15 Things You Need To Know About Daenerys' Dragons

Ever since the Game of Thrones series first premiered in 2011, people have picked their favorite aspects of the show. Whether it's the complex characters, the fantastical environments, or the White Walkers, it seems like everyone has their reasons on why the show has become their absolute favorite thing to watch on television. While the series is set in a time when Kings and Queens rule over kingdoms and the cellular phone are replaced by ravens grasping scrolls, the fantasy elements of the series are what truly captivate audiences. The dragons have become a huge part of the storyline, and fans have loved seeing them grow up from one season to the next. While they were once small enough to fit into small bird cages, they're now so large that they cast enormous shadows across whole lands.

It seems like the final season of the series will have a huge focus on these dragons, especially with Daenerys making her final push to capture the Iron Throne. There's definitely going to be some intrigue over who exactly is the rightful heir to the Iron Throne since the huge revelation that Jon Snow is actually Aegon Targaryen, the legitimate son of Lyanna Stark and Rhaegar Targaryen. However, the real question revolves around the dragons that Daenerys once hatched from fossilized stone. Whether you're a huge fan of the show or you just love dragons, check out our list of the 15 things you need to know about Daenerys's Dragons from Game of Thrones.


15 Shadow Lands Beyond Asshai

When the Game of Thrones series began, it was thought that dragons were all extinct. The Dothraki believed that the brave men killed them all and Viserys Targaryen was often called "The last dragon." This is part of the reason why Daenerys Targaryen was so special since she was thought of as the only true-blood Targaryen after the death of her brother. The dragon eggs that were birthed were said to have come from the Shadow Lands beyond Asshai. At the time that they were given to her, it was said that they had turned into stone from age. The gift was supposed to be simply for decoration since they were still seen as beautiful. This is another reason why their birth was so astounding.

14 A Gift From Magister Illyrio


When Daenerys Targaryen was staying at the home of Magister Illyrio Mopatis in Pentos, their relationship seemed a bit confusing. Fans of the Game of Thrones series didn't quite know what his angle was in helping the Targaryens. It was later revealed that he was working alongside Lord Varys in putting Viserys on the Iron Throne, but that didn't exactly mean that he had a strong allegiance to Daenerys Targaryen. When he helped to broker the marriage between Daenerys and Khal Drogo, it seemed like he was more of a slave trader than a true ally. Yet, there was some sort of affection there since he's the one that bestowed the gift of the dragon eggs to Daenerys on her wedding day. This says a lot since he could have given them to her brother, Viserys, since he was considered "The last dragon" at that time.

13 Rhaegal

Because each of the dragon eggs was different in color, it shouldn't be surprising that the dragons had different physical characteristics. When they were first hatched, there was definitely a slight variation in their look, but that variation slowly increased as they grew. Rhaegal is the dragon that's green with bronze markings. Daenerys named him after her eldest brother, Rhaegar. There's actually a similarity to the name she chose for her unborn son when she became pregnant with Khal Drogo's child. She also wanted to name him closely after her eldest brother, but, unfortunately, that child never came to be. Rhaegal has been featured a number of times throughout the series and was notably seen when he was squabbling over meat with his brothers or by Danny's side while she met with the Masters of Astapor and Yunkai.

12 Viserion


It can be difficult to truly tell the different colors of Daenerys's dragons in Game of Thrones since they're often shown from far away, flying in the sky, or they're depicted in a dark area. Yet, the dragon named "Viserion" is said to be a creamy white tone with gold markings on its body. It was one of the dragons that were enchained after the killing of the girl in Meereen. Viserion is actually named after the brother of Daenerys, even though the two of them didn't exactly have the best relationship. Viserys Targaryen was not truly affectionate towards Daenerys and even claimed that he would let a thousand men (and horses) rape her if it would get him what he wanted.

11 Drogon

Drogon is the largest of all of Daenerys's dragons, and he's been featured the most throughout the Game of Thrones' series. Drogon is named after her late husband, Khal Drogo, and is the one that she's often been seen riding in the series. Drogon is characterized as black with red markings and seems to be dominant to the other dragons. Drogon is also the one that killed the small girl in Meereen, which caused Daenerys to imprison the other two dragons. Drogon tends to venture far from the designated area and is often lost for an extended period of time before returning. Yet, Drogon has also come to the aid of Daenerys on more than one occasion and seems to be the favorite for Daenerys.

10 Wight Dragon


When the Game of Thrones series began, the showrunners didn't immediately introduce the audience to the undead animals that were touched by the White Walkers. Instead, the main focus seemed to be on the wildlings and men of The Night's Watch. Yet, as the series progressed, more and more creatures were featured that weren't just human. From the White Walkers riding dead horses to the giants walking with the hoard to the polar bear that attacked the group beyond The Wall, it seemed like the showrunners were definitely leading up to something big when introducing these Wight characters. The audience was definitely not disappointed when they saw that they were able to turn one of Daenerys's dragons into one of their creatures. The dragon that was killed was Viserion, and he was the one that The Night King touched to turn it into a Wight.

9 The Night King Rider

When The Night King brought down Viserion with his ice spear, it came as a huge shock to Game of Thrones fans. Qyburn had been building a contraption that could pierce through a dragon's skull, but it proved extremely difficult to get an accurate shot. Bronn tried to kill Drogon during the battle with the Lannister forces, but he wasn't able to get a kill shot. However, The Night King had much better luck with his spear, and Viserion went down into the depths of the freezing water. When he was turned into a Wight, fans of the show couldn't wait to see what he would be like on the show. When he finally did emerge, he was being ridden by The Night King. This definitely put a new spin on "The dragon has three heads."


8 Ice Dragon Mentions In The Book


When Viserion became an Ice Dragon, Game of Thrones fans were left in complete shock. The Night King seemed to have dominion over all things winter, but fire was one of the few things that the White Walkers were susceptible to (that and dragonglass and Valyrian steel). This would make it seem like dragons being made of fire would be completely impervious to anything that The Night King would bring. Yet, Viserion was turned into a Wight with just one touch. However, it shouldn't have come as that much of a surprise since Viserion isn't the first Ice Dragon within the Game of Thrones series. In the A Song of Ice and Fire book series, there are a few mentions of Ice Dragons. They're described as being stronger than the dragons of Valyria and have crystal eyes.

7 Earning The Respect Of The Dothraki

When Daenerys first stepped into the fire after Khal Drogo's death, she gave the Dothraki and their slaves a choice as to whether or not they would follow her. Although many of them left, there were some that remained. She earned their respect and allegiance after she emerged from the fire unburnt. She again earned the respect of the Dothraki at Vaes Dothrak when she emerged from the fire unburnt. Yet, there's much more to the rider aspect when it comes to her dragons. The Dothraki society is actually highly focused on their ability to ride their horses. Dothraki children are taught to ride at an early age, and the word "Dothraki" literally translates as "riders." The Dothraki culture has them follow the strongest of their pack, and nothing could be stronger than a person who can ride a dragon.

6 Ability To Turn On Her


Although Daenerys Targaryen refers to their dragons as her children, people have been quick to point out to her that they weren't actually birthed from her body. She may view them as her children, but they're actually dangerous creatures that could easily kill her. In fact, there have been a number of cases throughout the history of Westeros where dragons have turned on their riders. Rhaenyra Targaryen was eaten by the dragon of her own brother. In the case of Daenerys, there were actually a few instances where it was questionable as to whether or not she was completely safe with them. During one occasion, she tried to intervene as the dragons were fighting over some meat, and Drogon snapped at her in a way that made her fearful. Another time was when she entered the dragons' prison and was scared off by their intimidating manner.

5 “Dracarys”

While Game of Thrones' fans were intrigued by the ability of Daenerys to quickly learn how to speak Dothraki, the emergence of her ability to speak in High Valyrian was one of the best aspects of the show. After Daenerys was able to escape from Qarth with her dragons, she didn't just sail to Westeros. Instead, she went to Yunkai and Astapor and obtained a huge number of former slaves as her followers. During her travels, she encountered one particular slaver that spoke in High Valyrian without knowing that she could speak it. When she brokered the deal to give him one of her dragons, she revealed the fact that High Valyrian was her mother tongue. The order she gave to her dragon to set fire to the master was said in High Valyrian and "Dracarys" became one of the show's best-loved lines.

4 Keep Growing


One of the most interesting aspects of the dragons within the world of Game of Thrones is the fact that they don't ever stop growing. It's very similar to the way some fish are thought to keep growing and are only inhibited by the size of their tank. Drogon has always been seen as the larger of the three dragons, but that doesn't mean that any of them will remain at a certain size. One day, Drogon could become the size of Westeros as a whole since he's never been captured or imprisoned. This was something that the Targaryens learned the hard way when they imprisoned their dragons in the Dragonpit, and then, the dragon bones were the size of just small dogs.

3 Intuitive Senses

One of the aspects of dragons that seem to intrigue people is the way that they're thought to be highly intelligent. While they're monstrous creatures that can breathe fire, the dragons in Game of Thrones also seem to be extremely intuitive as well. When Rhaegal and Viserion were imprisoned in Meereen, they were chained up and given their food by way of thrown carcasses. Previously, Daenerys had actually let them feed on humans and even came down to the pits to intimidate the former masters. This would make it seem like she was teaching the dragons that humans could be food. Yet, when Tyrion Lannister went down to the pits to free the dragons, they didn't immediately assume that he was food. Instead, they seemed intuitive enough to understand that he was there to help them.

2 Smell Of Targaryen Blood


Just as the Lannisters are known as lions and the Starks are characterized as wolves, the Targaryens are said to have dragon's blood. Viserys was named "The last dragon," and then, Daenerys referred to herself as such after his death. Yet, there have been a number of revelations in Game of Thrones in Season 7, and Jon Snow has definite Targaryen blood in him as well. While the audience found this out through Samwell Tarly's acknowledgment of Lyanna Stark's wedding to Rhaegar Targaryen, it seemed like Drogon could already tell that he had dragon's blood when they interacted at Dragonstone. Even Daenerys seemed oddly perplexed by his behavior, and there was some that thought that the dragon was actually smelling something familiar on Jon Snow during their interaction.

1 Dragons Can Fight One Another

While the Game of Thrones series started long after Robert's Rebellion, there were a number of previous wars that helped shaped the story. The huge significance of these events was so important that there were even flashback sequences to show the audience of Game of Thrones that previous events were still being alluded to in the current story. Fans can actually learn a lot from these previous wars, including the first Targaryen civil war. Aegon II and Rhaenyra fought for the right to sit on the Iron Throne after the death of their father, King Viserys I. This led to the war that became known as The Dance of the Dragons, where dragons actually fought one another. This gives some insight into the conflict that will undoubtedly arise in Season 8 since Viserion is now fighting on the side of The Night King.

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