15 Times Beyonce Had Better Fashion In A Music Video Than We Ever Did in Real Life

Talented? Check. Glamorous? Check. Bootylicious? You bet! Iconically fashionable? Double check. Through the years of her professional singing and acting career, Beyoncé hasn’t done wrong in the fashion department. Not once. While we might not necessarily think of her as a fashion icon, the fact is that the girl has great personal style, great hair, and sombustible temperament, and, well, a superb singing voice. You probably didn’t know this, but it has always been her mother, Tina Knowles, who has designed Beyoncé’s, sometimes questionable, onstage costumes. It’s been like this eversince Beyoncé bursted onto the big scene as a part of the super successful trio Destiny’s Child. But Queen B didn’t stay stuck in the late 1990’s. She continued to reinvent her style, keeping one element constantly present in all her outfits. The glitttttter!

We invite you to take a trip down the memory lane to revisit some of Beyoncé Knowles’ most memorable video looks. These will prove once again that this hot mamma can steal away every single fashion show in the world without even making a big effort.

15 The Invisible Shorts And The Green Jacket - No, No, No (1997)

Not once or twice, was Tina, Beyoncé’s Mom, frustrated with the clothing the Destiny’s Child girls were asked to wear for some of the videos. Take for example, the revealing costumes in the video to their debut single from their first album Destiny’s Child. In Tina’s mind, the wardrobe suggestions were absolutely inappropriate for young girls, and she couldn’t understand why it was all in shades of grey and black.

For her, youth was all about joy and colors. Tina remembers that when the girls started, they looked at tapes of Motown Records, and they were excited to see what the Motown artists were wearing - from Michael Jackson and Diana Ross to The Supremes. They surely stole some ideas…

14 She’s Gon’ Work Harder, She’s Gonna Make It… In Camouflage - Survivor (2001)

Many consider Survivor to be Destiny’s Child’s anthem. The girls’ camo bralettes and camo trousers in this video cannot be described as anything but iconic.

In the video, a mysterious guy, who’s been watching the three shipwrecked survivors (a.k.a. relationship survivors) from atop of a cliff, leaves them unexpected gifts - attires that are supposed to be suited for living in a jungle. The perfectly-fitting animal-skin tops, bottoms, and fur boots may look gorgeous on camera, but they could hardly be any good in real, post-apocalyptic conditions. In the video, though, the jungle treats Bey and her girlfriends really well, although they still have to hunt through dark ponds for sustenance.

13 The Gold Tooth And The Pink Tips In The Hair - Bootylicious (2001)

If you ask Beyoncé which Beyoncé character to choose to dress up like for Halloween, she is always ready to help with advice. Her personal favorite video outfit for that purpose is not the overdone leotard in Single Ladies, nor is it the Thelma and Louise inspired piece in Telephone. She’d rather go for the military fatigues from Survivor, or the one from the Bootylicious video.

Back then, in 2001, it was all about solid necklaces, funky colors, and that infamous gold tooth. The singer herself is self-ironic when she says you can easily recreate her stylish gangsta look only using pieces you already have in the closet. She doesn’t suggest, however, that you get a gold tooth for real, because… well, for starters, a gold crown would cost you no less than $1200!

12 The Crazy Skimpy Denim Shorts - Crazy In Love (2003)

With Crazy in Love, Bey made her official solo debut. And what a debut! The song was a hit, and the singer’s outfits became legendary to the point that she could claim ownership to of the combination of a white top tank and blue Daisy Dukes.

More than a decade after the release of the video, celebrities who claim to have a unique style of their own, still try to copy her outfits. In 2016, Kylie Jenner was spotted wearing an outfit that could literally be sold on eBay as Beyoncé’s original sporty-cool ensemble from the video - a red silky bomber jacket, a white top, and black shimmery leggings. Only the baseball hat was missing…

11 Rocking White Pantsuit On The Backseat Of A White Rolls Royce - Upgrade U (2006)

The clip to Upgrade U is perhaps the flashiest of all Beyoncé’s videos. If a girl wants to truly UPGRADE her look, she should be aiming at this high-end gangsta style Bey pulls off in this video.

The gold dress is a stunner, and what to say about the white pantsuit! The tinted Cazal glasses and the white fur lining of the blazer add more luxurious flare to the outfit. And all this overabundance of luxury, arrogant confidence, and sex appeal is positioned exactly where it belongs - not on the back seat of a 1984 Soviet automobile, but a Rolls Royce. Of course!

10 Purring In A Skintight Catsuit - Kitty Kat (2006)

The Kitty Kat song is perhaps one of the most underrated Beyoncé’s songs. It was never released as a single because the production didn’t live up to the level of the other songs on the B’Day album. But we still love it because of the sassy vibe the 58-second-long clip gives. Beyoncé literally wears a cat face!

From the elaborate makeup and the perfect cat claws to the sky-high stilettos, and the chetah skintight suit that comes between, Beyoncé kills it. What further beautifully accessorizes the video is her furry black co-star. In the scene where Bey is riding the kitty, a cow was used to model the animal. Not a real cow, though, but a plastic one. A note to WWF: No animals were harmed during the shooting of the video, we promise.

9 The Long-Sleeved Keyhole Dress - Beautiful Liar (2007)

In this entrancing collaboration video, Beyoncé and Shakira dance in similar black outfits, and both can be a true inspiration for any splendid prom dress. However, the keyhole dress Bey slinks around is much more provocative and, despite its prudent length, it still leaves little to the imagination.

The overall impression of the fashion choices here is a bit spoilt, because the floor is sopping, and so are the singers. They seem to be participating in a kind of a wet dress contest. The whole video is a little over the top, with the dramatic skies, the smoke and wind machines, and the two girls crying out each other’s names, but it’s OK. All we care about is the dress that perfectly sticks to Bey’s voluptuous curves.

8 The Scarlett O’Hara Maxi Dress - Déjà Vu (2006)

Beyoncé is singing about how Jay-Z is such a big part of her life that sometimes she gets the feeling he’s been around forever. British director Sophie Muller shot the video in New Orleans, and picked legendary historic locations for the setting, like The Maple Leaf Bar and Oak Alley Plantation. Although the video transmits strong southern soul extravaganza vibes, many fans signed a petition to request a new video.

More than 7, 000 viewers criticized Beyoncé’s fashion choices and called her behaviour “too provocative and inappropriate”. The requests were ignored, and Muller directed the singer’s next video, Ring the Alarm. Despite the whole turmoil, we applaud the red, patterned dress Beyoncé wears in the video.

7 The Ultimate Black Leotard vs. The Little Black Dress - Single Ladies (2008)

Although the lyrics are all about the pressure on guys to tie the knot, there is something so fierce, undomesticated, and liberating about this song. It will still be a girl power anthem another 20 years from now.

Put your hands in the air if you love the way Beyoncé rocks this black leotard, which can definitely send even the iconic little black dress in oblivion. In 2014, this infamous black piece of clothing entered the ‘Legends of Rock’ exhibit in Cleveland’s Rock and Roll Hall of Fame (together with her Givenchy dress for the 2012 Met Gala). That is indeed a memorable recognition, given that Beyoncé is the first artist who’s had an exhibit in the museum without actually being a member of the Hall. FYI, she won’t be eligible to become one until 2027!

6 She Wished She Was A Boy, But, Fortunately, She Isn’t - If I Were A Boy (2008)

In the video, the two characters are dressed according to their supposed professions - a police woman and an office worker. With this video, Beyoncé doesn’t make a complete U-turn from the flamboyant style she often demonstrates, and she certainly doesn’t insist that the media stop sexualizing her. What she wants is to keep the girl power vibe alive.

Bey’s outfit may be down-to-earth, but is extremely powerful in its simplicity. The video was directed by Jake Nava, and shot in black-and-white, which kinda adds a nostalgic element. What you may not know is that with this whole role-reversal theme, the video is very similar to the 1976 comedy Freaky Friday.

5 Gaga’s Better Version - Telephone (2010)

Three years after Beautiful Liar, Beyoncé appeared in another earth shattering collaboration video. This time, she and Gaga are the new Thelma and Louise. They play a dangerous girl duo that you definitely don’t want to mess with. We have to congratulate Nicola Formichetti, one of the best stylists in the music industry nowadays, for all the outfits in the video.

For the dancing scene, he picked an outfit by Oscar Olima for Beyoncé. Further on, Beyoncé wears a Jean-Charles de Castelbajac flamboyant embellished satin jacket and pumps from the designer’s spring 2010 collection. We can’t speak for you, but we definitely like Beyoncé’s look better than Gaga’s!

4 The Opulent Wedding Gown - Best Thing I Never Had (2011)

The video for Best Thing I Never Had received quite mixed reviews from fans and critics upon its release. Most said Ms. Knowles wasn’t at her peak in terms of voice. But at the end of the day, everybody agreed on one thing - Queen Bee looked superb in a wedding dress, and even more so in her underwear!

The sexy white lingerie was provided by Agent Provocateur. The strapless ballgown with an embroidered bodice was purchased from the Baracci Beverly Hills boutique. The ivory dress for the reception was… well, Vera Wang, of course!

3 Changing Clothes Along With Moods - Countdown (2011)

Have you asked yourselves why it feels so hard to take your eyes off the Countdown video? Is it because that it's Beyoncé’s most hypnotizing video of all? Perhaps. But everything in it - from the music and lyrics to the retro styling - brings you in a good mood. Here is a countdown to the designer looks that appear in the video.

We have a Thierry Mugler outfit for the Beyoncé character on maternity leave. And then a wink at Audrey Hepburn’s masculine attire in 1957 Funny Face. But probably we like her Alexis Carrington character the most - the outfit has this super electrifying Prada summer 2011 twist, which no one can resist! As for the American Apparel style… it strikes twice. First, with the range of the seer button-up shirts, and second, as part of the sexy mime look.

2 Paying Tribute To The Original Material Girl - Haunted (2012)

In this 2012 video, Beyoncé pays homage to Madonna’s Express Yourself video as she struts down a corridor wearing a man’s tuxedo suit with a tie. With bloody-red lips, seductive dark eyes, and a short blond hairdo, the similarity to Madonna’s sexy alter-ego Mistress Dita cannot be described as anything but striking.

Madonna made this masculine look - a jacket over pants, deep red lips, and blond hair slicked back - famous back in 1988. In a statement, accompanying the video, the then 32-year old singer revealed her idea about creating a ‘visual album’, as she called it. “I see music. It’s more than just what I hear,” she said.

1 She Is Not An Angel - Or Is She? No Angel (2012)

Beyoncé’s outfit for the No Angel video came as a pure revelation to all the curvy girls out there. Not only did she create a social media big bang with her album Beyoncé, but we were all in awe of her wardrobe in the videos.

Wearing a swimsuit and a fur coat in the summer, and having a fight dog on a leash as an accessory? Well, why not if your name is Beeey-on-seyyy! Reportedly, the white swimsuit was created by Robyn Lawley. Yes, THE plus-size model Robyn Lawley, who earlier that year came out with her own swimsuit line for plus-size girls.

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