15 Times Celebs Forgot To Check Their Photoshopped Instagram Pics

Oh, the celebrity life sounds great, doesn't it? So many people follow your every move, look up to you as a role model, and view you as some kind of paragon of virtue. This is still true even after one of the worst scandals to hit the entertainment community came to light in 2017.

Yes, it must really be great...

However, it seems that celebrities have yet to learn how to be authentic. Millennials and post-millennials view authenticity as an important part of life and everything they consume, making obvious incidents of photo editing gratifying and hilarious.

All the money in the world cannot purchase you the ability to deceive your audience every time. This list captures extremely glaring and terrible photoshop attempts. Seriously, these are so bad that you are going to be left wondering, "What's so bad with the natural picture?" Which is precisely the point!

Instead of seeing how good (or bad, in these cases) an editor is at their job, it's far more enjoyable to see an authentic and realistic person. These individuals have made millions of dollars by presenting themselves to large audiences - it's not asking too much for them to display genuine pictures to their fans.

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15 Why? Just Why, Kim?

via shefinds.com

These pictures are of Kim Kardashian wearing the same outfit. Yes, there is some a little bit strange here. Why is she two completely different sizes?

Oh, the wonderful world of photo editing. She doesn't even look like the same person, which seems to be the goal of all editing jobs - to no longer look realistic.

It's easy to be critical of Kardashian when her entire message is for young girls to like who they are when she is the most notorious photoshopped social media figure and has had a number of plastic surgeries.

The hypocrisy is a little thick here.

14 Isn't Selena Gomez Gorgeous Enough Naturally?

While Selena didn't post this herself, it's still quite ridiculous. Ignore the obvious curve in the door, just look at Selena Gomez. Does that woman really need digital altering? Why touch her picture at all?

It's rumored the alteration came to make her hair look more voluminous, yet that's just simply not a good excuse. There needs to be a movement which brings about transparency in Instagram photography... What's that?

Yes, there are far more important things to worry about, perhaps we should just always assume social media celebrities and socialites alter every photograph they put online.

13 Jenner and Ramsay Were Kidding, Right?

via Instagram

What about this picture looks real? If anything, Kris Jenner and Gordon Ramsay look as if they may have used some edibles in whatever they decided to cook together.

This picture could pose as concept art for a 3D animated series. Unfortunately for both, the unedited picture was also released - showing the lengths someone went to make Kris and Gordon look less...human?

It's good that there isn't a random foot connected to either one of their heads, but the end result continues to be rather bad regardless. Is this the part where I yell at Gordon Ramsay uncontrollably?

12 Ariana Got Dem Long Fingers

via Instagram

How did this even get through her digital team? Or was her public relations team responsible? Did she do it herself? Questions and more questions...

For someone as petite as Ariana Grande, there is no way her fingers would ever be that long. Also, we know they aren't since there are literally thousands of pictures of her hands on social media.

However, Ariana almost gets a pass because this was clearly a promotional picture for her new album, which was always going to feature digital manipulation. "12 DAYS" doesn't float around like that naturally in the Earth realm. But still, Ariana, what's up with those fingers?

11 Beyonce And The Stairs

via People/Instagram

Despite all her talk about empowerment and for helping young women love themselves, Beyonce has been caught several times posting terribly edited pictures on Instagram and other forms of social media.

In the age of high-tech monitors, it becomes rather easy to tell when someone posts a poorly altered picture. What's wrong with this one?

Take a look at the arrow...

Yeah, lines on stairs don't curve quite like that. I'm not even sure a Clayton Kershaw curveball moves like that! The worst part about all of this is the fact that Beyonce is an extremely attractive woman - no need for this editing mess!

10 Kim Kardashian And The Curved Door

via static.azteca.com

Someone once said: Kim Kardashian only knows how to show her body and not a sense of intellect. That statement rings mostly true; her Instagram is littered with half-naked to completely naked pictures of herself to keep social media talking about her.

While there is nothing wrong with posting suggestive photography, it becomes quite problematic when nearly every picture you post has edited the shape of your body. Kim promotes body positivity for young girls and women, yet she alters her body on social media and with surgery.

A tad bit hypocritical? Yeah, just a bit. However, it's not like she came to the spotlight doing something authentic.

9 Lindsay Lohan Didn't Try Hard Enough

via Instagram

You almost have to feel bad for criticizing Lindsay Lohan when she's down, but she's been on a downward spiral the past fifteen years...

Anyway, yeah this is just terrible. Doors don't curve like that, neither do human body parts. This picture is only made worse by Lohan publicly stating that it wasn't an edited picture despite the obvious discrepancies.

If Lohan had one thing going for her throughout her career, it has been her girl-next-door charisma which made boys fall in love with her when she burst onto the scene. Be natural Lindsay, be natural.

8 Holy Elbows Martha Hunt

via Instagram

First off, Martha Hunt and the other model present here are absolutely stunning. The fact that any felt the need to airbrush, edit, or do anything other than post this picture is baffling.

Now onto the ridiculous aspect, obviously Martha's elbow doesn't stretch that far. It's a little difficult to imagine what the goal even was here. Also, how do you miss a random elbow? Unless Ms. Hunt has super mutant powers, there isn't a way her body would be able to fit into this position.

Next time, just don't touch the picture photo editor person!

7 Beyonce And The Odd Lines

via Artbecomesyou.com

The lovely Beyonce, Queen B of Entertainment and the employer of poor digital editors. The edited picture is on the left, and there are obvious distortions in drapes behind her. Not, only did this editing job make her look unnatural, it did a terrible job at keeping the background from breaking the laws of physics.

The vast majority of celebrities caught editing pictures are naturally attractive and leads to question why they employ a team of editors to alter their pictures.

Is there honestly any need for this at all? Or is Beyonce signaling to her Illuminati cohorts?! Weren't expecting that swerve were you?

6 Not You Too, Tay Boo!

via Instagram

Taylor Swift is known for her Squad, here she is with the band Haim, relaxing on a boat. But alas, she can't escape the weird photo editing obsession either. While not as obvious as some other examples, the guardrail is bent in an unrealistic manner.

For obvious safety reasons, there is no way that's how the rail actual looks - that would be a lawsuit in waiting. Another question is, what exactly was edited in the picture, to begin with?

Sigh. Sorry, Taylor, I guess we'll never be able to go back to December after all. At least you can still strike a pose.

5 Lady Gaga And The Photoshop Monster

via Instagram

Anyone who follows the exploits of Lady Gaga on social media knows of her fitness exploits. Anyone who listens to what she has to say is keenly aware of her messages of body positivity and has taken a strong stance against airbrushing.

So, what happened here? It's obvious my the odd blurring effect and bent mirror that the picture was altered in some fashion. Perhaps one of Gaga's many staff members took it upon themselves to make the change.

Or, is Gaga not as honest as she makes herself out to be? Either way, the editing looks completely unnecessary.

4 Jordyn Woods And Kylie Jenner Forgot Something....

via Instagram

I mean...

You honestly don't even need the arrows to see how ridiculously flawed the editing is. Those lines look as if the rug designer was drunk during the entire development process. This is one of the clearest examples of poor digital editing imaginable.

Kylie Jenner and Jordyn Woods aren't known for making great decisions, yet the two don't need their pictures edited to look appealing to the majority of their fans on Instagram.

Unless one of them has some sort of mind-bending power which causes lines to curve unnaturally - there really isn't an excuse for this poor editing display.

3 Oops, Britney Did It Again!

via Instagram

At least Britney Spears has publicly stated that she doesn't have any problems with photo editing. Is a back arch like that even possible? It's obvious that something was altered due to water being absent underneath Britney's phantom arch.

It's difficult to judge her too much since she isn't being a hypocrite, however, it's not like Britney Spears is an unattractive woman. In fact, Britney still remains in solid shape and has overcome personal and mental challenges.

She deserves some credit, but the editing is still completely unnecessary. Perhaps she got lost in the game before posting this picture.

2 Kourtney Kardashian And The Worst Photoshop Possible

via Instagram

Maybe Larsa Pippen should have let Kourtney know that her body was being taken over by aliens with the ability to make human skin grow in completely unnatural ways. All kidding aside, this is quite possibly the worst attempt to make a picture look better in the existence of photoshop.

It seems that the Kardashian clan has an issue with authenticity along with catching obvious mistakes. What was she even attempting to cover up? Why not just take another picture? Why not pass on posting it?

There were so many other options than the one she chose. Come on Khloe you can do far better.

1 Khloe Kardashian And The Side Lean

via Instagram

Khloe Kardashian decided to get on the bad editing fun. This is a perfectly acceptable and modest selfie, why did she bother to go out of the way to make her waist look..like..that?

Just why? That's clearly going to be picked up by her Instagram followers. Khloe is in amazing shape and another extremely beautiful woman, who has absolutely no need to alter pictures (especially when the editing is done this poorly).

Let's discuss the good things about this picture...oh wait...it's not possible because Khloe went and messed up all the fun. In all honesty, it was probably one of her assistants.

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