15 Times Emma Stone Wore Revealing Outfits That Were Hot AF

One of the most beloved actresses in Hollywood these days, Emma Stone seems capable of doing it all. She has been a part of films that fall under virtually every genre, including comedies, dramas, horror films, blockbusters, animated movies, and even a musical. While Hollywood is overrun by beautiful women, in our opinions Emma doesn’t owe her success or fame to her looks as she has proven herself time and time again to be a marvelous actress. That said, it certainly doesn’t hurt that she is a world class hottie who works in an industry where there are professionals who work to put together outfits that will make her look good.

As is the case with all people who are as famous as Emma, there seems to be an endless amount of photos of her as the world always seems to be primed to see how she looks at every turn. Of course, not every image of her is going to be a hit in the looks department but given how exquisite of a woman she is, there is bound to be some that are likely to take your breath away. We could have put together a list of her hottest photos but there are already a plethora of those so we decided to do something a little bit different. Instead, we’ve put together this list of some of the outfits she has worn over the years that have looked amazing on her. After all, we realized that when clothing accentuates everything that is attractive about her it needs to be celebrated. That is what inspired us to put together this list of fifteen times Emma Stone wore outfits that were astonishingly hot.

In order for an outfit to be considered it first of all needed to be donned by Emma during a moment in her life where she was photographed. Next, it needed to look fantastic on her for any number of reasons, like showing off lots of her flesh or drawing focus to her curves. Finally, we put a premium on outfits that it seemed like she felt good while wearing based on her body language. Keep in mind, any clothes that she wore in movies, on television, or any other kind of public appearance were very much in the running.


15 Fiery Maxim

A woman that many people associate with the fiery red hair that adorns her head, in most occasions that it is the most vibrant part of any photo she is a part of. When it comes to this image that has been reversed, as her hair has been drained of most of its color either through lighting trickery or the use of photoshop, which at first seems like an odd choice. However, when you then appreciate that her outfit is every bit as eye-popping as her hair usually is and that fact ensures that the viewer’s eyes are immediately drawn to her body it makes perfect sense. Especially once your gaze lowers and you are met with a fantastic view of her magnificent legs which are a part of her we absolutely adore. When a piece of clothing manages to make you appreciate it and the flesh it covers more, that is nothing short of fantastic.

14 Distant and Sexy


This image shows Emma in a way we aren’t used to. An actress that seems to be so present whenever she plays a character and appears to fully invest in what she is doing, it is an interesting change to see her looking like she is not living in this moment. Also, sporting hair that seems wet to the touch and bottoms that look like they only cover her naughty bits, she looks extremely hot here. However, for us, the highlight of this picture is her top which is about as tight to her torso as possible and features a window of sorts that reveals a hint of the skin near her chest. A fantastic combination of sexiness and class, nothing about this photo seems to be put in our view but everything about it is attractive due in large part to the clothing choices and her expressive face.

13 Gwen Stacy

When Emma was cast as Gwen Stacy, Peter Parker’s much beloved former girlfriend from the Spider-Man comic books it seemed like an odd choice. That is because the actress is well known for her distinctive red hair as is Gwen for her blonde locks but it turned out to be a great opportunity to see that Emma looks great no matter how her hair looks. Of course, the fact that she is wearing clothes here that bring to mind a more innocent time in our lives while still looking sexy helped a lot too. Especially due to the fact that her skirt is so short that when we were in high school she likely would have been forced to cover up more or go home. Fortunately, that crusty principal can’t get to her here and we get to sit in appreciation as a result.

12 Loose and Sexy


An image of Emma from a flick named Movie 43, the fact that she has anything to do with it is shocking to us to this day. We say that because it is one of the most reviled movies in recent memory and while she is only one of a long list of major movie stars that somehow got roped into it, we associate her with better film choices than that. Thankfully, when it comes to this list, the quality of the film is immaterial, as all we care about is how the clothes she has on look on her and this outfit totally works. Loose fitting, it may seem like an odd choice to the close minded but when you really look at what is happening here you should see why we included it. The fact that the ill-fitting nature of it has allowed us to get a look at her bra strap and the way it bunches around her chest come together to make her look great.

11 Tight Top

A photo of Emma from a 2014 red carpet event at the Metropolitan Museum of Art when a Charles James fashion exhibition was opening, it was supposed to be all about the clothes inside. However, when Emma shows up wearing an outfit like that all of our attention is immediately on her. Right off the top, you are likely to focus on her top which is a simple pink affair but we love it due to the way it cups her every curve. However, that may mean that it takes a few moments too long for you to see the way a slit in the fabric allows her legs to slip free of her coverings and become visible to the naked eye. Coming together to become an outfit for the ages, the second we saw it there was no question in our minds that it deserved to be celebrated here.

10 Cabaret Lingerie


A photo that was used to advertise Emma taking on the role of Sally Bowles during her 2014 to 2015 run as part of a Broadway revival of the musical Cabaret. Whoever was in charge of the promotion team for the play deserves a massive raise for their work here. All we can say is that if we were in an area of the world where it was possible for us to be there when you could go see this show and be in the vicinity of her wearing these clothes, we’d be there in a hot second. Taking over the role from Michelle Williams, she had big shoes, and well, lingerie to fill but looking at her here and thinking of her acting skills we’re guessing she did a bang up job.


9 Poolside

The first of two images of her from the movie Easy A, which is still one of our favorite films of her career, it also happens to feature her looking great in several scenes. In this image we see her standing near a pool and while some may wish she was wearing swimwear, which admittedly would have been awesome, her outfit here is no slouch. Wearing a gym uniform, the top shows off some of her midriff which looks tight and inviting. Despite that fact, the best part of this image has to be her shorts which are so small that they barely even qualify for that designation and show off almost all of her legs.


8 Rolling Stone Cover


In olden times, the cover of Rolling Stone magazine seemed to be reserved for the biggest rock n' roll act of the day but things have changed since then. While some may see actors that are mostly unrelated from music taking possibly the most coveted magazine cover in music as a perversion, we’re not certain anyone could complain about an image like this one. Published as part of an issue from January of 2017, this is one of the most recent images to appear on this list and if you ask us Emma just gets more attractive with age. Wearing clothes that seem closer to a slip than a dress, it seems like we’ve been granted a window into an intimate moment in Emma’s life, and who wouldn’t want that?

7 Short Shorts

A movie that Emma played a part in back before she was as famous as she is today, The House Bunny saw her play a supporting role to the star of the movie, Anna Faris. One of a group of young women that form a sorority but don’t fall under the stereotypes of institutions like that in the looks department, when a former Playboy playmate lives with them they embrace their own beauty. In this scene we see them going for a stroll and unveiling their new sexy looks and while they all look great, our eyes were immediately drawn to Emma here. Wearing clothes that show off the majority of her flesh, through the lack of covering we get to see that her skin looks soft and supple and her figure looks curvy in all the best ways possible.

6 Vanity Fair Bikini Cover


The second of two magazine covers to make our list, looking at this image and thinking of the other it seems stunning to us that she isn’t featured on them a lot more. Wearing a red and white bikini that is modern in cut but has an old-timey vibe of sorts to it, it seems like the perfect outfit to match Emma’s personality. We say that because if you ask us she has an old school artistic aura to her and her work that makes us focus more on her personality and spirit which you can’t help but appreciate. At the same time, she is a very attractive woman who may not receive the credit due to her for her incredible body which the sparseness of the fabric here helps to make clear.

5 Going for a Bike Ride

On the face of it, this photo seems to be having a bit of a laugh at the ridiculousness of some of the setups behind several of today’s photoshoots. That is backed up by the fact that this was published by GQ magazine alongside an article that was titled, funny girl, but just because they are joking around doesn’t mean that it isn’t seriously hot. Wearing clothes that brings to mind the classic schoolgirl outfit, it is complete with a skirt that is slightly risen and barely giving us a view of what appears to be red underwear underneath. As hot as that is, however, this outfit is highlighted by the top, in our mind, which leaves little to the imagination when it comes to her chest which is something that is marvelous to see.

4 Easy A


We promised that we would be including a pair of images from Easy A and anyone who knows anything about this movie likely could have predicted this outfit would be included. A movie that was heavily influenced by the story of The Scarlet Letter, in one of its most memorable moments her character places a red A on her top because of rumors that surround her. A statement about the way society sometimes judges women who embrace their sexuality, it is a fantastic message for young people to reflect upon. Looking simply marvelous in an outfit that actually doesn’t show that much more of her body than several of the ladies around her, a large part of the reason this outfit is so great on her is the confidence exuding from her here.

3 Skin Tight

A photo of Emma that is in stark black and white, that fact means that a lot of information about the dress she has on is missing. For all we know it could be a wide range of colors, some of which would greatly clash with her surroundings and skin tone but none of that matters here as from what we can see it fits her to perfection. Fabric that is so tight that it allows us to get a better look at her rear end than almost any other image of her we’ve ever seen, despite being shot from the side, it is truly miraculous. The important thing here, though, is that the dress practically forces the onlooker to sit in astonishment at Emma’s mind-bogglingly sexy body which is something we will always support.

2 Bedevilling Red Dress


Like many other people, we were looking forward to Gangster Squad because we love a good mobster movie and this one had an incredible cast. While we were let down by the quality of the film, one thing surpassed all of our expectations, how gorgeous Emma looks in the red dress she wore in an unforgettable scene. Looking like a call back to the beauties of the golden age of film, the dress she has on covers most of her body, aside from the slit that lets her leg escape. The best part of it, though, is that something about it makes this already attractive and talented actress look more sultry than we’ve ever seen her seem in the past which is really saying something.

1 Back View

Wow, just wow. Anyone that has watched any of Emma’s appearances at awards shows should be able to tell you that Emma looks amazing in a fancy dress but the garment she has on here absolutely beats all. A black dress that is almost entirely backless, that fact alone makes it stand out as any time that a significant part of her body is uncovered will always be worthy of inclusion on a list like this. Raising the ante significantly, however, the fact that it also shows off the side of her torso and bit of the side of one of her boobs, while still covering the necessary parts, just shuts our brain down with delight. We guess it is a good thing that this is our top entry as even getting these words out was a struggle for the ages.

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