15 Times Chrissy Teigen Was Real AF About Her Body

“Yes I agree that I have kind of an odd face.”

I have to confess something: I love Chrissy Teigen. And, I’m not the only one. Most people love themselves some Chrissy Teigen. Why is Chrissy Teigen such a beloved celebrity? Well, on a superficial level, she’s gorgeous. Like, girlfriend is just a beautiful human being, which is what originally helped push her into the public spotlight, as she began her career modeling. After signing with IMG Models in 2004, she worked as a substitute model on Deal or No Deal and landed campaigns with Olay, Nike, and other major brands.

Chrissy’s breakout moment was when she was named Sports Illustrated Rookie of the Year in 2010. Since then, Chrissy Teigen has exploded. She’s appeared in Cosmopolitan, Vogue, Esquire, and Glamour. She went on to appear on Inside Amy Schumer and The Mindy Project, and, in 2015, she became the host of Lip Sync Battle. Expanding even more, Chrissy released a cookbook called Cravings, which became a New York Times Bestseller. Long story short, things are going pretty well for Chrissy Teigen.

In addition to all of Chrissy Teigen’s success, she may be most well known for being an Internet personality, because being an Internet personality is an actual thing these days. What is so special about Chrissy is that she’s been very open and honest about her body. She’s unlike the other celebs, who are like "Oh, it’s just good genes." (Also, HARD eye roll to those celebs.) Chrissy talks about the work she puts into her body and she also talks about what her body is really like. Cellulite and stretch marks? Yeah, Chrissy Teigen has them and she’ll post pictures of them.

Below are 15 times Chrissy Teigen was real AF about her body and we totally loved her for it.

14 When She Was Concerned About Her Milk

Chrissy Teigen is going to talk about that breast milk, y’all.

In 2016, Chrissy Teigen gave birth to their first daughter Luna, who is so very lucky to have Chrissy Teigen and John Legend as parents. Like, I’m not jealous or anything but I would totally be a newborn again if I could have them as parents. Shortly after giving birth, Chrissy went to Disneyland and went on Splash Mountain, as one does when one is in Disneyland. While going down the roller coaster, Chrissy didn’t put her hands up, but she rather clutched her breasts. She posted the picture to social media with the caption, “MY MILK.” This is 100% typical of the stuff Chrissy Teigen will post online.

Chrissy Teigen isn’t only real about her own milk. Back in 2015, she was prepping Super Bowl snacks and her skin caught on fire due to some jalapeños. (We’ve all been there, right?) Well, some loving followers suggested she put milk on her body to calm it down and she did. So, she posted a video of her, in a towel, pouring milk all over her body. Of course it went viral, because it was Chrissy Teigen pouring milk all over herself for the love of god.

Chrissy T, always real about her body and milk.

13 When She Posted About Her “New” Thighs

How does a model deal with being pregnant? Well, Chrissy Teigen embraced the hell out of it. She posted the above photo to social media, with the caption, “Hello new thighs! You appeared out of nowhere but I am not mad at it.”

Quite frankly, those thighs are thighs that women work out to achieve, but I guess they aren’t necessarily up to her normal model figure. Whatever the case, I love that she embraced her “new thighs,” as many people struggle to embrace the changes that take place to their body though pregnancy. Maybe with Chrissy Teigen - someone who is making money based on the way she looks - embracing her new body, hopefully it will help other women embrace their baby bods too. Pregnant bodies are beautiful, ladies. I mean, a little bit sci-fi, but beautiful still.

12 When She Wore This Dress

OH MY GOD. Did everything in the world just stop when Chrissy Teigen wore this dress? Because, holy sh*t.

At the 2016 American Music Awards, Teigen showed up in this number and, if you wish, please Google for some VERY, VERY NSFW pictures. Basically, she was exposed everywhere and anywhere, like front, back, side to side. Since Chrissy is the realest, she embraced the wardrobe malfunction, because what else are you really supposed to do after flashing everyone your everything? She posted a photo of herself in the dress with a caption reading, “#AMAs! love you so so so much @jenatkinhair @1maryphillips @monicarosestyle @kimmiekyees (apologies to anyone harmed mentally or physically by my hooha) dress is #yousefakbar and shoes are @dsquared2 and laser hair removal is @sevlaseraesthetics.”

Well, at least we know who gave her that legit bikini zone. I’m so here for Chrissy not only embracing a wardrobe malfunction but also turning it into a hilarious caption.

11 When She Was 100% Open About IVF

By this point, we should all be aware of infertility issues. As we, as a collective society, continue to have children later in life, it gets more and more difficult to conceive. That being said, infertility isn’t something that just plagues older women. Not yet 30-years-old, Chrissy Teigen struggled to get pregnant with Luna. In an interview with Self Magazine, Chrissy explained her heartache over having trouble conceiving. She also explained that because of the IVF treatments, she would have bruises on her body and had gained weight, making it difficult to be in the public eye during the trying time.

Thankfully, Chrissy Teigen conceived and has a happy and healthy little girl. But, it’s comforting to hear a celeb opening up about this difficult process and it’s a reminder that health issues afflict both us normal people and those beautiful, rich celebrities as well.

10 When She Posted About Her Pregnancy Cravings

Once Chrissy Teigen was pregnant, she was not getting off the honesty train. In fact, she kept right on telling her fans every detail of her pregnancy, including her cravings. She posted the above photo, in which she’s eating a mixture of Fruity Pebbles and Captain Crunch. (Also, what a queen for mixing those two cereals.) As it turns out, sometimes honesty is not the best policy, especially when you're pregnant. People were quick to tell Chrissy Teigen not to eat the cereal, as it contains artificial chemicals and food dye, which are bad for her baby. In response to the critical comments, Chrissy tweeted, “If you wanna give me unsolicited baby advice on the damn cereal I eat/what I wear u better unlock your profile so I can see your perfection.”

Chrissy continued with, “Yes I am living off dyed food. Tuna too!! Gonna try to dye my tuna actually. Then have an icy, dyed vodka soda and that's just lunch."

One thing is for sure, Chrissy claps back at her haters.

9 Actually, All Of Her Food Posts Ever

Actually, every single time Chrissy Teigen has ever posted about food it’s pretty much been the greatest thing to ever happen on the Internet. Okay, maybe that’s a bit of an exaggeration because the Joe Biden memes were clearly the greatest thing to ever happen on the Internet, but Chrissy Teigen eating is a close second.

Chrissy Teigen has somehow made eating part of her brand. I mean, just try to think of a celeb that loves eating or talks about eating more than Chrissy Teigen. You can’t. She’s the queen of eating and food on social media. She’s posted about eating everything – sushi, pasta, pizza, Taco Bell, McDonald’s, KFC. You name it, Chrissy Teigen has posted about eating it.

While it’s amazingly fun to be like, "Wow, Chrissy Teigen is the best because she loves eating," one also has to admit that she gets away with constantly talking about food because she’s thin. If a heavier actress or model talked about food this much, we’d have no time for it, right? The trolls would chime in and people would likely call that person a bad role model. The allure of Chrissy is her smokin’ body and her love of eating.

8 Girlfriend KNOWS What Her Face Looks Like

Do you really, really know what your face looks like? In a way, none of us do because we’ve only seen our reflections. We’ve never actually seen SEEN our faces, which is a weird thing to think about. Like, honestly try to describe your face in detail. It feels weird, right? You’re kind of like, "Wait, what do I even look like?" Well, Chrissy Teigen 100% knows what her face looks like and she’s fine with it. In an interview, this is how she described herself: “I’ve always had a big, rectangular smile. I always just had the biggest mouth, and when I laugh, I laugh with all of it. I can’t control it, it’s just my mouth. And that, paired with these chipmunk cheeks, can be very piercing to people.”

Um, Chrissy Teigen describing herself so analytically is amazing. She's aware of the beauty and "flaws" of her face and we love that. Also, her Twitter bio reads: “yes I agree that I have kind of an odd face.”

Chrissy Teigen has a weird face but she’s cool with it. What is cooler than that?

7 She's Just Like Us, Guys!

First of all, the above photo of Chrissy Teigen enjoying that burger is everything. She looks like the first person to have ever had a burger. She looks like she's enjoying that burger more than anyone in the world has ever enjoyed a burger. I am very down with her unabashed way of loving food, because don’t we all love food? Wouldn’t it be awesome if all celebrities just admitted that they love food this much? But, nope. Most celebrities will talk about their diets, their workouts, and their cheat days. Then, there’s Chrissy Teigen, who is just like… BURGERS, GUYS!!!

Anyway, the point of this entry is that Chrissy Teigen is like every normal girl. She admits to ordering two different sizes when she shops online, citing that her weight fluctuates a lot. You and me both, girl. Admitting to buying different sizes because you’re not sure if you’ll be a burger girl or a salad girl that week is so forthcoming. Also, now we can all stop feeling bad when we order multiple sizes because Chrissy Teigen does it too.

6 When She Opened Up About Her Postpartum

Postpartum depression is something real that not only happens to the mind, but also the whole body. After the whole process of growing another human being inside you and then pushing it out into the universe, women’s bodies can go a little crazy. There’s the hormones, the exhaustion, and then the fact that you now have to care for the baby. It’s so much, and it can result in postpartum depression. But, women rarely talk about this dark time, especially celebrities. Usually, they tend to talk about the happiness and the joy of motherhood. As per usual though, Chrissy kept it real. In an essay for Glamour, Chrissy explained the physical and mental toll postpartum depression had on her and the guilt she felt for having postpartum depression in the first place. She was candid as ever, bringing awareness to an issue that many women have difficulty talking about.

You may think Chrissy Teigen posting about her bikini wax is stupid, but her openness about her body is making other women feel less alone during dark times and that’s important.

5 When She Was Honest About Her Post-Baby Body

If the whole post-baby body thing makes your eyes roll, you’re not alone. Sure, I marvel at the wondrous celebrities who look like goddesses just two days after giving birth. That’s amazing, but I also don’t think anyone should be held to that standard, even celebrities. If some women want to bounce back quickly, power to them. If other women want to just be a mom for a while and not worry about the weight, power to them too. I mean, they just made a human being. Cut them all the slack.

That being said, Chrissy looked AH-MAZING after giving birth. Girlfriend was even in Sports Illustrated looking… well, looking just as perfect as she did pre-baby. When it comes to the truth about celebrities losing the baby weight though, Chrissy shared this: “We have nutritionists, we have dietitians, we have trainers, we have our own schedules, we have nannies. We have people who make it possible for us to get back into shape. But nobody should feel like that’s normal, or like that’s realistic.”

Way to be real, Chrissy T.

4 When She Posted Her Stretch Marks

This might be one of my favorite things Chrissy Teigen has ever done, because hell yeah.

The first thing I have to point out about this photo is how wonderfully on brand it is. This photo of her stretch marks has an empty wine glass in the background. Nothing says "Chrissy Teigen" much like being real about her body and drinking wine, right? There are some people who are good at marketing themselves and Chrissy is one of those people. Girlfriend knows her brand.

When Chrissy Teigen posted this photo, she then added the caption, “Whatevs.” Because, exactly. I mean, WHATEVS to all stretch marks ever. Her honestly about the way her body looks, along with her carefree attitude towards it is refreshing.

Sure, there is still sort of the whole issue of "would we love this stretch marks post as much if it was from someone not as thin and beautiful?" I don’t know. But, it’s still awesome that Chrissy Teigen is doing her part to make stretch marks okay.

When it comes to posting pictures of her stretch marks, Chrissy Teigen can’t stop, won’t stop. And, I love it, especially considering that Chrissy Teigen was someone who was successful off that same body. I mean, this is an actual model just being open and honest about her stretch marks on her seemingly perfect body. What is there not to love about that?

After giving birth, Chrissy Teigen posted this photo of her stretch marks on her thighs, which may make Chrissy's stretch marks the most famous stretch marks on the Internet. So, if Chrissy Teigen – Sports Illustrated model – can be okay with having stretch marks, we should all love our stretch marks, right? Instead of pretending to be perfect, which she very much seems, Chrissy Teigen is pointing out her “flaws” and that is awesome, because don’t we all have some stretchies?

3 Her Realness About Spanx

Chrissy Teigen straight up said celebrities have the upper hand when it comes to losing the baby weight, because duh. Well, Chrissy also came out and said that she doesn’t exactly have her pre-baby body back. Instead, she’s been using a Kim K-approved hack: Spanx. This is really an approved-by-every-woman-ever hack, but Kim K very publicly sings her praises for Spanx. In an interview with People, Chrissy admitted, “'I never was a Spanx person or a waist trainer person. Now I do it. It looks great on the outside, but trust me, I'm a bit soft.”

You have to love Chrissy Teigen's honesty not only about the Spanx, but also about how she’s changed her habits post-baby. Because, let's all be honest, everyone has to change their habits post-baby.

2 Every Single Time She Called Out Her Haters

Well, that’s what happens when you’re transparent with your fans, right? I’m talking about the haters, of course. There are haters on haters on haters when it comes to Chrissy Teigen. This is because Chrissy is very opinionated and very open to voicing her opinion. Sometimes this can rub people the wrong way. For example, if you’re a Trump supporter, you might not love how often Chrissy trolls Trump. Chrissy Teigen really doesn't like Donald Trump, guys.

Little things can call upon the haters too, like her pregnancy cravings. I wrote before about people getting really mad about Chrissy eating Fruity Pebbles while pregnant, which LOL. But, Chrissy gets it from the haters for a ton of reasons. In a photo of her and Luna, people commented about how Chrissy was holding Luna incorrectly, to which Chrissy responded with, “Really because that’s how I'm f—ing holding her.” YAS, CHRISSY!

Is this her being real AF about her body? Yes, because in calling out her haters, she’s taking ownership of her body. Them haters gonna hate, but Chrissy Teigen is gonna call them out.

1 Literally Everything She's Ever Posted Online

Chrissy Teigen has been real AF about her body in basically everything she’s posted on social media, which is liberating for her fans and for women everywhere. Chrissy will post about eating food and her stretch marks. She'll post of photo of herself mid-makeup. She'll post a photo of herself getting her extensions put in. She's one of the most transparent celebrities when it comes to being honest about the work it takes to look good and we all love her for that.

We are all flawed, because perfection is not an actual real thing. Chrissy Teigen is using social media to break down the walls of media. Without social media, we would all think Chrissy Teigen is perfect, with the perfect body, perfect husband, perfect pregnancy, and perfect life. Chrissy's candid details are refreshing and helping break the pedestal on which all women are placed.

None of us are perfect. Chrissy Teigen will be the first to admit that and we love her for that.


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15 Times Chrissy Teigen Was Real AF About Her Body