15 Times Ariel Winter Was Too Much To Handle

Saying that Ariel Winter Workman is too much to handle would be a bit of an understatement. Ariel's probably felt like she's had the entire world’s attention, ever since the age of seven. She went from being a 4-year-old child in a Cool Whip commercial to getting a small part as 7-year-old Harmony Faith Lane in Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, three years later. That was just the beginning for Ariel Winter. Since then, she has guest-starred on several TV shows, including Bones and Nip Tuck. She’s the voice behind numerous characters in animated movies and TV shows. She's even picked up roles in several movies. Not to mention the role where she's best known as Alex Dunphy on ABC's comedy series Modern Family.

We really could go on about Ariel Winter's accomplishments for days, but none of this is what makes the star too much to handle. It's her colorful off-screen personality and her choice of clothes, of course, or dare I say lack thereof, that can be too much to handle. That and the heavy dose of family drama is what keeps the Modern Family actress in the tabloids and on magazine covers. It's why we can't stop talking about her. Furthermore, it's why we can't resist the urge to gawk at her. Either way it goes, Ariel is quite the expert at getting our undivided attention. Here are 15 Times that Ariel Winter Was Too Much to Handle...


15 Little Ariel Winter

Via: Twitter

Little Ariel Winter... If that face isn't too much to handle, then it'd be hard to say what is. This photo is from when Ariel made a guest appearance on an episode of Bones. It's clear that Winter was talented and lovely, even as a child. Just look at that face! She's playing the role of a child, who's obviously supposed to be annoyed at something. You can already tell that Ariel Winter would have what it takes to be a great actress one day.

On the other hand, Ariel was being pushed by an overbearing stage mom. Nobody knew how bad she had it until she was much older. That photo was still three years before she'd begin co-starring on Modern Family. It wasn't until Ariel landed the role that her on-set teacher, Sharon Sacks, noticed the pressure that Chrisoula Workman was putting on her young daughter. Ariel was already on a diet at just 11, and she was kept on a strict schedule. She was only eight in the photo above. Who knows what life was like for her or how things would have turned out if she had not gotten the ongoing role as Alex Dunphy?

14 Kylie Jenner Wannabe

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Everybody knows that Kylie Jenner has the look. She's spent the past couple of years perfecting it. Add some lip here, a little fat in the right spots (like her butt and chest), and now you've got the look. Although, some of Kylie's glamour can be contributed to her impeccable fashion sense, which is why so many up-and-coming celebrities want to mimic her. Even Selena Gomez has channeled her style and pose on at least one occasion.

However, mimicking and downright copying are two very different things. This is where Ariel Winter comes into play. Ariel hasn't simply channeled her inner Kylie once or twice. Nope! She's copied Kylie Jenner's wardrobe so many times that tabloids say Ariel is morphing herself into Kylie Jenner. Ariel's constant game of Kylie Jenner wannabe on several occasions has been too much to handle. Besides, I thought being body positive was about being with your own body, not someone else's. This is just too much! Is it just me or are you also rolling your eyes?

13 The Most Obvious Photoshop Ever

Via: NY Daily News

Photoshopping every pic shared on social media is common for young celebrities these days, especially for those who've grown up in the Kardashian-Jenner era. There is so much pressure to look perfect. Not to mention so many options to fix what you don't like. Still, you would think that someone who was such a pro at mimicking Kylie Jenner's style and poses would also be a pro at Photoshopping every single photo and selfie that they share.

Hey! It could happen to the best of us. Most of us aren't pros at Photoshop. Besides, it's understandable that Ariel Winter would feel the need to Photoshop her pics, despite her claims that she's so body positive. Ariel's own mother body-shamed her as a child. To make matters worse, she was also body-shamed by trolls on social media when her body drastically changed from one season of Modern Family to the next. It's no big deal that she Photoshops. The only real surprise is how terrible she is at it.

12 Natural Beauty

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The older Ariel Winter has gotten, the more she has fallen victim to body shamers. First her mother, then the trolls, and next was ABC. Ariel commented that she understood strapping her chest for the role of Alex Dunphy. (She started season one of Modern Family with a skinny beanpole build, but by season 2, she was developing a large chest and butt.) The show had Ariel dress accordingly, in order to cover up her changing body. Alex Dunphy began wearing oversize baggy clothes.

All of this, despite the fact that Ariel's character was actually about 2 years older than she is in real life. The idea was that Alex Dunphy was supposed to be a smart chick. Intelligent nerdy girls aren't supposed to be that hot, at least not on TV. Just compare Big Bang Theory's Penny with Bernadette and Amyfor example. They're lovely ladies off-screen too. Judging by the photo above, Ariel is beautiful without all of the cheeky shorts and low-dipped tops. She has natural beauty. That's not something that can be concealed nor hidden by baggy clothes and glasses.

11 Too Little, Too Often

VIa: ABC News

It isn't a big shock to see Ariel Winter wearing too little because she does it much too often. She just loves to share photos of her body. In fact, she's even admitted that she loves butts. That's supposed to be part of her reasoning for showing so much of hers. This makes it less surprising that she couldn't resist the urge to share this bathtub shot of herself on social media. What was even less shocking was her inability to resist shutting down the haters before the sl*t fest had even begun. She captioned that the pic was from the set of Dog Years and that everyone should relax because she had lady bit pasties on the entire time.

What's even less shocking is that Ariel anticipated the criticism beforehand. Why? Because she thrives on getting us to react. The voice of Disney's leading character on Sofia the First loves that she's going to get a reaction. It doesn't matter to Ariel if it's good or bad attention, despite her Disney character being loved by so many young girls.

10 Modern Princess

Via: People

You would think that Ariel Winter grew up living a life similar to that of a modern-day princess. She got to have private tutors and on-set teachers, instead of going to a regular school. Plus, Ariel gets to play dress-up and pretend that she's somebody else on a regular basis. What girl wouldn't love doing that? Ariel also got to make money in the process. Lots of it! In fact, at 15, she signed a $6-million contract. How's that for a dream-worthy life?

However, Ariel's family life was much darker than anyone knew. Ariel has publicly accused her mother of dressing her in short tight clothes since the age of seven. She claimed that she was made to look like she was in her 20's from ages 7 until 12. The private schooling wasn't Ariel's choice either. Her mother didn't allow her the time to go to regular school. Besides, all of that money was gone by the time Ariel was removed from her mother's custody. Her finances were in the negative, and she didn't even know it.

9 Twerkin'

via YouTube

If you're one of those people who enjoy reading tabloids, then I'm sure you think that you've got Ariel's act down pat. She left her mom in a flurry of court appearances while fighting for her emancipation at 14. Winter also got a breast reduction at only 18, and yes, she has had her share of relationship woes spread front and center of magazine covers.  They've made her life sound so interesting that it's surprising that she can go into a public lady's room without a camera following her in.

It also kind of makes you question her motives. Did she really grow up in this dramatic storyline or is she just a girl who loves to get our attention any possible way that she can? Take the video above, for instance. She's got the yoga pants, she's twerkin', and there's man's best friend too. If Ariel wanted your attention, she's definitely gotten it. It's no wonder that the dog isn't as interested. Her pet is around her all of the time and probably fed up with her attention-seeking antics.


8 A Hot Mess In All-black

Via: Elite Daily

Looking at the photo above, it's hard to deny that Ariel is a hot mess in all-black. Seriously steamy! If you could say that she looks almost angelic in all-white, then she's a mysterious dark angel in black. You know she recently passed over 2 million followers on Instagram. You can say that she's too much to handle, attention-hungry, and even though she copies a Jenner, she must be doing something right. Maybe it's the way she looks in that black dress with pitch black hair and smokey eyes to match?

It probably has more to do with the style of about every other outfit that she owns. Even her most formal clothing has a deep diamond cut below her neckline. In most cases, women get a breast augmentation to get a man's attention, but not Ariel. No, she did her thing backwards. The reduction probably gained her more of a reaction than just leaving them the same. What's worse is that her mother disapproved of her daughter's choice. Most mothers would be proud of their daughter making such a difficult decision.

7 The Unholiest Easter Outfit 

Via: Instagram

Leave it to Ariel Winter to dress formal yet still appear to be wearing the unholiest Easter dress ever. Depending on how you look at it, Ariel Winter has been through hell. Back in 2012, there was an emergency hearing which alleged that Ariel's mother would slap, hit, and push her. All of that naughty-girl style that Ariel has, came from her mother teaching her to dress inappropriately for attention. Plus, there was Ariel's diet. There were allegations that people would sneak her food on the set of Modern Family because of the strict diet that her mother had the child on.

It appears that Ariel's determined to do things the opposite of how her mother wanted; aside from her clothing choices anyway. Once Ariel's sister, Shanelle, was granted temporary custody of the teen star, there was news that Ariel was thriving in her new setting. She was happier, healthier, and was going to a regular school for a change. Now, she's attending college at UCLA.

6 Controlling Parent, Or Relationship?

via Just Jared

Back in 2014, there were so many accusations flying around that it was hard to say who was telling the truth. You had Ariel Winter and her big sister saying that their mother was depriving Ariel of food, s*xualizing her, and abusing her both physically and emotionally. They were also accusing her dad of being estranged from the family and that he wasn’t capable of raising his daughter, Ariel.

Meanwhile, her mother was disputing all of the allegations with accusations of her own. According to Chrisoula, Ariel was just a 14-year-old girl rebelling against her mother, who didn't want her dating her 18-year-old boyfriend. To top things off, Ariel's mother was alleging that it was Ariel's boyfriend, Cameron Palatas, who was the controlling figure in Ariel's life. Her mother was also upset about finding the couple in bed together but didn't file a report until after she lost custody of Ariel.

5 Naughty, Or Nice

via HawtCelebs

It doesn't matter if Ariel Winter is being naughty or nice. Either way, she's still too much to handle. Take Ariel's outfit choice from last December, for example. That's what she chose to wear when taking her nieces to see Santa. It wasn't too revealing compared to the things that she is known to wear. She was stunning in all-white! Almost angelic even. The only hint of naughty Ariel in this outfit was the clingy design that zeroed in on her cleavage.

In fact, that outfit makes it hard to decide if Ariel was trying to get on Santa's naughty list or if she was gunning for the nice cut. It's still clear that she couldn't resist showing off those legs with the mini. You see, Ariel just has the kind of body that can leave you pondering if showing less is actually less interesting or if she can draw more attention and desire from the mystery of what you can't see. This is just one example of Ariel Winter being too much to handle. Believe it or not, there are plenty more, which have nothing to do with the shape of her body.

4 The Outfit That Everyone Is Tired Of Seeing

Via: Got Celeb

You didn't think we were going to leave you hanging without at least one photo of Ariel Winter in the outfit she wore on the set of Dog Years, did you? This has got to be one of Ariel's most photographed looks. It's also in line with her signature look. Cheeky daisy dukes, a loose cut-off tank top, and a nice shot of underboob, of course. The look wouldn't be complete without that.

Aside from the obvious reasons, this is one of Ariel's most photographed moments because it also gave you your first glimpse of her transformation into her character, Lil, from the movie. If you didn't catch Ariel Winter as Lil, in all her pale-faced, redheaded glory, then you really should. Ariel looked totally goth and seriously steamy. It was a different Ariel as compared to her Modern Family character, Alex Dunphy. It even outdid the most of Ariel's usual styles. She even had a nose ring.

3 Party Too Hard

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Okay! This is definitely an example of Ariel Winter being too much to handle, despite however many hands are attempting to handle her in this photo. Hell, you can't even tell which hand belongs to which person...or arm. Let's just say that Ariel obviously has a party-girl streak in her. It's also safe to assume that she can be lots of fun around her friends.

Meanwhile, her mother has trashed Ariel's need to show off her body on several occasions. Yep, Chrisoula, the same mom who was accused of trying to overs*xualize her 7-year-old daughter with short shorts, skirts, and tight tops. It's kind of hard to take back the damage that you've caused after that fact. Had her mother not spent so much of Ariel's childhood trying to make her feel like her body was her ticket into acting, then she might not feel that it's necessary to show so much skin today.

2 A Rare Occasion 

Via: OK! Magazine

It's rare to find a photo of Ariel Winter where she's not smiling and posing for the camera. Ariel loves to get a reaction. She also loves being photographed and sharing her moments, but there are times when any girl (Ariel included) wants some things all to herself. Yet, it's hard to get some privacy in your life when you're almost always camera-ready.

However, there have been times when she didn't want the attention. Take the photo above, for example. That was from Ariel's first day at UCLA. Everybody's first day at college is already difficult enough—being in a new place and trying to blend in with everyone else. Imagine going through it while having to worry about paparazzi shadowing you and taking photographs of your every move. That has to put a damper on trying to blend in, especially if you're already recognizable without the entourage. Let's just say that this was one day that Ariel wasn't smiling for the cameras.

1 Lovin' The Spotlight

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If anyone ever loved the spotlight like it was her life, it'd have to be Ariel Winter. She might claim to dislike getting her picture snapped by paparazzi every time she leaves the house, yet it's rare that you'll find a photo of her where she's not posing and smiling. Ariel's mother, Chrisoula Workman, a.k.a. Crystal, might have been the one to force her baby girl into that spotlight. She may have been the one who raised her daughter to dress provocatively, strike a pose, and to show off constantly.

Although, it has been Ariel who has carried on with that image. In a recent interview, Ariel's mother ranted about how Ariel dresses and carries herself. Ariel rebutted through social media stating that the way she dresses now is based off of her own tastes as an adult, not as a child being told to wear inappropriate clothes. Yet, behind that pink hair, barely-there outfit, and foxy pose is a girl who's still craving the attention. That's why Ariel Winter is always too much to handle.

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