15 Things You Never Knew About Barron Trump

When a new president is elected, it’s inevitable that their entire family will be put under the microscope. In fact, the media often does a substantial amount of digging during the campaign process, which has led some politicians to drop out of the race because they don’t want their family members under the scrutiny of the world. Once a candidate is elected into office, the scrutiny becomes even more detailed. The First Lady is followed around with a microscope on her leading agendas and the children are scrutinized as well. The media is constantly in search of a scandalous story involving the children of a sitting president or former president. From Jenna and Barbara Bush undergoing underage alcohol allegations to Sasha and Malia Obama being followed around even after their father left office, there will inevitably be an increased amount of attention on Barron Trump as his father continues on as the 45th President of the United States.

As a celebrity’s kid, Barron isn’t new to being photographed. Ever since his birth, he has been featured in a number of pictorial spreads with his family, whether it was in his gold baby carriage for People Magazine or in the variety of red carpet photos taken at various events. Yet, that media attention is nothing compared to what he is in store for as the son of the new reigning president. With increased attention on him and his entire family, the world has started to get to know a bit more about Barron Trump. Check out our list of the 15 things you never knew about Barron Trump and get to know the newest member of political royalty at the White House.


15 Has His Own Floor

While most children have a bedroom and perhaps a playroom at their house, Barron Trump is not just any ordinary boy. With a father known for being a huge hotel mogul, it shouldn’t surprise people that Barron has a luxurious residence with more than ample room for all of his pleasures. Yet, it might surprise people to know that he doesn’t just have a bedroom but he has an entire floor all to himself. When Barron was younger, Melania gave an interview with where she revealed some details on Barron’s home life. In the article, she let it slip that he has an entire floor all to himself. The penthouse in Trump Tower in New York City has the dedicated floor for Barron Trump. This luxurious hotel offers living accommodations for the rich and famous and could bring in a fortune each year if the family would choose to rent out that floor. Instead, little Barron had the entire floor to himself and it offered more than just a bedroom and play area for his little toys.

14 Raised To Be Creative


For a child raised by a business mogul and an entrepreneur, some might think that he wouldn’t be encouraged to pursue the creative right side of his brain. Yet, just because the Trump family is known for being successful in business doesn’t mean that they have not been able to participate in creative things. In fact, Melania gave an interview with where she spoke about how important it is for Barron to be able to expressive himself creatively. While other parents flip out when their kids start drawing on the walls, Melania thought of it as a way for him to express himself and didn’t care too much about it. She stated that he started drawing on the walls of their New York City penthouse residence and she didn’t stop him from doing so. Instead, she just thought that they would just paint over it later and let him doodle away.

13 Luxury Toys Like None Other

It’s not a new concept for a child of a celebrity to have the best of everything, especially since tabloids fill their pages with pictures of celebrity kids wearing designer brand clothing and accessories. Anyone that’s seen an episode of MTV’s Cribs know that celebrities are known for going a bit over the top when it comes to toys for their kids. Yet, even the most luxurious celebrity had a playroom filled with the regular toys befitting their age. From standard Legos to match cars, even the rich and the famous seem to have the same old toys as everyone else. That is to say, everyone except Barron Trump. When Donald Trump and Melania opened their home to be photographed, the published photos should some major luxury items in regards to Barron’s toys. During the photoshoot, you couldn’t help but notice that the match cars weren’t the typical models you’d expect. There were even Trump vehicles for him to play with. Also, the toy car he drove around in was fully customized and even had his name as the license plate.

12 He Was Attacked By An SNL Writer


The road to presidency was filled with a myriad of controversies surrounding the Trump camp and people on both sides were riled up. The negativity stirred up from both sides left the nation divided and there seemed to be a blurred line in one was off-limits when it came to verbal attacks. This became blatantly evident when Katie Rich, a writer for SNL, took to Twitter during the Trump inauguration celebration and stated, “Barron will be this country’s first homeschool shooter.” At just 10-years-old, the verbal attack on Trump’s son seemed at the very least, in poor taste. When Malia and Sasha first entered the White House, there were never any attacks on them and even those who voted against Obama knew better than to verbally attack his children. There was a huge public outpouring of support for Barron and SNL immediately suspended her following the controversial tweet. She deactivated her Twitter account and then reactivated it to post an apology. However, the damage was already done and people began to feel heartfelt sympathy for the boy that was already being thrust into the limelight at such a young age.

11 He Is The Baby Of The Family

When Donald Trump was on the campaign trail, he was always surrounded by lots of family members. There always seemed to be children around him and oftentimes, there were really small kids in the group. It could be difficult to decipher which of those children were his, especially since he has been married three separate times. However, all of the really small children that he was seen with while campaigning were actually his grandchildren. The smallest of all the Trump kids is Barron Trump. He is the only child that he and Melania Trump have together and he is considered the baby of the family. In March 2017, Barron will turn 11-years-old and has already made a bit of history on his own. It has been 50 years since a young boy has been raised in the White House. The last time was during the presidency of JFK and that didn’t last long due to his assassination. Everyone can remember seeing those iconic photos of John F. Kennedy Jr. playing beneath his father’s desk in the White House and it warmed people’s hearts. While Barron won’t exactly be crawling around on the floor, he will still grow up in the eye of the public as the President’s young son.

10 Kind And Playful Spirit


Donald and Melania Trump are both known for being incredibly intelligent but aren’t typically described as being kind or sympathetic. In fact, Melania’s Slovenian background has caused many to think of her as a bit cold in nature. While Barron Trump has been kept out of the spotlight for the majority of his life, he has been put on display for the entire world to see during the campaign trail. He’s been seen in various suits and always looking prim and proper. Since it’s not like he’s been given the microphone at town hall meetings, it’s been hard to decipher what his personality is like in comparison to his parents. Yet, one interaction with his nephew, Theodore, was captured on TV. Barron could be seen in the background playing and interacting with Ivanka’s son and this playful peek-a-boo moment showed the world a little bit of his kindhearted nature.

9 Used Caviar Moisturizer

Donald Trump isn’t the only the only one in the family known for his stellar abilities in the world of business. Melania Trump has tried her hand at a variety of different businesses and her jewelry line has been a huge success. Like her husband, she’s also delved into a variation of other business endeavors. One of them was a skincare line entitled Melania Beauty. She’s not the first celebrity to try her hand at a skin care line, so she needed something that would make her products stand out from the pack. The Caviar Complexe C6 Collection included real caviar as one of its main components. In 2013, Melania gave an interview with ABC News and stated, “It smells very, very fresh. I put it on him [Barron] from head to toe. He likes it.”


8 He Has A Thing For Planes


Donald Trump and Melania have never been shy about their love of private planes. In fact, Melania posed for a series of scantily clad photos for the January 2000 issue of British GQ and the most shocking part of the pictorial spread wasn’t her lack of clothing but it was the lavishness of their private plane. The family doesn’t think anything of jet-setting around the world, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that Barron has had an affinity towards planes at a very young age. While boys growing up on a farm will undoubtedly doodle pictures of tractors and animals, Barron has been known to doodle airplanes as a child and play with airplane-related toys. During a pictorial spread with the entire family, little Barron was an adorable addition to the photo shoot since he had his own interests that aligned with his parent’s lifestyle.

7 Barron Has Lived Practically Nanny-Free

Celebrities are notorious for having help when it comes to their parenting duties and the majority of them hire nannies for their children. Kelsey Grammer’s ex-wife, Camille, made headlines as a cast member of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills when she exposed that she had four nannies to help her take care of their two kids. Other celebrities have made headlines as well but mostly because of the alleged affairs with their nannies. Although the Trumps have more than enough money to hire a slew of nannies for Barron, Melania has prided herself in the fact that she takes an active role in the day-to-day parenting duties for her son. In an interview with, Melania stated, “I cook him breakfast. Bring him to school. Pick him up. Prepare his lunch. I spend the afternoon with him.”

6 He Is Super Close With His Mom


With Barron Trump being showcased so much during Donald’s campaign trail, many people assumed that he was mostly close to his father. Donald has a number of different children from various marriages but Barron seems to be the child that looks most like him. Since he has an attachment to planes, is often seen wearing a suit and has similar facial features, it seems like he is “Daddy’s little boy.” Yet, it’s actually his mother that is the closest to Barron. Since Melania has chosen to forego having a nanny for him, she has created a tight bond with her son that has made them extremely close. Over the years, they have been photographed on countless occasions together, whether it is at a red carpet event or just going to a kid’s movie together. Since Donald is often busy with traveling and business endeavors, it’s Melania that Barron has the day-to-day interaction with.

5 Barron Attends An Exclusive School

It’s pretty standard that the child of a politician would attend a prestigious school throughout their childhood but Donald Trump went into the presidential election without having a background as a politician. Instead, he was thought of as a businessman and television personality. While celebrities have been known for attending certain high-profile schools, oftentimes they aren’t as prestigious as the one Barron Trump currently attends. Barron attends the Columbia Grammar and Preparatory School in Manhattan’s Upper West Side and the estimated tuition is a staggering $45,000 annually. Melania is often photographed dropping him off and picking him up and his attendance in this prestigious school has actually caused some issues regarding his future residence at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Nothing is completely settled yet but the family is deciding whether or not Barron will actually move to Washington after the end of the school year.

4 His Nickname Is Little Donald


When a man has five children with three different women, there will inevitably be some feelings amongst all those involved. There are inevitably some strong feelings regarding his marriage to Marla Maples since their relationship was highly publicized in the early days when he was still married to Ivana Trump. Donald and Marla had a child together, Tiffany, that the media often depicts as being an outsider in the entire Trump clan. While Donald has kept his children with Ivana close, there is no comparing it to the relationship he has with Barron. Barron is the only child he has with his current wife, Melania, and obviously he is getting the bulk of Donald’s attention. It definitely helps their bond that Barron looks so much like Donald and the two have similar personalities according to Melania. In fact, Melania has stated that Barron has taken the nickname, “Little Donald,” once he started to convey the same strong willed mannerisms as his father.

3 Likes To Wear Suits

With a mother like Melania Trump, it shouldn’t surprise anyone that Barron has always been dressed in the finest and most luxurious designer brands since his birth. Each outfit he has been photographed in since his birth has been like it was taken straight from a children’s runway and his style has been the focus of the media ever since his father first announced he would be running for presidency. One of the biggest elements of his attire that the media has focused on is the fact that he often wears suits. While other kids are constantly seen in joggers, Barron leans towards suits for his everyday dress. When interviewed regarding Barron’s style, Melania stated that he has never been a sweats kind of kid. This might be due to the fact that the school he attends requires him to wear a uniform every day and he looks up to his father, who wears a suit on a daily basis.

2 His Sport Of Choice Is Golf


Golf is known as a gentleman’s game and it’s not often that small children have gravitated towards it as their favorite sport. Kids often lean towards sports that let them play with other kids and get a bit dirty. Yet, Barron has proven that he is far from just an ordinary kid. At an early age, Barron has played golf (and not the miniature golf with the windmills). Melania has posted photos of Barron playing golf with and without his father on a few occasions. There was also a photo shoot at the penthouse in Trump Tower in New York City where Barron was photographed in full swing within the residence. Not only was it surprising that he had the proper stance at golf at such a young age but it was even more surprising that he had enough room (and the permission) to swing at a golf ball indoors.

1 He Is Bilingual

In this day and age, it isn’t surprising that a child would be bilingual. Commercials for department chains have been known to be in Spanish and there is almost always an option to hear instructions in Spanish when calling a customer service line. Yet, Barron Trump is fluent in both English and Slovene. His mother, Melania, is Slovenian and the family has tried to incorporate this heritage into his life. He also spends a lot of time with his grandparents (Melania’s parents) and it was important to the family that Barron would be able to converse with them in their native tongue. While being bilingual in Slovene probably won’t be an asset in his future endeavors, it is refreshing to know that he has a close relationship with his grandparents and that his family is encouraging him to embrace all aspects of his background.

Source: Huffington Post

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