15 Times Alison Brie Blew Our Minds

If there is a reason to dislike Dave Franco, it is that he's married to a stunning woman named Alison Brie, who is one of the most flawless beauties in show business. Then again, we don't want to be too hard on Franco, because he, like his brother James, is a funny dude and genuinely entertaining. But it is totally normal to be jealous.

Franco married Alison Brie in March 2017, and while all guys are right to be disappointed, she's still working so we won't have to miss out on her striking good looks, comedic delivery, and overall acting chops. Her start in show business was slow, landing small roles in movies and on TV for the first couple of years. However, in 2007 and 2009, she managed to land two amazing roles for which she has become known.

In 2007, she was selected to play Pete Campbell's wife on Mad Men. While not a huge role, it was one of the biggest shows on TV for a number of years and it certainly got her name and good looks "out" in the showbiz world. In 2009, she scored one of the main roles on Community, playing Annie Edison, a neurotic and slightly socially awkward (but absurdly hot) college student who gets involved with the study group around which the show revolved.

With both of those shows having ended, she's stayed busy and has had several great roles since those two shows ended in 2015. She's both a comedic entertainer and a gifted actor. She's usually funny, and of course, she always looks stunning with her oh so curvaceous body rocking those rare and elusive dark hair and bright blue eyes. Here are fifteen pictures of Alison Brie, absolutely blowing our minds.

15 We Like Your...Shirt

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If you've only ever seen her in Community or Mad Men and didn't follow the former very zealously, you may have missed out on how hot Alison Brie is. Her character didn't show it off very much in Community, as Annie dressed quite conservatively, and while she looked very cute, she brought a very subtle s*x appeal to the show rather than the kind we see here, which is about as "in your face" as can be. The look she's rocking here is a tough one to pull off and a risky one. Going bra-less with an open shirt (in this case a sleeveless suit-looking garment) is an awesome choice and whoever made this choice (whether her or a photographer) deserves a beer and a high five.

14 At The Pool

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Anytime you hear the words "Alison Brie" and "pool" in the same sentence, you're probably in for a treat. This picture can be considered "exhibit A" for proof of that statement. Normally, we feature articles that have a lot of bikini-clad ladies, but for some reason (as you'll see) Alison Brie seems to rock a one-piece quite a bit. Say what you want about it (maybe being an outdated look) but given the assets she's showing off and the parts she's been known for in her acting career, the one-piece magically works perfectly. If you're into nice legs, great curves, ample shirt-talent, and a magically beautiful face, there is more of all of the above in store. We assure you.

13 Trudy Campbell

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While she didn't have a big part to play in Mad Men, it would be silly of us to not include at least one picture of her in this iconic show. Throughout the course of the show, Brie's Trudy Campbell/Vogel goes from being a woman thoroughly in love, who becomes an enthusiastic suburban housewife, to a betrayed woman who kicks her husband out because of his unfaithful lifestyle. Trudy was a gorgeous woman from an often forgotten decade. While it isn't Brie's first role, it is one of her most significant one and we wouldn't feel quite right producing a list of her "mind-blowing" moments without a shot of her as Trudy.

12 Everyone Loves A Little Shirt Tug

We aren't sure exactly why this is, but there is something astonishingly hot about a woman lightly tugging at a piece of clothing. It looks like she is trying to wring out her shirt as if it is wet, while it's clearly not soaked. While the dynamics of professional photoshoots are silly, we can't argue with results like this. Between the lacy underwear, the tight-fitting tank top that doesn't seem to be covering a bra, the hair that is likely not dirty, but looks like it has been messed up, and of course, the minimal makeup (not much is really needed), this is an utterly stunning picture. This looks like the kind of thing any man would love to wake up to in his room every morning.

11 Evil Annie In The Red Dress

via community.sitcom.wikia.com

Part of what made Community such an amazing show was how the story could go from plausible and realistic to completely ludicrous in almost no time whatsoever. The show really did bring a great sci-fi element to a great sitcom that already had a lot going for it. Of course, part of this sci-fi aspect was the multiple timelines, and in particular, the evil group.

"Evil" Annie Edison was the result of Annie's trauma over the death of Pierce Hawthorne. She went insane and later became a part of a plot to destroy the real world study group members. Later on, while trying to flirt with real-timeline Jeff Winger, she stripped off her overcoat and revealed a beautiful strapless pink dress. This Annie was the perfect combination of sexy and cute.

10 Showing Off Some Leg

Looking at shots like this, in which she's showing off some leg, one might have difficulty pinpointing her actual height. From the looks of it, she seems to have a long pair of legs, but it may interest you to know she is just a tiny 5'2. This is one of those beautiful tricks that show-business types and professional photographers can use to show off a woman's great-looking assets. Aside from the leg she's flaunting here, we won't stop pointing out how stunning her face and eyes in particular are. I mean, why would we? There are not many prettier faces in the entertainment world and we could ogle Alison Brie all day long.

9 The Community Christmas Scene

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When the study group is once required to take over the duties of the Glendale glee club, Jeff Winger is reluctant to join in the fun. Annie, trying to get Jeff to go along with the group, gets into a skimpy Santa outfit and does a song and dance routine for Jeff. This scene is hilarious and confusingly sexy at the same time. The s*x appeal is obvious, but the humor and confusion parts come from the fact that as Annie sings and prances around, the things she says seem to get stupider and she starts to act like a little girl; eventually basically babbling like a toddler while crawling around on the floor. Alison Brie is a talented gal, and this scene shows off her ability to keep a straight face while being completely absurd.

8 Interesting Dress

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At first glance, this may look like body paint. Don't get us wrong, Alison Brie with body paint is an amazing idea...right up there with the light bulb, McDonald's all-day breakfast and Uber. But no, it is not body paint, but a tight flowery dress that literally only hides what it has to. In this case, we're wishing it didn't exist at all, but if that was the case, we'd have the internet police all over us and we'd rather just let you use your imaginations and save ourselves the censorship-related headache. Like every other look we've featured here, she looks like something out of a dream, and in this case, with the flowery dress, flowing hair, and relatively minimal makeup, she looks like she's headed to some hippy music festival.

7 Naughty Smile

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That is the look a beautiful woman gets on her face when she is about to pounce. Whatever room she is in looks cold, and we can't tell what she's knelt down on; but it may well just be the cold floor. The messy hair, dress that shows off plenty of chest, and of course, the stunning face with sultry lips all come together to make something really special and mind-blowingly sexy. While most of us may associate the magazine Men's Health with body-building articles that are 100% wrong, and garbage "how to pick up any woman" pieces, they do feature gorgeous women. In the case of this picture, we're feeling healthier just looking at her.

6 With Gillian Jacobs 

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We can't talk about Community without at least mentioning Britta Perry. The two beautiful ladies from the show accurately portray two different archetypes of the women one will meet in college. Gillian Jacobs' Britta is experienced, street-smart, slightly hippy-ish, and often more mature (at least in the early seasons) than the naive, youthful, and sometimes socially awkward Annie. Nonetheless, the two become close friends over the course of the show. Early on, a student named Buddy, played by the always ridiculous Jack Black, tries to become a member of the study group. He was trying to prove that he's already a close friend to all of them. This reminds them of iconic moments for which he was present, including a sexy bubble bath fight between Britta and Annie which he later admits may have never happened.

5 Get Hard 

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For those who haven't seen it, 2015's Get Hard tells the tail of a wealthy hedge fund manager, played by Will Ferrell, who is about to be sent to prison and hires a black man, Kevin Hart, to teach him to be tough before prison. Of course, Hart has no criminal record so he simply puts together a series of terrible lessons, making for a silly movie that is worth anyone's time if they want to laugh. It isn't the best film Ferrell or Hart have been a part of, but it has lighthearted fun.

Oh! We almost forgot that it also features a couple of scenes with a very sexy Alison Brie. She plays Ferrell's wife, and while she does leave him during the film, we get to see her in a great lingerie outfit before that happens.

4 Great Scenery

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We don't know on what rooftop this was taken, nor do we know how to get there or anything else really about this photo. What we do know is that it features one of the most splendid-looking (we feel that 'splendid' is fitting for a shot like this) women in show business. Brie's swimsuit achieves a great balance between hot and classy, and her look along with that suit shows off her fit, slender legs, her naturally beautiful face, and her chest, which is among the finest in terms of non-surgically enhanced female celebs out there. Let's be honest here. More often than not, natural tatas do not stay that high without some help. There is some speculation about whether or not she is all natural, and we'll admit that we aren't experts, just fans of the final product whether it was the universe or some gifted doctor.

3 On the Floor For Some Reason

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On one hand, this shot is incredibly beautiful. She's wearing some dark eye makeup, which looks very sexy, and a dress that's showing off a huge part of her fantastic body. On the other hand, she's on the floor, up against a low wall, and it looks as though she is grabbing the back of her head. Did she just fall? What despicable photographer sees his model take a tumble and then keep snapping shots while she's on the floor in agony?

We're joking, of course (terrible jokes, we know). And chances are, this is just another ridiculous example of photo shoots putting models in sometimes unnecessary poses, for the purposes of "art." Oh well! Once again, we can't argue with results.

2 That Doesn't Look Comfortable

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We're having some difficulty coming up with a reason for a woman to ever be in this position, as this is not how one is supposed to use a lounge chair. Maybe she got drunk the night before, got partially undressed, and then decided to fall asleep on a chair rather than the bed. But we digress. If you ever are lucky enough to see a live woman as sexy as Alison Brie on a chair like this and in this position, do not by any means, ask her how she got there; immediately get down to business, because she's clearly not going to wait around through a round of questioning.

We know we don't need to describe anything here but, flawless legs, perfect curves, and of course, that beautiful face, what is not to love?

1 These Two Are Perfect Together

If there is one thing Community was missing, it is this scene right here. Remember when we mentioned that imaginary bubble bath fight between Britta and Annie? Well this is a lingerie-themed spanking session that was featured in GQ several years ago. While that publication usually releases nonsense aimed at the lowest form of pretend-yuppie guy in his 20's, trying to seem mature and sophisticated, they occasionally have absurdly sexy features like this. I really don't even know what to say. Apparently, these two get along well off-screen and had a great time doing this shoot together. We can kind of tell, as awkward as this could be, even for two professional actresses, that the two of them both look like they're into it and having a great time.

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