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15 Things You Missed In The Justice League Movie

15 Things You Missed In The Justice League Movie

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The Justice League movie is currently making a lot of money. While reviews for the movie vary, we all knew it would make a ton of money regardless. The movie was designed in such a way that it would actually get more money back guaranteed. A ton of details were included in this movie that fans were happy to see while others were not.

What comes to a head for most DC Comics fans is that the film was made in a weird way. It ended in an odd way, which confused fans of the comics. Obviously, some things change for the movies. You cannot make everything comic book driven as not all things work in real life. They often need to change things in order to make the current story work.

For example, in Batman v. Superman, we see Metropolis and Gotham as next-door cities. This is never really seen in the comics and we normally assume these areas are in different states as well. Gotham representing a Chicago or New York vibe while Metropolis represents an LA sort of vibe. Though it sort of represents New York too. The fact that they are close works for the film story.

The same thing happened in Justice League; things occurred that allowed for viewers to experience a different story from what they’ve already read. It was refreshing, as many comic fans will tell you that if they wanted to see something EXACTLY like the comics, they would just read the comics. Fans want something new to see in the movies. A lot happened in this movie, so much so that you may have even missed a few nuggets that are pretty important in the series.

Here is a list of fifteen things you probably missed in the Justice League movie. It should go without saying, but Spoiler Alert. Enjoy.

15. Yes, You Saw THAT Zeus And Hercules In The Movie

Zeus in JL movie

[Image by Inverse]

One of the “old Gods” that is prominent throughout DC Comics is Zeus. He plays a bigger role in Greek Mythology than he does in DC. However, Wonder Woman is a demi-God, which is why Wonder Woman’s God-like abilities are there to begin with, and why she does not seem to age very much despite leaving the beautiful Themyscira. She is pretty much a God, but not quite to the level of Zeus. The beginning of the film starts with Zeus helping to defeat Steppenwolf in his first attack on Earth centuries ago. He’s not alone, as Hercules is also seen helping.

Their roles are a big deal as it officially sets them up as characters that the franchise may go back to in later time periods. Since Zeus is a God and Hercules a Demi-God but often God in DC, they wanted to protect Earth as this threat was too big for the humans to take on alone. The Amazons, humans, and Gods all came to defeat Steppenwolf and his army to keep the Earth safe. Zeus and Hercules being in this movie was a pretty big deal, and you may have assumed you saw them but we’re sure. Now you can be sure it’s the King of the Gods and his the God of Strength.

14. Aquaman Already Knew Superman Before The Justice League Formed

Superman under water

[Image by Faith & Finn-Wordpress)

One thing you may not have known before the movie is that Aquaman already knew Superman before he was recruited by Batman. The Justice League was formed to, of course, fight Steppenwolf. Though the interesting thing you see in the movie is that Aquaman clearly knows something and keeps it to himself. Many wondered about this and why he was so jumpy when Superman came back, and he was even against bringing the man of steel back to life. Because he knew him before.

Remember in the Man of Steel movie when Superman falls into the water after he saved a bunch of people? He was under a huge structure that would collapse. It was too tough for him to get out of randomly. You next see him floating in the open ocean next to a whale right after. How did he get there? Jason Momoa put this mystery to bed. He told the world that Zack Snyder informed him it was Aquaman who saved Clark after the explosion, thus ending the speculation of it for years. This is why he acts like he knows Superman but does not come right out and say it to Batman.

13. The Iconic Superman Plaid Shirt

Superman in Plaid Shirt

[Images by The Geek Twins and The Lady Nerds]

One thing that is completely obvious from the comics, TV show, and movies about Superman is one thing…he’s from the countryside. He grew up in a place that was basically a farm, in the middle of nowhere. It is often seen that people from this area wear plaid shirts. This is why Clark Kent is often seen in one when he’s home. You’ll notice in the movie that he is wearing this shirt yet again, signaling his return home. It is pretty interesting to see it, mainly because of the situation he’s in.

Superman is brought back to life, which is a pretty big deal already. But in his return, he is having to readjust to life back on Earth where he used to be. It must be completely jarring being back in this way. He has to be reminded of his roots, so the idea of wearing things like this shirt is a small nod to the character from the history he has in the comics. However, it also plays a huge role in reminding him of who he is. Which was not something he knew right away upon his return back to the land of the living.

12. That Falling Shell Casing Actually Meant Something Big For The Series

Shell casing from Batmobile

[Image by Screen Rant]

You remember in almost every instance when Bruce Wayne’s parents are killed, a falling shell casing seems to be the norm? Zack Snyder did this again when showing the death of the Wayne parents in Batman v. Superman. This was signalling the moment that Bruce went down the dark path, and never came out and he would ultimately become the Batman.

A second casing falls when Superman’s funeral comes and he vows to honor the sacrifice Superman made.

In the Justice League movie, he would even go on a self-sacrificing mission when he tried to have Steppenwolf’s army follow him in the Batmobile. It was here that he would take a new turn where another casing falls, where he goes into the light. A third casing falls, where each casing was a change to the Batman. The first casing took away, the second casing gave him direction and purpose, and the third gave him hope and realization that he lived up to his purpose on this Earth. All driving home the three casings being the three phases that gave us the Batman we saw by the end of the movie.

11. The Orange Sky Pays Tribute To The Animated Series

JL Orange Sky

[Images by QuirkyByte and Imgur]

Everyone who saw the Justice League animated series years ago seemed to love it. The shows still hold up to this day. You can even see most of them on Netflix, so there goes your holiday weekend, right? The goal of this show was to expose the superheroes you knew and the ones you did not know. It did a great job at introducing some and letting others we knew have big roles that we could enjoy seeing. The show’s intro was where you saw who was going to be in the show that day.

Of course the normal part of the opener every week often had the major Justice League members standing heroically with planes flying over them in an orange sky. Interestingly the color direction in the film pays homage to this. When fighting Steppenwolf and his army, you have an orange sky. There is no particular reason given that it is orange, but it is. The idea was to pay tribute to the animated series and the shot from the opening credits. It did just that.

10. New Gods Get Teased By Steppenwolf

New Gods and Green Lantern

[Image by DC Comics]

In DC Comics there are what is known as “Old Gods” and “New Gods.” These New Gods play a huge role in the comic books from DC, and the reason for it has to do with the people who are on the list of New Gods. Darkseid is one of them, and he often seeks to have control. Like Zeus and many others, these Gods cannot just come to the world. They exist outside the multi-verse. Like that of the Christian God for example. Due to being out of time and out of the multiverse, they need boom tubes to come to it. This is what those are for, by the way. Without them, they cannot be there, which is why they are so critical.

Steppenwolf sort of teases these New Gods exist, though we knew of them to begin with if you’re a DC Comics reader. He tells Diana she has “the blood of the Old Gods” in her. He then says that once he is able to achieve victory, he will take his place among the New Gods. This completely brings both versions of Gods into existence and allows for them to be used in further movies. Though Darkseid is likely coming sooner rather than later, what can be assumed is that the other New Gods will play a major role as well.

9. A Memorable Part Of The Justice League Trailer Isn’t In The Movie

Alfred JL Trailer

[Image by Pop Sugar]

You may remember a part in the Justice League trailer where Alfred sees someone come into the picture. He sees his glass shake, with the liquid inside moving. Then he says to someone off screen “he said you’d come, let’s hope you’re not too late.” In the shot, you can see something green in his glasses. Many naturally assumed a lot from this.

Could Green Lantern be there? Maybe Green Arrow? Who could have made such a loud noise or moved the ground with such an impact? Well, we never find out as that part is not even in the movie. So we have no clue who that was or what they were doing there with Alfred. In the battle, no one shows up that makes sense for that particular clip to make sense. It is likely that they had a different plan in mind for this clip and threw it out later on when it did not make sense for the movie. Another likely thing was that this was done to excite fans only to get their money for the movie. You choose.

8. They Reference Batman’s Battles With The Penguin

Batman Penguin

[Image by]

It may be missed by some or glossed over by others. But the Justice League movie actually references The Penguin. We all know of The Penguin and how he became one of Batman’s most popular villains over the years. The Batman Rogues Gallery is massive, with some of the greatest villains of all time inside it. Penguin is referenced in this movie through a line from Alfred. When he says he remembers a day when the worst thing they had to worry about was “exploding wind-up penguins.”

Interestingly, this is a nod to the original Batman movies that Tim Burton put out years ago. Where the main villain of that Batman Returns movie, the Penguin was used. Also interestingly from this, that movie had explosive penguins that The Penguin used to try to commit more damage. Is this saying that Tim’s movies are in canon or are we just doing a throwback for the sake of a throwback? What you may also find interesting is that Batman is supposed to be older in this film, having done the whole Superhero thing for some time by this point. Meanwhile, the original Batman movies had him sort of still starting out. So Snyder would have aimed this up timeline wise too.

7. The Original Batman And Superman Themes Are In The Movie

Batman and Superman

[Image by Polygon]

Zack Snyder wanted to pay tribute to a lot of the previous movies and shows with these major characters, ultimately allowing him to pretty much find the 1978 Superman movie theme and add it to the movie. You hear a darker version of it used in the movie, but it’s still the same one composed for the previous movie. When Joss Whedon came on board to direct the rest of the film (and make some unneeded changes, by the way), he brought another in.

He used the Tim Burton Batman theme in the movie off and on too. Pretty much giving two old-school themes in the film, both paying tribute to past films that fans still hold near and dear to their hearts. While this is something pretty small and you would have to have seen those movies to know what you were hearing was from those, it was a cool nod for those who knew about them. Sometimes directors do small things that are not seemingly that big until you see it later. There was a clear reason why this time, and we’re happy they did it.

6. Janus Cosmetics And Ace Chemicals Sightings 

Black Mask and The Joker

[Images by and]

Two more blink-and-miss-it moments are these two references you can see in the film. One is seen as Batman is fighting one of the demons on a rooftop in Janus Cosmetics. This actually happens to be the business owned by notable Batman villain, Black Mask. It is unknown if Mask will be involved in any upcoming movies, but it is likely that he could be a throwaway villain in the next Batman movie that he takes on while the major villain comes in later. Usually, in Batman movies, there is more than one villain in the end. From Two-Face and Riddler to The Joker and Two-Face, there seems to always be a team-up. So Black Mask teaming with someone in a movie is not that far-fetched.

Another reference you’ll see is Ace Chemicals. For those who are unaware, this is the place that Joker was chased into when he was the Red Hood. He would fall down into some acid that would end up making his skin the white look he has throughout the comics. It is also something you see referenced in the Suicide Squad movie when Harley Quinn jumps into the same chemicals that Joker did. It is likely this is a throwback, but you never know if it’ll play a bigger role later.

5. Grodd And Captain Cold Were Referenced

Gorilla Grodd and Captain Cold

[Image by DC Movies Wikia]

Something kind of interesting if you pay close attention to the small segment with The Flash in his home base has to do with two major villains. When Bruce Wayne shows up at the Flash lair, Barry mentions how he knows gorilla sign language; a throwback to Gorilla Grodd who was taught this language early on before being affected by the particle accelerator, like Barry Allen himself. This is a pretty big mention, as it has been speculated that a new Flash film would include Grodd, which is often why he only plays cameo roles in The Flash series on CW.

Another reference has to do with Captain Cold. There is a diagnostic on one of the screens that references that Barry’s suit is cold resistant. There are only a few people that Allen would run into that would make him feel he needs this feature in his suit. Captain Cold and Killer Frost. With Captain Cold being one of the most prominent members of The Flash’s Rogues Gallery, it’s likely a reference to him. That also means we’re likely to see him in some capacity in a future Flash movie, possibly.

4. Future Shazam Was In The Movie?


[Image by]

Toward the beginning of the movie, there is a point where we see Superman in all his glory. Eventually, he ends up speaking to a kid who asks him some questions. There’s one we never truly hear the answer to before it cuts to the present day. It is speculated that this was Billy Batson, better known in the comics as the kid blessed to become the hero Shazam. This is a key thing you have to know about Billy to see the reference to him.

We know a Shazam movie is coming, and they recently cast Zachary Levi to play the role of the hero. In the comics, Billy is often a radio reporter as he works on-air, even at a young age. Instead of having him do radio, we could be seeing an updated version where he does this on YouTube or something modern like that instead. It makes sense to change with the times, and this could be an excellent way to use Billy in a bigger way outside his Shazam form.

3. The Reference To Green Lantern Means He’ll Make An Appearance

Green Lantern Corps

[Image by DC Database-Fandom]

In the first part of the movie, as we’re seeing the warriors fight to save the Earth from Steppenwolf years prior, we see something quite interesting. There is a Green Lantern in the battle. The problem is that the Lantern dies in the movie. This goes back to what Steppenwolf said when he claimed there were “no more Lanterns.” Interestingly, the ring fell off the Green Lantern we saw, but what may come as a surprise to many is that we’re likely to have seen the ring land on someone else. Here’s the problem, the ring waits to find the person most worthy of it.

This forces the ring to look for as long as it has to in order to find the right person. There are times people steal the ring and use the power for themselves. Sinestro for one waited and let a Green Lantern die in order to take his ring and become one. It is likely we will see a Green Lantern show up eventually. Most likely, this will be John Stewart instead of Hal Jordan. However, it could be either one as both make sense. This means that very ring could land on someone’s hand soon, and another Lantern comes about.

2. That Reference To The Hall Of Justice

Hall of Justice

[Image by wickedcurlyfeather.deviantart]

At the end of the movie, you see Bruce Wayne buy a building and mention putting a table in a certain area with 6 chairs. Those chairs would belong to people who make sense like Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, The Flash, Aquaman, and Cyborg. While Martian Manhunter was a founding member of the league originally, they decided to use Cyborg for this. It is likely we see the Martian show up along with a Lantern by the next film, ensuring them a spot at the table with more than enough room for growth.

The Hall of Justice is clearly the reference in all of this, and the building literally looks like it was ripped from the comics and animated series. So we’re clearly getting that here. This was the original home of the Justice League before they would move to the Watchtower, which is of course in space. This is much further away, as the Hall makes sense for now. This means we’re likely to see the finished product by the next movie. Perhaps as soon as the next Batman or Superman film.

1. Aquaman’s Reference To Superman Coming Back Is Bigger Than You Think

[Images by and YouTube]

If it wasn’t obvious enough, Superman was brought back to life using the Kryptonian ship and a mother box, also powered by The Flash. Before this, Aquaman warns that when you die, you lose part of yourself. Interestingly, well before he meets The Flash or knows of his existence, Barry comes to Bruce in what many think is a dream. This was back in the Batman v. Superman film. He tells him that he was always right about Superman in that he cannot be trusted. This was Barry, most likely, going back in time. He says then that he was too early, which means he likely meant to travel to a Batman in the nearer future who would have known of Superman in a bigger way.

When you die, you do lose something inside. Many think that Superman coming back as he did would end up causing a ripple effect that would force him to become evil at some point. Superman does, in fact, go evil a number of times in the comics. Most notably he went that way in the recent Injustice series of comics, as well as the video games of the same name. Was what Aquaman said a reference to the future of Superman, who’s now alive once again but whose humanity was possibly left behind in some way? That is likely, and what Aquaman said could be bigger than we think.

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