15 Things You Probably Didn't Know About Natalie Dormer

Natalie Dormer is one of the preeminent actresses in the world today. Having had a string of roles as powerful women who use their femininity as a weapon, she’s carved a niche that she is working to overcome, but there’s a lot which you might not know about her life.

She is easily one of the most relatable and down to Earth people in her field. Her life could easily fill a tome and not get every detail down. Her life is interesting, but not quite in the ways you would expect and it is quite endearing to us. Ms. Dormer has worked hard to cultivate everything good around her and it shows in her ethics. It might be surprising to some, but she hardly has time to relax and she likes it that way. Here are 15 surprising facts about Natalie Dormer, also known as 15 facts that will make you love Natalie Dormer more than you probably already do.


15 Who Inspired Her Take On Margaery?

Margaery Tyrell is one of those characters in Game of Thrones who was surprisingly polarizing. She was a powerful enemy to the interests of the Queen Mother in her ambitions, but who really inspired her? The short answer would be powerful and respected women in the world. The long answer? Kate Middleton and Michelle Obama were the major inspirations behind the character. Natalie Dormer brought her own vision of what the Lady Tyrell was like, seeking to give her as much of a sense of how she would act in her feudal situation. She wanted to make the character as much a woman of state as possible; she did a great job at doing that. It’s unfortunate that we didn’t get more time with her.

14 She Was Offered A Spot At Cambridge University


Her smart and bookish disposition has saved her on more than one occasion. It’s done her so well in life that Cambridge University invited her to study history! This woman is absolutely brilliant and possesses a quick enough wit to prove it. For the uninitiated on how great Cambridge University happens to be, your author would die of a heart attack if they were to send him an invitation to study there for zero cost. You’d have thought Dormer would have chosen to go, it had been her dream as a kid to go, but no, she elected to go into the acting world instead, forgoing her childhood dream for a new ambition. The good news is that she is happy with what she is doing and we, the audience, are as well.

13 Creepy Crawlies And Fish?

We all have fears, that’s a pretty normal thing and it should be no surprise that actresses like Natalie Dormer have them, too. In the case of this English actress, her fears surround snakes, insects, spiders, and deep-sea fish. These are pretty common fears and, as a result, they kind of humanize her. Natalie Dormer discussed this in an interview where she prefaced it with her love of camping. It must have been difficult when filming The Forest considering that these phobias can be somewhat paralyzing. Thankfully, she finds the humor in her situations. During the filming of her horror film, The Forest, in Serbia, she remarked that she was a “mosquito’s favorite,” and that she survived the whole ordeal by eating M&M candies.

12 She's A Good Sport With Bloopers


By now, most of us are probably familiar with the infamous and accidental kiss shared with Jennifer Lawrence, but that is just one example of how good of a sport Natalie Dormer is with bloopers. In fact, if you ever watch blooper reels, she never really gets mad about anything, she just goes into hysterical laughing fits. It’s great that she is able to take everything on the chin like that. To some, she seems like a person who is not very easy to get to know or is someone who is extremely serious, but that just isn’t the case. Natalie Dormer is pretty much just a regular person but, for some reason, people can’t seem to process that aspect about her.

11 She Knows How To Use A Sword

Not going to lie, this is probably my favorite entry on this list; she takes part in my favorite sport. Natalie Dormer is quite athletic, being an avid runner, but she is also a member of the highly prestigious London Fencing Academy. Although Olympic style fencing is not the same as sword fighting, the skills that you learn in the sport will definitely help when you have choreographed sword fighting scenes. From what I have found, there isn’t any mention of which weapon she uses. Something tells me that her weapon of choice is the saber. This is only an assumption based on her roles in film and television, so you know what they say about assuming things. No matter which weapon she uses, this woman has got to have some sort of skill to be at the London Fencing Academy.

10 She Stopped Acting For Almost A Year


A lot of people might not know this, but Ms. Dormer took some time off acting. During that time she did some working-class jobs, like waiting tables. She’s said on a couple of occasions that she is thankful for this point in her career because it really motivated her and inspired her to keep on the path that she was on; she wanted to be a starlet so bad and she put the work in. During this time of waiting tables, she thought a lot about where she was in life, something we all can easily relate to. The former Queen Margaery is really a lot like us, she isn’t some sort of ivory statue in a high tower, she’s just a normal person.

9 She's Rather Bookish

This might come as a surprise to some of you, but Natalie Dormer actually loves to read and learn new things. She has talked on a couple of occasions about this, particularly regarding her early years. Back when she was a youth, she was really into reading and took her studies quite seriously. It wasn’t just that she was good at what she did; she wanted to be the absolute best out there. In interviews where she’s discussed this, she has made comments about how her studies in school as a kid helped her in becoming the actress she is today. That doesn’t mean everything was rosy, but it definitely was interesting. This is something that I find quite easy to relate to, so I guess some of y’all will do so as well.


8 She Got Treated Poorly As A Kid


It’s a shame that anyone has to experience bullying, especially when they are a kid. Natalie Dormer is among those of us who were forced to experience it. Unlike many people, she never figured out why she was a victim of it. This may not be the most unusual of things, but it is still rather disheartening. She was determined to not stay a victim no matter how vicious her tormentors acted towards her. Natalie Dormer’s early life helped to make sure that she would succeed with whatever she put her mind to. Now, after being a star on several hit television shows and films, it is plain to tell who is getting the last laugh. Maybe one day she’ll discover why she was treated so poorly, but at this point, it may not even matter.

7 A Single Film Nearly Ended Her Career

I’m sure that many of you have heard of the man, the legend, and the monster Casanova and all the connotations that it may have. For Natalie Dormer, her debut film of the same name was anything but the vivid wonderland that we ascribe to Casanova. Dormer loved acting in the movie but it nearly ended her career. For many actors, a single film can make or break you and for the future Margaery Tyrell, this one almost killed her hopes and dreams. She says that she had “bad representation,” regarding her work thereafter. No matter what the case is, she was out of acting working for almost a year! She worked data entry for about 10 months as she found herself and worked to ensure her successes as an actress.

6 Baring It All No More?


Many of the roles that Dormer has played were centered around their sexuality, a couple of them on using their sexuality as a weapon. Due to that, it shouldn’t be that surprising that there were a lot of scenes with her baring it all for the camera. During her stint on Game of Thrones, Dormer decided that she no longer wanted to be the hot and relevant girl who was there just for eye candy, she wanted something more. This is not to say that her less clothed roles were bad roles, but she felt that the nudity detracted from the character to a certain extent. Her decision was based partially on wanting to see a more equal distribution of nudity among the sexes in film.

5 Ask Her About Feminism

One of the most polarizing facets of Natalie Dormer’s life is how staunch of a feminist she is. In many of her interviews, she likes to tend that she is a “feminist in the true sense of the word.” Often, she will clarify that she wants equality, to make gender irrelevant in film because women make up over half the world’s population. Dormer’s political thought on the issue is admirable. To her, it is quite upsetting that young women and girls think of the term as something vulgar; she’s worried that they will react to it by forcing themselves to conform to potentially harmful stereotypes of how women should be. Natalie Dormer has been a major proponent of three-dimensional roles for women in films and you know what? It’s made movies better.

4 She's Got A Strong Sense Helping Others


Besides her life growing up, you know what is one of the most endearing aspects of Natalie Dormer as a person? It’s her strong sense of compassion and goodwill towards her fellow humans. She goes out of her way to support causes which target children with disabilities, children who are abused, children and their families who are impoverished or homeless. She does all of this with such vigor that it is amazing that she has time to do anything else. The amount of effort she’s put into these good causes will hopefully inspire people to do more to help their fellow people. No kid deserves to be abused, homeless, or face challenges which may cause society to write them off as nothing. Be like Natalie Dormer and do what you can to help.

3 Contrary To Popular Belief...

As cool of a story as it would be, Natalie Dormer is not related to Queen Mary I’s lady in waiting, Jane Dormer. It’s surprising how common this rumor still is after numerous denials by Ms. Dormer on the subject. In an interview with Contact Music, Dormer was recorded as saying, “There was a woman, called Jane Dormer, in the Royal Court who happened to have the same family name as me, but I think that's as far as it goes." Many websites still report that she is some sort of noble birth or heritage. She might have some noble ancestor, but seeing as how many people there have been on this Earth since the dawn of time, there’s a good chance everyone has some noble relation.

2 Her Life Is Quite Relatable


As glamorous as Natalie Dormer’s life may be now, it wasn’t always so rosy. In fact, she’s used that to her advantage in her career and it endears her to us. Besides being bullied for no apparent reason as a child, she has worked quite a number of jobs. She has waited tables and she has worked data entry, all sorts of stuff. She has never forgotten her roots, something that many people do rather quickly after they get rich and famous. Dormer’s sense of duty to her fellow humans and her tireless work ethic really translate over to the audience. She is also able to take jokes and jabs on the chin. Her wits and her worldview shows she is not really that different from us.

1 Her Very Own Script

A neat little fact about Natalie Dormer is the fact that she’s written a script with her fiancé, Anthony Byrne. This is a major career development for her. As an actor, Dormer has been a tour de force in the industry since her time on The Tudors (at least), but with this, she might be able to transition to more of the creative process. The script is for a movie called In Darkness, which is presently in the process of being filmed. She’s previously talked about how difficult of a challenge it is to write a script, especially with her partner; Dormer said in no uncertain terms that she is up for this challenge. When it is released, let’s hope that the Dormer-Byrne film is at least half as revolutionary as Raw.


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