15 Things He Should Not Tell A Woman (If He Wants To Keep Her In His Pocket)

Understanding women is a bit complex, and satisfying them with words is even more difficult. That's why there are many phrases or even words that you should never, for any reason, tell a woman. A simple wrong observation can put you in the leading role on a horror novel worthy of Stephen King.

Emotional and intellectual differences between men and women exist. It has been said that the fastest way a man decides to go to a point is by going straight to it. On the other hand, for women, the quickest way to reach a point is by taking curves and zigzagging; even so, they arrive first and have plenty of time to comb their hair. Because of those mysteries that no one can explain, it seems that women have everything calculated, while men act by impulses. Remember, women think intuitively and men think objectively. But don't be afraid, there are certain basic and golden rules that indicate what kind of things you should never tell a woman if you want to keep her in your pocket. I do hope you don't have to learn them the hard way.

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14 You're in your days, right?

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Usually when a woman is in a bad mood, men tend to attribute it to her menstrual cycle. But even if you don't believe it, even thinking about it (and even worse asking) is a huge mistake, because if you're right, she'll get even more angry, and if you're wrong, she'll get angry too. That's why it's best to avoid this sensitive issue for them. For women, if you ask them this, regardless of the circumstance, you are worthy of a slap, a crotch kick and at least a show with lots of tears. Well, they must deal with it every 28 days.

13 She's just a friend

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Let's imagine that your girlfriend starts getting jealous because she saw you with another girl. What we usually come up with to get out of the situation is to say that "she's just a friend". But in the feminine world, it seems now that the word "friend" means lover, so the best thing you can do is to say it's your distant cousin or your unrecognized lost sister. Anything but she's just a friend. Something women hate is to be taken for a fool especially when they know that you have a girlfriend with whom you text messages all day, go out to eat together, tell you about her problems and much more.

12 Are you going to go out dressed like that?

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Clothing is essential to women's lives. Practically for most of them, it's the air they breathe, so no matter how ridiculous or suggestive the way she dresses, don't, under any circumstances, insinuate to her that she looks bad or vulgar. At best, make her understand that another outfit would suit her better, but never tell her that what she's wearing is a mistake. Asking her that can only have a negative ending: if she is offended, you will have a discussion; if she finds your opinion correct, you will be waiting an hour while another fifteen outfits are being tried. Either way, pal, you're going to be fried, so you better shut up.

11 You need to calm down

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Discussions between men and women in a relationship are very frequent, and women often end up being right. But if you're in the middle of a fierce argument, and the first word that comes to mind to stop her screaming and complaining is "you need to calm down," it will immediately make the exact opposite thing happen. There's nothing worse than telling her to calm down when she's going through a moment of courage. Just listen and be quiet and wait for her to wear off. It is enough that you say those words to unleash her wrath. If she's angry about something and you tell her to calm down, no doubt your suggestion will have the opposite effect.

10 What kind of underwear are you wearing?

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Let's pretend you're on a date and this is the first or second time you've met that girl. If you ask this awkward question, she'll probably never speak to you again. To climb up the ladder and have the guts to ask this kind of private question, you need of course more confidence with the other person, so don't rush. This kind of question can be presented when the relationship has already exceeded some time and there is the possibility of playing with sexual desire to establish greater confidence.

9 You look a little bit fatter

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The typical phrase "you look a little bit fatter", no matter how sweetly or gently you try, there is no way to say it to a woman and take it well. She'll directly hate you for life because, if you see her a little plumper, she's already seen herself in the mirror and most likely feels 10 pounds heavier, so the best thing you can do is tell her the opposite, like she looks thinner or something. But if you've got the guts to tell her this, get ready to run away. Not only will you hurt her, but she's going to physically attack you with everything she finds. Remember, it doesn't matter how many times she asks you "Am I fatter?" The answer must always be "no".

8 Sorry, I wasn't paying attention

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If your girl talks to you, listen to her. There's nothing worse than telling someone something important and not being heard. "What did you say? I wasn't listening to you." Fatal mistake, my friend. Even if you're not listening, use alien intelligence. Look her in the eye and affirm or deny as the situation warrants. And even if you're not at all interested in what she's saying, try to pretend you are. One of the frequent mistakes of men is to believe that they should occupy all attention when it comes to conversation, and that is where women feel vulnerable.

7 I don't have any money

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If you're going out on a first date and you don't have a dime, you better not go out. You're going to look really bad if you hide in the bathroom when it is time to pay the bill. "I forgot my wallet, did you pay?" Never, but never, ever, ever, ever say this on a first date. Women will never take it as if it was an accident. On the contrary, they'll think you're a stingy jerk. The woman will always esteem the knight in armor who protects her and guarantees the security she longs for. And money will exalt the virtues of that man so desired by almost everyone.

6 Today is our anniversary?

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Prepare the couch because that's where you'll sleep tonight, if the cat or the dog gives you its place. It is vitally important that you never forget your anniversary or your partner's birthday. It is obvious that women are very emotional and sentimental, but the gods forgot to grant men good memory. But yes, men do not have long term memory, that strange capacity that all women have to remember events that happened a long time ago, however important or superfluous and unlikely they may have been.

5 Why are you so tired?

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You weren't with her all day. If she's tired, it's because she had a hard day, so don't ask her about it. Many men, in their precarious masculinity, believe that they are the only ones who can get tired of everyday life. It doesn't matter if it's for study or work, but there are plenty of reasons to get tired. The opposite is the case with women, who we often do not consider that their day-to-day life can be the same or harder than ours. In any case, it is not advisable at all to question a woman, much less if it is about the activities she has been doing throughout the day while we have been lying on the couch watching movies and eating ice cream.

4 Take good care of me

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Some people say that when we are in love and we decide to start a family, it must be very clear that both members come from different families. This means that the ways of doing things, customs and experiences will be different. However, on the one hand, there is the latent machismo that is sustained by both men and women when they affirm that it is the man who must financially support the household, and that the woman stays at home taking care of the children. The good news is that these days things have changed, as equitable relationships have left aside these customs. Dude, you're a big boy and your wife or girlfriend isn't your mommy to keep an eye on you all day.

3 Your friend is gorgeous

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Be very careful when making comments that can damage a relationship or make her feel jealous. There are things that, if you're going to say to women, you have to do it carefully, or better not even try. Your girlfriend knows that this particular friend is sexy and beautiful, so she doesn't need to be reminded. This can only lead to jealousy and insecurity, which will inevitably lead to fights and the possible end of the relationship. Irremediably every woman will always have a friend who thinks she's much prettier than she is, so if you think about it, act smart and be quiet. The best option is always to keep it secret and make sure you don't carry out attitudes that are too obvious.

2 My ex-girlfriend used to...

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"My ex-girlfriend used to..." followed by anything, good or bad, is comparable to opening a hole in the ground and letting demons take over the earth. Nothing good can come out of a talk about ex-girlfriends, unless you're remarking how much better you are right now, even though that's a very delicate line. That phrase is one of the worst things you can say to your partner. To begin with, you'll imply that you're still very conscious of your ex and that it serves as a yardstick for measuring all your relationships. You have to understand that all people are different and therefore all relationships will be different. It's not flattering and no one likes to feel compared to anyone else, much more so if it was someone from the past that marked your life.

1 What is your past like?

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Few, not to mention absolutely no women, are attracted to insecure men. Asking how many men she's done it with is the worst sign of insecurity. Besides, if she's your current partner, what does it matter what she did in the past? While men tend to exaggerate the number of women they've been with, women tend to reduce it, so don't worry about who your partner learned to do a certain "juggling", just take advantage of that knowledge and try to teach her new things. In addition, the fish die by mouth, so why ask something that is likely to be harmful and detrimental to your mental and physical health?

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