print definitely is not a good choice for Farrah. Of course, she's wearing workout gear, but who really wants their workout gear to be that tight? Also, how can you have someone endorse something with the word “fit” in it when, if it were not for enhancements, she wouldn't be as “fit” as she looks? It is things like these that give younger girls the idea that they need to look a certain way when they are actually beautiful just the way they are. Perhaps if someone had told Farrah that she was beautiful when she was younger, she wouldn't feel the need to change her body to fit this unrealistic idea of what she should look like.

1 Froco

via: previously.tv

In this photo, Farrah is seen walking around with a pair of the most ridiculous glasses that we have ever seen. These glasses were used as a promotional item for the grand opening of her Froco store that she opened in 2016, but Farrah just looked awful and it was a little hard for the people around her to take her seriously as she barked out orders while wearing the colorful, swirly glasses. Let’s not forget to mention those Yelp reviews on the establishment. People who have been there argue that she treats her employees as if they are garbage and the yogurt is pretty standard frozen yogurt. It does not come as a surprise that there are so many negative reviews out there because there aren't many people who liked Farrah compared to those who do not.

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