15 Times Celebs Were Caught In Despicable Lies

There is no doubt that everyone on earth has told a lie to one extent or another in their lives. Some are the little white lies we tell to keep the peace, while others are such whoppers that they cons

There is no doubt that everyone on earth has told a lie to one extent or another in their lives. Some are the little white lies we tell to keep the peace, while others are such whoppers that they consume the life of the person telling the lie. Celebrities are no exception to the rule when it comes to lying. The difference is that they are in front of the world for all to see.

When a celebrity tells a whopper of a lie, there is no shortage of people ready to double and triple check their information. Some celebrities have made a big joke out of the lie, while others still cling to it as the truth even after the evidence has suggested otherwise. Strangely, some celebrities will tell a lie so massive that it not only rocks their world, but in some cases, ours as well.

Then again, some lies are so bad and so big that they begin to define the person telling them. In each of these cases, the lie became all anyone could talk about for longer or shorter periods of time. In some cases, the lies still live on to this day in infamy. For a few on the list, it is still unclear why they would tell the lie in the first place. One thing remains constant and that is that these celebrities were caught in a very tall tale that is not only a lie but a despicable lie. Some are truly shocking almost unbelievable!

15 Michael Jackson


The King of Pop denied having multiple plastic surgeries for years. Michael Jackson was adamant that he did not have surgery to change his appearance. But looking at photographs of him from his young adulthood in the late 1970s, into the ‘80s and beyond, it’s clear that some major changes to his appearance were taking shape. People quickly began to notice these drastic alterations and questioned him for years about plastic surgery. He only admitted publicly to having two nose jobs, but the truth is that he would have a different surgery every couple of months.

People began to talk about his appearance far more than his music. Jackson apparently had a cleft added to his chin, along with cheek implants and more. This drastic change in his appearance was always denied by Jackson and it became an uncomfortable topic. He began to become thought of more for the way he looked and less for his amazing musical talent. Now, several years after his death, the focus has once again shifted to his music. But the lies surrounding his plastic surgeries are still remembered.

14 Tara Reid and Dean May


Tara Reid is probably remembered best for her role in the hit comedy American Pie. Since then, she has become known as a celebrity party girl. But the lengths that Reid and Dean May went to stay in the spotlight will live on for years. Both Reid and May joined the cast of the reality show Marriage Boot Camp as a serious couple. After a series of horrid arguments and a great deal of alcohol, the two let it slip that they were just good friends and not a romantic couple.

When the show found out that these two were lying the entire time, they sent them packing immediately. Reid claimed adamantly that she did the whole thing for May and that he was wanting some celebrity attention and the money that came from the show. If that’s the case, not only has he got the attention, but he will be remembered for lying about a fake relationship with Tara Reid to get famous. How dare you violate the sanctity of Marriage Boot Camp!

13 Farrah Abraham

via: Huffington Post

The star of Teen Mom originally made a statement that she was almost r*ped by an Uber driver in January of 2015. This is certainly something that Uber took very seriously and investigated right away. Upon further investigation, Farrah Abraham changed her statement completely saying that while walking up to the car, she didn’t like the way the driver looked at her and it made her feel uncomfortable. As a result, she immediately got out of the car, but at no time did he ever try to touch her.

Abraham’s boyfriend got into an argument with the driver and after the incident, the driver filed a complaint against Abraham. She was banned from using the service and now, the memory is that Farrah Abraham screamed r*pe without any basis. Unfortunately for Miss Abraham, this is not the extent of her drama in the media, but this tall tale will long be remembered.

12 Lance Armstrong


Claiming for years that he did not participate in doping to enhance his performance as a cyclist, Lance Armstrong was one of America's most cherished athletes, until the truth bit him in the rear end! Coming to the world like a punch in the stomach, after winning seven Tour de France titles, Armstrong admitted to Oprah Winfrey in a 2013 interview, that he cheated in each race. He denied angrily for years that he engaged in the practice of doping to enhance his performance as a cyclist.

When he admitted this lie, a collective sigh of disappointment and disgust could almost be felt around the world. His reputation has never been the same and almost in an instant, his life completely changed. While honesty is always the best policy, after years of carrying this horrendous lie, there’s no turning back or easing the pain. This lie is all that will remain in people’s minds when they think of Lance Armstrong as an athlete.

11 Milli Vanilli

via: Huffington Post

Back in 1990, Milli Vanilli was a duo that was awarded the prestigious Grammy for best new artist. When it was discovered that it was not actually their voices that the world heard, it all went up in smoke. The two were stripped of their Grammy and the world wanted no part of these two fraudulent men, despite their dancing talents.

Indeed, it was their dancing that made them stand-out as the front men for the act, but their singing was apparently not a key ingredient. While today, filters and special effects can definitely improve upon an otherwise average voice, in 1990, the world was shocked and utterly offended. The two became an overnight joke in the pop music community, and without so much as a goodbye, Milli Vanilli vanished from the scene. The lie however, is left to live on as a reminder of this dark day in the music industry.

10 Tiger Woods

via: Washington Times

Tiger Woods has been revered by many as the greatest golfer of all time. Setting earnings records at over one billion dollars and racking up an obscene amount annually in endorsement deals, Tiger was on top of the world. But when a voicemail of him went public, asking his mistress to take her name off of her phone’s voicemail message because his wife may be calling her, everything began to unravel. Tiger’s image had been clean and wholesome, with a beautiful family and what seemed to be a never ending golf empire. But this message showed him to be a truly despicable husband, lying to his wife about not only this, but multiple affairs.

After this became public, Tiger lost a great deal of endorsements and his play began to slip considerably. While still a highly ranked golfer and having gained back some of his lost ground in the sport, Tiger is nowhere near where he once was and still has this despicable lie hanging over his head for the world to remember.

9 Nicki Minaj

via: Huffington Post

She's lied repeatedly about her age over the years and the truth finally accidentally came out. Nicki Minaj said for years that she was born in 1984, when a police report showed her birth year as 1982. Now, celebrities lying about their age isn’t the worst sin ever committed in the world of celebrity, but it certainly doesn’t make any sense. There’s no really good answer as to why Nicki shaved two years off her age, but for a time, it consumed any conversation concerning the pop diva.

While this isn’t nearly what Nicki will be remembered for in the long run, it seems a shame that any time would go by where people have to remember that she lied about this very inconsequential detail surrounding her life. Hopefully Nicki will chalk this up as a life lesson and walk the straight and narrow from now forward. Remember Nicki, honesty is always the best policy, especially when you live your life followed by the paparazzi.

8 Kim Kardashian

via: Huffington Post

It’s never a good idea to lie to your significant other about major life events. Especially when you are a celebrity. Today, the Kim Kardashian "tape" with Ray J is just another archived document in the world of pop culture. It’s a common topic for anyone that keeps up on the lives of reality television stars. But at the time the tape became public, Kim was dating Nick Cannon. She denied adamantly that there was no tape, but when it became apparent that this was a lie, Nick cut her loose.

Cannon stated that he felt they could have worked through it and he could have supported her, but just couldn’t be with someone that would lie to him about such a thing. Over time, both Kardashian and Cannon have gone on to find happiness with others and while this lie hasn’t defined Kim, it still lives on in infamy. And Nick Cannon has become the man that gave the iconic beauty Kim Kardashian the boot!

7 George W. Bush

via: Huffington Post

On May 29, 2003, the former President of the United States claimed that he had found weapons of mass destruction in Iraq. Yeah... that didn't actually happen. To this day, intelligence agencies in the United States government have not been able to confirm any actual proof that Saddam Hussein had access to weapons classified as weapons of mass destruction. But many statements were made confirming the existence of such weapons. In fact, the invasion of Iraq was essentially sold on this premise.

Today, former President George W. Bush lives a pretty quiet life and his administration is still remembered largely for the way it begun and handled a war in Iraq that has raged on for well over a decade. Whether the lies about these weapons was intentional by Bush, or as a result of bad advice from those closest to him is questionable. They are nevertheless now regarded as completely false statements.

6 Brian Williams

via: Huffington Post

This former host of the NBC Nightly News was once one of the most trusted people in the United States. After stating that he was in a helicopter that was struck by a grenade while covering the invasion of Iraq in 2003, later investigation showed that this was a complete lie. Brian Williams was forced to restate what actually happened and was subsequently suspended from the network. In fact, NBC uncovered a few instances where Williams was far less than truthful.

Because of this, Williams was cast down from the top of the news mountain and has had to claw his way back into credibility. He'll likely spend the rest of his career with this dark shadow hanging over him and hopefully he's learned a valuable lesson when it comes to serious and credible journalism.

5 Tyga


While claiming that he originated from Compton, this rapper is actually from a pretty privileged background. When footage of him on an MTV game show called Bustas surfaced, he stated that his parents drove a Range Rover and they lived in a nice home in the Valley.

There’s nothing wrong with growing up privileged, but when you lie when the truth would suit you, trust becomes a huge issue. In this situation, As Tyga’s nose grows, maybe he’ll start to learn his lesson and be a little more truthful with his girlfriends and the public in general.

4 Britney Spears

via: Huffington Post

Back in the day, she was a pop princess with a crystal clean reputation. Britney Spears was the envy of every tween and teenage girl in America! Today, Britney is still pretty much a household name, but her image is considerably different. Britney claimed for years in her late teens and early twenties that she was a virgin, but in a 2003 interview with Justin Timberlake, he claimed otherwise.

Britney’s mother also writes about her losing her virginity, among other indiscretions at the age of 14. Now, this is not necessarily definitive proof, but Britney came clean and spoke about her rocky adolescence, publicly admitting to many of these revelations. While Britney’s career got a huge bounce back, her image also took a shift. Britney’s at a better place in her life now, but after a lot of hardships and heartache. She’s quieter now and seems to have a good thing going for herself. Welcome back Britney. Welcome back.

3 Rebel Wilson

via: Huffington Post

The funny Aussie actress known to play the character Fat Amy from Pitch Perfect claimed that she was six years younger than her actual age! When called out on the issue, she smartly admitted her true age and chose to make light of it rather than cast a negative shadow. She claimed that there’s an issue with ageism in Hollywood and feared that she would be written off as too old for parts.

As was the case with our pal Nicki Minaj, lying about something so trivial can hog the spotlight for a period of time. It’s certain that this is not how Rebel Wilson wanted her name to be heard in the media and it seems just so unnecessary since we think she’s really terrific at any age! There is no doubt that she won’t suffer from this forever, but hopefully she’s learned the lesson that honesty is always the best policy.

2 Meg and Jack White

via: Vulture

This one is just plain weird. The White Stripes duo stated for years that they were siblings... as in brother and sister. This not only turned out to be false, but they were actually husband and wife! Apparently, Jack and Meg felt that they wouldn’t be taken seriously as a musical act if they were married (it never seemed to hold back Sonny and Cher.) So for years, the world thought of Jack and Meg as brother and sister as they hid their marriage from the world. The couple divorced around 2000 and since then, they have continued to make music.

But over the years since the lie became public, it has become all anyone wants to talk about. To these two people, who have taken so much pride in the music they make, it seems very sad that in any interview, they still have to talk about this ridiculous lie. If there’s anything to be learned, it is that a lie for the sake of being more marketable is never a good idea.

1 Bill Clinton

via: Washington Times

The leader of the free world told a little fib about having sexual relations. When he realized it wouldn't just go away, he started walking back the lie. This led to a grand jury investigation and an impeachment for just the second time in the history of the United States. I think it’s pretty safe to say that this is perhaps the largest lie of the 20th century and will forever be associated with the Clinton presidency.

While Bill Clinton accomplished many things as president, and his approval rating was and still is among the highest of any modern-day president, his lie about his relationship with White House intern Monica Lewinski is the first thing many people remember. From his testimony where he analyses the definition of the word ‘is’ to his adamant denial publicly that he “did not” and then later, “did” have an improper relationship, this massive lie was all anyone heard about for months and has lived on in infamy.


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15 Times Celebs Were Caught In Despicable Lies