15Two American Tourists Arrested For Carving Their Initials Into The Colosseum In Rome And Taking A Selfie

via: youtube.com

In 2015, two Californian girls were arrested for carving their initials into the wall of Rome's Colosseum with a coin. But unlike most graffiti artists, it wasn't enough to just leave their mark on an ancient cultural landmark and, you know, escape the scene of their crime. The girls decided

to take a picture with their artwork, shortly before being arrested for damaging the wall. And this incident is really an embarrassing one on a few levels. It's one thing to get arrested in a foreign country because of some unfamiliar law, but come on, how can anyone think that defacing one of the most famous historical landmarks in the world is a good idea? And to do something that horrible just to draw your initials like some eighth grader with a crush? Oh, and let's not forget the genius move of sticking around to take a picture, because if you're not waiting at the scene of the crime to be arrested, then make sure to snap some photographic evidence before you leave. Ugly American behavior, indeed.

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