15 Things You Need To Know About Britney Spears' Steamy New Relationship

Britney Spears is perhaps one of the most famous musicians of all time. Like many stars in the 1990s, Britney seemingly was pushed into the spotlight too soon and has since made many very public decis

Britney Spears is perhaps one of the most famous musicians of all time. Like many stars in the 1990s, Britney seemingly was pushed into the spotlight too soon and has since made many very public decisions that have gone on to cloud the public's judgement of her.

Britney had a rather public relationship with Kevin Federline years ago and it seems her dating history since then has read like a who's who of irrelevant celebrities, but maybe finally Britney has found someone who is not like all the others.

Federline needed Britney's spotlight and many of her boyfriends since then have been the same, but her new relationship with fitness model Sam Asghari seems to be different. Britney and Sam have yet to even confirm the relationship, but it seems that the duo are really close friends and Britney looks very happy in all of the photos they have shared together.

Britney has had a rough few years, so if she has finally found happiness, then that's incredible for her, but what do we really know about Sam? Well, here are 15 facts that every Spears fan needs to know about the budding relationship between Britney and the Persian fitness model.

15 Who Is Sam Asghari?


Sam Asghari burst onto the scene after starring in Britney's "Slumber Party" video back in November. Since then, he has been the rumoured new boyfriend of the "Oops... I did it again" singer, but not that much is actually known about the star himself.

He is a 22-year-old fitness model and personal trainer, and he also has an acting agent, which must have been how he landed the role in the video to begin with. He is very muscular and states that he was inspired by former WWE superstar The Rock - well now we understand it. Rumor has it that he also once walked an LA Runway and ripped his shirt off, so we can tell why Britney easily fell for him!

14 Getting Cozy


The couple may have only known each other since around October last year, but it seems that they have already left quite an impression on the people they have partied with. Britney and Sam recently attended CAA Agent Cade Hudson's 30th Birthday Bash in Beverly Hills, and many onlookers thought that they were already a couple.

They were said to be flirting together and Britney seemed to always want attention from her party date as she was said to have kept leaning on him as well. Will this couple be official soon? Or are they enjoying making the public talk before they officially make a statement?

13 Britney Wants A Daughter


Britney already has two beautiful sons, but it seems that her plan for 2017 is to have a daughter. She stated in a recent interview that she doesn't currently have any plans to remarry, but she would love to have a little girl.

It seems that she will be turning to Sam to help her in this predicament since he is the one that she is currently linked to. Britney's had her own ups and downs with her other two children, who are now 10 and 11 years old, and she is perhaps hoping that she can start over with a daughter and have more luck on her side.

12 The Couple Live in The Same State


Britney and Sam may have met when they were both filming "Slumber Party," but odds are that the couple could have ended up meeting at some point anyway. While Sam is reported to have been born in Iran and only moved over to the United States nine years ago, it is said that he is now living in California, the same place as Britney (although California is a big place).

Britney has lived in California for quite some time and although it would be rare for her to bump into someone like Sam, given that the duo wouldn't really be seen in the same places, the fact that he is a personal trainer and she spends a lot of time at the gym makes it much more believable that the couple could well have met before "Slumber Party" or even afterwards if the video didn't originally bring them together.

11 They Spent New Years Together


It was ten years ago this year that Britney famously had her meltdown and cut off all of her hair, so it comes as no surprise that Britney is trying to put that to the back of her mind and welcome in the new year with her new beau.

The singer updated her Instagram on New Year's Eve with the caption "Happy New Year" followed by a picture of the singer and Sam obviously out to dinner. While the photo shows Sam with his arm around her and the duo look quite cute, it somehow looks slightly forced, but still cute from the mismatched couple.

10 Britney Spears And Kevin Federline Are Finally Friendly


Britney married Kevin Federline back in 2004 and it became one of the most public relationships at that time. Kevin was a dancer/DJ and many didn't understand how the duo fit together, but they somehow did and had two beautiful children.

Most recently Kevin and Britney have been seen being friendly and getting on very well for two exes. There may be room in Britney's life for another man, but there is only one father to her children, which means that Sam will also have to become friendly with Kevin if he hoped to continue his current place in Britney's life.

9 Britney's Personal Life Has Been Rocky


Being in the spotlight, Britney will always be one of the stars that the world talks about when it comes to her personal life. She was one of the biggest stars of the last generation and a regular on E! News when it comes to talking about celebrities.

Britney was single for most of 2016 following the break-up between her and Charlie Ebersol, the son of Saturday Night Live's creator Dick Ebersol. It seems that Britney needed some time in her life to rediscover who she was, to work on her music, and to concentrate on much bigger things before she decided to put herself back out on the market again. It seems that she must be fully prepared to step into a relationship with Sam when she finally makes it official with the public.

8 Britney's Children Are Her Priority


Britney's marriage to Kevin Federline may not have worked out, but it did produce two beautiful little boys. While it was well documented that Britney lost her children in court a few years ago, after what seemed to have been a breakdown, the singer is finally getting her life back on track.

Sean and Jayden are both 10 and 11 years old now, and Britney recently revealed that she may be one of the most popular singers in the world, but with her children, it is a completely different story. She stated in a recent interview that her children really don't think that she's cool at all, something that she said she hears so much that she may start believing it.

7 The Couple That Snapchats Together...

Snapchat filters

It is hard to remember a time before the world wasn't editing crowns and dog ears on their heads, but it seems that these Snapchat filters have taken over and even the celebs are doing it now.

Britney recently added an Instagram pic of herself and Sam looking cozy in her bed while trying out the dog Snapchat filter. You know you are handsome when you can make dog ears and a tongue look attractive. Despite the fact that Britney failed to cation this snap, it seems that it could be more evidence added to the pile that says that even though she hasn't confirmed it, she is obviously dating her "Slumber Party" co-star.

6 Shirtless Photo Confirms It?


It has been a game of "are they, or aren't they?" between Britney and Sam over the past few months, as fans have waited for the popular singer to state that she is once again off the market. It seems that she may have confirmed it in a tongue-in-cheek social media update.

Britney tweeted a photo of a shirtless Sam in the gym last week with the caption "Mad Love for this one." This has all but confirmed that the duo are an item, even though it could just mean that they have become very close friends over the past few months, you be the judge.

5 Sam Deletes Steamy Photo


Following the premiere of "Slumber Party," there were rumours that Sam and Britney were getting to know each other a little better, and this is because Sam uploaded a picture of the duo together to his Instagram account.

The picture saw the couple sitting closely together with Britney playfully sticking out her tongue and Sam with a smouldering look on his face. To make matters worse, Sam later removed the photo from his account, which has only sparked more rumours that a romance between the duo is all but official.

4 Instagram Official


Christmas time is family time, it's the one time of the year that you are surrounded by the ones you love and you are finally able to say everything you need to say to them. It seems that Britney was also surrounded by the ones she loved this Christmas since Sam decided to share a video of the duo with a cute (and festive) Snapchat filter to Instagram.

It is believed that this has made the couple Instagram official; the fact that the video is so cute and sees them actually wishing everyone a Merry Christmas is beautiful. It is the season to be festive, and Britney and Sam proved that they were definitely in the holiday spirit this year.

3 Cute Couples Make Cute Photos


Sam is a fitness model and personal trainer and Britney has been in the spotlight almost her entire life, so the couple are definitely some of the most photogenic stars in Hollywood. It comes as a surprise to no one that the couple has shared some extremely cute photos together.

Sam has a jaw line that most men would kill for and Britney, at 35 years old, still looks so much younger, she has a skin care routine that most women would kill for, which makes their photos even more popular. This couple looks perfect together, is it to soon to think of how beautiful their children will be?

2 But Is It Official?


Many Britney fans have been waiting for her to make it official with her new boyfriend for the past few months, and they thought that had happened when Britney stepped out for a romantic meal with Sam back in December.The couple were pictured together and they were seen eating together but it is unknown if this was actually a date or not.

This was the third date that Britney and her new squeeze had been seen on, but there was still no official announcement from the couple. They were pictured heading out to a Japanese BBQ restaurant in Canoga Park, LA, but despite the fact that both stars were dressed to impress, there was no hand holding or even close body language between them to suggest anything more than friendship.

1 It All Started With A Slumber Party


The couple will forever be known as the ones who met during a "Slumber Party," but it wasn't any kind of slumber party, it was Britney's video for her latest single. The 35 year old released the single back in November and it has been speculated that the couple has been dating ever since.

Sam doesn't have a huge role in the video but he does appear to be some kind of love interest for Britney's character. In one scene, Britney makes her way down the table before seductively lapping up Sam's spilled milk. It seems that this was the way the couple's paths  first crossed and a single Britney decided to take the opportunity to pick up a new boy toy.


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15 Things You Need To Know About Britney Spears' Steamy New Relationship