15 Times Britney Spears Drove Us Crazy

Ever since pop star Britney Spears came back on the scene post-Mickey Mouse Club, she's endlessly amused and aroused us with her sometimes questionable, but always eye-catching choices in wardrobe (or lack thereof). From the seductive schoolgirl look to barely-there sequined low-slung panties, Spears has stunned and shocked us all while she strutted her stuff on stage, on red carpets, in interviews, and in her racy music videos.

The many outfits and costumes have changed with the times, but one thing about them all remains constant… they're seriously hot! Spears surely knows how to use her toned and lean body as a canvas, and those great-looking get-ups are works of wearable art. Sure, her taste isn't for everyone, but for those die-hard Spears fans out there, every look she puts on is pure genius. Her stylist deserves two thumbs up, even if the clothing is sometimes trashy or risqué.

When Spears is just lounging around with her two kids or is caught off-guard by the paparazzi, her appearance isn’t anything to write home about, but when the perky pop tart is all done up and ready to do her thing, she’s the best thing since sliced bread, but far less bland. Still, everyone wants a taste!

Here are 15 of the sexiest outfits and costumes ever worn by Britney Spears. When her sons become teenagers, they’ll surely cringe, but that doesn’t mean the rest of us can’t admire Spears’s sizzling style. And the best part is, more hot looks are on the horizon as Spears continues performing for her sold-out shows!

15 Snake and Sizzle

Who could forget this slithering moment when Spears came on stage with a hefty yellow snake draped over her shoulders? Surely, the pop star hasn’t forgotten this terrifying display, although she may have tried to block it from her memory. To be able to sing/lip sync, dance, and work the crowd while balancing a scary snake must've been quite the challenge, but the ever-amazing Spears came through and gave it her all to wow the crowds like never seen before. The snake was the main focus of the unforgettable performance, but the best part is clearly Spears’s equally eye-catching outfit. Those low-slung sparkly bottoms were fabulous, her belly jewel defined her toned middle, and the wrap-tied top fit Spears’s body like a (very small) glove. Let’s hope that snake was well-fed before the performance!

14 Hello Yellow!

Yellow is a bold choice of color in fashion, to begin with, but Spears takes the bright and colorful statement up a number of notches by coming on stage in a yellow skintight getup that the audience certainly went bananas for. The deep low-cut front and cutout sides make this costume ultra-sexy, and the over-the-knee, high-heeled boots add another level of onstage sex appeal. Sparkles on stage are obviously Spears’s thing, and her golden tanned skin shimmers as sparkly as the outfit itself. Spears looks like a sunny stunner from every angle as shown in this three-frame shot. That fella in leather is one lucky backup dancer to have the chance to get so up close and personal with the star of the show. This is one lemon that’s not sour at all!

13 Lady in Lace

Looking like a Victoria’s Secret model and then some, the seductive Spears shows off her “boudoir babe” look in a sensual black lace number that has everyone’s close attention. The black plays off against the pop star’s light hair and dewy skin, and her gaze into the camera lens is as mesmerizing as what she's wearing. This outfit is perfect for an intimate night in with her special someone, but knowing Spears, she probably wore this sexy little thing on stage or in public somewhere. Spears has never been one to shy away from showing off some (or a lot of) skin, so who says this can’t be an everyday look? With her whittled middle and toned arms, Spears is showing off her hot body, and we most definitely approve.

12 Savage S & M

Is Spears a perky pop star or a demonic dominatrix? It seems like she's a perfect combination of the two in this black satin and leather number with alluring fishnets that show off Spears’s firm and toned legs. This tough and tempting getup is fierce and foxy, and Spears fills it out just right in all the necessary places. With props and accessories, Spears does this S & M look justice, and her audience was likely entertained beyond their wildest imaginations. Spears never runs out of intriguing stage looks, and she's even willing to go the extra mile in racy costumes that grab the audience’s attention until they're spellbound. Spears will whip them into shape if they don’t watch her every move. Fifty Shades of Grey is tame compared to Spears’s wrath.

11 Breast Dressed

Sitting comfortably by the bay, Spears shows off her tender side, but in a low-cut bralette like this, is she really all that innocent? Spears loves showing off her body, and why shouldn’t she? She has fabulous feminine curves and smooth skin that need not be covered up by layers of clothing and long sleeves. How else could she show off that awesome choker necklace so well? While the backdrop behind Spears looks spectacularly beautiful, it's hard to look beyond the lovely woman in the forefront. Spears looks angelic and relaxed as she unwinds off stage surrounded by the warmth of nature. No sequins here -- only sunshine and subtlety. Spears may be a popular celebrity, but a moment out of the glare of the spotlight must be a relief.

10 Bathing Beauty

As Spears stunningly sunbathes poolside, the bright sunshine pours its wonderful warmth all over Spears’s toned and tanning physique. With major muscles, captivating curves, and sexy shapeliness that women envy, Spears is a sheer stunner in her little yellow bikini as she relaxes on the bright green grass. Looking as fit and fantastic as ever, Spears takes in the sizzling sun and gives her overworked body some much-needed time off. A cool dip in the pool is the only thing that will lower the temperature of this hot babe! She couldn't look better in her bikini if it were personally crafted to her body. While Spears may not wear a bikini on stage, at least we're fortunate enough to have the chance to see her in her perfect poolside pic. Who’s got the SPF?

9 Sparkling Like Expensive Diamonds

This eye-catching sheer and sequined ensemble is another classic Spears costume that will go down in history as one of her very best and most memorable. Not only is Spears’s body on point, but that creative costume is as sexy as it is sparkly. Spears made use of the whole stage to give her fans a performance they wouldn’t soon forget, but the audience was likely more focused on Spears’s breathtaking body than the content of the show itself. There are not many women who can pull off this look with such confidence and sensuality, but Spears knows she looks completely amazing and rocks her body like only a seasoned pro is able to do. Sparkling like expensive diamonds, Spears is a shining example of a true star. Shine on, girl!

8 Cavewoman Cutie

Where is Tarzan when you need him because this savage sex kitten is roaring for some well-deserved attention in cavewoman couture. With wild hair and lots of leg showing, Spears looks part diva and part dangerous. Spears shows off her firm and toned arms and legs, and her expression is priceless. After being photographed for so many years, Spears sure knows how to work her positioning and poses, and the lucky cameraman has an easy job simply snapping away with pure delight. Such a daring look is not for the meek, so we all know that Spears is a force to be reckoned with. Cavewomen may be long gone, but Spears brings their style to a whole new level of fierceness! Men will finally emerge from their “man caves” to catch a glimpse of this gal!

7 Daisy Duke Diva

Who wears short shorts? Why, Britney Spears does, of course, and she looks as hot as ever in the skimpy cut-off denim delights. With her midriff covered in a strappy leather belt and her top adorned with colorful sequins, Spears is working the stage like the true pro she is. Who knows if such tight and skimpy shorts are comfortable? But Spears looks at ease and ready to wow her excited audience with her stellar looks and one-of-a-kind nonstop stage act. Spears never tones down her look, especially on stage, so we've become used to seeing the star all dolled up in cool accessories and other special added touches. Many young women would love to wear an out-there outfit like this, but they could never compare to the spectacular Spears!

6 Belly Up

When you’ve got a taut, tanned, and toned belly like that of Spears, showing it off for the whole world to see seems to be the only decent thing to do. In her well-fitting black halter top and low-slung bottoms, this on-stage look is all midriff and all amazing. With her amazing arms outstretched to show off their leanness and great shape, Spears captivates her packed audience with her showmanship as well as her fantastic physique. Glistening with a bit of perspiration from an action-packed performance, we see Spears’s skin glow with dewy delight. Showing off lots of skin may be a sin for some, but for this popular pop star, it’s par for the course. Show off that belly, Brit. We know you work hard on your fitness, so be proud of your washboard abs!

5 Red Hot

This super sexy costume is red hot thanks to its barely-there design that makes Spears look like a Valentine’s Day treat that's far better than a box of chocolates. She's lively and actively working the crowd as she performs her latest hits for the appreciative audience. Ruby-red sequins and lots of shining sparkle can’t overwhelm when the entire outfit is so small. But Spears is confident enough to stand right in the middle of the captivated crowd and show off her fit body up close and personal. Front row seats for a Spears concert must cost a pretty penny, but when you get to be so close to the pop diva, it's money well spent! In a room full of strangers, it must feel like a private show. Red is your color!

4 Splashin’ Spears

When it is time for some good-natured fun in the sun, Spears whips out her skimpy purple string bikini and hits the beach to catch some waves. Looking cute, casual, and carefree, Spears is all smiles as she splashes around and feels the sand between her toes. String bikinis aren’t for everyone, but Spears looks like a mermaid on dry land in her sweet-yet-sexy style and summery freshness. Not every day is for work and performing, so some time off on the beach is just what Spears needs to unwind and catch some warm rays. She works hard to keep in tip-top shape, so showing off her figure is just the thing to do. The other beachgoers were surely happy to see such a celeb a few umbrellas over!

3 Pinup Princess

Those old-fashioned tempting pinup pics are certainly darling, but Spears takes the classic theme to a new level of utter hotness with her star-adorned silver short dress and foxy fishnet tights. Her demure facial expression is a contrast to the sexiness of her “blingy” ensemble, but Spears always knows how to play things up for the camera in her own unique way. Her black Mary Jane high heels and tied choker neck ribbon add even more allure, and Spears’s big blonde hairdo looks feminine and softly sensual. Those silver stars shine as brightly as this pretty pop star, and her skin glows even more thanks to the shimmer her little dress gives off. Sitting pretty may be part of Spears’s program, but we all know once she gets up and rocks the stage, it’s more like a comet than a just a star.

2 Golden Girl

Whether this is a dress or something else is questionable, but whatever you want to call this shiny piece of clothing, at least we can all agree that it's a showstopper. Short as can be, super low cut, and with lots of eye-catching cutouts, this gold and silver number is a real head-turner. Getting in and out of the car must be rather tricky, but as long as Spears arrives at her intended destination, that's all that counts. She looks like a million bucks in this mini-dress, and with her big bright smile, it's evident that Spears is well aware that she nailed this look on the head. Without an inch of fabric to spare, this outfit fits Spears as tightly as possible, showing off every curve and cranny. She should win an award just for showing up looking like such a knockout!

1 Hats Off

While Spears is trying to show off her cute brown fedora hat, all we can stare at is her toned and taut middle and sexy belly-button jewel. Looking lovely, lean, and tanned, Spears shows off her enviable body and knows she looks completely spectacular. A little white ribbed tank top and low-rise pants plus a few simple accessories are all Spears needs to look insanely amazing. Good genes and a little makeup are all this pop star requires to be a knockout. Hats off to Spears and her no-nonsense style. While this may not be the glitziest of her many looks, it's just as alluring. Goes to show that Spears looks hot in nearly anything. Everyday regular clothing or sparkly over-the-top stage outfits all do Spears’s body justice. She has the body to show off the best a costume or an outfit has to offer.

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