15 Things You Should Expect From The Big Bang Theory's New Spin Off 'Young Sheldon'

Sheldon Cooper – the nerdy and neurotic scientist from the TV show The Big Bang Theory – is now all set to appear in a new show named Young Sheldon. This series is a spin-off from The Big Bang Theory and will feature the popular character Sheldon Cooper in his younger days – that is, before he met the other main characters, such as Leonard, Howard, Raj, Penny, etc.

Fans of the show are definitely very excited and curious about this. Sheldon Cooper is the most popular character on The Big Bang Theory. While the other characters are relatively average, ordinary, boring people, Sheldon stands apart due to his numerous eccentricities. It is these eccentricities that make him a sweet, likable and unique person. And, that makes us want to know a lot more about him.

Did Sheldon have a girlfriend before he met Amy (during his schooling or college days)? Was Sheldon a terror to his teachers because he knew more than them and had an insufferable 'know it all attitude,' or was he a teacher’s pet? Did Sheldon have a lot of friends at school or was he very lonely even in those days? We definitely want to know a lot more about these aspects of Sheldon’s life.

In this article, we have compiled a list of 15 things that make us want to see Young Sheldon right now. These are the 15 things that we hope the new TV show will reveal more about. Go through this list and discover the 15 things about Sheldon that we are most curious about, the 15 things about Sheldon’s life that we expect Young Sheldon to reveal. These are the 15 reasons we are all so excited about this upcoming show.

Also, in the comments, do mention any other area about Sheldon’s life that you are most curious about – that you want Young Sheldon to reveal. Who knows, the creators may be looking at this list and your comment may give them some interesting ideas!

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15 Sheldon’s Love Life

Did Sheldon have a girlfriend before he met Amy Farrah Fowler? During his school or college years, was he close to any girl? Was he romantically involved with any girl or at least have a close friendship with some girl? How does Sheldon interact with girls other than Amy? Fans of The Big Bang Theory are curious to know more about these things.

Sheldon’s numerous eccentricities make it difficult for him to bond with most people. However, in Season 3 Episode 23, Sheldon is matched with Amy by a dating site. Initially, Sheldon is reluctant to meet Amy but the two hit it off almost immediately. Sheldon’s eccentricities are matched by Amy’s – in fact, she appears to be his mirror image, with her distaste for soiled hosiery and physical intimacy.

During Sheldon’s early years, some of his classmates may have been equally nerdy and eccentric. And, he may have been very close to some of them. Hence, we are curious about this aspect of his life and can’t wait for Young Sheldon to reveal more about this.

14 Sheldon’s Relationship With His Sister

In The Big Bang Theory, Sheldon’s twin sister, Missy appears in Episode 15 of the first season. She is quite attractive and Sheldon’s friends Leonard, Howard and Raj flirt with her. It is also hinted that she used to bully Sheldon when they were children. At the same time, she is quite proud of Sheldon and she mentions that she tells all her friends about her brother, the “rocket scientist.” Sheldon, of course, takes offense to being described as a “rocket scientist.”

We definitely want to know more about Sheldon’s sister and her relationship with her brother. Was it difficult for her to grow up with her overachieving twin brother? Was she ever jealous of her brother and was this the reason behind her bullying Sheldon? Was there always a lot of affection between the twins? We are very curious about this and expect that the series Young Sheldon would cover these aspects.

13 Sheldon’s Fascinating Experiments

In one episode of The Big Bang Theory, Sheldon describes that he had built a CAT scan machine out of ordinary items found at home. In another episode, his mother describes that as a child, he had tried to purchase uranium (used in nuclear bombs and nuclear power plants) from the African country, Chad. Predictably, government officials showed up at their home and informed them that they could not purchase yellowcake (uranium’s common name) from Chad. Another episode reveals that Sheldon tried to build a death ray machine to take care of the neighborhood kids who used to bully him.

Sheldon is tremendously brilliant and even as a child, he was able to think up the most amazing experiments. He reminds us of Dilton from the Archie comics series. We definitely want to know more about Sheldon’s interesting experiments. It would be fun to watch a child or a teenager try to design a cat scan machine or a death ray or a nuclear bomb or some other device.

12 Sheldon’s Development As A Person

How did Sheldon become the way he is today? How did he acquire these sweet eccentricities? He certainly could not have been eccentric right from the time of his birth. The Big Bang Theory does not tell us anything about how Sheldon developed and evolved as a person. It merely reflects his eccentricities. And, these eccentricities make him more loveable.

All of us have a favorite chair or couch in our home where we like to sit in a particular position. Even in our regular cafeteria or restaurant or bar, we have a favorite table. We may not insist upon getting that particular place as strongly as Sheldon does but we cannot deny that we have our own favorite spot. Similarly, we want our coffee just right and our food at just the right temperature or with just the right amount of sauce. Sheldon’s eccentricities are simply an exaggeration of our own behavior. And, that makes us curious about how he became so fixated with his unique whims. We definitely look forward to Young Sheldon showing us how exactly he grew up to be the person that he is today.

11 Sheldon’s Genius

When did Sheldon realize that he is more gifted than others of his age and how did he deal with it? When did his teachers realize this? When did his parents and other family members become aware that he is enormously talented? And, how did they deal with it?

Some of these people would have tried to help him and would have helped shape him into the brilliant scientist that he is. Some people, on the other hand, may have been jealous of him and teased him or bullied him, rather like Barry Kripke. We do not know anything about these people and how they helped shape our favorite character, Sheldon Cooper. We are definitely very curious to know about the different people in the life of a young Sheldon and their relationship with him. Some of the other interactions might be bittersweet or even tragic. We certainly can’t wait to see such interactions in Young Sheldon.

10 Tragedies In Sheldon’s Life

In Season 9, Episode 17 of The Big Bang Theory, we discover that Sheldon had a traumatic experience at a birthday party during his childhood. At that party, Sheldon had been told by his sister’s friends that Batman (the comic book character) was going to make an appearance but did not turn up. Adam West, the first batman on TV, makes an appearance in this episode and attends the birthday party that Sheldon’s friends organize.

These bittersweet or traumatic experiences in Sheldon’s life make us love him even more. They make us relate to him as a person and empathize with him. Such disappointments make him more human and make us like him. During his childhood years, he must have had many such experiences. The Big Bang Theory gives us a very brief glimpse into this aspect of his life and we can’t wait to see more such incidents in Young Sheldon.

9 Funny Pranks

In Season 3, Episode 9 of The Big Bang Theory, Kripke uses a pipe to pump helium gas into Sheldon’s room during a radio broadcast. As a result, Sheldon’s voice becomes tinny and the interview ends in embarrassment for Sheldon. Sheldon retaliates by dropping a huge amount of foam in Kripke’s research lab. Funnily, when the foam drops, the university’s directors are also present and are covered in the foam. Then, a video plays on Kripke’s computer. In this video, Sheldon boasts about being the man behind the prank. He also implicates Leonard and Raj by thanking them for providing the idea for the prank.

Similarly, in Season 5, Episode 7, Sheldon’s friends pull off a Halloween prank against him. Sheldon tries to retaliate in various ways but his plans keep backfiring. For example, he goes to Howard’s house and tries to give him a mild electric shock under the pretext of shaking his hand. Howard pretends to faint and Bernadette pranks Sheldon further by claiming that Howard has a heart condition. Finally, Sheldon leaps out of a couch, while dressed as a zombie, in order to scare Leonard.

How many more such humorous pranks would Young Sheldon include? We can’t wait to find out. Bazinga!

8 Sheldon’s Relationship With His Father

What was Sheldon’s relationship with his father like? Was he supportive of Sheldon and helped him choose science? Or, was he more like Sheldon’s mother and was extremely religious? Overall, did he share a warm relationship with Sheldon and was he a positive influence on Sheldon? There are so many questions that come to mind when one thinks of Sheldon’s father. The Big Bang Theory does not answer these questions at all.

In Season 7, Episode 9, we get a very brief glimpse of what Sheldon’s relationship with his father may have been like. In this episode, the entire group is at Mrs. Wolowitz’s house in order to celebrate Thanksgiving. At the beginning of the episode, we discover that Penny is married to Zack. Later, Sheldon and Mike, Howard’s father-in-law, bond over football. Mike realizes that Sheldon never got to share a beer with his dad as he had passed away when Sheldon was too young to drink. Then, Mike and Sheldon share a few beers and Sheldon gets drunk and boisterous. This is a very funny episode, which also contains some very touching moments. We definitely look forward to Young Sheldon and want to know more about Sheldon’s father.

7 Sheldon’s Schooling

What was Sheldon like at school? How did he interact with his teachers and fellow students? Were there some other exceptionally gifted children at Sheldon’s school or did he stand out among his classmates? Did he take a bus to school and fight over his favorite seat? Did he have a favorite seat in the school lunchroom? Did he bully other kids or was he bullied by others? We are certainly very curious about Sheldon’s schooling and look forward to Young Sheldon revealing more about this aspect of Sheldon’s life.

There are endless possibilities here and a lot of scope for humor. Sheldon could use the school lab for his fascinating experiments, he could play pranks on unsuspecting kids. He could be an agony uncle to some older kids and may help them in their love life. He could be a terror to kids and teachers with his huge amount of knowledge and intelligence. Young Sheldon should shed more light on these things.

6 Young Sheldon’s Future Plans

Did Sheldon always want to be a theoretical physicist or did he have other plans as he grew up? Did Sheldon want to be a dictator who commands and controls every aspect of other people’s life? We do know that he tried to build a death ray. Who knows what exactly he intended to do with the death ray if he managed to make it work. Did he want to develop medicines in order to cure the world of all diseases? In one episode of The Big Bang Theory, he goes to Amy’s lab and tries to work there (instead of taking the vacation that he had been ordered to take). Does this indicate that at some point in his life, Sheldon wanted to be a biologist?

Kids are extremely imaginative and fanciful. A hyper-intelligent Sheldon must have been more imaginative than most kids. He could have wanted to cure disease or build a robot army. He could have wanted to become a Batman-like vigilante and rid the world of crime. We can’t wait to see what Young Sheldon tells us about this.

5 Sheldon’s Mother

In The Big Bang Theory, Sheldon’s mother, Mary Cooper, could not be any more different from Sheldon. They are like chalk and cheese – they are exact opposites of each other. While Mary is deeply religious, Sheldon himself is deeply scientific - that is to say that he believes only in science. While Mary is a simple and outgoing person who quickly bonds with Penny and Sheldon’s other friends, Sheldon leads a very ordered life and does not generally bond with others.

How did these two completely opposite individuals interact with each other? We have seen that despite all their differences, Sheldon respects Mary and listens to her. How did he come to respect his mother so much? And, how did Mary deal with a precocious Sheldon? Was she constantly flustered by her all-knowing and massively curious son? In one episode, she does say that she is thankful to God that all her other kids were “dumb” (in her words). We are curious to see more of Mary Cooper and her relationship with her son in Young Sheldon.

4 Sheldon’s Grandpa, Grandma, And Other Family Members

Sheldon really loves his Meemaw – his grandmother, played by June Squibb in The Big Bang Theory. He is also affectionate towards his sister, even though she bullies him at times. He has a warm and respectful relationship with his mother. He has picked up a lot of knowledge about football from his father – which would suggest that he must have had a generally good relationship with his father. Despite the fact that Sheldon rarely bonds with other people, he appears to have had very healthy relationships with his family members – even though they are very different from him.

This makes us very curious about his family. Did Sheldon have uncles, aunts, cousins, etc. as he grew up? Did he have a warm and affectionate relationship with these family members? Was he very close to his grandfather? Were some of his cousins exceptionally gifted like him? Did Sheldon ever get furious at some of the people in his family? Young Sheldon is likely to delve into these areas and we can’t wait for it to do so.

3 Baby’s Day Out, Err … Sheldon’s Day Out

Remember the comedy movie, Baby’s Day Out? As a child, was Sheldon similarly too much to handle when he stepped out of his home? Did Sheldon make life hell for others when he went on camping trips, picnics, or other outings? Did he ever go to an amusement park and terrorize the staff there? Did he terrify the staff at movie theaters, restaurants, etc. when his family took him to such places? There is so much scope for comedy gold in such situations. And, we eagerly wait for Young Sheldon to portray such incidents.

The Big Bang Theory gives some very brief glimpses of Sheldon in such places. At the movies, Sheldon conducts sound tests to figure out the best seat. In restaurants, Sheldon finds it difficult to choose what he wants to order. At George Lucas’ Skywalker Ranch, Sheldon runs amok and has to be restrained by security. We definitely want to see more of Sheldon in such situations.

2 Sheldon’s Friendships

In The Big Bang Theory, Sheldon does not have any friends before he meets Leonard. Did Sheldon have a lot of friends during his early years or was he always friendless? There must have been many kids in Sheldon’s neighborhood. How did he deal with those kids? If he had some friends during his early years then how did he end up being friendless later on? Similarly, how did he respond to the grown-ups in his neighborhood? After his father passed away, did someone act like a father figure for Sheldon? Was there someone outside his family who held his hand during his grief and support him through those days? Was there someone whom Sheldon looked up to and who inspired him to take up science?

We do not know anything about these areas of Sheldon’s life. Young Sheldon should certainly reveal a lot about these aspects of his life. We are definitely curious to know more about these aspects.

1 Sheldon At The Church

Sheldon Cooper does not have any interest in religion. In one episode of The Big Bang Theory, Sheldon tells Penny that he is a physicist and so he knows all that there is to know about the world. Penny teases him by asking about a music band and Sheldon is forced to correct himself and state that he knows all that is worth knowing. But, you get the picture. Sheldon believes that science holds all the answers that matter. He considers religion to be superstition.

But, his mother, Mary Cooper, is deeply religious. When Sheldon was younger, his mother must have tried to get him to accept religion. She must have taken him to church on many occasions. Did Sheldon enjoy going to church or did he terrorize the priest with his logical questions about religion? In The Big Bang Theory, Sheldon has at times passed sarcastic remarks at his mother’s faith. We can’t wait to know more about how religion managed to survive meeting with Sheldon! We definitely look forward to Young Sheldon revealing more about this.

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