15 Times Amber Rose Went Too Far

Amber Rose is one of those celebrities who people out there either love fiercely or hate with everything they've got. Even her haters can admit she is extremely hot and has huge and attractive features that can make every guy in a room to turn and look her way. Because of having a beautiful body, Amber has made her money as a model, although she also had a show and has made several TV and film appearances.

She is what we would refer to as a "bad girl" since she has the tattoos, the shades, the revealing clothing, and the attitude to prove it. Amber is not one of those women who are overly careful with wearing clothes the average person would consider decent, it actually seems as if most of the time she tries to dress as outrageously as she can.

Clearly, Amber loves the attention she gets, and you can be sure she will do anything to become even more famous. Her dressing, speech, and conduct are not what you would expect a mom in her thirties to be, but it seems she couldn't care less what anyone would think. Two of her most high-profile relationships include dating Kanye West between 2008 and 2010, and later dating Wiz Khalifa in 2011 and getting married to him in 2012. Although she and Wiz are no longer married, they have a son together.

Since she hardly ever seeks to please anyone, Amber Rose has done some things, said some bad things, and even worn some clothes we can all agree were not appropriate. Although we don't expect her to be perfect, do you agree she went too far in these instances?

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15 She Appeared Like This For The 2014 VMAs

Via Pinterest

The 2014 MTV VMAs was the 31st installment of the award ceremony. Iggy Azalea and Beyoncé led the nominations with eight each, and Eminem followed closely with seven. As is the nature of this award ceremony, the event was spectacular, with great performances and a huge audience of at least 10.1 million viewers.

One of the highlights of this and other award shows, apart from getting to find out who won the most awards, is watching the celebrities make their entrance on the red carpet. Photographers love this part of the event because the celebrities pose for them a few times and give them an opportunity to take their best shots.

Arguably, Amber Rose was wearing the most revealing outfit of all, since she had nothing on but underwear and what looked like chains all over her body. Although other celebrities have worn worse and even more revealing clothing, all of them together with Amber here went too far.

14 TMI About Her Bedroom Escapades

Via The Daily Beast

Some people don't know the difference between the information they should share on social media and what needs to stay private. One such individual is Amber Rose, who recently told the world she doesn't have time for sex. Many people in the world today don't have time for a lot of things, but Amber doesn't fall into that category of people, because such are usually stuck in dead end jobs which leave them with no time even for their families.

She claimed the world thinks she has sex and orgies all day, probably because the rest of us think she has nothing else to do. However, according to her post and the discussions which followed, she doesn't have nearly as much sex as people think because she has work and family commitments which take up a lot of her time. This time she went too far claiming everyone thinks she has sex all day, because it just isn't practical and no one needed to know that.

13 The Shocking Kiss On Live TV

Via blog.lesbianmedia.tv

This is Amber Rose and Amy Schumer, kissing at the 2015 MTV Movie Awards. Honestly, we don't even know who between the two we should blame for this. Besides the fact that they always remind us of this moment on social media, this kiss stunned everyone, both in the audience and viewers on TV, because these two had the option of ignoring the cam or simply sharing a kiss that wouldn't have grossed out everyone, but they didn’t.

Some people love kiss cams and hope one day when sitting next to a hot person or a celebrity it will focus on them, because they will get an excuse to get intimate with them for a few seconds.

However, most people think the kiss cam is a terrible waste of time for it puts people in awkward positions. You should never feel the pressure to kiss someone, especially a stranger whose oral hygiene habits are yet to be revealed. Some camera operators are so clueless they focus on any two people in an audience including a mother and child and expect a reaction from the two to please the crowd.

12 Posting Pictures Of Herself Wearing A String

Via Telemundo 47

It will never be appropriate for anyone to post almost naked pictures of him or herself on any social media platform. Actually, platform administrators take down inappropriate content from social media if it appears to be overly sexual. That said it would even be far worse if the person posting such pictures has a husband and children, because there is no way either of these would love to see their loved one in such indecency.

Amber Rose posted this and many other racy photos on Instagram a few years ago on her profile, and clearly, she went too far. Her clothing or lack thereof leaves little to one's imagination since wearing a g-string monokini hardly hides any part of the body which ought to be private. Although most people applauded her and called her sexy, a number of her followers felt uncomfortable about the images, reminding her she is a wife and a mother.

11 Twerking In An Uber Together With Blac Chyna

Via GQ Italia

Amber Rose and Blac Chyna went to the 2015 MTV Video Music Awards wearing the weirdest outfits most of us have ever seen. The only good thing about their outfits was they didn't expose too much skin, but the problem about the outfits was everything else. Of course, you have heard the quote "dress the way you want to be addressed" which, regardless of how many people protest against it, has so much truth to it.

The matching outfits had insults written all over them and they were such a surprise because no one likes to be addressed using such words, so you wonder why they would want to dress up in such outfits. The insults on their outfits were apparently the names different people have called them owing to their behavior.

Now imagine how inappropriate these two were, twerking in an Uber and distracting the driver. This is clearly going too far.

10 She Posed Bottomless For A Shoot

Via YouTube

Regardless of how you feel about Rose's role in fighting for women's rights, you must admit she went too far with this photo. If you know her well, then you are familiar with the Amber Rose SlutWalk, a worldwide movement aiming to end the rape culture present in our society.

This image is supposed to promote the movement, and someone must have told her this was the right way to do it, and she went ahead and did it. Arguably, the only people who love this image do so because of its overly sexual nature, but if anything, it paints all the participants of the walk and the objective of the movement in bad light.

SlutWalk is a movement in over 200 countries established in 2015 to take a stand against derogatory labeling, victim blaming, and sexual injustice. So people dress up in clothing and carry placards printed with all the insults ever hurled at them, and then walk the streets celebrating who they are.

9 Wearing A Cleavage-Displaying Nude Corset

Via Shoes Post

Amber Rose is a model, and one thing all models have in common is a great, though at times weird, sense of fashion. Models love to wear clothing which will exaggerate their unique and outstanding features while looking great at the same time.

Other times, celebrity models wear certain clothing to promote a brand. The owners of the brand know as soon as fans of a particular celebrity see him or her wearing their product, they will flock the stores to purchase such products for themselves. Besides, most celebrities have employed people whose only job is to buy and choose what they will wear every time they leave their homes.

The reason we have this image of Amber here is she doesn't look as great as we would expect a model like her to look. Her nude corset looks weird and her whole cleavage is exposed. Her oversized dungaree is too outrageous to start talking about it here.

8 She Called Kim Kardashian A "Wh*re"

Via Metro

This was back in 2015, and a lot has happened between then and now, but this stands out because it's just sad and it crossed the line. Although many people have called Kim Kardashian many bad things over the years, Amber Rose seems to go for the whole family and not just Kim. Of course, Rose was and probably is bitter against Kim, because she and Kanye West used to be together.

This insult came when she was feuding with Khloe and Kylie on Twitter when she took Kim's images and called her a wh*re. Rose didn't stop these, she even addressed Kanye, as if explaining that her actions resulted from his sister-in-law calling her out as a stripper, yet his wife has a sex tape.

Clearly, thanks to people like Amber Rose, the world will never forget about Kim's sex tape with Ray J, since she brings this out a lot. Here she went too far because instead of focusing on whoever she was feuding with, she had to include Kim in the discussion and insult her.

7 She Can Say Literally Anything

Via Rap Basement

When Amber gets an opportunity to talk, she can say anything, a quality some people like in her but others find it offensive. Some of the things she has said that we didn't need to know include explaining how Blac Chyna was always horny throughout her pregnancy and comparing it to how she wasn't feeling sex with her baby's daddy.

In addition, telling everyone how Wiz Khalifa was afraid of hitting his unborn son's head when doing it when she was nine months is also too much information. Later during an Instagram Live video, she hung up on a woman who called her claiming to have been molested. She uttered the words, "That's too much," before hanging up.

She also admitted in an interview how her threesome experience was, claiming it was horrible. She had apparently gotten together with a man and another woman and claimed her experience was terrible enough to give her sleepless nights.

6 Her Appearance On Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen

Via Bravo TV

People love talk shows, especially those where the host is funny, daring, and interesting. For a show to be even more popular, the guests at the show should look great, answer the questions in an entertaining way, and possibly interact with the guests in an activity. However, when a guest fails to show up, comes in late, or for whatever reason, he or she doesn't know the answers or doesn't have an opinion on the questions, the show might be boring.

At Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen in 2015, Amber Rose came on but refused to answer most of the questions Andy asked. She refused to answer any question related to the Kardashians, because she doesn't like any of them, especially since Kim is married to her ex. Her refusal to answer any of the questions resulted in the show becoming so awkward that everyone agrees she was probably Andy's worst guest that year.

5 Her Day Out At The Beach

Everyone should dress appropriately at all times, especially in public places, and if you must go out wearing nothing but a bikini or even your underwear, go to the beach and bask in the sun. Dressing appropriately not only makes everyone around you feel comfortable interacting with you, it also makes you feel great about yourself.

However, for people like Amber Rose, the more skin they show the world the more they feel better about themselves. A bikini is supposed to cover a woman's most private parts, and the parts it doesn't cover are supposed to be the most exposure a woman can show her body except in private.

Whatever Amber was wearing on this day at the beach was barely hiding any part of her huge breasts. We can clearly see her nipples. However, we can be thankful we cannot see through to any of her other private parts.

4 Is She Licking Money?

There is no question about how rich Amber Rose is, owing to her successful modeling career and her film and TV engagements. She belongs to a class of celebrity millionaires, who can almost afford anything they want.

However, if you have had a glimpse into any of the lives of the wealthy, some hardly brag about their wealth or show any of it off on social media. Consider wealthy people like Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, or Mark Zuckerberg, these people have more money than what some countries make in a year, yet you would never see them doing what Amber is doing with her money.

One of the things that make the wealthy people so admirable is when they truly achieve a certain standard of success, they start focusing on meaningful causes and family. What Amber is doing is what you would expect someone who doesn't have a lot of money to do when he or she wins the lottery.

3 She Is A Bad Parent – Apparently

Via www.vibe.com

Amber Rose and Wiz Khalifa's marriage was a short but very dramatic marriage. These two have a child together who they have joint custody over. Leading to their divorce, these two seemed to hate each other so much and went at each other with everything each of them could, as is the case with most divorces.

One of the things that came up during the custody battle for their son was Wiz claiming Amber was a bad parent. Apparently, Amber neglects her son to stay out all night for whatever reason, she and her mother often had bitter exchanges in the presence of her son, and they often used the "N" word. In addition, he claimed she only spent approximately 15 minutes with her son all day, and she let her dog eat its poop and then lick her son on the mouth. If this were the case, she truly went too far.

2 She Claimed Ace Of Diamonds Was Hers

Via YouTube

Did you hear Amber Rose is the new owner of Ace of Diamonds? This came as a surprise to many since no one knew the club was even on the market. Besides, it would make no sense selling it when it was making so much money. If Rose had the ability to buy this club then she has much more money than anyone thinks and possibly deserves far more respect than she gets.

However, soon after making this claim the owners of Ace of Diamonds filed a $1 million lawsuit against her for slander and claimed she doesn't own the club. In her defense, Rose owns a corporation by the name Ace of Diamonds, and she had applied for a trademark for the name and the acronym AoD.

Then this must be a simple misunderstanding where an apology would suffice, right? Wrong. Rose claimed she owns the club and wants to open in a new location, where she will continue to offer exotic dancing entertainment among other services. Since her claims were false, she clearly went too far this time.

1 "Oral" Simulations For A Crowd Of Paparazzi

Via B. Scott

Many people would love to have paparazzi fighting to take their picture, even if it were just for a single event. However, judging from how we see our favorite celebrities hiding from paparazzi and suing them for violation of privacy, such attention might not be such a great thing.

However, some celebrities seem as if they can't get enough attention from everyone else out there, since they perform some stunts you wouldn't expect a normal person to perform, just to have people talk about them. Amber Rose and Blac Chyna seem to lead the pack of attention seeking stunts, yet they already have millions of people following them.

In this instance, these two got into a taxi and started simulating oral sex positions in full view of onlookers and paparazzi. It wasn't clear just how far these two were willing to go, since mounting on each other, dipping head between thighs, and making suggestive finger gestures in public is extreme.

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