15 Times Actors Refused To Be In Scenes Together

Being an actor is just like any other job in a lot of ways. Sometimes actors are asked to do things that make them uncomfortable and sometimes they have to work with people they don’t like. If you’ve ever had a job where you had a particularly annoying co-worker we’re sure you’ll understand. Now imagine that you had to pretend to like that person, or even do a love scene with them – it would be pretty difficult, right? So it’s not hard to understand why some actors just flat out refuse to work alongside each other.

In some cases, the actors might have a history together and this causes tensions between them on the set but in other cases, they simply can’t stand the sight of each other. You might see them smiling together on the movie poster, but that doesn’t mean things went smoothly on the set. We’d like to think that all actors are professionals who don’t let their personal agenda’s get in the way but that’s just not the truth. With all those big egos flying around a celebrity feud is always right around the corner. The stars on today’s list took things to the next level when they refused to be in scenes together…


15 Dwayne Johnson Went On A Rant About His “Male Co-Stars”

Unlike the previous films, Diesel and Johnson don’t have a scene together in the flick; which further fuelled rumors that the two can’t stand each other.

14 Teri Hatcher Was The Least Favourite Housewife


And the animosity wasn’t just on set, it also extended to photo shoots as well. During one such photo shoot for the cover of Vanity Fair in 2005 two of Teri’s co-stars threatened to walk off the shoot if Teri was given the “star” position i.e in the middle of the lineup. Can you say cat fight?

13 Bill Murray Told Lucy Liu That She Couldn’t Act

Apparently, the comedy veteran told the Kill Bill actress that she couldn’t act and she didn’t take it well. When asked about the incident, he said that he had complained about the lines, not her acting, and she had taken it personally. Either way, he wasn’t asked back for Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle – possibly because the other actors didn’t want to work with him again.

12 Wesley Snipes Was Too Important To Appear In Blade: Trinity


11 Alec Baldwin Offered To Quit Orphans But They Fired Shia LaBeouf Instead

Baldwin claimed that Shia appeared “scattered” when he showed up for rehearsal and although he had all his lines memorized he quickly grew frustrated when the other actors couldn’t “keep up with him”. According to Alec, Shia verbally attacked him in front of the entire cast saying, "If you don’t say your lines. I’m just going to keep saying my lines.” Baldwin reportedly offered to quit the production, but the executives chose to fire Shia instead. Could this be one of the reasons why Shia decided to “quit” Hollywood completely?

10 Naya Rivera And Lea Michele Were Anything But BFFs


It seems like Lea expected the entire cast, including Naya, to wait on her and this didn’t sit well with Naya. This eventually led to a heated argument and a simmering feud between the two actresses and it got so bad that they couldn’t work together anymore; not even to film a scene. The producers of the show eventually grew tired of this behavior and decided to write Naya out of the show. She later wrote about this experience, and her feud with Lea, in her tell all book aptly titled Sorry Not Sorry.

9 The Real Reason We Never See Cersei And Bronn Together In GoT

Well, it seems that these two actors were romantically involved at one stage, but their union ended with a messy break-up and now they can’t stand to even be in the same room as each other, never mind the same scene. That must make things awkward!


8 Shannen Doherty Was Anything But Charming With Her Co-Stars


7 Emma Watson Walked Off The Set Of This Is The End

6 Charlie Sheen Fired Selma Blair From Anger Management


5 Julia Roberts Refused To Get Close To Nick Nolte In I Love Trouble

4 Lindsay Lohan Flat Out Refused To Kiss Charlie Sheen


3 Julianna Margulies And Archie Panjabi Hated Each Other’s Guts

2 Carl Weathers Almost Walked Away From Rocky IV


1 William Shatner Refused To Share The Stage With George Takei


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