15 Times Bella Thorne Was Trashy AF

Despite the wholesome character this former Disney star previously created through her childhood success, Bella Thorne is no longer the "good girl" that she portrayed back in the day. And even if you're not a big fan of the redheaded bombshell, you've certainly heard your fair share of gossip about her relationship scandals and Hollywood feuds. The 19-year-old has branched out and starred in several movies and TV shows, but what's really been catching everyone's interest these last few years would definitely be her personal life, and she's not afraid to be honest about it either. Ever since Bella has stepped into the spotlight, she has been involved in a number of scandals, and has become quite the drama queen. But as of late, Thorne hasn't been creating drama so much as she's been creating an image with no class, just trash.

Bella Thorne is continuously making appearances by splashing all over the front pages of the gossip magazines, creating controversy each chance she gets, and mostly being sheer entertainment for everyone else. And when it comes to doing whatever you please in the public eye, Bella Thorne isn't afraid to "Shake It Up."

Thats right, we've got another former Disney star who's grown up and is entertaining everyone so much more now  than ever before, but not in a good way, and continuing to prove there's no line she won't cross. So let's get started on 15 Times Bella Thorne Was Trashy AF.

15 Scott Disick

Starting off the list as one of Thorne's scummiest moments would be the infamous Scott Disick, who owes his fame to his former girlfriend we all know so well, Kourtney Kardashian. Surely, Disick's name popping up on this list does not come across as a shock to any of us, or at least it shouldn't. Especially considering it has had its fair share of blasting through social media and of course, headlining every major magazine in town!

These...doomed... I mean, disgusting lovers, had a romance that grew cold very quickly. Their flame began to fizzle in just less than a week as it went down in flames after Lord Disick was spotted kissing and cuddling an ex-girlfriend, and British model, just days after catching the waves with Thorne.

The short-lived romance came to a screeching halt once the former Disney channel star had realized Scott was back at it again, continuing his Casanova streak. Thorne's social media reflected her vacation and her rejection in Cannes: early Thursday morning she posted a cheeky snap up on Instagram with the caption "Beautiful skies you have #cannes," but as night rolled around and the rejection began to set in, she tweeted, "Yo this #cannes fancy life isn't for me."

Thorne is reportedly angry with Kourtney Kardashian's former boyfriend for leading her to believe he wanted to seriously date her, and according to TMZ, she feels used and humiliated by the entire situation... But how much of that can we really believe when only days later she's looking for comfort in the arms of one of her many ex's, Gregg Sulkin, after being played by Lord Disick?

14 Love Triangle

Perhaps Bella Thorne hasn't gotten the memo, but it's really not all that cool to be playing with people's emotions. Here's the short and sweet version of what happened with all the dirty details I could find.

In late 2016, Bella Thorne began dating Teen Wolf star, Tyler Posey and they had been nothing short of exclusive, making their relationship very public by posting on social media and engaging in Twitter conversations together. But that all came to end, for an unknown reason. And without surprise, just a few weeks after the breakup, Bella was seen canoodling and apparently dating singer Charlie Puth. This, shocking? Certainly shouldn't be.

The singer was undoubtedly infatuated with Thorne, obviously not knowing what kind of games she was capable of playing. The relationship had been engulfed with fire once Bella randomly Instagramed a photo of her and her ex, Tyler Posey, captioned, “Taking a trip down memory lane.” Puth clearly didn't see it coming, assuring everyone through social media that he had no idea the two were still seeing each other, and was no longer smitten with the redheaded actress and broke things off.

I don't want to have to be the one to say anything, because if I do I'm going to hurt her feelings. But she just needs to get it all figured out and get her situation... situated, without dragging other people out as collateral damage and not giving a s**t. Honey, there is a very special time and place for people like you when karma is going to snatch you up, and eat you whole. Good luck girl.

13 Coming Out

I don't want to be rude...buuuut Bella Thorne is fake as hell. Her relationships? Fake. Her talent? Fake! And every piece of news that is headlined with her garbage, are pieces of media that are filled with fake concerns and fake caring. She's hot and cold, from girls to boys, and from one game to the next.

Here's why I'm so tickled by this trickster in this particular listing. Bella Thorne posted pictures and even videos on her snapchat of her making out with her best friend, who is also a girl. Now, I have nothing against the LGBT community, but it's so clear when someone doesn't fit... Sit tight, I'm not stereotyping anything or anyone. But when I mentioned how fake Thorne is, this was her fakest move by far.

She is no stranger to playing games, and partaking in this one was far too easy. She gained acceptance and support, hell, every lesbian and every feminist on the planet had dismissed her rotten behavior, and replaced it with acceptance. An incredibly beautiful and supportive thing, but they wasted all that energy on the wrong person.

It makes sense that this stunt was put into place to gain attention, and by doing so, she mocked the movement and the progress of this successful community... I've never heard of anyone finding it as easy and as entertaining to reveal their sexual identity (when it isn't the norm) as this girl had. Seriously, think about it? There is a reason people are given this much praise for coming out. Yeah, because they're celebrating being who they are and being gay, but mostly, because it is such a hard and daunting process... Sorry, but I don't buy it Bella. I think when she "came out" to the media that she's bi, I think she meant "bi-polar"...

12 Thanks For The Confirmation, Bella!

Yeah, Bella Thorne is trashy af, right? Sure. But on the upside, she did shoot down a pretty controversial scandal on Twitter. I have changed my mind about her completely, she's a hero. A real life hero.

Bella came to the rescue of her ex-boyfriend, Gregg Sulkin, as his... "baby maker" surfaced on Twitter after being leaked, and went viral. Unfortunately for this hunk, his d**k pic made a public appearance and a big splash on social media, as did his ex-girlfriend.. which was equally as embarrassing, by telling the entire world that the Johnson in the picture, did not belong to her former ex-boy toy.

Sticking up and defending your boy, that's one thing, but publicly tweeting on behalf of the controversy after being broken up, that's another. The two hadn't been involved with one another for a while and Bella, yet again, embarrasses herself and everyone else involved. I don't have any sort of explanation why anyone would do this, nor do I for anything else she does. Cheers, Bella.

11 The Disturbing Story Of A Brazilian Wax

Bella Thorne puts the "a**" in "class" with this move. Everything that she does throughout her day is being f**king recorded. How selfless she is, she really is a true gem to the people, as she allows us all to partake in her truly barbaric activities.

Certainly raising the bar and making this one of the most outrageous things she's posted on her Snapchat, or perhaps done all together. She has no remorse as she films her entire experience getting a bikini wax, she doesn't have a care in the world whatsoever.

I'm nearly running out of words... People generally have a certain responsibility to themselves, where they carry a sense of ownership over their class, privacy, and decency. Bella, on the other hand, doesn't carry a single humanizing trait other than her human form. If she wants to act like an animal, might as well start treating her like one

10 Gy-NO!

I cannot un-see read this tweet, so now I'm going to do the honors of sharing the content with you. Bella has a way of being unapologetically honest, but she does it all in the worst ways: by being incredibly obnoxious about it.

Talking about health and seeing your doctor is absolutely a necessity, but Thorne takes it way too far, as she does everything, by acting like a damn buffoon. In late January, she tweeted "Asked my gyno 2day 'so like is it weird always sticking ur fingers n rando girls vags all the time' her: eh no IDR think of it like that."

Honestly, I'm just embarrassed for her. Like I'm genuinely thinking what else I could say, while carrying this second-hand embarrassment. Doctors do what they do to help others, and they get paid a hell of a lot to do so, but I'm sure no doctor get's paid enough to have to put up with Bella and her obnoxious behavior.

9 You're Embarrassing Yourself, Again

In 2015, Bella Thorne presented and award with her then boyfriend, Gregg Sulkin. They had been asked to present the award for the Male and Female Choice Web Star. And like any gentlemen, Gregg stood beside Bella as she begins to list off the nominees one after the other, and unintentionally shaded one of the nominees.

She continues down the list and she reaches Felix Kjellberg’s name (better known as Pewdiepie), and says “Felix something, something, something, you know what? Be here if you want to hear the rest of your name.” So, Bella basically just makes a giant fool of herself while her boyfriend continues to stand beside her supporting her (strong guy), all the while embarrassing the sh*t out of this kid, and herself! Leave it to Bella Thorne to ruin an important moment in this guy's life.

8 Sloppy Seconds

Bella's back at it again, this time it's almost unbelievable. Or, not, since we've come to the conclusion that there is nothing Bella Thorne won't do, even date her brother's ex girlfriend. Yeah you read that right, Bella swoops in and gets tongue tied with some left overs and familiar DNA.

We've already addressed Thorne's coming out story, and just how touching the honest moment was, but just like everything else, this girl had to prove herself by making a statement and catching the media's eyes. And she did just that, and while getting a girlfriend would make a great headline, a headline detailing Bella Thorne dating HER BROTHER'S ex, now that would easily make front page! D**k move, but well played, Thorne.

But tradition doesn't change, and neither does Bella Thorne. So, without surprise, the two broke it off and the search for what she'll do next continues...

7 Racial Slurs

These next couple of listings are all just going to entail the trashy and wretched things that Bella Thorne deems as amusing and totally appropriate while publicly posting them on her Snapchat stories.

The thing about Bella Thorne is that she's still young, and she's being looked up to by other young girls and kids due to her audience through Disney and her kid friendly movies. These kids are looking up to her and they're creating goals and they want to be just like her! That is such an amazing position to obtain, but not when Bella is throwing out racial slurs like the N-word on Snapchat. It just isn't appropriate. Not for a young audience or an adult one, it's just simply uncalled for.

6 But Wait, Theres More!

Her ex-girlfriend isn't the only person she's making out with on Snapchat, theres more! Bella Thorne feels the need to share every birthmark, freckle, and bit of saliva with the rest of the world. Lucky us!

Along with being young comes the unguarded territory of kissing whoever you want, sleeping with whoever you want, just being completely shameless and doing as you please. And that is completely natural and healthy, Bella Thorne isn't sick in the head for having been in multiple relationships. But it does come across as incredibly weird and trashy to just be adding videos of you making out with your friends and lovers on social media.

Yes Bella, we get it, you're sexually active and you want to gain attention in the worst ways possible. She creates these problems herself, gains attention through gossip, and then claims she hates that people are talking about her "like that"... Something seems awfully fishy to me, Bella.

5 Stranger Things... With Bananas

I know that in the grand scheme of things, seductively eating a banana and recording it isn't all that out of character for a teenage girl, but Bella Thorne does some pretty strange things with bananas on her Snapchat... Each time I have to witness one of this girl's snapchats, I'm reminded of what makes me cringe and what triggers my second-hand embarrassment.

Bottom line, her Snapchats of her doing anything with bananas (or really anything at all) are trashy and it's repulsive and she is obviously completely aware that she is in the spotlight, and she continues to make a fool out of herself.

4 Oh, Bella

Now this one, this one's a crowd pleaser, and the last trashy act I've got in store for her entertaining Snapchat thread. Here is (another) moment, when enough has finally become enough.

Bella is not fooling anyone anymore. She can act like she has no idea whats really going on and try to play herself off as being coy, but that whole performance is completely transparent. And tweeting a picture of herself in bathing suit is great, she has an exceptional body, but being naked on Snapchat and acting as if you don't know? Where is her self-respect?

There's a video in particular where she was acting like she was just doing her makeup, and she's clearly topless and the mirror behind her is clearly catching the shot of her in her panties and nothing else. Now, there's a picture of every angle of this 19-year-old girl posted all over the Internet.

3 That Time She Was A Heartless B****

Allow me to refresh your brain regarding one of Bella Thorne's ex-boyfriends, Charlie Puth. You know, the one who she downright embarrassed all over social media after posting about her OTHER ex-boyfriend while they were dating. Yes, that one.

Well, it's rumored that the song, "We Don't Talk Anymore" by Charlie Puth is about his former girlfriend, Bella Thorne. The song breaks down the struggles of having to end a relationship after being so close and the model in his music video carries a striking resemblance to Thorne.

Why does Bella's ex-boyfriend writing a song about her make her trashy? It doesn't. What makes Bella trashy is the way that she handled the situation. By singling along to the radio while his song plays... Like a heartless bitch. Grow up.

2 When She Dated An Alleged Rapist

Sam Pepper. That's the name of the alleged rapist and the guy that Bella Thorne was hanging around with. It was unclear if she and the alleged rapist were a pair, but, they could've very easily been spending time together so Bella could stir up some controversy and ruffle some feathers of her fans, topping it off just to gain some more attention and continue keeping everyone on their toes. This girl just does not stop. How low does your self-esteem and your self-respect have to be for you to have absolutely no morals and constant poor judgment? Perhaps if she did the human thing of drawing the line at dating someone who has been accused of rape on multiple occasions to prove she .01% respects herself and the people around her, that could help... maybe.

1 That Time She Grew Up To Be Trashy Af

This entire article has been devoted to trashing Bella Thorne and every decision that she has made while appearing in the spotlight and on social media. Although it's a shocking reality that the once talented and innocent Disney channel star grew up to be a pain in everyones ass, thankfully, we can effortlessly oversee trashy and go straight to classy when reminding ourselves of her Shake It Up co-star, Zendaya.

The breathtakingly beautiful former child star, who has grown into her looks and not out of her class, since leaving the Disney Channel, Zendaya has been taking the world by storm, with her brains, her charm, and most certainly, her beauty.

The two grew up from the same world and broke off into two completely different ones just years after their hit TV show had ended and they began to fully emerge onto the scene as two tremendously stunning adults. Zendaya was all class and Bella became trash.

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