15 Things You Need To Know About Gal Gadot's Wonder Woman

Since her first appearance in comics in 1941, Wonder Woman has been one of the most beloved superheroes in the DC universe. It just so happens that she's also a woman and one of the true female icons in that world. Best known by her superhero name, Wonder Woman, Diana has her roots in Greek mythology. Diana is a demigod daughter of Zeus and princess of the Amazonians. There have been some successful film and TV versions of Wonder Woman in the past, but fans have been waiting for her new film for quite a while now. Since the recent DC films have received somewhat of a varied response from fans and critics, no one really knows what we're going to get with Wonder Woman, the new film set for release in June of 2017, but, if the trailers are any indication, we're in for a treat.

While we certainly don't know everything about the upcoming film, we do know some things. We know Gal Gadot is the actress playing the titular hero. We also know much of the actors in the supporting cast. And, based on the trailers and interviews, we can tease out some of the plot details. For everything else, fans have needed to use research and their investigative powers to pull out the finer details. As with most comic book films, the comics and source material informs much of the content of the films, but we should expect changes. With that in mind, let's go over everything we know at this point and what you should know going into the film. Here are 15 Things You Need to Know About Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman.


15 Where Does She Live?

Originally, Themyscira, the home to the Amazonians, was called Paradise Island. This was later changed in the comics to be closer to name of the Amazon capital city of Themicyra from Greek mythology. The shots of the island from the trailers make it look like a dream vacation spot, but it's also the doorway to Hades. In fact, the Amazonians are the protectors of Doom's Doorway, the gateway into Hades underworld. The island's actual location has changed in the comics a few times, but it is hidden from humankind. All the inhabitants are women who were killed by men and restored back to live by five goddesses, Athena, Aphrodite, Demeter, Artemis and Hestia. Diana's soul was the unborn daughter of the human version of Hippolyta, so she too was born anew by the goddesses.

14 Who's Is Chris Pine To Wonder Woman?


Chris Pine is playing Steve Trevor. We know from the trailers that Pine will be playing a character similar to his original story in the comics. Trevor was the first man to ever visit Themyscira, the home of the Amazonians. He and Diana have a number of adventures together and Trevor often finds himself as the gentleman-in-distress and requiring saving by Diana. In the upcoming film, we can see by his plane and his uniform that Trevor is posing as a German soldier in WWII. It's likely that he stumbled across something he wasn't supposed to see in his espionage efforts and was found out. He was probably chased and shot down by the Germans. We also know that Pine will play another Trevor male later on down in the Trevor family line. This will allow Pine to show up in future DC films in the present day alongside Diana.

13 Who is the Danny Huston to Wonder Woman?

Since the early casting information, most people pegged Danny Huston as a bad guy. He almost always is, so this wasn't a stretch. This guess has been all but confirmed in the trailers. But who is he exactly? He's obviously a German soldier, but we see him fight with Wonder Woman and we see him take a lot of damage. A normal human would be killed with ease by Diana's strength, so the logical leap would be that he is playing Ares, Diana's main nemesis from the comics. This makes perfect sense since the Germans were considered so evil in WWII and Ares loves himself some war. We also see German soldiers attacking Themyscira. This could be at the beginning, but we also might expect to see Huston locating and launching a full out attack on the island at some point.

12 Who Is The Masked Woman?


Perhaps more than any other aspect of the trailers, the masked woman played by Elena Anaya has had fans talking. At first, people expected that one of Wonder Woman's primary villains, Circe, would play part. But Circe is magical and doesn't need a mask. Others have suggested that she might be Baroness Paula von Gunther, one of the major villainess in the comics. But, let's look at the trailer. This is a woman who seems obsessed with poisonous gas. This might even be her trademark. If that's true, it becomes clear that she is going to be a more obscure Wonder Woman villain, Dr. Poison. This would work well with the WWII theme, all thanks to mustard gas and the fears of chemical warfare.

11 Who is Lucy Davis?

In the first two trailers we've seen for Wonder Woman, actress Lucy Davis, playing the character Etta Candy, kind of steals the show. Though Candy is described as Trevor's secretary, fans of the original Wonder Woman comics will know her as Diana's best friend and sidekick. Later, in The New 52, Candy was remade as Trevor's secretary like the films. Candy has always been drawn as a more voluptuous (do we still use that word?) woman. She's shown to be very ambitious and loyal. Like most everything in Wonder Woman comics, expect Candy to go against the grain, counter to the typical female from comic books. She should be plucky and bit progressive, which is why Diana takes such a liking to her.

10 Who is Queen Hippolyta?


Queen Hippolyta is Diana's mother and the queen of the Amazonians. In the film, she's played by Connie Nielsen and looks to partake in the battles on their home soil. Like many comic characters, Hippolyta's history is a bit confusing. Most fans accept the version that says Hippolyta was once a cavewoman who was killed by her mate. Since she was pregnant at the time, both she and her unborn daughter, Diana, were brought back as Amazonians. Like the real-world mythology, Hippolyta was once in possession of the magic girdle that Hercules was sent to take as part of his 12 labors. Hippolyta was so enamored by Hercules, she took off the girdle and he took it. However, the comics greatly differ from the mythology in what happened afterward. In the myth, Hercules killed Hippolyta in the ensuing battle. In the comics, Hippolyta survived, but she and the other Amazonians were forced to wear bracelets to contain their power and remind them of their folly at the hands of men.

9 Who is Antiope?

Once again, Antiope's history changed a bit over time in the comics, but the accepted version is that she is Hippolyta's sister and Diana's aunt. In the upcoming film, Wonder Woman, Antiope will be played by Robin Wright and seems to be the general of the Amazonians. It appears that Antiope, as she does in her comic roots, will be one to encourage Diana to leave the island, or, at the very least, support her decision to do so. In the source material, Antiope is responsible for Diana's combat training. Considering that she's leading the charge in the Amazonian battle in the trailers, we suspect this will remain the same in the film. Watching Wright kick Nazi butt in Wonder Woman is going to be incredible.


8 Who is Menalippe?


Menalippe will play another one of Diana's aunts and will be played by Lisa Loven Kongsli in the film. In the comics, Menalippe is the Amazonian oracle and her gifts of foresight come into play in many of the big storylines. It is interesting that Menalippe's story in the comics is so connected with Darkseid and his daughter, Grail, because of Darkseid's association with the upcoming Justice League film. We don't know how this will play out yet on film, if at all, but Menalippe did witness the birth of Grail and foresaw the death and destruction that would come from her and her father. If she does have her oracle gifts in the film, expect to see some future plot points for the Justice League films.

7 Multiple Time Lines Will Come Into Play

OK, so we've seen the trailer. We see a shot of Diana in the Louvre checking out a black and white photo of her old posse. We also know that Diana is working with Batman in the present time since this photo is the same one Bruce Wayne (Ben Affleck) found on his computer in Batman v Superman, plus we can see a Wayne Technologies letterhead on the letter beside the picture. So, she's in the present day during this scene, likely remembering back to the last time she interfered with humankind's problems. Now, also know that Chris Pine plays Steve Trevor Sr. and a descendant Steve Trevor Jr.. With that knowledge, we can deduce that the Wonder Woman film will probably be bookended by scenes from the present age. Diana will get the picture from Bruce asking for help, she'll reflect on her time during WWII and then, at some point, she'll probably run into Trevor's descendant (Chris Pine) who happens to look exactly like him.

6 What is Ares' True Power


We know that Danny Huston is playing the villain, but how could a man fight Wonder Woman? Well, the idea would be that Huston is merely a human disguise for the villain, Ares. As mentioned above, we see Huston survive through a lot of damage in the Wonder Woman trailer, so he must be a god. We know more though. In some of the action figures that have been released, we see Ares' armor, which looks a lot like the armor he wears in the New 52 comics. We also see Diana on a levitating chunk of earth, which might have been caused by Ares. In the comics, Ares' powers increase as he absorbs energy, so we expect that the lightning/electrical energy in the trailers is either being emitted from Ares or is being absorbed by him. Either way, don't expect Diana to be fighting Danny Huston for the entire final battle. Expect him to turn into someone much more comic-book-villainy.

5 Expect References

In the trailer, we see Diana deflecting a bullet aimed for Chris Pine in an alleyway. The bullet falls into his hand and he catches it. For fans of Superman, this was instantly recognizable as an homage to the scene where Superman catches a bullet in an alleyway in Superman. Add in the fact that we saw Batman's letter to Diana in the trailer as well and we can safely draw the conclusion that this film will have a much more DC universe feel to it than did the Man of Steel films. Since the Justice League films are on the horizon, the Wonder Woman team will be sure to remind us that we are engaged in a much larger story here. Whether that means more Darkseid teasers or just the odd DC superhero reference, we're not quite sure. We just hope they don't lose sight on the film at hand and settle for giving us the odd Easter egg to make us smile.

4 What's With The Lasso Of Truth


Wonder Woman's Lasso of Truth is one of the most highly scrutinized weapons in the comic world. Yeah, it’s a little dated, but that's what makes its incarnation on film so interesting. Not only is the lasso a weapon, and we've seen it used in the trailers as such, it's also a way of extracting the truth from people who are wrapped in it. Interestingly, William Marston, the creator of Wonder Woman, also created the systolic blood pressure test, a primary component of the polygraph—the lie detector test. Don't expect Diana to use the lasso for truth all willy nilly because that might get silly, but the film will have to use it to get the truth at least once—maybe that's why Huston's character is all wrapped up in it in the trailer.

3 Diana Gearing Up

In the trailers, we learn that Wonder Woman will not come by her weapons as she does in the comics. In the comics, Diana wins a competition and is graced with her shield, bracelets, sword and armor. In the trailers, we see what appears to be Diana stealing the weapons. This goes in line with the concept that Diana will leave without most of her tribe knowing or against their wishes. Following this suspicion, Diana will be more of a renegade hero than a representative of the Amazonians. Her leaving despite the wishes of her people will also leave open the possibility of her being blamed if something should go wrong while she's gone.

2 Diana Might Take Flight


When Gal Gadot was talking about her powers in the upcoming film, she said, "She has unbelievable endurance. She is exceptionally strong. She can jump really high and practically fly. She knows tons of martial arts styles. She is a strong and serious Woman." None of this was particularly shocking. We also know that they wanted to keep many of her powers secret in Batman v Superman, only revealing them in her solo adventure. That's why many people have been talking about her flight in the Wonder Woman trailer. In one of the final scenes in the latest trailer, we see Diana doing what can only be described as flying or hovering. Fans of the original Wonder Woman stories will remember her invisible jet. They've sort of canned this in more recent years, but she has developed the ability to fly. Some arcs have her gain the gift of flight from Hermes, while others say she was born with it. Either way, we shouldn't be taken aback if Diana busts out flight at some point in the film.

1 What’s The Deal With The Bracelets?

Wonder Woman's bracelets, Bracelets of Submission, have been a major staple in her character design forever. They were meant to be a symbol of balancing out the ego, an act of submission to their goddesses. As we mentioned, these were given to the Amazonians so that they don't forget their past mistakes as well. Diana's bracelets were meant to be a bit different than the other Amazonians' since hers were to be won in a competition, so we're not sure how the Wonder Woman film will treat them. No matter what, we can guarantee that they will be indestructible and will be able to shield Diana from really any force. In the New 52 comics, the bracelets, long thought of as a defense for Diana, were taken off and revealed to be a way of muting her powers slightly. When they were removed, Diana basically goes into berserker mode and can Hulk smash her opponents. It'll be interesting to see which version of the bracelets we see on film.

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