15 Times Cardi B Was Super Trashy (But We Couldn’t Look Away)

Cardi B is making waves with her hot new single “Bodak Yellow,” but before that, she was just a girl from the Bronx trying to make it big in the music industry. She grew up fighting in the streets and dancing in clubs, and although she is raking in the cash now, she has never forgotten where she came from and she won’t let others forget either.

In 2015, she joined the cast of VH1’s Love & Hip Hop: New York, a reality show chronicling the life of various rappers in the music industry. Cardi became known for not letting anyone get away with talking trash about her, even if that meant getting physical. She was instantly deemed a fan favorite, with her over-the-top personality, loud mouth, and inappropriate jokes. Cardi was not against attacking anyone (physically or verbally) who got in her way, and she still is the same today.

It took years of hustling, but in February 2017, Cardi teamed up with music giant, Atlantic Records, and just months after signing, she produced her hit record “Bodak Yellow.” The song was an instant hit, but the rapper still deals with haters on a daily basis. Cardi B may be at the top of her game but that does not mean she won’t take a swing at someone or curse someone out who threatens her success, her family, or her man.

Take a look back at these 15 moments (past and present) when Cardi B exhibited super trashy behavior, but we just can’t look away.

15 What She Did To Celebrate Her New Single

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To celebrate the success of her hit single “Bodak Yellow,” Cardi B told TMZ reporters that she was getting busy with her “man,” which is one of the rappers from the Atlanta hip-hop group Migos, Offset. While most people thought she would be out popping bottles in some hot new club, Cardi is more than happy to celebrate in the bedroom with her relatively new boyfriend.

Cardi B. and Offset have been dating for a few months now and with both of them at the top of the hip-hop charts, we could be looking at the next big power couple in the music industry. Offset recently gifted Cardi with a huge diamond chain but the female rapper shot down rumors that the two were discussing marriage.

14 When She Went Off On A Rant About Using The Word "Roach"

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The rapper was accused of making fun of dark-skinned women when she used to controversial term “roach.” When Cardi caught word of this, she took to Twitter to send out a video cursing off people who dared to call her racist. According to Cardi, she has been using the term “roach” for years in the Bronx and that it was simply slang talk. The “Bodak Yellow” singer claimed that she referred to herself as a "roach," saying she blossomed from a “roach to a butterfly.”

Cardi did not take it lightly that people were accusing her of being hateful towards women with darker skin tones. She went off on a profanity-infused rant saying that people were just trying to ruin her moment of fame and that she would not let them.

13 When She Cursed Out Haters Who Doubted Her Success

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Cardi B posted her own "Public Service Announcement" on Instagram to let her haters know that despite the fact that they took a metaphoric "dump" on her “forehead,” she was the one who was laughing to the bank now, adding that she was wiping her backside with their hands. The New York rapper warned folks to be careful who looked down on her because she was on top but would not forget who kicked her when she was at the bottom.

Cardi appeared to be on a tour bus when she shot the video, wearing a white robe and sipping on a fast food beverage. The video garnered over 1.6 million views and was reportedly aimed at some unnamed female haters. She captioned the video on social media: “I will NEVER FORGET!!!!”

12 When She Fought Major Galore With Her Sister Hennessy

cardi b hennessy
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Cardi B and her sister Hennessy hardly let Major Galore get a word in on the Love & Hip Hop reunion before they begin taking swings at her. Hennessy cut through a few security guards and got the first swing in, while Cardi quickly followed up behind her.

Cardi later explained that her sister used to dance with Major Galore and that the two were cool until Galore started talking negatively about Cardi in front of Hennessy. Hennessy had apparently vowed to get back at her and the Love & Hip Hop reunion was the first chance that she had to jump her. Naturally, Cardi backed her up and got in on the fight too because she was not about to let Galore get away with talking smack about her.

11 When She Tore Asia’s Wig Off Of Her Head

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Cardi B warned her Love & Hip Hop cast member Swift that she would fight any girlfriend of his that she ever met and she was not lying. The female rapper was in the studio working on some music with Swift when she caught some text messages popping up on his phone from someone named “Wifey.” As soon as whoever he was talking to started talking trash about Cardi, she lost it and demanded to know who she was.

When Swift revealed that he had been dating this woman named Asia who lived in London for a few years but was coming to visit soon, Cardi told him to keep her away from him. Of course, Swift did not listen and when Cardi and Asia came face to face for the first time, things did not go over well. Cardi tried to attack Asia and before security could separate them, she tore Asia’s wig right off of her head. Cardi yelled at Swift for not defending her, while Asia yelled at Swift and said that she was done with their relationship.

10 When She Went Off On DJ Self At A Bar

cardi b goes off on dj self
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When Cardi B. found out that DJ Self had played one of her competition’s songs on the radio while she has been trying to get him to listen to her music for months, she goes off on him at a bar in New York. Cardi screams at Self, saying that she had been so loyal to him and that he had given her nothing in return.

DJ Self came back at her telling her that her behavior was the reason he was not down to work with her. The radio personality said that the rapper’s tendency to “pop off” was not professional and until she presented her music “properly” to him, he would continue “not to take her seriously as an artist.” Cardi was fuming with rage and continued to yell at Self, saying that she felt completely “betrayed” before getting up and storming out of the bar.

9 When She Put Hands On Yorma

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The fight for DJ Self’s attention got physical when Cardi B decided to attack his girlfriend Yorma inside of an NYC nightclub. Cardi came up to the couple and spoke to Self without introducing herself to Yorma, which got Yorma upset, and she asked her boyfriend “what’s up with this chick.” The two ladies get into a heated conversation that included Cardi letting Yorma know that she was the one who had been sleeping with him before her.

DJ Self tells both of the women to “chill,” which prompts Cardi to let Yorma know that she is still messing around with her man and then grabs her by the hair and starts attacking her. The brawl is quickly broken up by security, but Cardi got a few hits in.

8 When She Twerked On A Pole And Slapped Dancers’ Behinds

cardi b strip club
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Cardi B got back into her exotic dancer ways this past summer at one of her performances. The rapper sang her hit songs “Bodak Yellow” and “Lick” at the Ace of Diamonds club in Los Angeles, while throwing dollar bills at the exotic dancers. Apparently, the “no touching” rule did not apply to the rapper, as she grabbed a few of the dancers’ butts while they performed.

The 24-year-old showed off her body in a revealing black dress while she twerked on the stripper pole and stomped on piles of money. Although she does not have to strip to earn a living anymore, Cardi looked more than comfortable enough to get up on stage and show off some of her old dance moves for her adoring fans.

7 When She Threw Her Shoe At Asia

cardi b throws shoe at asia
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Cardi B. took her beef with Asia to the Love & Hip Hop reunion taping. The rapper did not like what Asia had to say so she decided to take her red Gucci heel and chuck it at her face. She later said that that’s what happens when people talk crap about her.

Apparently, the trash talking she is referring to was a text message exchange between Asia and Swift where she was questioning whether or not he was flirting with the female rapper. Either way, Cardi was not having it, and she made that clear when she threw her shoe at Asia's head, saying that she “judged [her] before she knew [her]” and whether she and Swift had anything going on or not, she still didn’t like her.

6 When She Called Out A Mystery Woman For Being Fake On Stage

cardi b yelling on stage
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The female rapper told a group of fans at an outdoor concert this past summer about a fake girl who never liked her before and was all of a sudden trying to be friends with her now that she was successful. Cardi called the mystery woman names, saying she still didn’t like her and asked the audience if they knew who she was talking about.

People concluded that the woman was her fellow female rapper, Nicki Minaj, but Cardi never confirmed it. There was also never any acknowledgment or denial by Minaj or any of her reps. Cardi B has been compared to Nicki Minaj quite a bit during her rise to stardom. Although, she denied that any of the “Bodak Yellow” disses were directed at the “No Frauds” rapper.

5 When She Threatened To Beat Up Amber Rose

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Just because Cardi B is famous now, it doesn't mean she’s letting go of her fighting ways. Apparently, Amber Rose, who has a son with rapper Wiz Khalifa, was throwing herself at Cardi’s boyfriend, Offset. She and Karrueche Tran (Chris Brown’s ex-girlfriend) were following Migos around on tour and when Cardi B. caught word of this, she threatened to beat Amber up.

Cardi B is not about to let someone disrespect her or try to steal her man from her, so she said she would not hesitate to put hands on Amber the next time she saw her. The entire rant was posted to social media and it is likely that it got around to Rose. It looks like her threat worked, because Amber Rose has now moved on and is dating another rapper named 21 Savage.

4 When She Clapped Back At Her Male Haters

cardi b slams male haters
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By now, you know that Cardi B does not tolerate people talking badly about her, and that includes men. Just recently, the rapper took to Instagram to call out all of the men who were dissing her. Along with some extremely vulgar language, she highlighted the fact that it was extremely childish for these men to be leaving rude comments on her social media. She also insinuated that these guys had small private parts and would never get a woman behaving like this.

The rapper even made fun of these men for spending too much time in the “hair salon” with their mothers, adding that she wanted to fight so badly. She shamed the male haters for going after a woman, saying that they needed to find better things to do with their free time.

3 When She Feuded With Her Ex’s Baby Mama On Instagram

cardi b ex boyfriend baby mama drama
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Cardi B spoke often about her relationship with a man named Tommy on Love & Hip Hop. Although the two are no longer together, she still managed to stay involved in his life by fighting with his baby mama on Instagram. This past winter, the rapper was accused of making a fake Instagram to stalk the mother of Tommy’s son.

After Cardi admitted to making the fake account, the women went back and forth on the social media platform. Cardi said that she was happy that Tommy finally “acknowledged” their son “after all these years,” while his baby mama said that she was “flattered” that the rapper took the time out of her day to be on her page, but not to act like she “needed” Tommy and that she and her son were “great” and “will continue to be great.”

2 When She Disputed A Promoter’s Claims That She Had A Rude Attitude

cardi b defends herself against promoter
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A promoter accused the rapper of missing her flight to a performance and then having to have a private plane come get her. He then said that she arrived to the event with a bad attitude and rude disposition, even saying she treated the hosts poorly. Cardi B heard what this guy was saying about her and let people know that his story was far from the truth.

The rapper said that her flight was actually canceled because of the weather, and she did not miss it. She claimed that she arrived in Milwaukee for the show and that she and her fans had a “great time.” Cardi cursed out the promoter for trying to put a damper on her reputation. Her rant was posted to Instagram, but was later deleted.

1 When She Yelled At Those Who Hated On Her Relationship With Offset

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Cardi B has been dating Offset from the hip-hop group Migos for a while now. The two musicians are extremely supportive of each other’s careers. However, Cardi cannot figure out why her fans seem to be so unsupportive of her new relationship. She posted on Twitter that her fans seemed to be happier for her when she was dating someone in jail than with a successful person.

Her ex-boyfriend Tommy, who she was often shown talking about on Love & Hip Hop, was in jail for almost the entirety of their relationship. Although she was not nearly as famous when she was dating Tommy as she is now, she said that it was a “problem” that no one was rooting for her new relationship with Offset.

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